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Santa Daddy


"Did you find everything you needed, Sir?" Kevin smiled his patient 'holiday shopper' smile, even though underneath he was dying to get the store closed up and get the hell out of here.

The man glanced at him rather frankly over his glasses, letting his gaze settle on Kevin's tight, compact little body. Kevin was lean and muscular, with a diamond-hard ass from running and biking, not quite six-pack abs, but certainly flat enough. Close-cropped dark hair and dark eyes completed the package. "Well, not everything," the man said almost wistfully.

Kevin smiled to himself as he folded the man's purchases and placed them in a bag, then giving the man a dazzling grin as he left with his holiday treasures. The attention and interest made him hungry, made his cock stir under his slacks. But he was pretty much done with tricking for the time being. His forays into the club scene had been met with much interest, and more than a few encounters. It had quickly gotten stale and hollow. The same conversations, the same faces. After a few months of running into people you'd fucked, it seemed to have become a recurring episode of "This is Your Sex Life!"

He'd tried to explain all this to his friend Bob over dinner the other night. Bob had chuckled and pronounced Kevin "ready for a husband." Kevin didn't know whether that was true, but he was certainly ready for a change. One too many psychos, narcissists, and other emotional cripples had crossed his path, to the point where his motto had become "if my cock's in your mouth, you can't speak, and that's a good thing!"

After dispensing with the register cash, handing it off to a co-worker who left to take it to the bank, Kevin stacked bulky sweaters and arranged topcoats on the racks, working quickly so he could get home.

A gloved hand on his shoulder caused him to jump and whirl around, startled. "Shit!" Tried to catch his breath as he found himself staring into a pair of twinkling blue eyes, above rosy cheeks and a flowing white mustache and beard.

"How did you get in here?" Even with the Santa getup, Kevin's eyes narrowed a bit. At least the money was gone already. Santa pointed to the metal screen, and Kevin realized that he'd pulled it down about halfway, but had neglected to pull it the rest of the way and lock it.

Fuck. Shaking his head, he went to do that now, thinking it was a good thing his manager hadn't seen that. He turned back to Santa, realizing it was the "mall Santa." He'd seen him patiently listen to the wants of children for a couple of weeks now. Kevin relaxed a bit.

"Hiya, Santa. I'm getting ready to close up and head home." Gripping the gate, Kevin turned dark eyes to him. "Do you want to be let out now, or after I finish?"

A low, rumbling bass of a voice came back to him. "Well, that depends, I guess. Do you mind some company?"

The voice and the eyes. Damn. Kevin could see why somebody might want to sit on this man's lap and tell him every little thing he wanted for Christmas.

Lusting after Santa Claus. That's just wrong, Kevin thought, chuckling. But he still made sure Santa got a good look at his ass while he was working.

Santa was busy pulling off the hat and beard, looking in the mirror and pulling the stray white hairs that clung to his face, while they made idle chit-chat about the Christmas season, the decorations in the mall, the crowds that made them both nuts.

Kevin glanced in the mirror and saw the man's shaved head, the dark goatee that had been hidden under the beard. The crystal blue eyes that looked twinkling and merry above the white beard now looked more intense, and a bit dangerous.

He was a bit older, Kevin figured, maybe mid-to-late forties. Deep laugh lines crinkled at the corners of his eyes, creased his cheeks. Kevin really didn't give a flying fuck how old he was. He glanced back in the mirror, took another look at Santa's face, and his own face reddened as he realized he was hard as a fucking rock. He watched Santa peel back the black leather gloves, revealing firm, calloused hands. Kevin swallowed.

Santa caught his eye in the mirror and gave him a long, slow smile. "Seems like somebody might need a little holiday cheer. Maybe even an early Christmas present."

He began to unbutton the red fur jacket, sliding the padding out from underneath it. Kevin groaned audibly at the gleaming chest flesh, slick with sweat, running down in little rivulets amidst damp chest hair. His belly was not large, but a bit rounded and soft.

"Get over here."

The voice. That fucking voice. Demanding, authoritative. Kevin practically sprinted to him.

"Thought you were cute, didn't you? Bending over every chance you got, giving me that look?" Santa grinned and forced Kevin to his knees.

Kevin shut his eyes, breathing ragged. He'd had it rough before, and had given as good as he got, but this was different. He knew it. And he craved it. Yes. Fuck yes. And now.

Santa was pulling the red trousers down and off, and stepping back into the black boots, which looked a helluva lot less Santa-ish on a gorgeous naked man. His cock was long, thick, uncut. But Kevin didn't have time to think about that as Santa bent him over the counter, leaning his weight on him to keep him in place, that massive root prodding his lower back. Musk and lust seemed to overpower the room.

Santa growled low in Kevin's ear. "Don't move."

The huge calloused hands reached around him, ripped away the expensive shirt, tore the beautifully cut slacks down, letting them pool around his ankles. Santa moved to a nearby rack and took down a braided leather belt.

"Wait." Kevin muttered hoarsely, realizing that security could come by at any time.

"Wait, hell!" Santa doubled up the belt, braided leather supple in his meaty fist. He reared back his arm and struck, and an angry welt sprung up on Kevin's pale asscheek.

"AAAAAGHHHH!" Kevin howled at the unexpected blow. He wanted to say "No, stop," but the words wouldn't come. He couldn't make himself say them. He was blind and deaf to everything but the need. Yes. More.

Again and again the braided leather belt hissed in the air and came down solidly against shoulder blades, criss-crossed over asscheeks, painted thighs. Kevin grunted and moaned with every blow. "Fuck yessssss!"

Santa put a heavy booted foot in the crotch of Kevin's pants, pinning them to the floor. "Step out of them."

Holding onto the counter for balance, Kevin kicked off his shoes and stepped out of his pants, then bending to remove his socks. Naked, shivering, whipped. Yes.

Santa took him by a shoulder, pushing him into a dressing room, keeping the belt in his fist. Pushing Kevin to his knees once again, he sat down, spreading his thighs and pulling Kevin's mouth to his cock, painting Kevin's lips with precum.

"Show me, baby. Show me how you need it, how you've been aching for your Daddy."

Kevin's bewildered dark eyes gazed into piercing blue ones. His eyes began to pool, and a tear or two leaked out of the outer corners.

"Please," he groaned, opening his lips to the man who knew somehow.

Santa smiled down at him, and thrust his cock smoothly and slowly into Kevin's mouth.

"Mmmmmmmmgod..." Kevin's moan was forced back down his throat by the cock filling it. He sucked almost reverently, groaning as Santa worked Kevin's head back and forth on the massive organ with husky moans.

"Good...so good...yeah..."

Kevin almost whimpered as Santa pulled him off his cock, then did whimper as Santa bent him over, placing his hands on the seat in the dressing room. Kevin watched in the mirror as Santa wrapped the braided belt around Kevin's balls, cinching tight, wrapping the tail of the belt around one hand. Then he spread Kevin's muscled cheeks, cockhead teasing and poking the ring of sensitive flesh.

"What did you say before?" Poking and prodding...fuck yesss...

"Please." A whisper from lips pressed together, eyes squeezed tightly shut.

In one smooth move, Santa pulled Kevin's balls with the belt while the meaty cockhead invaded.

Kevin shouted, feeling the root penetrate. Heard a word he never thought would come from his lips, not in his lifetime.


Santa wasted no words, just grunting in answer, thrusting and pulling, thrusting and pulling. Kevin's balls were yanked back almost impossibly far, Santa's cock hammering at Kevin's insides. Kevin's own cock was fiery red, as hard as he could ever remember being.

Santa reached around to grip that leaping cock.

"Oh, godddddddd, Daddy! Please!"

Santa stroked his shaft until he cried out over and over again, spurting up over Santa's hand, who then smeared it up that taut belly, pushing a thumb into Kevin's mouth. "Here's a sweet treat for the sweetest little bitch," he murmured.

Kevin sucked that thumb with all the power in his young mouth while Santa fucked his taut ass, pumping, grinding, arching, their shouts blending into one loud "fuckkkkyesss..." Santa lurched, flooding Kevin's asshole with ropes of sticky cum.

Santa panted as the last of the spasms subsided, and Kevin felt that cock leap, and leap, and leap again inside him before it came to a shuddering end. Santa eased his cock from Kevin's ass, sliding down onto the floor of the dressing room and taking the shivering boy in his arms.

Tears burned Kevin's eyes again as he clutched the older man blindly and tried to catch his breath, feeling so many things...embarrassed, ecstatic, afraid...and so, so grateful.

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