tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSapphira's Sin Ch. 04

Sapphira's Sin Ch. 04


Sapphira called the only person she could think of who didn't cater to people because of who they were. The phone rang twice before she got an answer. Sapphira didn't waste any time stating her business as she heard her mother's warm "hello."

"Hi, Mom. I was hoping you could drop by my office this evening." Or now if you could swing it.

"Oh dear, this is such a surprise," her mother answered. "I'm afraid I couldn't be there until 8:30 or so. What's the occasion dear?"

"I just wanted to take you out to dinner. I feel bad about what I said earlier." That was partly true. She did want to take her out to dinner. "Could you make it any earlier? Maybe around 5 or so? I can only get a reservation for 5:30 and I wanted to take you somewhere really special."

"I suppose if I hurried I could be there by 5:10, but couldn't we just do it another night? Is there any reason for the rush?"

"Oh mom, I really just need to see someone tonight. I've just been feeling so lonely and sad. It would be great to see you if you could make it tonight." Way to go Sapphira. You just earned your way into hell with that piece of emotional blackmail.

"Yes, well I'll be there at 5:10," her mother swiftly agreed. "Sweetheart, your father and I love you very much. If there's ever anything we can do don't hesitate to ask."

"Thank you for being there for me when I need you," Sapphira answered feeling guilty herself for worrying her mother.

"It's no problem dear. I'd better get going if I'm going to make it in time."

"Okay. Thank you again."

Sapphira hung up the phone feeling thoroughly ashamed of herself. Although in some small way it was her mother's fault. She had told Sin where she worked. Although in retrospect, Sin would have found out for himself at the board meeting.

Oh well, nothing to do now, but wait for her mother to arrive.

Sapphira went out to see Kya, working hard not to blush or look guilty. "Kya, when my mother arrives please send her in no matter who I'm with. I'm afraid we've been having a family crisis and she sounded rather desperate on the phone."

"Certainly," Kya readily agreed.

"Thank you." Sapphira went back to her office and proceeded to work extra hard on some new financial proposals. Anything to keep her mind off of her relationship problems.

She was surprised by how much time had passed when she heard a knock on the door. After 5 already?

"Come in," she called, fighting the ball of nervous excitement that was lodged in her throat. She knew it wasn't her mother outside the door. Not yet. Sapphira smiled a private smile at her cleverness. Granted, it wouldn't protect her forever, but it would buy her tonight.

Time to play.

Sapphira looked up as Sin entered, invitation shining from her eye.

Sin didn't quite know what to think. He had expected to have to fight her, to make her submit, but if the message he read in her eyes was right, he could have her now.

Sapphira rose from behind her desk and walked over to Sin, twining her arms around his neck. She deliberately pushed her torso against his throbbing length, loving the feel of it.

"Is this for me," she asked, awe and excitement dripping from her voice.

"No other," he promised.

"Good." Sapphira smiled on the inside. He would know what it was to be unfulfilled before the night was over. He would learn not to toy with her.

Sapphira placed her mouth over his, kissing him slowly at first, delving into the depths of his mouth as their passion raged out of control. She traced one of her hands down his chest and cupped his hot length through his pants.

"Very good," she whispered, ending the kiss and continuing to fondle him, but Sin was not content to be played with, he wanted to play too. He moved one of his hands under her skirt and slid a finger into her lush folds.

Sapphira moaned in the back of her throat, partly from pleasure and partly from dread. This wasn't part of her plan, for him to have her as hot and as desperate as she wanted him. Sapphira pulled back a little from his hold.

"No," she denied him. "This is for you."

Sin pulled her back up against him. "It was for me earlier." He slid his finger back into her, followed by a second and then a third finger as she melted into him.

Sapphira was fighting a losing battle in her mind. She was trying to control the pleasure and to control her thoughts. Leave him wanting and walk away. She knew she only had moments before her mother arrived and she somehow couldn't find the strength to remove his fingers from between her thighs a second time.

Sapphira put her free hand on his wrist and pulled his pleasure giving hand away. She brought his hand up to her mouth and proceeded to lick it clean. She maintained eye contact with him the entire time, knowing it pleased and aroused him to watch her, as much as she enjoyed doing it.

A knock at the door interrupted their foreplay. Just in time, if you asked Sapphira. Who the hell, if you asked Sin.

"Just a minute," she called out, wishing her voice was more steady, but knowing to wish for the moon was futile.

"I told Kya we were not to be interrupted," he growled in frustration.

Sapphira held her peace, saying nothing, merely straightening her hair and clothes as quickly as she could before going over to answer the door.

"Mother," she greeted, with a smile twinkling on both her face and in her eyes.

"Princess," her mother greeted. Also smiling. Her look turned to abject interest when she saw the other occupant in the room.

"Sin," her mother greeted further. "I didn't know you were going to be here. What a delightful surprise."

"Likewise, Ms. McKinney," Sin agreed, kissing her hand before releasing it. He cast a glance at Sapphira that promised retribution, but he said nothing to her. "I was called in as acting CEO since my father fell ill last week so I actually have the pleasure of working with Sapphira."

Working? Huh. Sapphira scoffed under her breath. They weren't working.

"Wonderful," she beamed at Sin. "Isn't that wonderful," she asked turning to her daughter.

"Certainly," Sapphira agreed, finding the conversation strange and overdue to reach a conclusion. "Well Sin, I'll have those numbers for you first thing tomorrow, but I have a dinner arrangement with my mother tonight, so we need to get going."

A dinner engagement? Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky. He had expected her to try something, but nothing so clever. She was playing with fire trying to arouse him and then leave. He couldn't allow it.

"I have one more file you'll need to compile the data for tomorrow," Sin lied. "Would you be able to wait a moment while I go get it?"

"Certainly," Sapphira agreed, knowing there was no such file, but unwilling to give the game away by exposing his lie.

What was he up to? Why did he need to buy time?

Sin walked from her office straight into the escalator dialing her father's number before the doors even closed.

"Mr. McKinney, good evening." Sin had no problem playing on his relationship with Sapphira's parents to get what he wanted. "I hate to bother you, but your wife is here with your daughter and they're getting ready to go out. Your wife is very tired and hasn't been feeling well. Sapphira and I have tried to convince her to go home, but she is determined to stay since she promised Sapphira she would go to dinner. Do you think you could put in a call to her and tell her you need her for something or another? I think it would go a long way towards easing her mind about leaving if she thought you needed her more."

"Of course," Mr. McKinney readily agreed. "I'll call her right away. Thank you for your concern Sin. Your kindness to this family is more than any neighbor could ask."

"It's no problem," Sin answered, pushing away Mr. McKinney's thanks. "I would do the same for anyone."

Sin quickly ended the call, retrieved a file, and returned downstairs. Sapphira's mom was just ending her call as he entered.

"Oh dear. Sapphira, I'm sorry. It's your father. He's hurt his ankle and would like me to return home," Ms. McKinney finished all flushed with worry.

"Is he alright," Sapphira asked, feeling her mother's worry spill onto her.

"Yes, he's fine dear. He suspects everything will be okay by tomorrow, but tonight he needs me by his side for comfort."

"Oh. Okay." It wasn't really okay. Sapphira was so confused. How could her carefully laid plans go so wrong? "I'll see you later then."

Sapphira walked her mother out to the elevator and returned to her office knowing Sin would be there. As soon as she walked in he closed and locked the door behind her, taking her into his arms. "Where were we?"

"Stop," she demanded, putting her hands on his chest, as if that ineffectual barrier would have any sway on what he intended to do.

"Why should I? We both know this is what you want."

"It's not what I want," she lied.

"What do you want then," he asked, slipping one hand under her skirt.

Sapphira wriggled in dismay. He always went for her sweet spot. He always had her absolutely captivated in less than two minutes with that same dangerous hand.

"I want you to stop trying to control me with sex. I want..." Sapphira's tirade was cut short when Sin picked her up and walked over to her chair. He sat down on it and unfastened his pants.

"Ride me."

"What?" Sapphira demanded, outraged. "Why? Are you listening to what I'm saying?"

"Yes, I'm listening," he acceded. "You're right. I do try to control you with sex. I control the sex and I control you, so I'm offering you the chance to control our sex and to control me."

Sapphira needed no second invitation once understanding dawned. She lifted up her skirt and slid down his turgid length. God it felt good. The angle pushed her clit right against his penis, and she delighted in the feel as she dragged herself up and down. Sapphira locked her arms around Sin's neck uncaring whether he was deriving as much pleasure as she or if he was nearing orgasm. This time was for her.

Sin's breathing was near breaking point as he was drowned in wave after wave of pleasure and as he fought not to put his hands on her hips to control the movement. Control was as natural to him as breathing and it took tremendous effort and concentration not to do what came naturally.

Sapphira danced wildly up and down on his lap, loving every sensation and wanting more. She shrugged off her jacket, shirt, and bra before quickly divesting Sin of his tie, jacket, and shirts. Once her task was completed she leaned in to press her breasts against his chest.

"Touch me," she demanded.

Sin looked at Sapphira's luscious figure as she moved upon him and knew he couldn't touch her with any control and that he would invariably push her towards a climax. She would resent it, he knew. She would resent that she hadn't been able to earn this orgasm for herself, but that he had secured it for her.

"No," he forced out between ragged breaths. "I can't."

Sapphira drew one of his hands to her mouth. "Why not?" she asked, taking one finger into her mouth and swirling her tongue around it before burying it deeply and sliding it out. "Your hands look okay to me," she teased, repeating the process on the next finger, and the next. "Touch me," she again demanded, bringing his wet finger down to her clit.

Sin couldn't help himself. He swirled his finger around her clit once, promising himself he wouldn't do it again, but the motion caused her hips to shift in a tantalizing movement that brought him such amazing pleasure that he had to do it again. Sin continued to circle her clit as she danced a new rhythm on his hot length pushing him closer and closer to the edge.

Sin closed his eyes on a groan of bliss as he spilled his seed inside her, his hips involuntarily pumping forward as pleasure overtook him, his hand tightening on her hip to steady her for his possession. Sapphira fell over on top of Sin replete with the orgasm that was chasing through her. Even though Sin was climaxing he was still chasing circles around her clit, still making her thrash upon him, still pushing into her with such exquisite force as he released the last of his seed into her. Sapphira nearly choked on the pleasure.

They lay there panting in each others arms. Sapphira lightly sucked on the nipple closest to her mouth, while Sin toyed with her clit.

"God, that was good," Sapphira moaned through half opened eyes as she felt little waves of pleasure dance through her. You are some kind of sex God Sin."

"Thank you," he murmured into her hair, loving the way the wild mass was tumbling down her back. "You can thank me later."

"Thank you for what," Sapphira mumbled, absolutely worn out.

"For buying us the time we needed to sort out our differences."

Sapphira stiffened in his arms. Buying time? When he'd left her office earlier for the file she'd wondered why he needed to buy time. Her father's ankle was a setup.

Sapphira set up so swiftly she almost fell off of Sin's lap. "You bastard," she threw at him, slapping his face before she could think twice about the wisdom of it.

Sin hardened inside of her at the connection of her hand on his face. He wasn't adverse to being treated roughly, although the words that had accompanied the slap were less than pleasing.

"What was that for," he questioned with mild interest, securing his hand around her waist, preparing to take her to the heights of pleasure again.

"You got rid of my mother so you could fuck me."

"No, I got rid of your mother because you had no right trying to put her between us. I'm sorry that you're too much of a baby to handle your own life, but you invited me to have you, so don't act like I'm taking something from you," Sin castigated her.

Sapphira pulled back again his hold, determined to be free. Enough was enough.

"I'm going to fuck you again and again until you get it through your pretty little head that you belong to me, that you can't resist me, that you need this. I demand your complete surrender," Sin issued. "You can try and fight me if you want, but I'll win. I always win," he reminded her insolently withdrawing from her tight entrance.

Sapphira tried to slap him again, but he was ready for her this time. He captured her wrist and pulled the other one down with it, holding them behind her back, forcing her breasts into high prominence. Sin leaned forward and took one rosy nipple into his mouth, bringing Sapphira back down his hot length. Sapphira moaned in the back of her throat, but her eyes were still broadcasting her hatred.

Sin toyed with her nipple, nipping at it with his teeth and soothing the mild pain with his hot mouth. He sucked the nipple into his mouth and swirled his tongue around it before nipping at it again.

Sin pulled out of her again and pushed back in deeper. He moved his exploring mouth up to the curve of her neck and began sucking there.

"Who do you belong to," he asked, knowing she wouldn't give the right answer the first time.

"Myself, you bastard," she angrily retorted.

Sin gently bit into her neck for her impudence, and soothed the spot with his tongue. "Wrong answer, princess," he chided.

Sin moved his free hand to her breast and pinched the nipple. His deep hard thrusts never ceased or softened as he continued to toy with her. Sapphira gasped as the slight pain from her nipple traced its way down to her vagina, making pain and pleasure one. He pinched her nipple again.

"Please stop," she begged.

Sin ignored her, knowing he wasn't really hurting her. He felt her go from wet to drenched as he thrust into her and he knew it was from the element of pain that he had introduced into their sex.

Sin brought his hand around her body and rubbed her ass. Shaping the round globes with his hand and choosing his next punishment. He brought his hand down hard on her left cheek as he continued to pump into her.

Sapphira closed her eyes. Absolutely mortified at what he was doing to her and even more so at how it was making her feel. Sin repeated the action and she creamed even harder. Her breasts were pushing against his chest as she tried to add to the pleasure. She felt like she was moments away from a mind blowing orgasm. The pleasure mixed with pain was so intense she could barely breath.

"Who do you belong to?"

"Mmm..." Sapphira moaned her pleasure in response to his question, but refused to answer.

"I suggest you answer me," Sin warned. "You won't like the consequence if you don't."

Sapphira said nothing, only continued to press into his chest.

Sin pulled out of her dripping wet folds and guided Sapphira to her feet. He never released her wrists as he turned her around over her desk. Sapphira lifted her leg on to the desk knowing he would push into her lush folds again from the back. Wanting it with every breath she took. He had possessed her earlier in the day like that and she had loved it.

Sin smiled at her obvious desire for what he was doing to her, and shook his head in chagrin at her refusal to submit, but she would. Soon, he promised himself.

Sin ran two of his fingers between her pussy lips, getting them liberally covered in her excitement. He brought those same fingers back and coated her ass hole with the juices. Sapphira froze underneath him, fearing that he meant to actually have anal sex with her.

Sin moved his hand to her hip and positioned himself to enter her.

"No," Sapphira refused him, squirming against him, hoping to dissuade his possession.

"Yes," Sin refuted. "Don't worry, you'll love it in a moment or two."

Sin pushed forward. Sapphira tensed against him, refusing him entrance, but in her current subdued position she could not control that he would take it without her consent.

"Sapphira, if you don't relax, this will hurt the first time."

Sapphira was heedless to his warning and still tried to refuse. He pushed in past the ring of resistance that tried to keep him out. Sapphira let out a small mewl of pain as he pushed in the first inch.

Sin moved his hand around her body and ran circles around her clit. Sapphira moaned her displeasure at this tactic at the same time as she moaned her pleasure. She was powerless against this kind of persuasion.

Sin continued working her clit until she was turning her hips in small circles in response to the motion of his hand. Sin slowly worked three of his fingers into her body, deliberately thrusting in an unsatisfying way, knowing that she would have to push against his hand to control the penetration herself. Sin waited for her to make the move and as soon as she did he moved an inch closer so that when she pushed back she was pushing his length further in.

Sapphira threw her head back as the pain and the pleasure again blended together, but she was powerless to stop seeking the pleasure. He had denied her for too long. Sapphira moved forward again, and Sin followed the movement. Within minutes he was buried in her to the hilt, and Sapphira was moaning wildly out of control.

Sin removed his fingers from her cunt as soon as he was in as deep as he could go. It was time to bend her to his will. Sin pulled back out of Sapphira and she shuddered around him, half pain, half pleasure. He pushed back in, careful to be gentle, but certain to press all the way back in. He withdrew and repeated the motion. Sapphira slowly began to relax into his hold as she began to enjoy his possession fully. He released her wrists the second she pushed back.

Sin pulled out of her and as he was preparing to slide back in Sapphira pushed back forcing his length back in. He secured both his hands on her hips and picked up a hectic rhythm, knowing there was nothing he couldn't do to her now.

Sapphira braced her hands on the desk and let him ride her. Her moans grew louder and louder until she was sure she would die from the pleasure. Every inch he moved to ripple through her hole was pure pleasure and every time he withdrew the pleasure increased.

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