Tyler hated that he was wrangled into playing Santa at the stupid little kiddy party that his mom's work sponsored every year. It was hard to say no to your mother, especially when she is recently diagnosed with inoperable cancer. She used the most annoying tactic on the earth to get him to agree . . . I might not live to see another Christmas. Tyler hated to hear the words I might not live.

Tyler was 26, and had a well-defined muscular body, not really what you would anticipate as a Santa. At least the Santa Suit was easy to pad. Tyler tried to look at himself in the small mirror in the bathroom where he was changing into the suit. All he could see was his tanned face surrounded by fake white hair, and his bright green eyes staring back at himself. This was going to be a horrible day.

"Santa? Are you ready in there?" a sweet soft voice said.


"Ok well the kids are just about done with the games and are anxious to meet the big man in red."

As Tyler opened the door, he found one of his two helpful elves waiting for him. "Noelle right?"

"Come, Mr. Clause, you have a horde of little children who want to tell you what they want for Christmas."

Noelle may have had one of those voices that inspired thoughts of satin sheets, but her attitude made you think more of a set of scratchy wool sheets you could not wait to get out of.

The time drug by; some of the children were obnoxious but others were rather adorable, like the little girl who wanted anything but another brother, Tyler watched as the little girl ran back to a very pregnant mother, Then there was the boy who wanted a pair of kittens and a puppy . . . so that if the puppy does anything wrong I can tell Mommy that it was the kitties and she will get rid of them not my puppy. When the kids told them why they wanted certain gifts, it took all he had not to laugh. Then there were the kids that made him want to cry with their stories.

Three hours after he started Tyler was finally done listening to the children. Now he got to change back into his street close and join the Christmas party. While in the bathroom be relived that he must have got some of the padding stuck in the zipper on the back of the Santa suit. Finding his cell phone in his duffle, he called his mother and asked her to send someone to the bathroom to help him.

When the knock finally came, Tyler was ecstatic, "Come in, come in," he said hurriedly.

Noelle was not sure why she had agreed to go rescue the distraught Santa. She supposed it was because Mrs. Smith had asked her to, and Noelle would do anything for Mrs. Smith, she would have even before everyone found out about the cancer, Noelle just like the slightly off-kilter lady.

Opening the door, she saw Tyler standing with his back to the door, a wise move since he had removed the hat and beard already. "So where are you stuck?"

Perfect he asks for help and his mother sends him the North Pole's coldest elf, Noelle. "The zipper is stuck, I can't reach it."

Smiling a little at the predicament Noelle walked up behind Tyler and worked the zipper down. When she helped him get the heavily padded suit jacket off she could not help herself, "Santa has a really nice ass," she said then reached down and pinched it.

"Whoa . . ." Tyler said and spun around. Noelle had just pinched his ass. "Why did you do that?"

Noelle was even more surprised to see Tyler's chest, damn but that suit had been hiding a lot. "I liked your ass and was showing appreciation."

Now that he was facing Noelle, he could see that she had changed from the elf costume into a short black dress with red stitching. Tyler smirked just before he reached out and ran a hand over her right breast. "Just showing my appreciation." He watched as both of her nipples pebbled before him.

Noelle could not believe she just let a virtual stranger caress her breast without slapping, or pepper spraying him. But then again he was really hot, and she had not had sex, other than with her dildo, in two months. Deciding that maybe Tyler would be willing to help her change that she said, "You know it was a teenage fantasy of mine to be fucked by a hot guy wearing a Santa suit, or course he was wearing the suit just for me, and we fucked next to a Christmas tree."

"You still have that fantasy?"

"Nope, it has changed. I am now being fucked by a really hot guy wearing a Santa suit, who wore the suit because his mother asked him to, and listened to hordes of little children, and we now fuck in a corporate bathroom." While telling Tyler her new rendition of her fantasy, Noelle let her hand rub over his cock.

Tyler pulled Noelle close to him, "You know I have almost that same fantasy, only I am making the North Pole's coldest elf melt in my arms."

Noelle laughed, as she knew she had been a bitch to Tyler today. Nevertheless, she was going to get fucked, what more could she ask for. Tilting her head up, Noelle pressed her lips to Tyler's.

She tasted good, like peppermint and eggnog. Tyler deepened the kiss, sliding his tongue along hers. He felt her nimble fingers unzipping the pants. He expected her to push them down but instead she only pulled his cock out.

"Sit down on the toilet, Santa." Noelle purred softly as she pushed Tyler towards the toilet.

Tyler did as instructed, he sat, and his cock stood straight up.

Noelle was incredibly turned on. Tyler's cock was standing for her, and he was still wearing the bright red pants of the Santa suit. Walking over to him, Noelle straddled Tyler's lap. "Want to know a secret?"

"Oh yes."

"With this dress I cannot wear panties."

Hearing her secret Tyler grabbed his little elf's waist and pulled her down over his cock. Amazingly, he slipped right inside her. Damn but she felt good, her pussy was wonderfully wet, and oh so tight.

Noelle started to move up and down on the cock. "Oh yes, your cock feels wonderful."

"So, you are sitting on Santa's lap have you been a good girl?"

"Oh no, that is why I am bribing you with hot sex."

"Mmmmmmm," Tyler responded as Noelle squeezed her pussy even tighter around his cock. Tyler lowered the straps on her dress; she was not wearing a bra either. Tyler loved breast, big or small it did not matter to him. Leaning forward Tyler took one into his mouth.

Noelle could feel her orgasm building. The feeling of Tyler's mouth on her breast and his cock working in and out of her was incredible.

Tyler bit down on Noelle's nipple.

The slight pleasure pain sent Noelle over the edge. She screamed as her orgasm hit.

Tyler had always loved the feeling of a woman coming on his cock. Moving his head from her tit, he looked up to her face, "Mmm, someone likes having her nipples bit hmmm?"

Noelle smiled at him then gave him a kiss, "want to know what this little elf really wants for her Christmas present?"

"Tell me."

"I want to have you fuck me hard and fast from behind as you reach around me and rub and pinch my breasts."

"Santa can do that, move over to the sink, put both hands on the edge and stick your ass out for me."

Noelle did as she was told. She sighed as Tyler stuck his cock back in her wet slit. She loved being fucked from behind; it always felt like the guys cock could go deeper.

Tyler could see Noelle's face in the mirror. He put his arm around her waist and pulled her up so her back was nestled against his chest. Sliding his hands up her stomach, he started to rub her tits gently, while he rocked his hips slowly.

Noelle caught Tyler's eyes in the mirror. As he fucked her, she stared into his eyes. She could not remember ever feeling this way while being fucked. It was unbelievable. Noelle knew that she was on the verge of coming again. When Tyler slid one hand down her stomach to rub over her clit she could not stop herself, she came hard for him.

The feeling of Noelle coming for a second time for him was too much for Tyler. Groaning loudly he let his come spurt into Noelle's wet pussy.

"Did Santa bring you a good enough present this year?" Tyler asked, and then kissed her neck.

"Mmm, I think it is one of my favorite presents ever, right up there with the cabbage patch kid when I was five. Can I take this present home with me and play with it again later?"

"Oh yeah."

Noelle and Tyler quickly dressed and went out to join the party. Across the room from where the two lovers were standing, Mrs. Smith smiled at the casual way that Noelle and Tyler were touching and looking at each other. There was a lot to be thankful for this year, maybe she would get to live long enough to see grandchildren, she had always known that Tyler and Noelle would be perfect for each other. Silently she sent a thank you out to the man in red, for his help with a little Christmas matchmaking.

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