tagBDSMSara and Charley's Journey Ch. 01

Sara and Charley's Journey Ch. 01


Sara was lying around one day chatting with her boyfriend. They had been living together for a couple of months now after dating for almost a year. Their sex life was ok but getting kind of routine. He didn't seem too imaginative, so she was looking for some way to spice up their sex lives. Neither of them were sexual novices, having both been married before as well as exploring their desires with other sex partners before meeting each other.

"Charley, I was talking with Becky the other day about different websites she likes. She told me about a couple of BDSM sites. So we looked at them a little. Some of that stuff sounds like fun. Do you want to check them out with me?"

"Sounds like fun. I know of a site we can check out too."

Sara was a little surprised at that but didn't say anything. "Ok, why don't you log on to that site while I get us each a beer?"

When she got back, he was logged on to the site. Then she got a real surprise, he was a paying member, not just a paying member, but a gold member. "How long have you been a member?"

"Oh, a couple of years."

"Why didn't you ever mention it to me?"

"I thought it would bother you and I really didn't want to do anything to screw up our relationship."

"Oh. What kinds of things do you like?"

"Well, I am a Dominant. I like to be in control."

"I noticed you sometimes like to be in control but usually you are so interested in being sure we both like something."

"I have tried real hard to ask your opinion. It was really difficult when we have sex. I've wanted to guide you, train you and bring out your submissive qualities."

"How did you know I have submissive qualities? I've never told anyone."

"It shows sometimes in the little things. For example, you like me to make decisions about dinner, things like that. I was planning on talking to you about it someday but couldn't figure out how to bring up the subject. I am really glad you brought it up today."

"Have you ever had a submissive woman before?"

"Yes, a couple."

"What did you do to them? I mean what did you guys do together?"

"It depended on the woman and what she wanted. Why don't I get a few of my toys out and we can take a look at them?" With that he got up and went to a closet where they stored some of their stuff. As he walked away he said "Take a look around the website while I'm looking for the toys."

Sara started to click away, looking at different profiles people had posted and then she found the section with stories. Seeing one that looked interesting, she clicked on it and began to read. She got so engrossed in the story she didn't hear Charley come back. He just stood there quietly looking over her shoulder as she read the story. It was about a woman who had submitted completely to a Dom. Sara was so turned on by the story that her hand crept to her pussy and her fingers started to rub her lips lightly before slipping inside to play with her clit. By the time she got to the part of the story where the Dom was flogging the woman for an infraction on her part, Sara's fingers were moving rapidly over her clit and she began to moan. The story detailed how many blows the Dom administered, how red her ass and legs became, how he alternated which cheek he flogged, and how her tears streamed down her cheeks and how she sobbed as the punishment was administered. Suddenly, Sara came. She cried out so loudly that Charley was afraid the neighbors would hear, even though they lived about 25 feet away in a separate house.

Sara slumped over the keyboard, her fingers still buried in her pussy, as she began to recover. Suddenly she realized that Charley was standing behind her. What must he think? she wondered. Had he been there the whole time? She had never masturbated around him before. To have the first time while she was reading about a woman being flogged!

Then she felt his hands as they lifted her long blonde hair away from her neck. Still a little out of it, she didn't even move as she felt him slide something around her neck. It wasn't until she heard the "click" of a lock that she realized he had put a collar around her neck.

At first she wanted to object, but instead reached her hands up to touch the collar. It was a wide leather collar with a metal band on the outside and three rings on it, one on each side and the other in front. She wandered what they were for.

Then she heard another "click" as Charley hooked a leash to the collar.

"Charley! What do you think you're doing!"

"Silence! You will only talk when I tell you to!"

Sara was shocked speechless by his words, and even more so by his tone of voice. It was the voice of command. She thought she should say something, but found she could not. More ever, she noticed her pussy getting moist again.

He pulled on the leash and she started to get up to follow the pressure. But then felt his hand on her shoulder, pressing her down. "Kneel, little sub." Feeling somewhat dazed by what was happening, but full of trust and love for him, she knelt. Once on her knees, she felt his foot between her knees. "Spread your knees, shoulder width apart." She followed his command and then naturally placed her hands upon her thighs, palm up.

"Very well done."

Hearing him say that made her feel incredibly good. His praise, following His commands. These were things that made her feel good. "How was that?!!" she thought to herself. She was a full grown woman, an independent professional. How could this feel so right? So good?

While these thoughts were occupying her mind, she heard his zipper. Looking up, she saw him pull his cock from his pants. She had never seen it so hard. It looked as though it would explode.

Still staring at it, she realized it was moving toward her mouth. She didn't like to give blowjobs and was reluctant to blow him now. But he placed his fingers on both sides of her mouth and pressed inward. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and suddenly, his cock was inside her mouth.

Thinking he wanted her to suck it, she started to twirl her tongue around it. Then she felt his hands grasp her head, holding it tight as he proceeded to fuck her mouth. She realized her mouth was just a fuck hole to him, something to be used for His pleasure. That realization was incredibly erotic to her, so she stopped trying to use her tongue and enjoyed the sensation of His cock as it slid in and out of her mouth. She felt His cock swell even more; His ball sack grew firmer as it slapped her chin. Then He came inside her mouth, something she had never let a guy do. But now she eagerly slurped it up, feeling so slutty but so good.

She heard Him say "Clean me." So she started to lick His cock from His balls to the tip. She even pushed the tip of her tongue into the hole at the tip. A part of her could not believe what she was doing. Another part reveled in it.

"As this is our first session and we have not discussed the boundaries of this part of our relationship, I will not command you to do more right now. Later, after we have talked, I will demand more of you, much more."

Sara felt a little disappointed. This was so incredibly exciting. But at the same time she was gratified. It showed that He cared for her, even as she was on her knees in front of Him. She knew at that moment that she would do anything to please Him.

He unhooked her leash and then her collar before reaching a hand down to help her to her feet. Taking her gently by the hand, he led her to the shower where he started the water. Then he turned around and pulled her top over her head, then slid her shorts down over her knees. She allowed him to do these things to her, raising her hands when indicated, her feet when her shorts and panties hit the floor. He then got undressed himself and led her into the shower. All this time her eyes were pointed toward the floor, she did not look into his eyes. She felt both humbled and embarrassed by what had just happened.

Gradually she began to feel her normal self as the water pounded on her front and his hands soaped up her back. By the time he was finished soaping her back she was eager to turn and look at him. Turning around, she looked up into his eyes. He took her face in his hands and gently started to kiss her face. He started at her forehead, then her eyes before moving to her cheeks. Next, he started to kiss her neck, all the while his hands were moving over her breasts. She didn't remember his hands leaving her face but the sensations coming from her breasts were getting her so hot. His hands were still a little soapy and they slid smoothly over her breasts. Rubbing around her nipples but not touching them before finally taking both nipples with his fingers and pulling them gently. By now she could not take it any longer, she grasped his face and kissed him deeply. As their tongues played in that warm wonderland of their mouths, his hands continued to play with her breasts, tweaking her nipples, pinching them lightly and just generally making her incredibly hot as the sensations traveled straight to her pussy.

Then as if thinking with a single mind, their lips parted and she turned toward the shower wall, bending as much as the limited space allowed. She parted her legs as she felt his hard cock bumping her ass cheeks. Then his cock, seemingly with eyes of its own, found its way into her dripping pussy.

She moaned as it penetrated her. At first he slid only the head inside, as though teasing her. But then he thrust deeply inside her with one massive thrust until her pussy fully engulfed its swollen magnificence. He paused briefly as they both enjoyed the sensation of complete togetherness before he began to slowly move in and out of her pussy. This continued for a few minutes before neither of them could take it any longer. His thrusts became forceful and his cock slammed into her pussy over and over again. A fleeting thought went through her mind that she was going to be a little bruised down there. But that thought was over taken by the first of three orgasms. The first was very good, like during their best lovemaking so far in their relationship. But the next two were exponentially better with the third one leaving her light headed; the only thing keeping her upright was the shower wall and his cock which was still buried deep inside her. Then he came, crying out so loudly the dog peeked into the bathroom to see what was wrong.

His last thrust was so hard and the sensations were so intense that she passed out. It was a while before she awoke again, this time on their bed. He lay beside her, spent. Both of them were still wet but neither of them had the energy to get a towel. So she pulled the covers over them before snuggling up to his side. Before she fell asleep, she wondered when they would be able to explore this exciting new area again. They were going out later this evening, so perhaps tomorrow. She couldn't wait for tomorrow!

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