tagGroup SexSantorini Paradiso Ch. 07

Santorini Paradiso Ch. 07


I'm thrilled to get your generous feedback, please keep letting me know what you think. This chapter is longer than the rest, we're doing quite a bit of story advancement in this one. As Elena becomes more deeply enthralled with these two mysterious brothers, I find that I do, too. Thanks for reading!


Elena hovered just below wakefulness. She delayed stirring for as long as possible, because she didn't want to disturb this incandescent feeling. She was emerging from a deep, rejuvenating slumber in a complete state of... hmmm... happiness. How to describe it? She wondered for a few, fuzzy moments.

Oh yes, she thought: I'm home.


Only home was not a place, exactly. It was this perfect sense of belonging, connectedness, communion and love. And for some strange reason, it felt familiar - though she could not really remember when or if she'd ever felt it before. It was as if a well-accustomed hole in her spirit had at last been filled, like something broken had been healed.

Elena expelled a slow, deeply satisfied breath. Keeping her eyes closed, she became aware gradually that she was indeed awake and began to allow her other senses to register the surroundings. Her body was the perfect temperature, not too cool and not too warm, resting upon and under the softest of fine cotton linens. She wore no clothes. The still-sleeping forms of her two lovers pressed against her in front and behind, their skin feeling like sueded silk against her own. The somewhat shallow, rapid breath sounds of the sleeping men seesawed around her. Elena noted idly that when one inhaled the other exhaled, and vice versa. For a moment she playfully attempted to synchronize her breathing with theirs. She could feel rather than hear their hearts beating.

Positioned toward her left side, facing away from the windows, Elena's left arm was cradled between her torso and that of Petros, her elbow bent, the back of her wrist and hand nestled in the fine hair of his chest. Her right arm draped along Adonis's muscular forearm, which was wrapped protectively around her waist. The back of her right thigh and calf fit snugly along the length of Adonis's right leg -- his knee bent into the back of hers. Her left calf rested across Petros's right leg. His right hand was thrown up toward the headboard across the pillow, the masculine pit of his arm some inches above the top of her head. Adonis's face was turned toward Elena, such that when he breathed in and out it ruffled her hair. Together they formed a natural, effortless harmony that seemed to maximize the amount of skin on skin.

She inhaled the aroma of her handsome boys. Adonis's spicy sandalwood was the base note below the still discernible lime and basil freshness of Petros - but there was another fragrance Elena also perceived: verbena, bergamot and pepper. It rose from own hair and skin. The cocktail was intoxicating. Far below the villa, the surf crashed against the rocks. A seabird cried out in a decrescendo as it soared past. The air was briny from the sea outside, and her mouth still tasted vaguely of last night's Ouzo.

She slowly blinked her eyes open. The room was suffused with the misty gray-pink light that precedes dawn. The gossamer floor-to-ceiling drapes billowed in the freshening sea breeze, performing alongside each other like a silent corps de ballet. The bed's canopy of snowy white muslin arched gracefully atop the masterfully carved posts and frame. Perfection.

Though she tried to stifle it, a yawn forced its way out, stretching her jaw and tensing her neck, chest and shoulders. At this, the pattern of her boys' breathing changed. They stirred, moving their bodies against hers. Adonis buried his face in Elena's wild hair and the back of her neck, his sleepy moan vibrating against her nape. His left arm contracted around her middle to pull her back more tightly against his front. Petros reached both hands up above his head and pushed into a mighty stretch. He reached down and grasped her left wrist, bringing her hand to his lips and pressing a lingering kiss in her palm.

She could feel Adonis's morning erection pressing into her firm round ass. Glancing down at the sheet that covered the three of them, she noted a telltale bulge in the region of Petros's groin. Ah, men! She thought. From the moment they awakened in the morning they were ready to charge. A salacious grin tugged at the corners of her mouth. She pushed her hips back to grind into Adonis's lengthening cock. She was immediately rewarded, feeling him harden further as he pressed his lips to the back of her neck. His hand slid up her tummy to cup one full breast and gently squeeze. Elena sighed in anticipation, her nipples hardening, and licked her lips. She shifted her thighs, rubbing them lightly together as she felt herself moisten in readiness.

Adonis began to move against her, his erection unerringly spearing the space between her thighs from behind. He sank his teeth lightly into the curve of her shoulder as she gasped, then giggled. Looking up at Petros, she saw him regarding her with heavy-lidded eyes. A lazy smile spread across his strong mouth as he moved her hand down under the sheet to his own wood - which was decidedly stiffer than it had been just moments before. Petros leaned toward Elena and kissed her with an alert insistence that surprised and delighted her. His tongue plunged inside, teasing the roof of her mouth. She made a little purring sound as Adonis took hold of her right thigh, lifting it so that he could have better access to her pussy from this side angle. Pushing his legs between hers, he reached down and teased her with his fingers, growling deep in his throat as he realized how wet she was.

Meanwhile, Elena had thrown the sheet down and took Petros's stiff rod into both of her hands, gently pulling up and down as he grew to his fully aroused state. Looking him steadily in the eyes, she raised one hand to her mouth and spit into her palm, in order to lubricate her hands. He let out a breathy gasp as he watched her. She put her slippery hands back on his hardness and began to stroke him with more vigor. His eyes closed and he expelled an exited breath. Elena's motion on Petros's turgid member only faltered for a moment or two as, groaning loudly, she felt Adonis begin to push his prodigious cock into her. This angle meant that Elena felt astoundingly tight, even though she was nearly dripping with excitement. Adonis hissed loudly with pleasure as he pressed once, twice, three times before he could fully penetrate her. Shifting his body to get more leverage, he cupped her left shoulder with one hand and held her inner thigh with the other as he began to thrust upward.

Elena's eyes shot open again as she felt strong fingers toying with her clit, looking down to see that Petros was pleasuring her with his left hand while his brother fucked her from behind. Elena cooed softly at first, and then louder, as the stimulation began to do its magic.

She redoubled her efforts to work on Petros, tenting her fingertips around his shaft as she pumped with her hands. Petros continued to kiss her, his teeth sinking into her lower lip, his tongue doing battle with hers. Elena occasionally pulled one hand back up to run her tongue along her palm and increase the moisture as she continued her double hand job.

Adonis began to fuck her harder, then suddenly pulled out, shifting and pushing her down onto her back, pushing her legs up essentially over her head as he plunged back into her. Her hands and mouth were ripped away from Petros, who leaned back, laughing darkly, cupping his hands behind his head as he watched his brother pound into her. Since her legs were trapped into position by his body, Adonis grabbed her wrists with both hands and pressed them down on either side of her head. His eyes burned into her - so dark they almost looked black. He turned his head to the side and began to kiss and nibble at her leg, his tongue running into the soft cleft in the back of her knee. Elena was moaning loudly. His obvious display of passion was turning her on. As she looked over at Petros, she saw that he was now slowly, deliberately stroking his own erection as he watched her.

Elena felt her pussy begin to pulse, the friction and the deep penetration was going to make her cum. She heard the noises that Adonis was making, faster and more urgent sounds coming from the back of his throat. She knew he would soon climax inside her, which only served to excite her more. He gazed at her, wanting badly to kiss her, so he pulled back slightly, pushing her legs down so he could access her mouth. They kissed wildly, giving into the promise of the explosion that was building. He now ground into her, his balls tightening as he prepared to unload. Adonis began to shout, his back arching as he shot stream after stream into Elena. This brought her over the edge, as she joined him in a long, high moan that sounded like a muffled scream.

He barely rested for a moment before pulling out and flinging himself to her side on the bed. Elena, bereft for a second, was still being shaken by the aftershocks but had no time to catch her breath, because just as suddenly, Petros had taken hold of her and thrust himself into her still trembling pussy.

Her scream was muted as he covered her mouth with his. This sudden, unexpected action had the dramatic effect of "restarting" her orgasm. Elena thought for a moment that she might faint from the pleasure. Digging her nails into Petros's back, she clung to him as he moved her hips upward so he could bottom out into her. Rising up on his knees, Petros pulled her legs up, lifting her ass off the bed. Elena's arms and shoulders were on the mattress, but her lower body was being completely controlled by Petros as he slammed into her with a wildly variable rhythm, over and over again. Elena couldn't even speak, but her groans were communicating her wanton response.

Petros soon began to make a humming sound that grew in volume and intensity. Looking down at Elena, who watched him mutely with a tiny frown of passion on her lovely flushed face, he licked his thumb and started to toy with her clit. Her reaction was almost immediate as she began to experience a series of fluttering climaxes in rapid succession. The clenching and unclenching of her pussy was the last straw, and Petros made a last aggressive thrust as he came deeply inside her. He rocked inside her for a long while as more than half a dozen spasms shot forth.

Easing her back down on the mattress gently, he rested inside her for a few moments, brushing stray tendrils of hair from her face as he kissed her softly. Pulling slowly out of her, he dropped down on the bed next to her, wrapping his body around her. In this position, Elena's knees were still drawn up, and her calves were resting on his legs. Adonis moved closer on her other side, and they both held her between them, occasionally kissing her, as she came down from this intense experience.

Their breathing began to normalize, and her fevered skin cooled. As goose flesh appeared on her arms and legs, Adonis reached down and pulled the sheet back over them. Elena drifted on the endorphin rush - feeling actually high. She grasped their hands, drawing their arms around her. She wasn't sure how much time had gone by, but she eventually realized that her heart rate had gone back to normal. The crashing sea was no longer drowned out by the sounds of blood pulsing in her ears. Her eyes closed, she smiled and let out a throaty little laugh.

As she opened her eyes, both men were leaning up on one elbow, facing her. They were smiling at her. Adonis's right eyebrow was raised characteristically in an unspoken question. 'And just what is so funny, my darling?' Elena knew this was his thought, even though he didn't speak. She would remember and reflect on that later. For now, she was still amused and simply shook her head as she said in a naughty voice:

"Well... Kali mera."

Both men laughed gently. Elena made as if to move and they stopped her, moaning in protest.

"Mmmm. Not yet, beautiful girl, just stay here like this with us for a little longer..." Petros murmured. Adonis nodded and tightened his hug, settling back down on the bed beside her.

"It's not time to get up yet, Agape-mou." He added, his voice sounding a little sleepy.

Elena relaxed in their embrace, sighing happily. "Ine kalo." She murmured, letting her eyelids flutter down for a minute.

** When Elena opened her eyes, she was alone in bed, curled on her side. Wooden shutters were partially closed at the windows to keep out the full force of the morning sun. She sat up, pushing her hand through her tangle of hair. A glass of fruit juice perspired on a silver tray on the nightstand. She crawled across the bed and drank down almost half at once. It tasted wonderful to her dry mouth, and she felt a tiny bit restored by the rush of sugar in her system. She sat back against the tossed pillows, tucking the sheet up over her bare breasts, as she finished it off.

Elena blushed furiously as a little trickle of semen started to seep out of her. Their morning session had been quite prolific, she mused with a sexy little smirk on her face. Clenching her muscles tightly, keeping her thighs together, she pushed herself off the bed and skittered across the room to the luxurious bathroom. As she relieved herself, something niggled at the back of her drowsy brain - something forgotten that she should be remembering - but then it was gone again. Surveying herself in the mirror as she washed her hands and brushed her teeth, she realized that she'd never removed her make-up before bed. She tisked impatiently at herself. That was really bad for your skin. Was that the thing she'd forgotten? Maybe... mmmm... no, probably not. Whatever.

She hopped into the shower and briskly shampooed, soaped and shaved. Wincing as she cleaned herself, Elena had to admit that they had really overindulged sexually. She was full on sore, and the soapsuds stung her sensitive tissue a little. Her pussy felt very swollen and tender, and so did her full breasts.

Elena sighed, realizing that she should probably try to abstain for a while so that she could heal properly. Maybe a day or two. A day. A few hours. She sighed, grinning, as she admitted to herself that she probably wouldn't be able to deny either man if he appeared right then at the shower door. She laughed out loud, and began to sing one of her favorite love songs as she rinsed off. Frowning just a little as it pulled at her scalp, Elena carefully combed conditioner through the tangles in her hair with her fingers. Knotted curls were another unanticipated outcome from their overactive lovemaking.

After drying off, she surveyed the contents of the antique wardrobe. She slipped on a long sapphire blue silk button down tunic, Capri leggings and the shiny black ballet flats. Elena spied a drawer set inside the cabinet that she hadn't noticed previously. It was the smallest, topmost drawer with a fancy skeleton key festooned with a gold tassel. She hadn't seen it before because the tunic she was now wearing had been draped across it, obscuring it from casual view. Turning the key and gently sliding open the drawer, she gasped as she looked down at a series of velvet-lined compartments containing an array of jewelry and expensive looking leather cases.

"Oh... my... god!" She softly uttered. With unsure fingertips, she touched the surface of an Opera-length strand of glowing pearls; matching teardrop pearl earrings; a pair of diamond studs so large they had to be paste; a stack of silver bangles of different sizes, some studded with colorful stones; silver and turquoise chandelier earrings; a matching Amber necklace, earrings and cocktail ring set; and a lovely ornate silver-toned signet ring. It was this last piece that Elena picked up. It was heavy - maybe something other than silver. She looked inside the band and saw something engraved in Cyrillic. Slowly - with reverence - she slipped it on to her right pinkie finger. It fit perfectly, as if it had been made for her. Cocking her head to one side as she admired it, she smiled down at the way it gleamed on her tanned skin. Once again, she got a powerful déjà vu feeling. This one was particularly strong. So much so that she "remembered" that at this point, Adonis and Petros were about to walk into her bedroom, dressed for work, to tell her that they had to go to Athens for the day.

So when she heard the sound of their fine leather shoes on the marble tiles and turned her head to watch them walk toward her, she was not surprised in the slightest.

Her mouth curved into an affectionate smile at the loving, solicitous looks on their faces. Freshly showered and shaven, they looked and smelled wonderful. Their expertly tailored summer-weight suits hung elegantly on their muscular frames. Neither man bothered with a necktie, but rather, wore fine linen button down shirts with one button undone at the neck. Adonis's hair was still slightly damp, and slicked away from his face, tucked behind his ears with a tastefully light touch of gel. He was dressed in charcoal pinstripe suit with a crisp white shirt. He looked downright dangerous. Petros wore an unexpectedly conservative navy suit over a pale blue and cream checked shirt. He would have looked very Euro-corporate, except that his silky long hair was bound into a neat ponytail that doubled over itself, giving him a rock star edge. They both looked like male models. Elena felt herself grow moist again just looking at them.

"Hi!" Saying her part, she glowed at them; waiting for the words she knew would follow.

"Hey beautiful girl. That color is great on you - your eyes look amazing. How do you feel?" Adonis leaned down to place a soft lingering kiss against her jaw line.

"I feel wonderful - fabulous, really." She said to both of them, capturing his hand in hers to bring it to her lips. Adonis glanced down, seeing the signet ring on her finger, and drew her hand up to look at it, looking meaningfully over at Petros. 'It fits.'

"Yes, it fits perfectly. I love it." Elena replied, looking at the ring on her hand. She noted that they both swung their heads to stare at her -- their eyes flamed with a strange light.

Ignoring this, still bemused by the feeling of déjà vu, she continued: "So this is the part when you tell me you both have to go to Athens for the day on business, right?"

Petros stepped closer, his hand brushing across her forehead as if to feel if she had a fever. "Elena-mou, are you okay, baby?"

"Of course. Why?" She leaned up on her toes toward him and kissed his lips lightly. He smiled down at her for a moment, and then looked to Adonis. 'This is happening faster than we expected.'

"What is?" She asked, looking from one stunned brother's face to the other.

Adonis laughed, biting his lip. "You know what, we'll talk about it when we get back tonight, okay?" He winked over at Petros, who was looking down at Elena with something akin to pride.

"Oh! We almost forgot..." He added, "Because you arrived here on Friday night, you never met Dimitri and Maria. They look after us - but took this weekend off to visit their kids in Thessaloniki. Maria takes care of the house and the cooking, and Dimitri drives us and is, well, like a..." Adonis trailed off, looking to his brother for help finding the right term.

"Like a personal assistant." Offered Petros. "He will take you to the hotel in Thira if you want to check out and get your bags. He'll look after you when we're not here."

"Look after me?" Elena was looking blankly at them. "What - you mean like a body guard?" She laughed out loud. "That won't be necessary - I'm a big girl and can take care of myself."

Petros frowned a little, and looked as if he were about to argue when Adonis smoothly cut in.

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