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Santa's Harem



There are many myths and stories about Santa Claus and his origins. The most popular is one about a man named saint Nicholas who gave toys to all the children in his village. That story then grew into the myth we all know today with elves and flying reindeer. With that said I am going to tell you the true origins of Santa and his true mission in life.


It all started in ancient Egypt. The pharaoh at the time was named Nico and he was the most greedy and ruthless ruler that the world had ever seen. Nico's greed knew no limits as he bled the kingdom dry with his useless and excessive taxes. Every day the people brought gifts of gold and fine jewels to please the ruthless pharaoh. Nico's madness extended beyond that when he declared himself above the gods, he made the people worship him as such and this made the real gods very angry.

It was a dark and cold night. Nico had just undressed and was having himself rubbed down with oil to prepare for a night of sex with a few of his harem girls. The girls entered naked all oiled up and the orgy of lust began. As Nico attacked one girl with his royal shaft the others pleased themselves and each other so they would be wet and ready for their master. Even if he was limp they had to somehow climax when he laid with them. If they didn't or if he didn't think he was the one who caused orgasm he would cast the girl out of his harem and into the desert to fend for themselves. Most harem girls who were cast out did not survive this fate.

It was on this night that the gods made their move. While Nico slept, exhausted from the sex, they appeared in his bedroom and woke him with the sound of thunder.

"What's going on!" Nico yelled as he jumped up from his bed.

"Nico," the goddess Hathor said, "your greed and blasphemy has angered us. From this day on you must give each child on Earth a gift once a year. We don't care how you do it or when but on one day a year every child on the planet must have a gift from you."

"When will I be free of this curse," Nico asked in a fit of rage.

"Never!" Hathor continued, "Your sins are so great that all of time is not enough for you to atone for them."

The gods then disappeared and Nico was once again alone. As another part of his punishment from the gods he was stripped of his throne and all record of his reign was destroyed. Well, not all. In early 2008 I was part of an expedition that uncovered the scrolls containing this story. I thought it was a joke for a while but when my life was torn upside down earlier this year I discovered that every word on the scrolls was true. My name is Kevin Matthews and I have witnessed first hand the evil and lust of Santa's Harem.

Fulfilling the curse

There were many challenges for Nico if he was to fulfill the curse to give every child on earth a gift. The gods and goddesses realized this and gave the cursed Pharaoh a two year grace time. After that if he did not fulfill the requirements of the curse they would cast him to the depths of the underworld where he would be tortured for all time.

During the two year period Nico used the remnants of his private fortune to search the world for an answer to his problem. Then when he had lost all hope he happened upon a small settlement in the northern polar region. Nico discovered this settlement to be inhabited by small creatures with mystic power. I know what you're thinking and I will stop you right there, it wasn't elves! The creatures who lived there were vile and dirty little things with green and rough skin. They had pointy ears and large noses. If you were to classify them as anything from our folk lore they could be called mini trolls. The trolls called themselves Vuli and they accepted Nico into their society. After a few months Nico had aggressively moved his way from outsider to their leader. With the Vuli magic now at his disposal he had no trouble fulfilling the curse. On December 24 he used his magic and Vuli minions to deliver a gift to every child on earth. Back then the gifts were nothing more than a tunic or something but as you know the gifts have turned into Barbie and video games since. Nico spent the first 100 years or so of his curse fulfilling his yearly requirements and nothing more but when this became easy and second nature he found that he had a great deal of time on his hands for extra activities. Though the gods did not like his actions they were powerless to stop him as long as every child on the planet got a gift every year.

For that last few thousand years Nico and his Vuli have spent their spare time collecting women from around the globe to fulfill Nico's sexual cravings. He keeps the women for himself for 20 or 30 years and then casts them out of his harem and lets the Vuli have them. He then scans the world for replacement women and on the same day he gives gifts to the children he also places a small gift like a necklace or bracelet under a woman's tree or in her stocking. He uses that gift to take control of the woman and turn her into his willing sexual slave. On Christmas morning of last year my wife received a necklace with no markings on the from part of the tag. My life has never been the same since.

Enslavement and servitude

As I mentioned before, my wife was not the first woman taken by Nico. Many women had fallen prey before. Just two years prior a friend of mine had lost his sister. It was Christmas morning and the two of them were on holiday break from college. As Sarah ran down the stairs she had the enthusiasm of a ten year old. The two of them had purchased gifts for each other in the days before.

"Oh Ben." she said to him. "I wish mom and dad were still around to enjoy things like this."

"Me to," Ben replied as he began sifting through the pile of gifts.

Ben then came across a gift for Sarah with no name on the from side of the tag. "Weird!" he said. "It isn't one that I remember getting but here you go sis." Sarah tore through the scarlet red paper and inside the box she gazed upon a beautiful diamond bracelet.

"Now I know that isn't from me," Ben laughed, "maybe Santa brought it."

"Funny," Sarah giggled, "and I have been so naughty that I thought he forgot me." After dispensing with the jokes the two decided to leave the bracelet alone. They opened the rest of the gifts and had breakfast.

"I have to run an errand or two today," Ben said as they ate, "I'll be back at around three and we can order in dinner from whoever's open."

"What errands do you have to run on Christmas?" Sarah replied.

"Just have to mail a few things so they go out right away tomorrow. I also told Kevin that I would stop by his place."

At the time I had not married Whitney yet. We were still dating and she was out of town. So Ben mailed his forms and came over but while he was at my house Sarah decided to try on the bracelet just one time. When she clasped it shut on her soft and delicate wrist a surge of lust filled energy exploded from the bracelet. Sarah convulsed in pure ecstasy on the floor for thirty minutes. Her clothing seemed to disappear as if by magic. With the absence of the clothing obstruction Sarah plunged her fingers deep into her soaked sex as the pleasure and lust from the bracelet continued to pour through her body. Her breasts grew 2 cup sizes and every misplaced curve and blemish on her body seemed to realign or go away. The woman who stood when the convulsing stopped was not Sarah anymore. In addition to the breast growth and the body modifications her normally short red hair had changed into long raven black and her skin tone had darkened. Sarah stood there motionless and naked when out of nowhere two Vuli appeared from the fireplace.

"Didn't take this one long to change did it," one of them said to the other.

"No, now lets get her out of here before that chump she was with comes home."

Hours later Ben returned to find his sister gone. Her clothes that had magically disappeared from her body were now in a pile on the floor. Next to them was a massive puddle of Sarah's juices. The cops came but of course they didn't find anything. They searched the surrounding area for a couple months but canceled the search after that. After the memorial we did for her Ben went into seclusion. He never returned to college and last I knew he was in the loony bin. He had told me about the mystery gift but at the time I didn't think nothing of it. It was around then that I uncovered the scrolls in Egypt. They told the tale of Nico from his crowning until his curse and banishment. It has only been recently that I have uncovered the rest of the story.

For a few months after the discovery I studied every scratch on the scrolls. I put my work on the shelf when Whitney and I got married in the fall of 2008. It was just before we left for my company's annual holiday party when I accidentally knocked over the box containing my notes in my home office.

"Damn it," I yelled," I don't have time to pick this shit up right now."

"I'll help you when we get home," my wife said from the doorway. "That's a lot of notes, what are they about?"

"Just some notes from a bunch of digs," I replied. She nodded and we went to the party.

Hours later we returned but picking up the mess in the office was the last thing on our mind. I was so hot and horny from seeing her in her black cocktail dress all night that we were all over each other right after entering the house. We stumbled up the stairs removing articles of clothing along the way. By the time we reached the bed everything from the waist up was gone from both of us. Whitney released her golden blonde hair from it's bun and let it flow down to her shoulders. She then crawled onto the bed where she called me over.

"Come here," she purred, "Stand next to the bed so I can help with that bulge you got." I walked over and she slowly and teasingly removed my pants and boxers. She stared at my erect member for a second or two and then attacked it like a starving lion. The pleasure from her tongue and lips dancing on my cock and balls almost made me cum on the spot but just before lift off as it were she pulled away.

"No, naughty boy," she said as she laid back. "It's a two way street." I smiled and slid my way onto the bed as well. I started teasing her at first. Kissing her neck and nibbling her ear. She squirmed as I removed her black lace panties with my teeth. I decided that was good enough for clothing removal and left her black thigh high stockings on. Where I wanted to go was clear anyway. I slowly and seductively worked my way back up her leg, her moans made my member bulge and throb. I then planted my face between her thighs and ate her pussy like a mad man. My tongue dance on her clit made Whitney cum three times in my mouth but I didn't care. After the third climax I slid my way up an inserted myself into her. I would like to tell you that we went at it for hours on end but after four or five minutes of grinding and thrusting inside of her wet and juicy sex I came and we both fell asleep from pure exhaustion.

The next morning, Christmas morning, I woke to find my wife missing. I searched the house high and low. The gifts that we had got each other had not been touched but just as I was leaving the den I saw one package opened. I leaned over and picked it up and found that it was a necklace box. I knew from the black indented foam inside where the jewelry had once sat. The box had no name or anything. All that I could see was a tag that said to Whitney but nothing next to the from part. As I turned the corner into the kitchen I saw Whitney's robe lying in a pool of her juices. Like lightning the story of Ben and Sarah came rushing back into my mind. As I ran to my office to call the police I slipped on the spilled files from the night before. I don't know if it was fate or dumb luck but my eyes caught the Nico file as I got up. After going through formalities with the police I studied the file further. I had no way of knowing then what I do now but something inside of me told me that those files and this Nico were the key to getting Whitney back.

The Hunt For Answers

Over the next few months my obsession with the Nico scrolls led me across the globe but my journey neared it's end when I found myself in Norway. I had gathered clues and listened to numerous accounts from men who had also lost women in their life to mystery gifts. Now in Norway I was hot on the trail of the truth when I got a stroke of luck. I noticed a gorgeous woman dressed in a sexy green outfit walking across the street with a very short person who's face was covered with a cloak. For a split second the short person looked up towards me and it was then that I stared into the face of a Vuli. He was there with a female slave escort to secure some supplies which Nico used in his curse fulfillment duties. The Vuli didn't notice that I saw his face so I stalked the two as they walked across the small town. When they entered an ally away from the eyes of the public I confronted them.

"What the hell are you?" I said to the Vuli. "I saw your face and your nothing close to human."

The Vuli removed his hood and stared me down with glaring yellow eyes. "I know you," he said, "last time I saw you your ass was passed out while I took your female to my master."

I was taken back by these comments but I quickly regained my focus and charged the little green bastard. However, he had other plans and in a poof of green smoke he disappeared. When the smoke cleared I noticed that the Vuli had forgotten to transport the woman with him. I grabbed her arm and led her to my room at the Inn. Years of servitude had made her tame and willing to obey almost anyone, this also made it near impossible to get information from her.

" Who are you and what was that thing?" I asked in a stern tone. For a minute she just stared around but then her lips parted and she spoke. Her voice was monotone and faint but I could understand it.

"He was Vuli." she said, "He works for master."

"Who is master?" I asked as I leaned forward.

"You fuck me?" she said as she began removing her clothing.

"What?" I exclaimed, "Why would I do that?"

"You fuck me." she said again, "My mind knowledge will share with you."

It took me a while to figure out what she was talking about but I finally gathered enough words and fuck me's from her to deduce that if I had sex with her the thoughts and memories in her mind would be shared with my mind. I didn't know how that was even possible but at that point I was willing to try anything. I removed my clothes and as soon as I touched her smooth skin my manhood went from sort of ready to full fuck mode real quick. As I entered her wet and waiting pussy images and thoughts flowed into my mind. The extra knowledge along with the lustful throbbing and thrusting from the sex was almost more than I could handle. We both came a few times before the information had fully entered my mind. At that point I slumped off of her and she fell asleep. By fucking the female slave I now knew everything about Nico, the Vuli, and the harem of sex slaves. I also knew the way to his ice palace in the north polar region. The next morning I left the slave woman with the Inn keeper and after securing a snowmobile and supplies I started my journey across the frozen artic sea. Whitney may have been a slave but she was still my wife and I had to hold out hope that somehow I could save her.

The Showdown

It took me two days to cross the frozen sea and another day to navigate the polar mountain terrain but just before dusk on that third day I came across a bend and in the valley below where I was riding I saw a huge ice palace. The palace was surrounded by a small village where the Vuli lived. From the knowledge I got from the slave I knew that the harem girls were kept in the south wing. When Nico wanted some action he would have the Vuli bring him the women to his quarters in the north wing. The palace was surrounded by a legion of 10 Vuli guards and the town was protected with 4 guards stationed in towers in each corner of a massive wall that surrounded the town and palace. I left my noisy snowmobile behind and hiked the last few miles down into the valley. I used my new knowledge and found an air vent. I quietly removed the cover and began the long and hot crawl to the vents end in the basement of the palace. According to the slave the Vuli only checked the vent where I had entered once a week. I reached the palace basement three hours after entering the vent and though I was exhausted from the crawl I powered on. Just as I began to stand from my exit point I felt a thud on the back of my head. It figures that this was the day they would check the vent.

I woke with my clothes removed and my limbs tied to the posts of a large bed. In front of me was a man who looked to be in his early 30's but I knew who it was.

"I am Nico," he said as he walked closer, "I know why you are here. One of my Vuli says you are the husband of one of my recent harem additions."

"Yeah," I yelled, "and as soon as you return her to me I'll be out of your way."

"I'm sorry my boy," he continued, "but that isn't an option. However, since you want female companionship so badly I will give you that. After a few hours of fucking my slaves the information from their mind will cause and overload in your brain and you will die."

"Just kill me if you want to kill me I shouted."

"Now what fun would that be?" he replied, "Besides, at least you will die a happy death." With that Nico left the room and in his place three women entered. They all looked just like the woman from town with long raven hair, green almost glowing eyes and huge DD cup tits. They were naked and glistening with oil on their bodies. I wanted to resist but my bulging cock had other plans. One by one the women straddled my manhood while the other two would kiss and tease my body elsewhere while also kissing and pleasing each other in front of my eyes so that my already out of control member got larger yet. The more I came and fucked the more I could feel my brain expand and bulge. The pain from my head was overwhelming but the pleasures from the sexy slaves countered the pain and kept me hard. I was at my breaking point when out of nowhere a cloud of green smoke knocked the slaves out. I looked up to see an older Vuli with a white beard. He quickly took a red stone from his pouch and placed it on my head. This relieved my mind of the overload but it also allowed me to keep their information and thoughts.

"I am Bruya," he said as he untied my bonds, "I was the Vuli ruler before Nico arrived. When I was the only one who opposed his rule they tried to kill me. I fell from a cliff and though they thought me dead I survived. Since that day I have lived off secret springs of V water which is how Vuli slow the ageing process. I have been waiting for my window to reclaim my position as the Vuli ruler and rid this place of Nico."

"That's all well and good," I said, "but how will you do that? Nico is immortal because of the curse."

"Exactly," he said, "if we can somehow keep him from fulfilling his yearly requirement he will be dragged into the underworld by the gods."

"Christmas Eve is tomorrow." I replied, "How do we do this?"

Bruya's plan was simple. He would use his magic to combat the Vuli while I used the distraction to sneak into the gift factory and destroy them all. With Christmas Eve so close they would never be able to make enough to fulfill the curse in time. It all went off perfectly. Bruya distracted the Vuli guards while I slithered into the factory behind the commotion. I was just about to set the charges Bruya gave me when I heard a familiar moan. I followed the sounds down a short hall to an office. Inside the office Nico was fucking two women. Though their appearance had changed like the other slaves the faces remained and I could see that one of them was Sarah and the other Whitney. I could barley contain my rage as he thrust his massive cock inside of my wife. Sarah was on her knees kissing Whitney and sucking her tits. Just then Nico turned towards the door and without missing a thrust he pointed right at me.

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