tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSandy, Lee, & Me Ch. 06

Sandy, Lee, & Me Ch. 06


When Lee finally did come, nearly suffocating me in the warm clasp of her thighs around my head, she lay back on the couch and I rested my cheek on her stomach. Her hand ruffled through my hair and I looked up at her. Her intense blue-eyed gaze, which had entranced me and captivated me since she'd first arrived on the Vineyard, focused slowly on me. I saw her look of sated lust, and I kissed her belly, but there was something else in her eyes, too. An emptiness that I hadn't seen before.

I knew what it was, and I crawled up off my knees and sank down beside her on the couch. My cock, which had risen again while I tongued her to her orgasm, began to subside. I reached out and stroked the blonde locks off her forehead. She turned to me, and the clear blue of her stare clouded over. Crystal droplets formed at the corner of her eyes and swelled to run over her cheeks.

"Oh, fuck. I know, Lee. Sandy. What are we going to do now?"

"I don't know," she said. "I don't know." She slid over and threw her arms around me, snuggling into me. I felt her tears dropping onto my chest and running down to my navel. I was as despondent as she was, but still her soft, warm skin against mine, caressing me, drew me to her. I wrapped her in my arms and pulled her body tight to mine.

I guess we fell asleep. When I came around, the sun was setting and the living-room was filled with shadows. I slipped from Lee's embrace and went into the kitchen to get a glass of water. While the tap ran, I bent forward and put my head in my hands.

"Oh, shit, shit, shit. I'm fucked." Yeah. Fucked. That was what got me here. Fucking. Fucking Lee. Fucking up my life. Oh, god. Lee's words echoed through me as I asked myself what I was going to do. "I don't know. I don't know." Those three short words were a litany, repeating themselves over and over in my head. "I don't know."

And then there was the other question. The one I had to stare in the face and answer as honestly as I could:

How had I gotten myself into this mess in the first place?

"I don't know," wasn't going to cut it here, I knew. I had, or had had, as near a perfect life with Sandy as anyone could hope for. We fit. We complemented each other. Yin and yang. Sun and moon. Salt and pepper. Sandy intrigued me endlessly. She loved me passionately. She satisfied me, sexually and intellectually.

So how had I gotten into this mess? Because I was a horn-dog. A selfish, horny, ego-inflated, horny, weak, horny idiot. I had the love of one woman and figured I'd go for two. Why? Was Lee so beautiful, so fantastic, that I had to put my relationship on the line to have her, too?

Wait a second. As long as I'm trying to be honest with myself: yes. Lee is absolutely, stunningly, eye-popping gorgeous. And the frank desire I see in her blue eyes when she looks at me is immensely, intensely exciting. Something so raw and direct that it's way outside of my experience. And to continue my new-found honesty, it's immensely, intensely flattering. That's my excuse.

That's my excuse?

Oh, fuck. I realized how lame that all sounded. Examining myself like this was too hard. Too damning. Easier to go back to "I don't know."

I was slumped there over the counter, I-don't-know-ing myself to death, when Lee's arms surrounded me. She leaned into me and held me tight from behind. Goddam it, I'd seriously screwed up my whole life chasing after her. Or being chased. Whatever. But the touch of her skin on mine, the feel of her big soft breasts pressing into my back, the heat of her thighs against me, were a siren call to my over-taxed mind. The insanity of the situation seemed clear to me, but the blood flooding into my stiffening prick must have drained directly from my brain, leaving it empty.

I turned to Lee, my hands dropping to her waist. I looked into her eyes. Those big, blue eyes. From day one they'd been like deep blue pools, drawing me in, egging me on.

I'm no fool. Or yes, I am. I'd had a moment of clarity and knew I couldn't blame Lee for what had happened. But I just couldn't resist her eyes. Or any of the rest of her, for that matter. Her breasts, for example.

I cupped them in my hands, feeling the weight of them. Her nipples popped out and I bent to lick them. I looked up as I sucked her in. Her eyes were half closed, but the intensity of her gaze was undiminished. I straightened up and let myself be pulled into her stare.

Lee put her hands on my shoulders and, holding my eyes with hers, rose onto her toes and pushed her hips forward. The smooth, unbelievably soft skin of her mound brushed my hard cock and then trapped it between us. We'd been here before on the road to the trouble we were in now. Twice. But that fact drifted immediately to a back burner as the heat of her loins lit me.

I grabbed her ass and pulled her against me. I'd never felt her so hot before, or maybe I'd never been so hot holding her to me as now. I grazed her neck and she leaned back her head and pressed herself to me. Her veins thudded against my lips, and I bit and sucked at her. I couldn't get enough. I lifted her and turned, settling her ass on the kitchen counter. I feasted on her neck and shoulders and breasts, lost in the feel of her soft, warm skin on my lips as my hips thrust my cock back and forth along her slippery slit.

"Oh, god, Dan." Lee was clutching at my shoulders and scrabbling to get her arms around my back. "Fuck me now. Put it in me. Please."

I lifted my head from her nipples and backed off to look into her eyes. My feverish lust was mirrored in those blue depths. "Not yet."

I gripped her shaking shoulders and pushed my torso back from her. I willed her eyes to follow mine. Down.

"Look at that," I managed to squeeze out through my tightened throat as I watched my cock, shiny slick and a furious deep purple I'd never seen before, slide over her flushed, wide-open lips. "Ever seen anything like that before?"

A softening in her eyes told me she knew what I was talking about. She reached down and stroked her finger-tips over the top side of my cock and looked up at me with her smoldering blues eyes. The wet, burning velvet of her pussy-lips and the gentle pressure of her fingers were pushing me to the edge. The soft touch of her fingers over my swollen veins was heaven and hell in one. I was dying. Dying to ram myself inside her, dying to come, dying to hold her gaze to mine and watch her melt as her orgasm took her. But more than anything I was dying to re-enact that moment when I'd first come with her, that moment when I knew I had to have her again and again. When I accepted somewhere in the recesses of my sex-enfeebled mind, that I'd give up everything for that one dive off the high wire.

Maybe Lee knew what I was feeling. Her eyes burned bright blue, sapphires melting in a solar heat, boring into mine. She locked her stare to mine and let her hand fall away from the join of our hips. Then she looked down at my hard-on and tightened her legs around my hips, pulling me to her. The pressure and heat were more than I could stand. That old tingling feeling, more intense than I'd ever known before, stretched through my legs and over my spine. I tried to make contact with Lee's eyes, but she was looking down between our legs. I looked, too, trying to hold my eyes open as earth-quakes shuddered through me.

I could feel Lee's legs tightening then loosening around me, then tightening again. Her hands reached out to me and then fell onto the counter to grasp its edge. Her hips thrust and jerked with my own. Hot liquid fire burst through my straining cock, turning to pure molten pleasure. We watched together as gusts of cum burst like lava out of me. The first drops landed on her stomach, and then jet after jet strayed further up her body, striping her breasts and neck and landing in her hair.

I stood between her legs as she lay back on the counter, easing my hands down the softness of her sides as her quaking slowed and my breathing returned to normal. I stroked her soft stomach and her quivering thighs, and leaned forward to kiss her heaving breasts.

Lee watched me while her spasms diminished. The fire in her eyes had dimmed some, but when she looked up at me, they still held mine irresistibly.

I wasn't a bit closer to figuring out what to do about Sandy.

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