tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSanta's Surprise

Santa's Surprise

byTrue Blue Aussies©

I wasn't looking forward to yet another lonely sweat-drenched night, endlessly tossing and turning in a vain attempt to get some sleep, as I counted the days till Christmas instead of sheep. The heatwave was already into its third sultry week and adding insult to injury, I was forced to listen all night to my neighbours' noisy air-conditioners. I once had a girlfriend, and an air-conditioner! That was till Angie, my former girlfriend and flatmate, moved on to greener pastures and took her air-conditioner. I reached over and turned the fan up another notch, which did little more then blow the hot air more quickly over my naked and sweaty body. I gazed out the open window and jealously watched my neighbours' closed and curtained windows.

My eyes were suddenly drawn to a sliver of light bursting through the curtains from the unit opposite mine. The curtains parted even further, revealing a gorgeous naked woman standing silhouetted against the background light. She was adorned with the most beautiful firm tits and shapely figure I'd seen for a long time. My cock already sniffed skywards when I spotted someone else in her room. I watched with abated breath as two hands slowly reached around the gorgeous nymph's body and cupped her tits. The mysterious hands started to gently knead the soft flesh like dough, occasionally circling the nipples, then rolling them between thumb and forefinger till they stood erect. I could see the pleasure in her face as she pressed her arse back against her lover. I could imagine his cock pressing hard into the crack of her arse. Then the hands slowly slid down till they cupped her glistening cunt like a captured prize.

I stroked my cock, unable to take my eyes from the action in the window. The hands released their captives only long enough to start circling the shaven cunt. They prised apart the luscious wet lips, giving me a clear view of the inviting love tunnel. She moved her legs apart as two fingers slipped deep inside. I looked down and noticed the pre-cum beading on the tip of my hard cock. I dipped my finger into the slimy clear liquid and licked it off. This turned me on even more and I dropped to my knees, stroking my cock faster as I continued to watch.

The woman turned around and embraced her partner. Her tight arse appeared to beckon me. How I wanted to plant my cock deep up her arse.

"Take this you bitch," I said hoarsely and slipped my finger deep into my arse.

My hand furiously stroked my cock while I fucked my own arse with my finger.

"Oh shit," I groaned and arched back, shooting my load all over the window.

Struggling for breath, I glanced at my neighbour's window but the curtains were pulled shut as if nothing had happened. I stared at the cum sliding slowly down the glass.

"Had I dreamt it all?" I thought.

The following night I was waiting in my bedroom, praying that last night had not been a dream. Since Angie's departure, my own hand had become my best friend and sole lover because I kept striking out with the ladies. I was naked, my cock already hard in anticipation, when there was a sudden knock on the door.

"Shit," I cursed and quickly dragged a towel around my waist.

My hard-on resembled more a deflated balloon by the time I angrily yanked open the front door. But my words froze in my mouth and my cock instantly pushed upwards against the towel, because right in front of me stood the beautiful nymph from last night. She wore nothing more then a very short, tight-fitting T-shirt. Her tits showed clearly and teasingly through the sweat drenched white fabric.

"Y...yes?" I stammered like a schoolboy, very conscious of my bulging towel.

"Hi! I am Joan from number 16," she smiled, a naughty gleam in her eyes as she glanced at my bulge, straining hard against the towel.

"Y...yes I know?" I stammered and felt myself start to blush.

She stepped closer, smiling seductively and patted my throbbing cock.

"Instead of watching," she whispered and licked her luscious red lips before continuing, "would you like to join us tonight?"

"W...what?" I mumbled, my face turning even more crimson.

The thought of being seen last night never once crossed my mind. I looked from her sexy body so visible through her T-shirt, to her hand stroking my cock through the towel.

"What about your friend?" I asked and glanced along the deserted corridor.

The idea of a threesome had always excited me, but I had never been game enough to approach my girlfriend with the idea.

"No problem there," Joan giggled softly as she too glanced along the corridor.

She pulled my towel aside and licked the glistening pre-cum from my cock. Cheekily she looked up at me and smiled, "two is fun... but three is a... party."

She slid her lips over my cock, the tip of her tongue probing into my opening. She released my cock with a loud plop and smiled cheekily, "...and we have an air conditioner!"

"All...right," I whispered hoarsely through clenched teeth as her tongue circled my throbbing head, sending waves of excitement through my body. "I... I'll just lock up."

"Don't be long," she smiled and headed for the lift, revealing her gorgeous shapely arse protruding from below her bunched-up T-shirt.

"Maybe Santa does exist," I thought, captivated by her swaying arse.

"Don't be long," she smiled as she turned around and blew me a kiss from inside the lift.

Joan opened the door wearing nothing more then a welcoming smile. My cock already hard from anticipation, bulged even harder against the restraints of my shorts. Joan's firm tits looked more delicious and eatable then I'd imagined; and her scent reminded me of freshly cut tropical mangoes. Beads of water still clung to her body as my gaze drifted down to her shaven cunt. How I ached to taste her nectar, to plunge my cock between those luscious and moist lips of desire!

"I...I made it," I stammered, my eyes moving to her erect nipples.

"Mmmm," she said and shut the door.

Joan moved closer and rubbed her cunt against my rock hard cock as she easily slipped off my shirt.

"Yesss," she hissed triumphantly and flicked my nipples with her tongue.

She undid my shorts and I groaned involuntary as my aching cock finally was released from its tight restrains.

"Mmmm," she smiled, the delight unmistakable in her tone. "Welcome big fellow... So glad to see you again!"

Joan leaned down, her tongue licking slowly along my hot shaft as she held her long auburn hair off her face. Her soft delicious tongue probed deep into my sensitive hole, hungrily sucking the pre-cum into her mouth. Then without warning, she plunged her mouth over my cock. I gasped with pleasure and pain as she cupped my balls in her hand and gently squeezed them as if testing some fruit. Then she continued to fuck my cock with her mouth, watching my facial expressions as I struggled not to blow my load. Just as I was about to lubricate her throat, she released me and firmly squeezed my cock.

"Can't have you cumming yet," she smiled as my cock throbbed wildly in her hand.

I wanted to blow and satisfy my urgent need to fill this vixen with my hot cum. I pushed her around and pulled her warm arse tight against my cock.

"I want to fuck you... now," I groaned and thrust my cock hard against her cunt.

"Not here," Joan smiled as she teased me by keeping her warm moist slit just beyond my cock's probing head.

"You fucking tease," I cursed in frustration.

"Come," she ordered and dragged me by my cock into the bedroom.

She pushed me onto the bed and without uttering a word, squatted over my cock. She held my cock and rubbed it against her moist clit, all the time discouraging me from thrusting into her. Then with a huge smile, she pushed down and swallowed my cock with her hot and dripping cunt.

"Where's... your..." I moaned trying hard not to blow my load.

"Here sweetie," a familiar voice echoed from behind me.

A wet shaven pussy appeared over my face as Joan fucked herself hard on my cock.

"Angie?" was all I managed to say before she lowered her cunt closer over my mouth.

I pushed my tongue between those familiar folds of pleasure and slurped on those delicious juices.

"Just do what you always did best," she moaned just as I found her clit and delighted in my beautiful ex-girlfriend excitement. "Oh God yes!" Joan shouted and threw her head back.

I groaned, clenching my teeth and thrust my cock upwards to fill Joan with the cum from my explosive orgasm.

"At least... I can make use... of the... air-conditioner again," I breathed heavily.

"Only if you keep cumming... over," Angie smiled cheekily and passionately kissed Joan. "Anyone for dessert?" she asked with a huge smile.

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