tagBDSMSara and Charley's Journey Ch. 06

Sara and Charley's Journey Ch. 06


There was a phone message when they got home asking them to join two other couples at a benefit for homeless animals. The benefit featured a string quartet playing a selection of Mozart's music, something Sara loved very much and they were both animal lovers. So Charley immediately called to accept the invitation

"Hey John. Thanks for inviting us. We would love to go. What time does it start? No, I don't think we'll be able to join you for dinner. We just got back from the museum and are going to take a nap. Why don't we just meet you at the benefit? Ok, then. We'll see you at 7."

Sara was sleepily listening to this one sided conversation and when Charley hung up the phone, she moved over and snuggled up to him. "Come to bed. I want you to hold me while I fall asleep." Then she kissed him deeply.

"Hmmm. You do that and neither of us will get any sleep." With that, Charley led her to the bedroom and helped her out of her clothes. She was so tired she was staggering. Charley wasn't much better but she was his responsibility, a fact that he had firmly in mind. Lastly, he removed her collar before guiding her to bed. Then he slipped out his clothes and climbed in. Sara immediately snuggled up to him, making contented noises until she drifted off to sleep. He soon joined her in slumber.

It was almost 6 when he awoke. Sara was still snuggled up at his side looking adorable. He gazed at her for a minute before deciding they needed to get ready. So he gently shook her and called her name. She made a moue of protest and tried to bury her head under the covers. But he firmly shook her again, spoke her name a little louder, and pulled the covers off of her. Once again she tried to regain the place in slumber but he would not have that. So he gently swatted her naked behind. This elicited a somewhat louder protest as she tried to pull the covers up once again.

Deciding that firmer action was needed, Charley reached over to the nightstand for her collar. He fastened it around her neck. Then he pulled the covers firmly off her naked body and gave her luscious ass a firm spank. She immediately rolled over and sat up to stare somewhat angrily but sleepily at him.

"It is time for us to get ready. Will I be taking Sara or genie to the event? Right now, genie is with me. So beware of your actions."

Her hand immediately went to her neck and felt the comfort of her collar. Still groggy, she did not immediately reply. Instead she looked into his eyes and saw the determination there. She knew that she had to get up and so began to rise. She also knew that he required a response for her. So she said "Can I let you know in a few minutes? I need to clear my head a little."

"Yes, you may. But I expect an answer by the time you are out of the shower."

"Yes, Master."

"Now go take a shower. This is a formal event, so I will get your burgundy evening gown out for you while you take your shower. That will be suitable for whomever I take tonight. Now hurry, we don't have much time."

So she immediately went into the bathroom and started the water. She emerged after a quick shower to find her dress laid out on the bed as well as two sets of matching under things. One was black and conservative. The other was also black but the resemblance ended there. It consisted of a tiny thong and a demi cup bra that would do little more than present her breasts for his pleasure rather than cover them.

"Who am I taking tonight?"

"genie. I am so happy right now with you taking care of me. I just am not ready to go back to being in control yet."

"In that case, you know which set of lingerie to put on. Oh, and put your hair up. Your collar looks so good and I want everyone to see it." Then he went in to the bathroom for his shower.

As the collar she was wearing was her public collar, he did not change it when he emerged from the bathroom, dressed for the evening in a tuxedo. Instead he pulled something from his jacket pocket. It was a short leash that matched her collar.

"Oh, I love it" genie exclaimed. "But I'm not sure it would be a good idea for you to lead me around this evening. Remember this is not a function of people who would understand."

"I know, love. But I have long wanted to have you on a leash you dressed as you are tonight. So I will use it until we are almost inside and, of course, when we leave." With that, he fastened it to her collar and led her to car, stopping only briefly to get a wrap to go over her shoulders.

As they approached the museum where the event was to be held, he reached over and unfastened the collar. He did not want the parking valet to see it. As they pulled up, the valet opened the door for her before running around to get in the drivers seat that Charley had just vacated. They stood there for a minute as the valet drove away. Then Charley fastened the leash to her collar again and led her up the path to the museum.

It was an incredibly erotic moment for both of them. He, dressed in a tuxedo that proclaimed his dominant status in the world. She, dressed in a beautiful gown but wearing things under it that proclaimed her status as a slut, the collar around her neck proclaiming that she was His property. They walked slowly to savor the moment. Unfortunately it has to end. As they neared the museum door they could hear the voices of their friends. So he reluctantly removed the leash.

"Oh there you two are! We were beginning to wonder if you were going to come after all."

"John, you know I always do what I say I will. We just slept a little longer than we expected. But here we are now, refreshed and ready. I do hope they have some decent refreshments, we didn't have time to eat and I am starved."

At that moment, John's wife Laurie said "Oh Sara, I love your chocker. Where did you get it?"

"Charley bought it for me just recently. He takes such good care of me."

Chatting away, the group entered the museum. The evening went very well. The benefit netted more than expected and everyone seemed to have a great time. The string quartet was excellent and Charley made sure to spend time near them when they were playing. Of course, genie was at his side as she was all evening except for when she went to refresh his drink for him or get him more to eat.

Later, Charley overheard Laurie comment to John about how subservient Sara was that evening. Charley merely smiled upon hearing that, thinking that they had no idea how submissive his genie really was.

But then it was time for them to leave. The group made their way outside and over to where the valet was waiting. Both Charley and genie were disappointed that he did not get to walk her on her leash. But that is a part of their lives that they could not share with even these close friends. Soon, they all made their farewells and got in their cars. As soon as he could, Charley fastened her leash to her collar once again.

"Master, thank you for a magical evening. I just wish you could have kept my leash on me all evening."

"So do I, so do I. There are events where could be open about this part of our relationship. I will check for a suitable event so I can show you off."

"That would be wonderful. I love you, Master."

"I love you little one."

They were quiet for the rest of the drive, each lost in memory of the evening. But soon they were home again and Charley led her inside where he removed her wrap before leading her into the living room. There he stopped and turned toward her. He just stood there, drinking in this vision of submissive loveliness. He was so content with the world at that moment.

So was she. She had spent the drive back reliving moments from the evening. The feelings of submission, His control over her, His caring for her. She had never felt so content in all her life. And now she was standing before Him, waiting His command, knowing that he could do so openly, wanting him to do so openly.

"Turn around." As she did so, he reached over and unzipped her gown. It glided down her almost nude body to puddle at her feet. The feeling of the silk as it moved over her skin was so erotic. Combined with the cool air as it touched her nipples, it made her pussy get wet. It was funny, but all evening she had not really felt aroused. She had felt nurtured, safe, loved. But now all her passion was coming out. She remembered the feeling of the silk gown as it caressed her body all evening as well as the realization that she had walked among the rich and powerful this evening, a slave displayed by her Master as He wanted her dressed.

Now she stood before Him, her body on display for Him. He gazed at her, his passion growing as he looked upon His property. Her luscious body perched so erotically on her high heels. Her nipples pointing almost directly at him from where they peaked out over the edge of her bra. Her lovely, hairless pussy barely covered by a thong that accented rather than covered it.


As she did so, he pulled his cock from his pants. They were already close together as her leash was so short and he was unwilling to let it go. So when he got his cock out, it smacked her in the face. But neither of them even noticed as her hot mouth eagerly caught and engulfed it. Still holding her leash, he took her head between his hands and began to slide his cock in and out of that willing receptacle.

They continued to enjoy the sensation for a few minutes until he suddenly pulled it out. She looked up in alarm, fearing that she had displeased him. Instead she saw in his eyes an incredible lust for her. She knew then that he would have her pussy next.

Pulling her up by her leash, Charley turned her around and forced her chest down over the edge of the couch. Then he reached for her thong, meaning to pull it out the way. But his desire made him more forceful than he thought and the thong went skyrocketing across the room. Not pausing for a second, he thrust his cock into her pussy. By now she was so wet that liquid poured out of her pussy as it made room for his cock.

The feeling of his cock in her pussy put them both over the edge. They came together in an orgasmic explosion that left them both stunned and on the verge of blacking out. He remained upright, his cock still buried in her pussy, mostly because he could not move. She lay over the arm of the couch, her breath coming in sobs as her orgasm continued to send waves of intense sensations throughout her body.

After about 15 minutes, his softening cock could no longer keep itself inside that wet, dark lake that was her pussy. So it dropped out where her juices continued to drip from its tip. He stood there for a few more minutes before reaching for her leash again, not remembering when he had let it go before.

He stepped out of his pants before pulling her up and leading her into their bedroom. Once in there he unfastened her bra and said "Stand there." Then he moved over to the drawer where he kept his toys. He withdrew a length of soft rope and came back over to her. She watched him curiously as he had never used rope to tie her up before.

Thinking he was going to tie her hands, she started to hold them out to him. But he shook his head and put the rope around the back of her neck. He then proceeded to even the rope out so that the middle was touching her spine. Taking her left breast in one hand, he started to loop the rope around it. When he had 3 good loops tightly wound around it, he then repeated the procedure on the right breast. When both breasts were bound, he moved around to her back and tied the rope behind her. Next he dropped both ends down between her legs and moved around to her front again. Reaching between her legs, he pulled the two rope ends up so that they framed her pussy. He pulled them tight and then up to circle around her waist. He looped it several times around her waist before tying it off on the rope behind her neck.

The feeling of the rope was strange but not unpleasant to genie. She felt a little like a trussed up bird prepared for roasting. She wondered what He had in mind for her. What ever it was, she was content to let him do what He wanted. Her breasts were beginning to swell some as the blood sought an outlet. Her nipples were hard little points of sensation. Sensing this, he reached down and took her right nipple in his mouth and began to suck. While he was sucking the right nipple, his hand was pinching the left. This created an odd mixture of pain and pleasure in genie. But then he stopped!

He stepped away from her and went back to the drawer for some additional toys. This time he brought forth three clamps, two of which he placed on her nipples. At first, the clamps caused her intense pain, causing her to gasp. But then the pain became mixed once again with pleasure. But then he knelt in front of her and reached up with one hand to part the ropes framing her pussy. With his other hand, he reached into the folds of her sex to find her clit. Then, with a little manipulation, he managed to place the third clamp on her clit. This caused even harder pain than the nipple clamps and she had to stifle a cry of pain.

He stood back up and stepped back to admire his handiwork. As he looked upon her, he began to take off the rest of his tuxedo. Soon he was standing there nude in front of this vision of bound beauty. His cock was now fully at attention, recovered from its earlier activity.

She was barely aware of him standing there. The war between pain and pleasure was raging on inside her. But suddenly the two became one and she was overwhelmed with the combined sensations. She did not sense him as he moved back to the drawer to bring out a final toy for the evening, the flogger.

When the first blow came to her ass as it jutted out around the rope, she immediately experienced an incredible orgasm. She began to waver, unable to continue to stand unaided. He realized this and moved a chair in front of her. He placed her hands on the back of the chair before moving back to resume her whipping.

He continued to place his love blows upon her ass. Each one causing her to cum again. Soon it was too much for her and despite the chair; she began to collapse onto the floor. But he grabbed her before she fell too far and carried her to the bed where he placed her on her stomach. He continued to caress her ass with the flogger, giving her 3 more strokes before dropping the flogger on the floor.

By now she was oblivious to everything around her. Orgasms continued to roll over her as she lay there. Then he turned her over and took the clamp for her clit. The pain from the returning blood was too much for her. The orgasm it caused robbed her of her senses and she passed out. Realizing this, Charley removed the other two clamps and then untied her. Tossing the rope aside, he looked down at her. The marks from the ropes still embossed on the canvas that was her body. Her nipples were still full and red from their treatment. Her clit, swollen from its treatment, was peaking out of the folds of her pussy like a miniature cock. All in all, she was an incredible vision and he was determined to have her right then and there.

Spreading her legs, he knelt between them and once again thrust his cock into her pussy. It was so erotic to fuck this unconscious woman. It was not something he had desired before but right now, the whole situation made him as horny as he ever remembered being. It was not long before he came and shot his seed into her womb where it joined the legion he had placed there earlier.

Finally, spent and exhausted, he pulled out of her and collapsed at her side. He barely had enough energy to pull the covers over them. As he fell asleep he thought that this was becoming a regular event. He would have to set the heat for this room a little higher. Winter was coming and he did not want either of them to get a cold. One of these times, neither of them would have the energy to cover them up.

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