tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSandy, Lee, & Me Ch. 03

Sandy, Lee, & Me Ch. 03


I gave a little start when I saw Lee in the doorway. My arms tightened around Sandy, and I nuzzled the top of her head. When I looked up, Lee was gone.

"You OK?" Sandy asked.

"Oh, yeah. More than OK." I wondered whether I ought to tell her Lee was home. Sandy is incredibly sexy and loves to show off her perfect, petite body. She's also an enthusiastic and inventive lover. Things had gotten pretty hot with the three of us in the living room yesterday, but I thought that was more a spur-of-the-moment thing, and nothing had actually happened. Well, nothing that involved Sandy. I just wasn't sure how she'd react if she knew her best friend had watched us having sex. Hell, I wasn't even sure Lee had watched. But after the cock-stretching stunts she'd pulled the last few days, I was willing to bet on it.

I pictured Lee's voluptuous, long-legged body and the way she'd been flaunting it at me, and considered the possibility of her spying on us. It made my cock twitch. Sandy was lying on top of me, her pussy on my shaved pubes, and the base of my thickening cock nudged her clit.

"Mmm," she hummed. She pressed herself against me and gave me a little kiss where her head lay on my chest. Then she raised up and sat on my thighs, her hands on my chest. Though I'd come violently no more than 15 minutes ago, the pressure of her warm pussy on me had my cock moving against her ass. Sandy leaned down and kissed my lips.

"Well, aren't you full of surprises today," she purred, and sat back up. She slid her hands lightly down my chest, onto her knees, and up her thighs, continuing around behind her until they rested on her ass. She leaned a little forward and pulled her cheeks apart, and I felt my awakening cock nestle along the length of her crack. Her hands returned to my chest, and she clenched her butt around me. The soft warmth of her ass, combined with the strong grip of her muscles on my cock, brought me to full stretch. I decided not to say anything about Lee.

"Jesus, Sandy, what are you doing to me?" She'd started a slow up-and-down motion with her hips, jacking me off with her ass. There was still enough sun-cream and cum on the head of my cock that it slid easily along her crack, while the shaft remained firmly clutched between her cheeks.

"Just what it feels like I'm doing. You want me to stop?" She grinned down at me, her big brown eyes sparkling.

"I don't want you to ever stop." Actually, I thought I normally might have come already from the sensations and the mental picture I had of what she was doing, but my orgasm had eased the tension, and I felt like I could go on like this forever.

"That's what I figured." Sandy closed her eyes, continuing her rocking. I reached up and covered her tits with my hands, letting her hard nipples poke out between my fingers. She sighed, and squeezed harder on my cock. I felt a drop of pre-cum tingle up through me and ooze out over the head.

There was a small creaking sound, and Sandy's hands tightened on my chest as her hold on my cock loosened. Her eyes flew open and she jerked upright onto her knees. My cock slapped onto my stomach. "What was that?"

"Nothing." I whispered. "Just the wind." I ran my thumbs over her nipples and felt her fingers relaxing. She sank slowly down until she was sitting on my flattened cock, and I saw her eye-lids begin to droop.

I chanced a look at where I knew the sound had come from, and saw the French doors leading to the little balcony off Lee's room on the second floor swing open. First her blonde hair appeared, then her blue eyes, staring down into mine, then her shoulders as she approached the cast-iron grill-work railing.

Lee wasn't wearing a top, and her hands were crossed to cover her breasts. When she stopped at the waist-high railing I could see her legs through the grill. She was stark naked. My brain was fritzing and sparking like a computer gone hay-wire. Lee kept inventing ways to turn me on, to fry my synapses, to drive me fucking crazy. What the hell was she thinking? She dropped her hands and rested them on the railing. Her upper arms pushed her breasts together and out, and her nipples pointed at me like stiff fingers. I was shaking like a rabbit.

"Yeah, me, too," Sandy breathed, and started sliding slowly along the length of my cock. I brought my eyes back to hers, and saw that they had drifted shut. Her wet pussy dragged from my balls to my blood-suffused tip. She sat upright and leaned her head back on her shoulders, her hands dropping to her thighs. Veins flickered in her throat. My hands slid easily over the mixed sweat and cum on her chest and stomach, and came to rest on her hips. Her cunt felt hotter than the afternoon sun beating on my shoulders, and her swollen lips half-encircled me and grabbed at me like little hands as she moved back and forth.

I glanced back up at the balcony. Lee licked her fingers and let them flit over her breasts, then lifted her left breast with her hand, and bent her head and fed her nipple into her mouth. My ass muscles contracted, and I had to consciously relax to keep from coming. My eyes traveled upwards and found hers. She was giving me her stare again.

"Oh, God, look at that." It was Sandy. She'd stopped moving above me. I jerked my eyes back to her, sure I'd been busted, but her glazed eyes were half-shut, and she was looking intently at the junction of our hips. My eyes followed hers, and I saw her cunt mashing against my quivering cock, the shining purple head just visible under her clit. My hips were pumping, and an inch or so of red shaft would appear and disappear between her lips. Little strands of clear pre-cum stretched from the head to her clit and again to my belly. The sight made my heart pound in my chest, and I was having trouble catching my breath. Sandy lifted off me and reached down to grab my bouncing prick.

"Dan, I've got to have you inside me," she moaned. She slipped the head of my cock between her lips and sank down, in one motion impaling herself to the hilt. Her pussy was tight and sopping wet, and her heat engulfed me as she began to ride me.

"Oh, Jesus. Sandy. Oh, damn it. Damn it. Oh shit. Fuck me," I groaned. My hands grasped at her and my legs were contracting, lifting my ass off the chaise. Sandy poured herself onto me and I met every down-stroke with a drive of my own. The sound of her butt clashing into my thighs was like hands clapping. I slipped my hands around her and filled them with her ass. My fingers slipped between her cheeks, and I yanked her against me, spreading her ass like a book and pulling her fiercely into my flailing hips. Her hair flapped wildly and her tits were bouncing on her chest.

My gaze shifted to the balcony. Lee had lifted her right leg onto the railing of the balcony and her hands were busy at her waist. The thick railing hid her just there where I wanted to see her, and I shifted my head up and down and side to side, trying to catch what she was doing. I couldn't, but it didn't matter. I knew.

Impossibly, my cock swelled inside Sandy, and she let out a choking sigh. Her right hand rose to stroke her nipple, then drifted down over her slippery side and back. She lightly caressed my crimped balls. I knew that was it for me, and I slid my thumb over her clit. She forced herself against my hand. I felt her shiver as a ground-swell blasted through me, and sparks shot behind my eye-lids.

When my had breathing slowed, I opened my eyes. Sandy was slumped over me, her back rising and falling, her forehead on my chest. I let my hands roam over her and pulled her closer to me. Without looking, I knew Lee was gone, and I let my eyes fall shut.

We lay like that a while, the early evening sun warming us, our hearts beating together.

Eventually Sandy stirred and lifted a hand to stroke over my cheek. I felt her breath ripple the sparse hairs on my chest as she said, "We'd better get dressed before Lee comes home and finds us like this."

Sandy kissed my lips and got up and put on her robe and walked into the house. I held my breath, and when I didn't hear anything, relaxed back into the chaise. After a few minutes, I got up and started to slip on my shorts. My foggy brain tried to get around everything that had been going on the last few days, but as my limp cock flopped into my waist-band, a little thrill shot through it, and a smile crossed my lips. "Whatever," I shrugged. This was turning into one hot summer.

When I got inside, Lee was bent over the big round kitchen table, arranging some fruit in a wide, hand-carved wooden bowl I guessed she'd bought. There were bunches of red and green grapes, bananas, lemons and limes, and some small wicker baskets full of blueberries and raspberries. A couple of bottles of Bombay Sapphire gin and Grey Goose vodka as well as tonic and Noilly Prat vermouth stood on the counter. She was barefoot, dressed in a cut-off T-shirt and white shorts. I eyed her long legs and the sweet curve of her ass and I heard the shower shut off upstairs.

Lee didn't mention what had just gone on. She didn't say anything at all. She just turned her head and watched me watching her.

Sandy appeared on the stairs in her robe, rubbing a towel over her short hair. "Lee, honey, when did you get back?"

"I just now came, uh got in the door," Lee replied. She shot me a look.

Seeing the fruit-bowl, Sandy exclaimed, "Oh, Lee, you shouldn't have. It's absolutely beautiful, isn't it, Dan."

My eyes wandered over Lee. "Yeah, absolutely beautiful. Thanks, Lee."

We all stood there for a moment, then I said, "I think I'll get a shower," and went upstairs.

After my shower I put on a white cotton dress shirt, the sleeves rolled up over my fore-arms, and a pair of chinos and soft tan loafers without socks. When I got back downstairs, the girls were sitting at the kitchen table, schmoozing and plucking at the grapes. I went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of New Zealand sauvignon blanc, popped the cork, and poured out three glasses.

I passed the drinks around and said, "Let's save the martinis for an evening in, OK? I was thinking we might go into Oak Bluffs for dinner. I know a place that does great burgers, and there's usually live jazz later in the evening. Nothing fancy. What do you think?"

They thought it was a plan, and when they'd finished their wine, they went up to change. I sat at the table and was draining my glass when I heard heels on the stairs. Looking up, my heart hammered. I guess my idea of nothing fancy and theirs didn't quite coincide. It was impossible to say whose skirt was shorter or whose legs were more spectacular. Sandy was all in white, with a hip-hugging skirt and a short, tight top that showed off her dark skin and perky breasts. Gold sparkled at her throat and wrists. Lee had on a thin, flouncy black skirt and a loose white silk long-sleeved blouse, un-buttoned low. Through it I could clearly make out her black lace bra, pushing her cleavage up through the low décolletage. They both wore high spike heels, Sandy's gold-colored with open toes and backs. Lee's were strappy black sandals that buckled around her slim ankles.

I gave a low wolf-whistle. "Every man we see tonight is going to wish he was me," I told them. They grinned at each other and grabbed my arms and led me to the car, their hips bumping mine as we walked.

Week-end or week-day, the Vineyard is mobbed in summer, and we had to drive around a while looking for a parking space. We finally found one a few blocks from the restaurant, and I dropped behind the women on the narrow side-walk, admiring the view. Sandy was vivacious, talking up a storm, bustling to keep up with Lee's long-legged pace and looking up at her as she talked. Lee sauntered languidly, bending her head to hear Sandy and answering her in muted tones. It was a beautiful, clear summer evening, and I felt peace and contentment wash over me as I followed them.

We hadn't reserved, and the restaurant was packed. A waitress told me it would be maybe a half-hour, so I ordered white wine, and we sat outside at one of the small tables on the sidewalk. What I'd told Sandy and Lee turned out to be no exaggeration: every man who walked by, whether he was alone or with friends, with his girl-friend or wife and family, turned to stare at them. I didn't blame any of them. I could barely take my eyes off Sandy and Lee, either. They talked together in high animation, their bodies in constant motion. A hand would shoot out to clasp a wrist or rest on a knee, shoulders would bump as they shared a laugh, necks stretched as their heads tilted back, legs were crossed and re-crossed. I sat back, sipping my wine, watching, content to let them re-form their old friendship.

When our table was ready, we went inside and ordered burgers, potato skins, and salad. I chose a bottle of Chilean cabernet, and we ate, drank and talked until a piano trio set up and began to play. The place had cleared out some, and couples got up to dance in the little space between the tables and the band-stand. The band was good and played mostly standards, and we nodded and tapped our feet as they re-arranged familiar tunes. After a few numbers, Sandy pulled me up by the hand and led me to the dance floor. She put her right hand in my left and draped her left arm around my neck. My right arm circled her waist and we swayed to the music. She lifted her head and kissed my neck.

"Dan, this has been the best vacation ever. Thanks for being so good with Lee. I know she was a little uncertain about coming out here. I mean, she's been my best friend forever, and here we are, a couple and all. It could have been uncomfortable, but you've really made her fit in. Thank you, sweetheart." She took her hand out of mine and wrapped both arms around my neck Standing on tip-toes, she reached up and kissed me on the lips.

I held her to me, feeling her soft lips on mine. Her breasts pressed into my chest, and her thighs warmed my own through our clothes. My prick rose between us, and Sandy looked into my eyes. A little smile traced her lips, and she said, "There's an idea. Keep it in mind. For now, why don't we go back, and when you've calmed down a little, maybe you can dance once with Lee. She must be feeling a little left out. And then we're out of here, big guy."

Sandy led me back to the table, where Lee sat with her legs crossed, her long thighs under her short skirt gleaming in the dim light. She looked at Sandy and then let her stare fall on me. As always, it was intense, and I still wasn't sure what she meant by it, but the spark that had been there since Sandy had shaved us flitted between us. I was about to drop into my chair when Sandy said, "That was yummy. Lee, why don't you dance with Dan."

Lee pushed back her chair and walked to the dance floor. I looked down at Sandy, and she smiled and mouthed, "Go on."

I followed Lee, watching her long legs in her high heels and short skirt, until she stopped and turned to me. She fixed me with her stare, and I held it for a moment before letting my eyes drop. Her bra lifted her breasts through her almost transparent blouse, and her nipples pushed forward. As I approached her, Sandy's "…when you've calmed down" flickered through my mind. I hadn't calmed down at all. Lee took in the bulge in my pants-front and stepped into me, placing her hands on my shoulders. Her eyes locked onto mine, and I let my hands fall to her her hips. She leaned her upper body back, her head lolling as her eyes held mine. I fought down an almost irresistible urge to kiss her long, stretched throat, and closed my eyes, hoping to loosen her hypnotic hold on me. Her fingers traced over my neck and jaw-line, and her thighs pressed forward. Images of yesterday raced through my mind. "Oh, Jesus, no. Not again. Not now," I thought. Lee seemed to have other ideas, and pushed harder against me. We'd stopped moving and were glued together at the waist, electrified by the currents flowing between us, the rest of the world shrinking away like the little "beeoop" when you shut off the TV remote control.

Then the ballad ended and the lesser silence around us brought me back to reality. I stepped back away from her. There was a smattering of applause, and Lee let her arms drop from my shoulders and walked back to Sandy at our table. She gave me a quick glance over her shoulder where I stood nailed to the dance-floor, desperately trying to pull myself together. I stumbled around the side of the band-stand to the men's room and leaned on a sink. I watched myself in the mirror, seeing my color gradually return to normal and feeling my heart-beat and my erection slowly ebb. By the time I got back to the table, Sandy had paid the bill. We found the car and Sandy got behind the wheel and drove us home.

Lee was silent as we drove. Sandy tried to keep up a conversation, and I pitched in a few comments from the back seat. When we got to the house, a full moon had broken from behind the clouds and illuminated the front yard. We all basked in the light for a few minutes before going inside.

Sandy grabbed a bottle of cognac from the side-table. "Anyone for a night-cap?"

"I think I'll just go to bed," Lee told us, and we wished her good-night and watched her climb the stairs. Sandy went to the toilet and came back, poured two snifters, and handed me one. We slipped off our shoes, and she led me out onto the front porch.

"I don't think we've see a moon like this since we got here," she said. "It's fantastic. Usually a fog rolls in and it's as dark as winter. Look at it now. It's almost like daylight."

It was. The moon shone on the pine trees and turned their needles silver. The grass of the front lawn, never luxurious on its sand underground, looked like a gleaming carpet, thick and smooth. We sat on the wicker couch on the front porch and soaked up the dense silence. The cushions still held a little warmth from the day's sun.

Sandy put her glass on the floor and took mine from me, placing it beside hers. She turned and put her arms around my neck. Her lips brushed mine and she whispered, "So what were you thinking back there on the dance-floor?"

My mind flicked to a picture if Lee's throat, bent back, waiting for my kiss, and I pushed it aside. "Oh, you mean me counting and-a-one and-a-two as you led me around."

Sandy's breath was warm against my skin. "No, silly. I mean that big thing poking at me when I kissed you. "

"Oh, that. I think I remember. Maybe you can remind me."

"Maybe I can." She kissed my throat, and under my chin, and then she was in my lap, her bent knees around my hips and her arms tight around my neck, giving me her tongue. Her body moved all over me. I kissed her back, sucking her tongue into my mouth, and my hands drifted down over her back and hips, feeling her bare thighs under her ridden-up skirt. I stroked over them and my hands found their way to her ass. No panties.

"Don't tell me you've been commando all night and I didn't know it."

"Oh, would it have made a difference? What, you'd have done me right there on the dance floor?"

My cock was rock-hard and pressing at her bare pussy through my pants. "I might have, if I'd known."

Sandy smiled at me in the moonlight and wriggled her butt. "Yeah, you might have. Actually, it looked like you might have fucked Lee right there if that slow dance had gone on much longer."

I cleared my throat. My cock felt like it was about to break through my chinos. "Hey, you got me all worked up and sent me out there with her. I was just trying to do what you asked me." My voice was hoarse and my cock was pounding against Sandy's cunt. I felt her soaking through my trousers.

"It's OK, lover. I knew what I was doing. It was kind of a turn-on for me, too. My man and my best friend, getting all cranked up in public."

"So you wanted me to fuck her, then?"

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