tagLesbian SexSapphic Suburban Sighs Ch. 2

Sapphic Suburban Sighs Ch. 2

byTawny T©

Several days later Joanne, the interior decorator Amanda had used, called me. I asked her over that day. Joanne was a tall blonde with a willowy body and a lovely face. Her lips were wide and generous. Inviting! I immediately longed to kiss them.

She had a warm, wonderful, personality, and we hit it off immediately. We talked for over an hour and she asked very perceptive questions concerning what I wanted, and the styles I liked. I told her that I did not have unlimited money to spend, but I wanted her to brighten and warm the house up.

We went from room to room and she made suggestions as to what would go with my furniture and fit my style of living. She had one of the new digital cameras and took quite a number of pictures. She left giving me a good feeling. She would return in a few days with computer-generated renderings of her ideas. The idea of that boggled my mind.

Knowing Amanda’s knowledge of computers, I decided to ask her how it worked. I called her and asked if it was OK if I came over. She told me I didn’t have to ever ask if I wanted to come over.

I walked over to her house. She came to the door in a robe, her hair wet. I asked if I had called at a bad time.

“Lori, you could never come over here at a bad time.” She laughed, kissing me softly on the lips. I returned her kiss. “I was swimming laps. Come on out and I’ll be through in about 15 minutes - if you don’t mind a little wait. You can watch, or hop in with me.”

We went out to her pool. She shed her robe and was naked underneath. I told her I approved of her bathing suit. She laughed and dived into the pool. She hardly caused a splash. She came up far down the pool and from her first stroke; I knew she was an excellent swimmer. I had two brothers who were on the swim team, and they had taught me to swim.

Amanda is one of those natural swimmers that are totally relaxed in the water. Her strokes were slow, long, graceful, yet powerful, and she moved through the water like a sleek porpoise. She was grace personified. I swim well, but not nearly as smoothly as she. When she got out of the water she breathing a little faster than normal, but not panting as I would be if I had done as many laps as she just had. I complemented her on her form and style. Her naked body gleamed and her skin glowed. Her nipples were erect from the cool water. With her naked pussy she looked like a water nymph, and I told her as much.

“Thank you. I love to swim. I had lessons, and a very good instructor. She taught me to move with the water, not fight it. Once I learned to relax, I really enjoyed it and became quite good. It is one of the best exercises. You loose a tremendous amount of calories from just being in the water. You can hardly pull a muscle, and nude it feels sooo good. Almost as good as sex with a beautiful lady like you. Almost!” She laughed as I handed her a towel and watched as she dried off. She told me I could come over anytime I wanted to swim in her pool. I told her that would be wonderful.

We went into the kitchen and she took a pitcher of fruit juice out of the fridg and poured herself a tall glass. She was still naked and sat perched on a stool. I sat next to her on another stool. She let her thighs part while we talked and I couldn’t keep from looking at her naked pussy. As she moved her thighs I caught glimpses of her pink core.

“You’re peeping.” She laughed.

“You’re advertising.” I teased back. “Do you always entertain visitors in the nude by swinging your leg so your delicious pussy lets them see the lovely pink of your inner lips?”

“Only if I’m trying to seduce them, get them hot and bothered and wanting to make love to me. Just looking at you gets me horny, even with your clothes on.” She said in a low seductive voice.

I didn’t need an invitation. She had gotten me horny watching her swim. I got off the stool and proceeded to undress for her. I laid my clothes on the stool and stood naked before her.

“I’m horny too. Hop up on the counter and let me eat that sweet beautiful pussy of yours.” I said motioning to the counter.

There are times when two people need no foreplay, no preliminaries, and no slow buildup. Today was one of those days and we both felt it. She put her hands behind her and gave a little hop and pulled herself effortlessly up on the counter. She leaned back and brought her thighs up to her breasts, spread her thighs wide and closed her eyes.

I moved to her and with no preliminaries spread her beautiful pussy lips wide and covered it with my lips. Her skin was cool from the pool, her pussy hot. I slid my tongue into her hot core. We both groaned at the same time, and both from satisfaction. God, It felt good to slip my tongue into her and suck her tasty juices. I thrust my tongue in and out of her delicious wet flesh, and sucked her juices out. I rolled her clit around in circles with one hand, and placed a wet finger against her small anus and slid it carefully into her hot back door. She came almost at once. I continued to give her the triple stimulation and her cries echoed in the kitchen.

I almost came myself from the tremendous pleasure that I felt at her erotic reaction to my manipulations of her body. She finally cried out that she had had enough. I slid my finger from her anus, and slowly licked her wide spread pussy softly. I stood up and leaned over between her spread thighs and softly kissed her heaving breasts. She stroked my head. I could feel her hot pussy flesh, still spread open, against my stomach in contrast to her still cool flesh.

“Oh, I needed that. Thank you, Darling. That was wonderful. What a way to finish a workout. You worked my body out in a different and totally wonderful fashion." Amanda said as she caught her breath. “Now it’s my turn. Do you want to go up to the bedroom, or would you like me to make love to you here in the kitchen?” She asked sitting up.

“Why not eat me in the kitchen. That’s a novel idea. It’s been years since I had someone make love to me in a kitchen. Am I an appetizer, or the main course?” I asked as she leaned down to kiss me. She slid of the counter and we stood kissing, naked bodies pressed together.

She patted the counter and I hopped up on to. She moved between my thighs and pressed her body against mine. Her firm breasts pressed onto my flesh. Her nipples were hard and erect and still a little cool. She pushed me back gently. The counter top was still warm from her lying on it. I spread my thighs apart and pulled them up to my breasts and held them there with my arms. She kissed my thighs and nuzzled my pussy.

“God, that feels so good. You are a very good lover. I’m glad I came over today.” I told her. She looked up and smiled than lowered her head to my spread pussy and I sobbed out as her tongue slid full length along my pussy from bottom to top, ending in a little flick to my firm and swollen clit. She did it again and again. I squeezed my breasts and rolled my nipples between my fingers.

She slid one, then two fingers up inside me, and began to finger fuck me while her lips and tongue played over my aching clit. She began to rotate her fingers as she moved them in and out. From the feelings they transmitted it felt like she had crossed them as she thrust them in and out. It gives a wonderful feeling, much better than just sliding them in and out. It was my turn to fill the kitchen with my cries of passion as this wonderful woman made love to me, eating my spread pussy on her kitchen counter. She brought me to three or four climaxes before I told her that I’d had enough. She lapped my pussy softly, licking my juices as they spilled out.

Weak kneed, I got off the counter and we stood kissing. I could taste my juices on her lips, as I’m sure she could taste hers on mine.

“I need to take a shower, want to join me?” She asked smiling.

“I’d love to. I never turn down an invitation to shower with a friend. It saves so much water, and there’s always the fun factor.” I quipped.

She led me to the shower that was just off the pool. It was smaller than the one off her master bedroom. We slipped into it and wriggled together as we washed off. Our fingers played with each other’s pussies and asses as we laughed and enjoyed the wonderful hot water. We got out and dried each other off. I retrieved my clothes and we went up stairs so she could dress. I dressed while watching her dress. Her drawers were filled with a varied assortment of beautiful and expensive underclothes. She took pleasure in showing me her beautiful panties and bras. Some were obviously not for wear under regular clothes.

She held up a very sexy black panty and bra set made of leather. It had buckles and straps in various places. The bra had the nipple areas cut out and studs around the tip and the panty had the crotch area open. There was even a provision for strapping a dildo onto it.

“Like this one? One of my lady friends gave it to me. I don’t use it often. Kind of sexy though. Brings out the beast in me.” She said with an evil grin. We burst out laughing. She dressed casually and we went down stairs. She invited me to dinner and I accepted.

We had a delightful dinner. I helped her prepare it, and it was delicious. The filet mignon was perfect. We had a good wine and her company was very enjoyable. I mentioned that Joanne had come by and was working on my redecorating plan.

“Isn’t she a doll? I really like her. I’ve known her for a number of years. She is a lovely woman.” Amanda said.

“I was quite taken with her. Tell me something. Being a computer literate lady, how does she use the computer and the pictures together?” I asked.

Amanda told me how the digital camera was used with decorator computer software to allow the decorator to take actual pictures of each room, and add or subtract colors to the originals. She could show in color how each room would look in several different color renderings, different wallpaper, colored carpets, or drapes would do to the actual rooms. I sat enraptured as she told me how it worked in general terms.

“Plastic surgeons can show how you will look if you want a new nose, new boobs, or a new chin. It’s quite wonderful. With my equipment, I can take a picture of you and have you and Kim Basinger in bed together making love, and it would be almost impossible to tell that it’s a fake. It’s fun, yet scary sometimes.” She said. I agreed.

We sat on the soft sofa and talked for hours. She is a wonderful conversationalist and I enjoyed the evening. Finally I kissed her good night and left. I had thoroughly enjoyed the evening.

Joanne came to show me the decorating ideas. I was floored. She had computer-generated pictures of the house room by room in different color schemes complete with price estimates for each. We sat close and I enjoyed the touch of her warm thigh against mine as she showed her work. She wore a suit that was beautiful and cut low in front. From time to time as she moved, it bowed slightly and I could see her lovely naked breast, braless, and her beautiful lacy slip. If she noticed my looks she paid no attention to it. I kept glancing at her lovely full lips. Damn they looked inviting!

I liked her subtle perfume and complemented her on it. We talked for a long while. She said she would leave the photographs with me so I could make up my mind what I really wanted. She did not try to hurry me. I was impressed with her candor and knowledge of her trade. When she left I was a little sorry to see her leave. I thought she was incredibly sexy, and the glimpses of her bare breast didn’t help matters any. I had enjoyed her visit and working with her. I could still see her lovely naked breast in my mind.

Amanda came over the next day. We kissed once she was inside. I showed her Joanne’s work and she was impressed. I fixed drinks for us. We sat on the sofa and talked for a while.

“Sue is coming over this evening. We are having dinner and would like you to join us, if you’d like.” She said.

“Is this just for dinner?” I asked leaning over and kissing her soft lips. “Perhaps I am going to be desert?”

“Would you like to be desert?” She countered slipping her tongue lightly into my mouth. We kissed for a while; not trying to enflame passions, but it did heat up my blood.

“I’d love to be desert. I’ve never been with two women at the same time. I have always wanted to try it. I guess every woman wonders what it would be like. Have you ever tried it?” I asked pulling back a little.

“Yes, several times, once with three lovely women. That was on a weekend and when Monday morning came around I was almost a bowl of jelly. I came so many times I couldn’t count it. It was something I’ll never forget.”

“Sounds like it. I’ll bet that was wild. All my affairs with women have been with just one.” I told her. We kissed for a while then she left.

I took a long soothing bath with bath oils in it, letting my body relax. I did all the things a woman does when expecting a very intimate evening. I even trimmed my pussy hair and shaved my pussy so that there was no hair below the top of my pussy proper. I knew that two women would have their faces there, and I wanted to be smooth. As I did, I remembered that I had never asked Amanda about how she kept her pussy so smooth and hairless. I wondered how the lovely Sue would look naked. Her aureoles intrigued me.

I dispensed with my bra and wore a pair of tiny bikini panties that barely covered my pussy and were all but transparent. I wore a skirt and thin blouse. I slipped on a vest over it to use as I walked over to Amandas. Sue’s car was in the driveway.

Amanda greeted me at the door and we went into her living room for drinks. Sue had on a lovely outfit that showed her body off well. Her blouse was thin and showed off her beautiful small, but perfect breasts. Her brown aureoles and erect nipples showed through. This time I looked at them. She looked at my breasts covered by the vest. I smiled at her.

“This was just for walking over. I didn’t know who I’d see, or who’d see me.” I said as I slipped the vest off. This thrust out my breasts and Sue gasped as she saw them clearly. The blouse was so sheer that I might have been nude for all the good it did.

“Beautiful. Really beautiful.” She gushed. “Amanda told me they were perfect, and they are really truly lovely.”

“I try to please.” I laughed. “I teased you the last time you were here. I had heard the conversation between you two and played the ‘cool lady’. Besides, I wasn’t sure about you.”

“Point taken. We did set you up a little. I was mortified when Amanda told me that our conversations are being broadcast all over the neighborhood. My God, we have been on the phone many times telling each other intimate details of our love life, and teasing each other. I guess you call it ‘phone sex’. And it was going out over the air. I just never knew.” She said shaking her head.

“I guess you were lucky. I just happened to have my phone on the same frequency. Probably no one else heard you. The range is probably no more than 300or 400 feet. The phone people say it’s more but try to get that range, and usually you won’t. It breaks up.” I said.

“Well I’m certainly glad to hear that. Since then we use the regular phones for our ‘intimate’ conversations.” Sue said sounding relieved.

“You should have been here when I told Amanda what she had said about slipping her tongue into my pussy.” I said looking at Amanda. She shook her head and laughed, signaling with her hand to go on with the story. “I was really mean. We were talking and drinking. I waited until she had just taken a sip of her drink and told her exactly what she had said in ‘secret’ on the phone. There was an explosion and her drink went all over the room. It looked like the ones you see in the movies. Her drink sprayed all over the place.”

“OK, OK, I deserved that. I really did. It was hilarious. I wish you could have seen it.” Amanda laughed looking over at Sue. We all laughed. I was glad Amanda had a good sense of humor. Sue laughed till tears ran down her cheeks. We all had a long laugh, including Amanda who thoroughly enjoyed the joke on her.

We went into the kitchen and helped Amanda finish the dinner. She had really outdone herself. We had a gourmet meal, Cornish game hens with wild rice and a delicious salad, topped with a truly wonderful wine. The conversation was spirited and lively. Sue was a good conversationalist and very witty. She kept us laughing through the whole meal. I loved her cute face. However, my eyes were drawn to her lovely breasts. Her aureoles were very prominent and covered an unusually large portion of her small breasts. I guessed them to be as wide as three of my fingers.

“You’re peeping.” she quipped.

“Hell, lady, you’re advertising the goods, and very good advertising. I believe it’s called hard sell.” I quipped back, lowering my voice and making it rough. This brought a laugh from the two. I reverted to my own voice. “It’s hard not peeping. You have very unusual aureole. They are very large. You have very lovely breasts. May I have them for desert?”

“Only if I’m allowed to reciprocate, My Dear. I took a lot of teasing when I was growing up from the other girls. Later I learned that they were unique and men and women both found them ‘exotic’ and ’erotic.’” She said still looking at my breasts.

“Didn’t I tell you she has lovely breasts, and the rest of her is just as beautiful?” Amanda told her friend.

“Thank you, coming from one so beautiful and sensual, I find that a high complement.” I said nodding to her.

“She is fantastic isn’t she? She is a love goddess. She can make love like a goddess too, as I’m sure you can attest.” Sue said admiringly.

We finished dinner and helped Amanda with the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. We went upstairs, drinks in hand, to her lavish bedroom. We undressed slowly, each watching the other. Amanda took the remote and pushed several buttons. The lights dimmed and the TV came on.

“Lets get in bed.” Sue suggested. She had brought a pitcher of mix and set it on a table beside the bed. “Lori, I think you’ll like this.” We placed their drinks on the table.

On the huge screen, Sue and Amanda were beside me on the huge bed. It was very sharp and clear. It was very erotic to watch. As I looked at the TV, the two lovely women began to caress me. I lay back, relaxed, and let them make love to me. In the background Chopin’s second piano concerto played its soft tones, so exotic and soothing. It was an erotic dream coming true.

I turned my head slightly and looked at the TV. The three of us were in beautiful full color on the screen. I lay in the center, Amanda kissing one breast while she caressed the other. Sue was kissing my stomach and caressing my spread legs. The camera showed my wet pussy, open slightly, waiting for her kisses and caresses. I had never felt so loved, and so sensual.

Two beautiful women were exciting my body in so many places at once. The erotic feelings were very intense. My body gave an involuntary shudder. I heard Amanda’s throaty chuckle as her lips sucked, and her tongue ran around my erect nipple. Their hands and lips moved over my body. Being women, they knew all the little erotic stimulation points to kiss, lick and caress, and they were both knowing lovers

Sue moved down and got between my thighs. Her hands stroked my inner thighs and I moaned in response. Amanda began to kiss my lips and her skilled tongue flicked and probed in my mouth, while her hands continued to stroke and knead my passion-swollen breasts. Her subtle and erotic perfume filled my nostrils. I stroked her shining dark hair and our tongues fenced and probed. She is a very skilled kisser.

I gasped as Sue’s tongue flicked along my pussy. I knew she was tasting my abundant juices, for I was so excited and could actually feel my pussy juices flow. My clit felt engorged and painfully swollen. I gasped again as her tongue slid further into my pussy then licked from bottom to top, brushing my excited clit. My hips bucked up toward her mouth. I felt her hands move under my buttocks pulling my hips upward toward her mouth. She sucked my clit and her tongue flicked it so rapidly it felt like a vibrator was against it. I was so excited sexually I came almost instantly.

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