Santa and the Vampire Hunter


Her eyes closed and the image of his cock invaded her mind, the flavor of him still on her tongue. What would it feel like to have that fat cock buried in her? Rumor had it that Santa never left his lovers less than satisfied. He was not overly long, just a little over eight inches but he was wide. She imagined him driving between her folds fast and hard just like she liked, his girth stretching her to extremities, and could not contain her moan.

She splashed cold water on her cheeks and leaned against the vanity as she opened her eyes. They were dilated and she looked exactly how she felt. Like a woman who desperately needed to be fucked.

Her plan for Santa changed in that second.

In the bedroom she removed the other knives strategically placed on her body and carefully packed them along with the first she withdrew. Removing a gun loaded with bullets designed to release ultraviolet beads into the blood stream from her bag of weapons, she hid the bag deep in the closet. Walking to the dresser/mirror set, she placed the gun on the top and toed her boots off. She pushed her jeans off and pulled her top over her head. Left in a pair of sheer of bikini thong panties and a bra, she let her hair down and inspected the finished product in the mirror.

"Change your mind about killing the big, bad vampire?"

With a quick, almost undetectable rotation of her wrist, the gun was aimed and fired at the figure leaning against the still locked door. "No. Just decided to fuck him first," she answered. He stood to his full height and swaggered in her direction, clearly unfazed by the bullet that had been only a fraction away from piercing his skull. She raised her eyebrow at state of undress and asked, "You've known this whole time?"

Sounding only mildly curious, he asked, "Did you think I wouldn't notice that you're armed to the teeth? Your reputation precedes you, Black Widow. The vampire killer with beautiful red hair and a spider tattoo on her neck is well known for luring unsuspecting male vamps to their deaths."

"I should be flattered I suppose. Why'd you come here if you knew who I was?"

"I'm hardly known for playing it safe, now am I? Besides..." The slim, black handgun was pressed against his chest before he stopped his advance. His gaze travelled the length of the weapon, scorched the length of her scantily clad body before meeting her stare. The half-smile she associated with him was present as he continued, " intrigue me."

His cockiness knew no bounds. The fact that she found it sexy irked her. "Give me one good reason why I should not shoot you where you stand?"

"Because if you really wanted to you would have already." The certainty with which he said made her wonder if he knew she deliberately missed blowing his head off.

She perused his body with her eyes, the muzzle of the gun descending with her gaze until it was stopped by the erection he made no effort to hide. Slowly meeting his eyes once more, she applied subtle pressure on his manhood and said, "Maybe I wanted to play a little first."

His eyes darkened, seductive smile still in place but somehow more predacious. He towered over her, blocking out the light, caging her in a haze of desire. "I like to play."

In a movement she was disarmed and pulled against a body that put graphite to shame. Her back against his front, she watched their reflection in the mirror. She should have been angry that she was so easily disengaged but all she felt was delicious need to push against the length that prodded her back.

The muzzle of the gun travelled the length of her face, down over a beaded nipple and belly to caress her mons and pressed against her hardened nub. She gasped and shuddered, the beginnings of an orgasm curling in her lower abdomen.

His nose at her nape, he closed his eyes and sniffed. "You smell fucking magnificent. You know that?"

He opened his eyes and the edges of his irises were now red-rimmed, his fangs full protracted.

Her breath caught in her throat.

With every layer of the humanity he hid behind striped away, he became even more gorgeous.


Nick looked down at the warrior in his arms, her curves and softness so deceiving. The underwear she wore hid nothing from his view. Her nipples were barely covered by the lace and the pink areolas peeked over the top with each breath she took. Moisture dampened the front of her panties and shined off the top of her thighs, its scent combining with that of her blood and the soap that covered her flushed skin.

She was absolutely stunning.

The fact that she wanted to kill him only increased her appeal.

He turned and lifted her onto the dresser. Pulling her forward, he draped her legs on either side of him. She made no attempt to stop him even when he dipped the gun's muzzle beneath her panties and traced her nether lips with the metal. The weapon came away wet and he licked her moisture off.

Placing the gun on the wooden top, he tugged a nipple through its casing with his teeth, wrapping his tongue around the protruded tip. Pushing the two globes together, he licked a path to the other breast and nuzzling the material aside, feasted on her bare skin. Undoing the front closure, he removed the bra. Kissing the undersides and tops of her breasts, he pinched and rolled her nipples. She moved with his actions, letting him knowing what she liked.

Licking between the pink hills, he moved lower to her flat tummy. He dipped his tongue around the metal adorning her belly button before continuing lower still. Her panties offered her no protection. The wetness coating the lace rendered it transparent. Licking her through the thin strip, he inhaled deeply and felt his grip on humanity slipping.

He pulled the lace from her body, throwing the torn material over his shoulder. Her pussy was bare but for a manicured line just above her clit. Liberally coated with her creaminess, her pussy lips were red and swollen. Just beneath the surface of her skin, he could hear the blood rushing through the tiny veins. He held her legs open and licked his tongue between the puffy lips. Her fingers tangled in his hair and she sought to control his action. Removing her fingers, he positioned her hands above her head. "As I recall, it's my turn. Don't move."

Her eyes narrowed at the command. Smiling, he returned between her thighs. Holding her gaze, he laid an open mouthed kiss over her mound. He groaned at the burst of cherry flavor as Sophie's hand slapped against the mirror. The reflective surface cracked but did not break. Pushing her legs up and out, he made love to her pussy, dipping into every valley and scaling every peak. He buried his tongue in her cleft and licked at her walls. "Oh yes, right there! Fuck, your tongue's so good!"

He pushed one, then two and soon three fingers high in her pussy and rubbed her g-spot. Her hips strained against them and rode his mouth, which was latched onto her pulsing bud. He stroked it with teasing licks of his tongue and nibbles of his teeth, his fangs throbbing with the need to sink into her.

He placed the thumb of his free hand at her clit and it picked up the tempo his mouth left off. Fingers still fucking her, he bent over her right nipple, his fangs sinking deep. She arched sharply, her breath shuddering as orgasm washed over her. Her cries were high and commanded more from him. He pressed his middle and right finger on her clitoris, applying light pressure. Feeling her orgasm winding down he rubbed on the bud and threw her into another climax.

She gripped his upper arms in surprise, her thighs closing reflexively around his hips and muttered a string of incoherent words with only a expletive identifiable here and there.

When she finally sagged against the dresser, he released her nipple, fascinated by the way it swayed. Blood welled from the twin punctures. Removing his hand from her hole, he smeared her juices over the wound. He licked his fingers clean before sucking on her breast. The combination of her cum and blood was the best treat he ever had. Releasing the healing agent in the glands behind his fangs, he gave her nipple one last tug. When he pulled away, the wound was already closed and looked like mere insect bites.

Sophie regained her senses slowly and watched him with hooded eyes. "I should be mad that you did that," she stated.

"But you're not."

She neither denied nor agreed with his claim. Instead she sat up and scored his nipple with her teeth. He hissed at the bite of pleasure/pain. Hands beneath her thighs, he carried her to the black-covered king bed occupying the center of the room and dropped her on the mattress. She bounced twice before settling in the middle. She opened her legs and cupped her breasts, pinching her tight nipples. "Come fuck me, Santa. I'm still waiting for that special treatment you promised."

He fisted his cock as he watched her. "How do you want it? Hard and fast or hard and fast?"

Coming to her knees she licked the head of his cock. "What do you think?"

Replacing his hand, she guided him to her former position. Straddling his hips, she rocked back and forth. Her juices soon coated his cock and he slipped between her folds with ease, his head pushing against her clit with every forward movement. She placed him at her entrance and sunk onto his cock slowly. Together they moved and watched as he breached her gripping skin.

They both paused when he was seated at the hilt, only the sound of their harsh breathing to be heard. The feel of her was simply exquisite. Tight and warm, her sheath clutched and let go his length in a sucking motion. It was all he could do not to cum on the spot. Sophie's head fell back on her shoulders and her face reflected the same enjoyment he felt. The ends of her hair swept of his thighs, adding the sweetest sensation.

She rose slowly and gyrated her hips with only his tip left in her. Her lips caressed his cock's head in a way that felt interesting like a wet kiss before her heat surrounded him once more. Hands braced on his chest, ass pushed high in the air, she started a measured rhythm that had them both groaning. Hands on the globes of her behind, he pulled her down onto his upward stroke.

Her breasts bounced with each thrust and he just had to have one in his mouth. He sat up and latched onto the right one, sucking strongly. Hand between their straining bodies, he stroked her exposed clit. Letting go of her nipple, he grabbed her hair and captured her lips. She hesitated briefly before letting his tongue stroke hers. Her mouth was just like the rest of her, darkly seductive with the promise of paradise.

Pulling away, she commanded, "Harder. Give it to me harder. God, I'm almost there!"

He reversed their positions and knelt, sitting on his hunches. He pulled her hips onto his thighs without missing a beat. Holding her thighs spread wide, he groaned at the sight of their joining. "Look at how good my cock fucks you."

"So good," she agreed, pushing herself on his thrusts.

Her thighs were trembling and her internal muscles were quavering wildly, her body needing just that final push. He placed his hand over her lower abdomen and felt the jab his cock beneath her skin. He pressed down and rotated his palm in tight circles.

"Oh fuck!" she screamed as she orgasmed. She arched sharply and her muscles clamped onto him with near pain voracity, tempting him to follow her but his was not done with his vampire hunter yet. The beast he was usually able to restrain pushed to the forefront and demanded that he make her submit.

Turning her onto her knees, he positioned her buttocks high, her upper body against the mattress and slammed into her still spasming pussy. Gripping her ass cheeks in his hands, he leveraged her into his jerking hips. They bounced and jiggled in just the right way. Pressing his thumb against the rear opening, he said, "The minute I saw your ass in those jeans, I knew I had to possess it."


Sophie froze inside.

Despite her reputation for using sex to lure vampires to their deaths, Sophie had never had sex with a vampire before today. All it usually took was a few smiles, kisses and allowing the vampire to cop a feel or two and she had her target. At her twenty-seven years of age, she'd only been with four men and two females and always controlled the situation.

The act seeming too intimate to share with anyone, anal sex was something she allowed herself to dream about only in the sanctuary of her bed in the Caribbean home hardly anyone knew she owned. It was where she kept her collection of butt plugs and anal beads. Most of her masturbation sessions ended with her ass being stretched by one or the other, the desire to have a cock in their place well buried.

"I don't do anal."

Something about Nick changed. The lightness she sensed before was gone and the vampire she came here to kill now possessed the body driving her to the brink of madness. His grip on her hips tightened, sure to leave marks and he pulled her harder onto his thrusting cock. "Really? Then why did your pussy clench and your heart skip a beat just now? You can't hide from me, Black Widow. This persona of fearless femme fatale may fool the men of your world but here, in this bed, with me, you have no secrets. I'm going to fuck you ass, fill you with my seed and you'll love every second of it, won't you?"

Using her hair, he pulled her upper body off the bed and forced her to meet his eyes, the irises of which were completely red. She moaned as the changed angle made his cock feel so much larger. Her nerves were strung tight by the orgasms she already had and yet her body still craved that something that remained out of reach. How could she deny it when her body betrayed her?

"All you have to do is give in and I will give you the greatest pleasure of your life," his voice seduced.

It was on the tip of her tongue to do just that but the stubbornness that was engrained into her every cell replied instead. "Don't flatter yourself. I will never give in to you or anyone else."

He smiled, his fangs gleaming in the light. "Oh, but you will."

He pushed her back to the bed and slapped her ass. A feeling of emptiness assailed her as his cock slipped out of her. His hands parted her butt cheeks and she tried to scramble out of his grip but he grabbed her leg and pulled her back. His weight covered her and pushed her into the mattress. He swept her sweat damp hair aside and kissed her lips, his eyes mocking. She tried to bite him but he moved out of her reach, his finger dipping into her pussy only to appear a few centimeters higher.

She fought to throw him off but only managed to make his finger slide deeper into her anus. She bit her lip against her moan but the sound still escaped. Satisfaction made his eyes glow. Trepidation raced along spine that he, her enemy, witnessed her at the mercy of her body's desires. She tried to escape his grip again. "Stay still, my little vampire hunter, or I just might have to tie you down."

She threw a snarl in his direction. "Fuck you."

"All in good time, sweetheart."

She felt his touch at her pussy again and seconds later, the tight ring reluctantly gave way to his finger. He drew back and gathered more moisture from her pussy before plunging his finger's full length into her ass. The intrusion burned yet pleasure bloomed and wrapped around the sensation as her muscles fought to adjust. The feeling was overwhelming yet not nearly enough. She shook and wailed into the covers.

He forced himself back between her thighs and grinded his erection against her wetness. Her breath caught as he bumped her bud and she squirmed, trying to shove his cock back into her pussy. He evaded her small moves and slid a second finger into her. She bucked against the tight fit. His hand on her lower back held her still as he scissored his fingers, slowly thrusting.

"Relax," he said against her ear and added a third finger. Her body stretched more easily for him.

Within minutes he had her shamelessly begging for even more. Her hips followed as his fingers retreated.

"Don't stop." The plea broke from her before she could stop it.

"Don't worry. I'm not done with you yet." He moved his hips higher and his wet cock pushed between the crease of her ass. He rose to his knees, pulling her hips off the bed. He positioned his cock at her rosette and pushed against her. Her hole strained around him, reluctantly giving way to his dance of stab and retreat.

"Oh Nick, I can't stand it," she cried out. Her body arched and her mouth opened on a muted cry at the pleasure/pain.

He broke past that last group of muscles and they both moaned. "Fuck, you're so tight."

He stroked his hips slowly and worked the rest of his length into her. Pushed balls deep, he held himself there for a minute. His hands roamed her frame, squeezing her breasts, shaping her hips, dipping into her pussy, as his lips teased her back and neck.

When he finally moved, nerves ending she did not know exist sang a song of excitement and anticipation. Slowly, he sank into her until her impatience had her squirming for a harder, deeper, faster contact. She reached around and her nails locked onto his ass.

"More," she said, her voice sounding far too needy to belong to her.

Her demand got a reaction she hadn't expected though.

He stopped.

She squirmed and looked back at him, her nails digging deeper into his skin. "What are you waiting for?"

His skin was drawn tight across his cheek bones. His fangs had grown even longer and his eyes now swirled with alternating shades of red. He looked bigger, badder, far more dangerous than she ever imagined.

And damn, if that did not turn her on even more.

"You love it, don't you?" His voice rumbled deep in his throat, each word making her shiver, her pussy and ass clenching. "You love how my cock stretches that ass. Only this vampire can fuck you this way. Only Nick Claus. Say it and I'll give you what you want. What you need."

She shook her head. She'd already given this vampire more of herself than any of her other lovers. Why must he persist on demanding more? "Just fuck me, Nick. Please."

"Say it!" He slapped her ass, his fingers covering her mound. The sound echoed loudly in the following silence before her broken moan followed. He did it again, leaning over her. This pushed his cock harder against her and he slipped deeper when she didn't think it possible. His hand worked her clit furiously.

She wanted to deny his declaration. She wanted to reclaim the calm indifference she had down to an art. But she needed to cum. The last of her resistance fell.

"Yes," she hissed. "God! Please let me cum."


"Please, Nick. Fuck my ass with your vampire cock. I love it."

He withdrew only to return with a swift and merciless penetration. Her hand and head fell limply to the bed and she screamed, orgasm washing over her immediately. He withdrew and started a hard pace, his pelvis smacking against her ass and his scrotum slapping her pussy with every forward stroke. He pushed her face into the blankets and tapped her bud to the tempo of his cock, his other hand on her hip keep still for his rough sex even as she fought to get away, to get closer.

His fangs sunk in her shoulder just below the spider tattoo and he shot his load into her waiting orifice. The warmth of it threw her headfirst into another powerful orgasm and the quakes that assaulted her frame increased tenfold. Her pussy gushed liquid onto his hand and her ass sucked him deeper.

Nick shook against her and his growl was the last thing Sophie heard before she fell into the welcoming arms of unconsciousness.


Sophie opened her eyes and watched the shadows in the form of trees dance across the walls. A bird chirped outside and she knew it was afternoon without looking at the clock on the bedside table. Her body ached in the most delicious way and she was tempted not to move a muscle but her stomach protested and the gun on the dresser reminded her of her mission. She rolled over and confirmed what she already knew.

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