"Three dollars please," said the young female clerk as she handed me my coffee.

I gave her a five and told her to keep the change. As I turned and headed toward the exit I came to a sudden stop. Not realizing there was someone directly behind, I nearly ran over a very pretty young woman who had obviously been waiting in line patiently for her turn.

Lucky for me the lid on my coffee held tight and not a drop was spilled on either one of us. The young lady's coffee wasn't so fortunate. It went sailing through the air landing about some ten feet away from us. The cup exploded on impact.

"I'm so very sorry," I told the young blonde. "I guess I should look where I'm going."

She laughed and said, "You may have done me a favor. I've been meaning to cut back!"

"Tell you what," I said, "You can start your sabbatical from coffee tomorrow because right now it would be my pleasure if you would allow me to buy you another drink and join me at that table right over there." I pointed to a table for two over by the large picture window facing the street.

She glanced at her watch and said, "I've got some time to kill, why not."

I got her fresh cup of coffee and joined her at the table. She was a very attractive young woman. I'm guessing early thirty, blonde hair, green eyes, and a wholesome sexy smile. When I noticed the wedding band on her left hand it was as if the wind had suddenly deserted my sails. Why were all the pretty ones always married I wondered.

I broke the ice by introducing myself. I offered my hand and said, "I'm Ben Stephens from Des Moines."

She took my hand and shook it firmly and said, "I'm Sara Green from Sacramento."

I quickly learned that Sara was a stay at home mom and was enjoying a rare day out of the house by herself. Her husband was in the military and away on training for the next 2 weeks and her mother in law had taken their kids for the day so she could go shopping. She asked me what brought me half the way across the country and I told her I was a sales rep and was in town calling on a couple of clients.

"It must be nice to travel around the country and get paid to do it."

"People tend to think that way but it can be a lonely existence especially in a town like this," I said.

"You don't like Sacramento?" she teased.

"No, it's not that," I told her. "This is my first trip here and I don't know anyone, don't know my way around. It's like being the new kid in town, I'm sure my next trip here will be much better."

"So you're coming back?" she asked.

"Yep," I replied. "As of January 1, the great state of California is now part of my territory."

We traded small talk for a while and I soon learned Sara Collins was twenty eight and born and raised in Sacramento. She once worked as secretary in a doctor's office but when the kids came along she gave it up. She and her husband Roy had been high school sweethearts before getting married.

"How long have you and Roy been married," I asked.

"Do you mean happy years, or total years?" she asked with a frown.

I was sorry I had asked the question now but it seemed too late to turn back.

"Maybe you should decide," I smiled. Hoping she would recall the happy years and we could move on. But that didn't happen.

"Roy and I have been married ten years. We got married right after we graduated high school. The first couple of years were great. But when the children came along everything changed. For the last few years it's been less than perfect. He's lived in his world which consists of the military and his Army buddies, and I live in mine. We're more like roommates than a married couple."

I wasn't sure what to say but empathy seemed to be my best option

"I'm sorry to hear that Sara. I think everyone has the right to be happy."

From the look on her face I could see I hadn't accomplished my goal so I decided to tell her about my own misfortunes.

"I had a marriage similar to yours once," I told her. "After six years it was obvious there was no saving it so my ex-wife and I decided to call it quits before we destroyed each other. It was the best thing that ever happened to either one of us. She's happily remarried to a wonderful guy named Jim and I'm happy and single. Of course there weren't any children to contend with which made the split must easier."

A look of relief seemed to appear on Sara's youthful face. I'm not sure if it was because I could relate to her situation, or the fact that I was single. I got the feeling she was glad I was single.

Sara immediately became more talkative and our conversation became a lot more personal. Most of what she told me made her blush but somehow she either wanted to tell me, or needed to tell me. I soon learned Roy was her first and only love, and the only man she had ever slept with. I wasn't sure if I found that shocking or peculiar. I did find it interesting to say the least. She went on to say it had been well over a year since she and Roy had been intimate.

For the first time during our conversation Sara became somewhat animated as she told me of her girlfriends' sex lives. She blushed continuously as she described their wild romps which included oral sex and various positions. One couple had even tried anal sex. Sara said when she and Roy did have sex it was quick with no foreplay.

About an hour into our conversation Sara excused herself and headed off to the powder room. I didn't get a good look at her during our ill-fated meeting but I was getting a good look now. The dress she wore clung to her and accentuated her trim figure. It fell mid-thigh showing off a great pair of legs. She had fairly large breasts, and a very shapely ass. It seemed strange to me that a man could live in the same house with Sara and not want to fuck her brains out on a daily basis.

When Sara returned from the powder room if was obvious she had touched up her hair and make-up. As we continued to talk I realized how striking Sara was. And much to my surprise I was beginning to get the feeling this was leading to more than just coffee. Sara was getting that I want to fuck you look on her face and it was definitely transmitting to me.

The more Sara talked the more it became clear she was very inexperienced in the ways of sex. I was sure the list of things she hadn't experienced would easily out number the list of things she had tried. I did admire her though for being able to speak so candidly about her sex life.

As our conversation began to stall I figured it was probably time for me to make plans to go back to my room and get ready for a night of pizza and television when Sara nonchalantly took my hand, looked me in the eye and said, "Ben, if I told you I wanted you to whisk me away and make wild passionate love to me for the rest of the afternoon what would you say?"

Normally I would have done one of two things; looked around the room for cameras to see if I was being a set-up for one of those kooky reality shows, or get up and run like hell for the door. But the way she held my hand and the look in her eyes told me this was the real thing.

Still holding Sara's hand and without saying a single word, I slowly stood up and gently pulled her toward the door. I could feel her trembling as we walked down the street. I had the feeling that this was the most risqué thing she had ever done in her life. And to be honest with you it was right up there at the top of my list too. I had been propositioned by women before but never by an inexperienced sex starved young lady in a coffee shop in the middle of the day.

As we headed down the street Sara walked close to me, her shoulder pressed against my side like school girls do when they walk with there steadys down high school hallways. And I have to tell you it was a big turn-on for me. Here shoulder length hair was blowing freely in the wind and the enticing scent of her perfume was drifting up and filling the air around me. I was beginning to feel like a high school jock all over again.

As we neared the Hampton Inn I pointed to it and told her that was where I was staying. As we entered through the sliding glass doors I could sense her anxiety. I wouldn't have been surprised if she had jerked her hand free and bolted. But as we walked down the hallway to the elevators her grip became much stronger. I took it as a sign of determination. This was the day Sara Green was going to conquer the sexual urges that had been haunting her for so long.

As we approached room 407 I began to fumble for the room key. My nerves were beginning to fail me and Sara must have sensed it. Still fumbling for the key she wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me what may have been the most passionate kiss I've ever received. Her lips were warm and tender, her mouth was moist and her tongue swirled through my mouth as if it were a magic serpent. And while I really enjoyed the kiss it only made my search for the elusive plastic card that much more difficult.

"If you kiss me like that again I can't be responsible for what happens right here in the hallway," I told her with a smile.

A smile came across her blushing face as she slowly removed her hands for around my neck and stood silently like a small child waiting for further instructions.

Perseverance finally paid off and I quickly opened the door.

After entering the room Sara gave me another long hot, wet kiss and headed for the bathroom. I kicked off my shoes and stripped down to my boxers and hopped onto the bed. When Sara came out of the bathroom fully dressed I felt a bit embarrassed. Maybe I had read this all wrong. Hell, maybe she had changed her mind. But those thoughts soon faded as she unzipped her dress and wiggled out of it. The white silk panties she was wearing were French cut and sheer, and clung too her creating a slight camel toe. Her matching white bra seemed to struggle to hold her breasts in place. The rest of her body appeared flawless. Her stomach was flat and lean and she had long muscular legs. And when Sara finally removed her bra revealing those incredible breasts my cock began to stir. They were firm and stood way up high. Her areolas were dark and her nipples were erect begging for attention.

With nothing on but her panties and a blushing smile Sara climbed onto the bed and eased her body next to mine. With our arms wrapped around each other we kissed for what seemed like an eternity. When she finally pulled free she rolled to her side and placed a hand on my chest and rested her head on my shoulder.

Sara was the first to break the silence. "I have to ask you something. Do you think I'm some kind of crazy slut for asking you to bring me here?"

"Not at all I," I assured her. "I think you're a lonely woman in need of love and affection. I'm just glad to be the lucky guy you chose to spend the afternoon with."

"I've thought about this day many times over the last couple of years but never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine it would really happen. In fact I still can't believe I'm here with a man I barely know in a hotel room fixing to make love."

I kissed Sara again and gently let my hand glide up and down her back. As we continued to kiss I was surprised when her hand began to creep down my chest and stomach and methodically work its way under the waistband of my boxers. Her fingers slid through my pubic hair and gently made their way to my cock. We continued to kiss and nibble at each other as Sara's fingers lightly skimmed up and down the length of my pulsating shaft. I could feel a hint of hesitation in her touch. It was as if she was touching a cock for the very first time. Surly she had touched her husband's cock, hadn't she?

As we continued to kiss I run my hand over her left breast. It was very firm and her skin soft and tender and warm to my touch. As my fingers playfully caressed her nipple Sara grasped my cock and began to stroke it. I moved my hand to her other breast as she continued her somewhat naïve assault on my willing member.

As I kissed my way down Sara's stomach toward her panty covered treasure my movement forced her to release my cock. With one swift motion I positioned my self between her legs and with my hands on her thighs I nudged her legs apart with my head and nibbled at her silk covered pussy. No sooner than I began I felt her hands grasped my head and she pushed me away.

I looked up and Sara was blushing noticeably.

"What is it honey?" I asked as I slowly assumed a sitting position.

Her face was beet red and she was barely able to speak. "I've never had anyone do that to me before. You know down there."

"If it makes you uncomfortable and you want me to stop its okay," I assured her.

"I'm not sure," she said with a hint of hesitation in her voice. "It's just a little embarrassing that's all."

"Sara, nothing we do in this bed should be embarrassing," I assured her.

My words must have reassured her because Sara raised her hips and slowly began to push her panties and down her legs. As she tossed them onto the floor she parted her legs willingly and raised her knees giving me total access to her freshly shaved pussy. I eagerly pushed my face between her thighs once again. With my hands resting on either side of her stomach I let my tongue float up and down the very warm and tender lips of her amazingly wet pussy. As my tongue pushed and parted her moist lips I could taste her sweet subtle juices. When my tongue found its way to her hidden pearl I felt her shiver. I pulled the delicate hood back and gently swirled my tongue over her shiny engorged clit.

"Oh God, that feels so good, don't stop," Sara cried out as she placed her hands on either side of my head and pulled me into her.

As I continued my gentle attack on her clit I inserted a finger in to her pussy. God was she so wet and warm on the inside. Slowly I began to slide my finger in and out of her hot little cunt. She shuddered slightly and grasped my head tighter as I pushed a second finger into her. I could feel her pussy contract and squeeze my fingers tightly and I sensed Sara was about to cum as I pumped my fingers deep inside her. And I was right. Suddenly she arched her hips high and bucked upward three or four times before freezing in mid air momentarily. She gave out a long soft sigh and quickly collapsed down onto the bed. I pulled my love coated fingers from her pussy, and gently licked her swollen lips savoring her taste one last time before removing myself from between her thighs and lying down beside her.

Once Sara had regained her composure she rolled over and placed the upper half of her body across my chest. Without hesitation she kissed me ingesting her juices that still lingered on my lips and in my mouth.

"God, I can't believe how good that felt," Sara said with a coy look on her face. "I can't believe what I've been missing."

"The pleasure was all mine," I told her with a smile.

"Ben, this isn't easy for me to say, she said blushing once again. "Ben, I want you to fuck me anyway you want to."

My cock was about to exploded with anticipation. The thought of being engulfed by Sara's warm little cunt had me mesmerized. I rolled her over onto her stomach and instinctively she positioned herself on all fours. Hopefully this was one of those new positions she longed to try. As she lowered her head to the bed and arched her backside into the air I was afforded a view of her obtruding labia and the brown puckered opening to her forbidden zone. I stroked my cock a couple of times and slid it up and down the cheeks of her ass before letting it drift down to her velvety lips where her warm juices coated the head of my throbbing member. As I pushed against her soft cum-coated opening her cunt slowly sucked my cock inside. Her pussy was like heaven. Warm and juicy, and wrapped around my throbbing cock like a tight fitting glove.

As I pushed my cock deeper, she began to move with me pushing back as I quickened my pace. As I continued to thrust harder and deeper into her love tunnel I ran my hands up and down her back spontaneously. When she raised her head I grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled it tight as she began to buck wildly and flay her head from side to side moaning inaudible words of passion. Soon my cock was hitting the bottom of her tight little cunt as I plunged recklessly harder and deeper with each stroke.

"Oh Goddamn, fuck me Ben, deeper, harder baby," Sara moaned.

And I obliged her. Still gripping her hair as if I was pulling the reins on a wild mount, I continued to ram her pussy hard and deep, slapping my balls against her ass.

"You like to be fucked from behind don't you baby," I said with a muffled groan.

A long bellowing "fuck," was all she could manage before her pussy exploded contracting tightly around my pulsating cock.

As my balls began to ache I knew I was fixing to cum too. Soon my cock erupted, shooting most of my load inside her. As I pulled out of her cum flooded cunt I let the remaining liquid drip onto her backside. I slowly milked my cock until every last drop of cum had oozed out. As I massaged my man lotion into the warms cheeks of her ass, Sara brought her right hand to her quivering pussy, dragging her fingers over her creamy lips coating them with my freshly deposited cum. Exhausted we both collapsed onto the bed. As Sara lay quietly beside me, one by one she licked each finger clean.

I was hoping for another round of love making when Sara said she should probably be going. I was disappointed but I wasn't about to let it show.

She gathered up her clothes and went to bathroom to get dressed. When she returned she looked relaxed and satisfied.

"Ben, I don't know what to say. It was great and you made me feel very special," she said with a smile.

"Sara, you are a very special woman and you made me feel very special too."

We walked to the door and held each other and shared one last kiss. As I opened the door and she started to walk through it she paused and handed me a piece of paper.

After closing the door I opened the note and it had her name and number on it. It also had "thanks for such a lovely afternoon," Sara.

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