Santa's Helper


My company's invitation for the employee's annual Christmas party requested that attendees wear holiday themed attire. I called Nicole and asked if she has received her invitation yet. She had, and asked me what I was going to wear to the party, because she hadn't decided what to wear yet. I told her I had an idea or two, but I had not made a firm choice out of several outfits in my closet.

All week I heard people at work discussing the party and what they planned on wearing. I made it a point to be away from my desk as much as possible to avoid such inquires.

On the day of the party Nicole and I had lunch in the company cafeteria that afternoon. We discussed the party and made small talk while waiting for our meals regarding what we heard people were wearing to the party. Nicole was going to wear what she called her sexy elf outfit. She told me one of the other girls was going as a sexy reindeer, another designed a costume she dubbed the Snow Vixen.

Anything could be termed appropriate because the company held two employee parties; one was the family friendly dinner at a banquet hall; at which there was the possibility of someone drinking too much eggnog or table wine. Later that evening at the Company owner's home there would be the other party; or after party if you attend the snooze fest.

This was an adult only booze fest that always produced bawdy and embarrassing stories that would be conversation at the water cooler for months. This X-rated party required you be at least twenty one years old to attend, and the ability to keep your mouth shut about what you saw.

Why would your boss have the party at their home? There is a certain kink that can't be duplicated by getting your freak on where you shouldn't and this party is the perfect excuse, and with a few drinks you can just blame it on the alcohol.

The waitress finally brought us our lunch; we both commented about how good the food was. Nicole finally asked me directly what I was going to wear to the party. I noticed at the table next to us all eyes turned to me as they waited to hear what I'd wear to the party.

I said. "I'm not sure yet but I have a few pieces in my closet I'm considering."

"C'mon Lola, I need to know so I can avoid wearing the identical outfit to the party."

I thought to myself. "Yeah right like we have the same taste in what is sexy," but I said. "I may wear my Santa's Sweetie outfit or perhaps my Sleigh Belle dress with white gloves and a pair of five inch stilettos."

After lunch we went back to work but the "Holiday Spirits" started flowing early and anyone who wanted; which was just about everyone; was allowed to leave early to get ready for the parties.

After work, I decided to stop by a specialty shop that catered to seasonal theme wear. As I entered the store I spotted a naughty little outfit I liked and bought it. While browsing for stocking stuffers and other items at the shop I ran into a coworker Lacey.

Lacey was buying something for herself and her boyfriend to wear at the party. She proudly showed me her basket of goodies. She had a candy cane man-thong and a pair of red tear away stripper pants for her man. For herself she picked out a lovely red two piece suspender set for her. The suspenders or garters as most people call them would compliment the matching C cup bra perfectly. Lacy is proud of her all natural assets and has shown no shame displaying the twins at work. Her sheer blouses and sexy bras have made eye contact with men and friends among the women a rarity.

I don't have the most prodigious endowment but quality is a quantity in is own right, and I can go sans a bra with these ladies standing at attention with no help.

After my chat with Lacey I left the shop. I was feeling hungry again and decided to stop by a bar and grille a few blocks from my home. I placed the order to go and took a seat at the bar while I waited for my food.

While sipping my cocktail I was approached by a nice looking gentleman who asked if he could buy me another round. I thanked him for the kind offer but passed knowing he would want to continue the cat and mouse game of seduction ending sweaty in a motel room.

I wasn't in the mood for any hanky panky with anyone but Charles whom I was falling for in a big way; if I was going to play hanky panky it was going to be with Charles. We lived at each other's place whenever we could get together. My days of slipping between the sheets with Tom, Dick and Harry were over. I had become a one woman man.

I paid for my order and went home for a quiet dinner or so I thought. When I turned the key to my door I heard soft music playing. I slowly opened the door and saw candles and a flower arrangement on the dining table. I walked inside and I heard the shower running.

I entered the master bath and was rewarded with the sight of Charles' silhouette in the shower. I felt my spirit and libido rising, so I undressed and joined him. Charles kissed me deeply while lathering me squeaky clean. I planned on getting my smooth on for the party with a bottle of bikini formula Nair, but now Charles was here with his steady hands and trusty razor. I allowed him to play barber and apply the blade, I enjoyed letting him shave me baby smooth from the neck down, and one look at Charles' fun meter let me know he enjoyed it too.

After we got dirty getting clean in the shower, I told Charles about the Christmas party and asked him to accompany me. He loved the idea and he said he loved nothing more than to party with me. I told him that I had the perfect outfit for him to wear, a Santa Costume and I would be his little assistant. The velour suit belonged to my ex, but I didn't tell him that part.

Charles laughed at the outfit when he saw it. I padded the Santa suit's waist area so Charles washboard belly would fill out the pants. I watched him dress and then it was my turn.

Sitting at the edge of the bed with my feet on a chaise, I slowly slipped my red thigh high fish net stockings on and attached them to the white garter. Santa Charles was pitching a tent watching my reverse strip tease. So I hurriedly finished putting on the white lace thong and matching bra. I had Santa lace up the back of my fur trimmed red mini dress before he spread my legs and gave this bad girl his hard pole, instead of a lump of coal. I completed my outfit with a pair of pointy toed pumps with five inch heels.

When we arrived at the party there was a throng of people gathered in the party area. It was interesting to see the assortment of carnal couture the guest wore. My original idea turned out to be not so original; there were several other Santa's and Santa helpers. The Santa's came in many sizes and ethnicities. However we all knew which Santa was ours.

We were met by our hostess' husband who was dressed in a tuxedo tail, but instead of trousers all he wore was a pair of silk boxer shorts with the fly tied in a red bow. He escorted us into a ballroom crowded with holiday characters, elves and Santa sweeties. I never would have believed you could cram so much Christmas color in one room but there we were.

I saw our Hostess was busy directing the catering staff at the buffet table. Looking radiant in a floor length white gown, the back of which plunged within inch or two of revealing her coin slot. The diamond chocker and emerald cut diamond eternity bracelet that she wore had enough ice on them to chill the room.

They had really out done themselves with the decorations. Those of us at the party knew this was where we gathered yearly for a night of adult entertainment, with no regard to position or title at work.

The big house had no less than eight bedrooms, and six bathrooms, five fireplaces, a theatre room a wrap around deck with outdoor surround sound, and the heated pool was uncovered for those who dared a dip in December. Nicole and a few other people from work took a tour of the beautiful home and the holiday decor.

Charles and I took our own tour with permission of course. Each bedroom of the house was decorated with different scenes of the Season. There was one bedroom made up as Christmas in Candy Land. Another bedroom was decorated in dazzling white as Winter Wonderland.

One room we walked into blinded us with the multitude of bright twinkling lights around the doorway. In the center of the room there was a sideboard with delicious appetizers and scrumptious desserts to eat while you were in the room. On your way out of the room you received a gift basket of milk chocolate or dark chocolate, and a bottle of bubbly.

When I saw Christmas Candy Land I thought about the outfit Lacey bought for her boyfriend. I was pretty sure they would find use for that room during the evening.

Charles and I walked through the different rooms of the house until we found one that perked our interest. "Santa Claus Is Coming," the decorative center piece was Santa's throne room like the old department stores had where girls and boys came to tell Santa their wish list of toys. We were sure someone would try to call dibs on that room with so many Santa's and sexy Helpers strolling round about.

We knocked on the door to see if it was safe to enter...and it was so we entered the room set up for Santa's arrival with the chair by the chimney right down to the glass of milk with a cookie. The milk was replaced with a Black Russian, and the cookie was a brownie, fudge with a secret ingredient.

Charles slid his hand up the fur trimmed hem of my mini dress, and palmed my right butt cheek and said. "Santa's coming, very interesting, but in our case Santa's already came!"

"And he will again, depending on how jolly a fellow he is tonight." I said laughing.

Charles pulled my thong from between my cheeks and let go, so it snapped against my ass.

"Charles!" I yelped.

Then it happened, that awkward moment when your bubble is burst by a sudden intrusion.

"I saw that!" said the slurred voice behind us.

I turned to see Joe the Senior VP of sales standing in the door holding a glass of dark liquor. He was wearing a set of reindeer antlers with bells on the tips.

"Why Joe whatever do you think you saw?" I asked innocently.

"Your cute little black ass." Joe said, before downing the contents of his glass.

I hugged Charles a little closer before he could punch out the old drunk. I was more pissed about him getting a peek at my bottom than his comment; I do have a nice butt.

"Would you like to tell Santa what you want for Christmas?" I asked.

"I want to get laid by a hot piece like Santa has." Joe mumbled looking at his now empty glass.

Then he staggered away to get a refill I suppose. I wished him a happy hangover as he left.

Charles took me by the hand over to Santa's Throne and pulled me onto his lap.

"What do you want for Christmas little girl?" Santa Charles asked.

"To be in bed all day naked, with you!" I responded instantly.

"Santa can do that. Your tickets will be waiting for you at the airport." He told me.

I was so happy with his answer I planted a big kiss on his lips. Which lead to a serious bout of heavy necking; you would have thought we learned our lesson after Joe but not us.

We were so busy groping and smooching that we failed to notice an audience growing in the doorway.

"I see Lola kissing Santa Claus." A female voice sang.

I turned to see that a small knot of people had gathered in the doorway. This was slightly embarrassing since at the time I was moaning loudly; probably why I didn't hear them; due to Charles skills at locating my love bud through the lace of my thong. I should have thanked the person that spoke up; in a few more minutes they would have seen my thong pulled aside and Lola burning Santa Charles' Yule log.

"Don't stop on our account," another woman said.

I looked at her and saw it was Lacy. Her boyfriend's pants were parted and she was stroking his stiff candy cane, while he rolled her big nipples between his fingers.

Charles and I laughed off the jokes, while noticing the group was quite excited by our show, I avoided looking anyone else in the face as we left and went back to the ballroom to cool down and get some refreshments.

Nicole walked in while Charles was over at the punch bowl getting another cup of the spiked libation, so I waved her over. She waited until she walked in the door to reapply her lipstick; our host saw this too since her husband was noticeably absent.

"Nicole I hope you haven't lost your mind, fooling around with you know who while you're at this party."

"Why do you think anyone can tell who's cock is on my breath?" Nicole asked in mock horror.

I was about to respond when our hostess joined us.

"Hello Lola," She greeted me with a smile and air kisses. "Nicole." She said with iciness'.

By now Charles had returned with my punch. "Good evening ladies." He greeted our host and Nicole.

"Can I get you ladies anything?" Charles offered.

"I'm good thank you," said our Hostess raising her glass of Champagne.

"I just had something, but thanks anyway," Nicole said, wetting her lips with her tongue.

I thought a powder keg was about to go off, when thank goodness Austin walked in chatting with the group that had been watching Charles and me. The smooth operator must have been waiting for just the right moment to return.

Our hostess noticed her husband's returned and walked over to join the group he was in. While our hostess' back was still to us I started to lift the back of Nicole's little elf skirt.

"Don't bother yourself checking Austin's holding them for me in his left coat pocket." Nicole said.

I smacked her bare ass playfully but hard, and said. "Don't you know Santa's making his lists? You don't want to be on the bad list."

Nicole smart ass responded with. "Why bad girls always get the good stuff. Besides you and Charles are to blame for me misbehaving, we saw you two on Santa's throne and it gave Austin a chubby so I had to release all that pressure."

I decided then it would be best for me to take Nicole down to Charles' place with me for the holidays, so she wouldn't get lonely and do something stupid when Austin should be with his family. Beside Charles had a few friends that would be more than happy to keep Nicole occupied while I enjoyed my stay on the island with Charles.

When I looked back towards the dance floor I noticed our Hostess was leading Lacey's boyfriend over to the DJ's table. After speaking with the DJ, he began an impromptu striptease.

He may not have been a Chippendale, but women were soon roaring to see more. None of them had a purse handy, but someone got the idea to throw her panties at him. Soon many of them were waving their underwear in the air, a big woman nearest him pulled him closer and slipped her bloomers around his neck like a lei. The crowd screamed at this and soon all manner of under garments were draped around his neck or stuffed in his waistband. All the attention was making him bolder and he ripped away his stripper pants to show off his candy cane striped banana hammock to women.

As they cheered he danced in front of our hostess shaking his swelling endowment at her, waiting for her to present him with her panties. She stood in front of him, shaking her hips back at him and smoothed her hands over her hips, shaking her head to signify she was not wearing any.

Not wanting to go away empty handed, he stood there flopping his floppy package at her demanding tribute. So she slipped off one of her pumps and emptied her glass into it, then beckoned him closer with a finger. Then standing on one foot while leaning against the dancer to keep her balance, she drizzled a one hundred dollar bottle of French champagne into his mouth from her five hundred dollar Italian stiletto.

While she poured he ground up against her lewdly, and if her behind was a crime scene he left plenty of finger prints. After she finished with him he danced off to receive attention from another woman.

Of course Lacey was not going to be out done by her man and when he finished she climbed on the bar and gave the men a show. Plenty of wallets were opened after she whipped off her holiday frock to expose her matching set of bra, g-string and garter.

The men slipped dollar bills into tops of her seamed nylons, or hooked them on the thin strip of her g-string. Good tippers were rewarded with nasty bump and grind if they were close and bold enough. Jerry, one of the department directors in advertising caught a sharp elbow in the ribs from his wife after he slowly stuffed a bill into Lacey's bra and let his hand linger too long. All in all it was quite the show.

Charles was very much on my mind at the moment. I am a bit of an exhibitionist and being reminded of getting the little group in the doorway hot and bothered made me randy.

I snuggled up close to Charles and whispered in his ear. "Guess what Santa made me for an early present?"

"What?" he asked genuinely.

"Very, very, very, wet." I cooed, before slipping my tongue around the shell of his ear.

Before I could do anything about it; like I would have anyway; Charles put me over his shoulder and returned me to the Santa's Coming room.

There was another couple in the dark corner of the room when we entered. It was Polly from the travel office and Dan from accounting. They weren't wearing holiday attire; in fact they weren't wearing much of anything. They quickly left before their respective spouses discover their hiding place too.

With no further ado Charles closed and locked the door. He quickly bent me over the throne and yanked my thong aside.

Standing behind me wearing only his Santa hat and black socks, he thrust himself into my yearning cleft, while spanking my butt and telling me. "This was what bad little girls get from Santa."

If that was the reward for being bad, why would I ever want to be good?

After he made me cry out in bliss, he changed positions and sat me reverse cowgirl on his lap. Charles bounced me up and down on his hips until I was weeping for mercy.

Finally he stood up and turned me around to face him. He lifted me on to his splendidly hardened pole and boned me until he spilled himself deep inside me.

I walked out the room on rubber legs, and found myself getting a round of applause from the five or six people who stopped to listen to us.

"We want to see Santa cum next," Said a thin brunette.

She and a chubby blonde were pulling their own Santa; Miguel a youngster from the mailroom; into the room Charles and I were exiting.

That commotion was more then enough for Charles, so he took me home where we enjoyed another round, this time though nice and slow in front of the fireplace on my faux bearskin throw. I lay next to Old Jolly Saint Nick wrapped in his arms as we drift off to sleep.

The End

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