tagBDSMSandy's New Role Ch. 01

Sandy's New Role Ch. 01


Sandy knew she was hot. Her husband told her she was hot. Her other lovers told her she was hot.

Early forties, blond curls, full figured but curvy and firm, 36D breasts that showed only the right amount of sag, nice large nipples and a soft, tight cunt.

Oh yeah – her other lovers.

Sandy had been seeing other men on the side for years. It was just something that, well – she needed.

She'd never told her husband. She was convinced he'd be destroyed by it – and then his career would suffer, too, since his firm put a premium on senior staff having 'the right kind' of wives.

And, she had to admit, she always was thrilled by the opportunity to get downright dirty with her other men. She chose them for that very reason. Sandy was convinced Tom, her husband, would never understand or be able to meet those particular needs.

Sandy had her own career and she was very enthusiastic about Tom pursuing his. They both enjoyed the professional life and the comforts it brought them at home. So there was never any question about Tom, a senior manager with a mining company, being away from home on field trips or visiting overseas customers.

For Sandy those absences provided the chance to get her own work done – and to find time for whichever of her new men took her fancy at that particular time.

Gary had been around for a while. Sandy had sampled him soon after she decided it was time to expand her experiences in a new direction. There'd been plenty of dirty, kinky sex. She enjoyed completely behaving like a slut and being treated like one. After all, it was all for fun and she got more than enough love at home. Over the years she'd gotten better and better at pleasuring cocks, sucking on them, even swallowing cum. She knew that tracked along with her general...was it decline?...into wilder and more adventurous sex. Having men shoot their loads into her mouth or even onto her face – well, that was only a part of what she enjoyed as a sexual plaything.

And then a couple of years prior one of her lovers had taken her to meet another couple and they'd enjoyed a very nice foursome. Sandy knew she wasn't bisexual – but she'd had a great time nonetheless sharing her body with another woman and sampling hers in return.

She'd also spent some time reading and cruising around the web. It was there she learned all about the meaning of her darkest desires, her want to be used and abused. Soon Sandy was ready to experience a whole new level of lust and excitement. She became certain that sexual submission to the right man would allow her to really let go and find the ultimate peak of sexual pleasure.

And so it was that, after a little trial and error, she'd found Gary on the web and struck up an email conversation with him about his interest in BDSM. It wasn't his only sexual interest, which made Sandy a little more relaxed. But he seemed willing to discuss it with her rather than demand things of her. Sandy felt she could be safe with Gary and confident about the opportunities he offered.

Gary wasn't her first or only 'dominant' lover. She'd already had her share of spankings, even some rudimentary rope bondage. Sandy loved it all. But now, with Gary, she was ready to really experience sexual submission in a more raw form.

Sandy wanted to feel totally debased. She wanted to feel like some kind of animal. A sexual object who would give and be taken beyond her will or control. Deep down she knew that giving up all control, that being nothing but a toy for the pleasure of another, was the path to the most incredible joy and self-discovery. Nor was she to be a fragile doll – Sandy wanted to feel pain, knew that physical abuse would thrill her, cherished the excitement and the fear that came with every thought of having a kind, caring lover who would hurt her!

And Gary had, of course, been wonderful! Quickly he'd introduced Sandy to a whole world she'd only imagined existed. It wasn't just the bondage and the new positions...or the new sex toys...or the spankings...the crop...the cane...

It was precisely that she could allow herself to release her inner needs...to feel totally free of any guilt or misgivings...simply to be reduced till she was less than a woman, no longer a person. Gary could demand things of her – things she'd secretly wanted to give for so long. He trained her to beg – beg for more. With Gary she learned to call out to him when she wanted his cum splashed on her face or gushed into her open mouth. She learned the discipline of the routines he coached her in, and the sexual positions she would assume with a single-word command so that she was available to him instantly. She learned the joy of silent obedience, knowing it pleased him and, thus, satisfied her. She learned, too, that at last she could ask to try so many of the things she'd imagined or discovered during her trawling on the web.

She loved it all!

It wasn't all plain sailing of course – what is? Sandy had never really gotten comfortable with anal sex – the one aspect of being a slut that was denied to her. And the fact she went home to Tom (or that he would be back home in only a day or two) meant there always was caution about vigorous beatings lest she be left with bruises or marks. But that was a small sacrifice.

Besides, her strongest need was to allow Gary his pleasure – and she really only needed her mouth, her cunt and, if he allowed it, her hands to do that.

Of late Gary had begun to mutter out loud about an inclination he had to 'share' Sandy with one or more of his dominant friends. Sandy never asked about him directly about this – but inside she felt both arousal and pride at the thought.

And recently she'd finally found the courage to raise with Gary the subject of golden showers. Why not? An act that truly would debase her. A most intimate act of giving herself to another.

Oh, of course, she 'gave' herself to her husband frequently. Tom was a very skilled lover and Sandy delighted in 'offering' herself to him whenever the mood took her – like making sure she was doing a little nude sunbathing when he popped home early some afternoons, when she would crouch on hands and knees beside their pool while Tom to pumped his load into her.

Tom – her husband was great, a wonderful fuck and the best companion Sandy could want.

But after all these years she just knew one of them would die from embarrassment or shock if she ever let Tom know what she wanted, needed...and how she got it. She just knew...she couldn't...

Gary, on the other hand, was not only ready for what she wanted and needed...he was ready to take her to places she hadn't even been sure she wanted to experience.

Which was not what he had in mind for this afternoon. On the scale of intensity this was to be a fairly standard play date. Sandy had been hungry for a long, demanding session after a few busy weeks with work and social engagements. But he could spare her only a couple of hours that day he'd said - apparently he had something else to attend to that Saturday. She was a little miffed because the opportunities for them to play were infrequent as it was.

Still – there was no way she couldn't enjoy his attention. As soon as she'd walked in Gary had ordered her to lift her skirt and bend over for him. Then her panties had been yanked down to her knees. She was wet and her smooth shaven cunt lips swelled up as he looked and commented on her slutty appearance. Sandy still found it difficult to be examined like this – she still thought of the imagined imperfections of her body. But naturally that only made Gary enjoy it all the more!

Soon after Sandy was draped over Gary's lap as he delivered one of his trademark spankings – long, drawn out with his hands alternating to deliver blows that began softly but after a while had left her skin feeling hot and raw. Sandy didn't mind that – she never minded that. In fact, this afternoon Sandy had begun to moan aloud from the very first blow of Gary's broad hands.

From there she was ordered to bend over the arm of the lounge chair and now Gary used his favourite paddle on her butt. It was strange to Sandy even after all this time that she could enjoy this abuse so much despite Gary practically ignoring her cunt – in fact, all her erogenous areas. But there was no denying the deep stirrings Sandy felt at receiving a measured beating like this. She knew she got physical enjoyment from being spanked (or worse!) but even deeper was the sense of fulfilment from the deferral of her own sexual needs. That she was forced to wait reinforced the fact that she was a mere sex toy.

Gary cared about Sandy and her needs. Yet he understood her greatest need was to be used without thought or mercy.

And the feel and the sound of the paddle striking her taut arse was something Sandy almost could not get enough of. The cane...the cane was a thrill...having overcome her initial fears...but the paddle! – the slap of the leather and the weight behind it when Gary drove it into her arse cheeks. Sandy knew that some women treasured the deep bruises a dominant could create with a paddle. It was something she wondered about...but had resigned herself to never experiencing.

Next Sandy was ordered to her feet and told to strip naked. There was no need for the order to be repeated! Happily, Sandy noted how her heavy D-cup tits swayed as she took up the position Gary had taught her was required at this point of the play. Sandy thought of her tight cunt as her best asset. But there was no doubt her tits were a close second. She waited for his fingers to grasp her nipples, to squeeze her fulsome tits. All her men loved her tits. Tom loved them and she knew he enjoyed the fact that when they were together in public other men would allow their eyes to linger on her bust. Surely he'd never have guessed that she enjoyed the pleasure of having them tortured – bound tightly, flogged, even having hot wax poured over them.

Sure enough, Gary couldn't resist taking her tits softly in his hands and, for the umpteenth time, gently hefting them as if to test their weight. Sandy dared to let out a small sigh. Catching one of those strangers eyeing off her tits at the mall or in a restaurant was guaranteed to make her cunt moisten. To stand naked in front of one of her lovers (Tom, Gary, any of them) and see the way they were turned on by her body always made her start to gush.

Gary knew all this. And soon his hand was between her legs, nicely spread just the way he liked it, and sliding two fingers up into her sex. His other hand stayed on her tits to pull and twist on her nipples. Her sudden moan was involuntary – a reaction to the pain and the extra heat it generated. As always Sandy didn't know which sensation to focus on. It felt so good to have her heaving tits given some serious treatment...but the feeling of her cunt being penetrated, invaded was delicious.

But so soon it was over. Sandy was ordered onto her knees and she quickly complied – knowing full well what was coming and knowing that she would enjoy it. At the next command she opened Gary's pants and extracted his long cock, long since swollen and ready for her. Without waiting for his next order Sandy bowed her head and plunged the shaft into her mouth. Oh how she loved sucking a cock! No matter what adventures Gary had taken her on Sandy was yet to find a sexual act she enjoyed more than sucking on a rock hard meat pole.

Gary allowed her a few moments to enjoy the headjob all on her own, naturally happy to feel her lips and tongue slaving over his rod and Sandy's soft, skilled hands threatening to pull him right over the top. This was a small reward he allowed her – a taste to keep her fully charged up. But not too much! It always helped to keep this little slut wanting more but Gary didn't want to risk cumming yet.

'Hands on your clit,' he ordered next. This was a routine he'd used before. Sandy remembered it. She still felt a little silly masturbating in front of another person – some men enjoyed the show but she'd never really understood why. This, however, was different.

As soon as her hands reached between her legs Sandy felt Gary grasp her head. She tried to relax – she wanted to relax! She was about to be face fucked and Sandy wanted every last bit of it.

Sandy had long ago learned of the delights of taking a cock deep into her throat. She'd straight away known to ignore the rising of her gag reflex and the feeling of being suffocated. In fact, Sandy even looked down a little on those women she knew couldn't accommodate a cock so deep. For her there was never any discomfort in having her throat filled with a hard, throbbing piece of man – like everything else she desired about sex it was a joy to give herself up to his pleasure, being as base and as wanton as she could manage.

And there was no doubt about the effect it had on her. Combined with the gentle pressure her forefinger was putting on her clit, Gary's cock in her mouth and her throat made her feel incredibly alive and aroused. Even he had been surprised the first time they'd 69ed and Sandy had reached up to grab his arse and pull him deeper into her. After that he had made a face fuck a regular part of their play dates and each time Sandy looked to please and reward Gary. Oh how she enjoyed being used like that.

This time she allowed herself to go with the flow. Gary seemed happy to slowly jam his cock deep into her, waiting several long moments before sliding back and once more into her. This way, she knew, her mouth and lips could work more of his shaft. Sandy simply hummed and moaned along with his rhythm. She loved the feel of his hands holding her head so tight, the sensation of this wonderful man using her mouth as a mere hole for his cock...and the rather yummy warmth from playing with her clit.

She rather wondered whether she might cum like this...and then she decided what she really wanted was for Gary to explode in her mouth. Not deep like this – but across her tongue and her lips, so she could feel and taste him at the same time...perhaps leaving a few drops around her mouth so she could like look a proper little whore while licking them up.

Sandy was just getting into her stride now, feeling her lust start to turn towards a climax. She never came easily and even with her beloved Tom her orgasms could be few and far between. But Sandy knew she enjoyed sex, she loved sex! – she was sure she could enjoy being fucked as much as any woman. Being on her knees, masturbating obediently and having her throat plumbed always pushed her in the right direction.

This was not to be one of those times. Gary had other plans.

He sat in her in a straight-backed, wooden chair and her hands were cuffed behind her. Then she watched, wide-eyed and excited, as Gary produced his favourite leather flogger.

There was no warm-up this time. Sandy didn't care, being heated enough from the earlier pounding on her arse. Gary gave himself some room and drew his arm well back. Sandy tightened up, waiting for the first blow.

It was strong, slashing across her left tit. Sandy jumped, her tits bounced agreeably and she let out a small gasp. Gary again drew back...and this time aimed at her right tit. Again her tits bounced and swayed under the blow. But the sound from Sandy was not one of protest.

Again and again Gary lashed her jiggling tits. Each time Sandy made small sounds of delight and encouragement. She hoped he wouldn't leave marks...but right then all she wanted was for him to keep on with his harsh flogging.

Several times he paused so he could reach down and run one or two fingers through her slit. His touch on her clit drove Sandy wild. What she really wanted, needed, was something to fill her hole. Hoping that that was exactly what Gary intended next she revelled in the sharp pain of his beating, using her moans of heat and desire to signal to Gary she was ready for a good solid fucking.

Sandy loved the way her tits behaved when being punished like this. She watched out of the corner of her eye as each carefully aimed blow made her tit flesh jiggle in a most agreeable way. Gary had confessed once before how exciting he found it. All her men loved her tits.

But is was only when her udders were glowing a nice red that Gary finally decided he was ready for the next stage.

Sandy was released just long enough to be positioned over the dining table. She knew instantly what to do – feet spread and arms stretched out above her head so he could tie her to the legs of the table.

She was ready, open, available. It was a position of humiliation. It was a position of vulnerablility. She loved it!

And she loved it even more when Gary, finally gave her what she'd been needing – three fingers slowly forced into her hot, wet fuck hole. 'Thank you, thank you Sir,' she panted as he slowly worked the length of his fingers in and out of her hole. Soon he would have her close to cumming. Just a few minutes of the right kind of work in her hole and she would erupt for this wonderful man. And then Gary withdrew.

Sandy felt the emptiness immediately. There was no panic. But instantly she was aching for something – a vibe, a cock – to invade her waiting hole.

Sandy was not ready for what came next.

Almost as soon as she felt the touch on her cunt lips Sandy knew what was to happen to her. Gary had selected a large cucumber that morning. Now he was forcing it inside her body, deep in her cunt.

The vegetable was thick and hard. Sandy's free flowing juices provided more than enough lubrication. The trouble, she realised soon enough, was that Gary had carefully selected a width which would test her capacity. She was to be not only fucked, but stretched wide. Sandy could feel how tight it was inside her once delicate sex.

Occasionally she cried out softly to Gary – 'oh fuck...I don't think I can take it...ooooh...feels so – oh!...' Luckily he'd left it out of the fridge.

Long minutes passed as he gently sawed the cucumber back and forth, each time inching it still further inside her. Sandy soon was moaning again.

It wasn't until the cucumber had been fully shoved into her gushing cunt that Gary turned his attention to Sandy's long neglected clit. Now her moans turned to purring as Gary softly, gently teased and rubbed her hard little bud. Sandy was starting to feel desperate to cum now. But in this position she was helpless, ready for whatever he chose to do to her. Her cunt was open and even her vulnerable little arsehole was exposed and ready for whatever Gary chose to do.

Slowly he worked at her clit, easing up on his thrusting with the vegetable, making sure they both were concentrating on her pleasure and her approaching orgasm. This, too, was a delicious humiliation. Oh Sandy surely wanted to cum – but to be needing it so strongly when bound like this and at his mercy...well that was guaranteed to bring her off.

Gary knew what to do, even if he wasn't yet as skilled with her parts as her Tom. Her release, when it finally came, was a long, strong surge of energy through her mature body. Sandy threw her head back and stretched herself even further across the table. She called out softly to Gary, short whimpers of lust and relief. As soon as the first crest began to pass Gary started in on the second orgasm. This required a little added stimulation and he took a firm grip on the cucumber.

Sandy, still rolling in the waves of her first climax, was oblivious to the coming onslaught – until the point at which Gary began firmly thrusting the vegetable in and out, using long strokes to drive Sandy to a second orgasm.

As the blood surged through her Sandy was reminded of her first beatings at his hand. Gary had quickly worked out how to use the warmth in her tits and heat in her arse cheeks to return her to her peak. After being used and abused so well Sandy needed only to lay there against the hardness of the table and allow Gary to do exactly what he chose to do to her. And sure enough, her second orgasm welled up inside Sandy and her legs tightened and her back arched and her cunt gushed. Again she cried out, louder this time as much in thanks to Gary as in response to her climax.

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