tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSara Gets Caught

Sara Gets Caught


It had been a long day. I was just finishing up in the darkroom with Susan and we were pretty pleased with the quality of the photos she'd taken for the ad lay-out. I thought we'd have a couple of beers and call it a night. Picking up her cameras, we left the prints on the dryer and closed up the darkroom. As we headed out, there were a few more lights on than necessary. I held my finger to my lips and motioned Susan to follow me. As we silently moved through the factory, I could see someone moving around in the boss's outer office. Moving closer, I could see someone trying to open the safe.

I whispered to Susan. She reached into her bag and loaded one of the cameras with film that would not require a flash and handed it to me. She then made her way back to the darkroom to prepare for what I had in mind. I slipped into the adjacent office and crouching in the dark began to take pictures of the person opening the safe.

Once it was open, the burglar removed several rolls of designs and then a computer disk and a small leather pouch. Turning from the safe, I recognized the burglar and decided to take pictures of the robbery rather than interfere right off. Going to the computer the burglar logged on and then reaching into the drawer, retrieved another disk and made a quick copy of some files and then shut down the computer.

Rolling the designs open on the table, the burglar reached into a pocket and pulling out a small camera, began to photograph each of the designs. It took several minutes to photograph all of them and then carefully rolling them back up, they were returned to the safe. I continued to take pictures from my hiding place.

Lastly the burglar opened the leather pouch and slid its contents out. As the leather pouch was returned to the safe, I moved to change positions. I bumped a chair and it made a small noise. The burglar froze. As I ducked out of sight, to keep from being seen, the burglar turned quickly and tucked away the contents of the pouch. As I peeked from my hiding place, I could see the burglar pick up the bag and then head for the door. I turned on the camera flash and raised the camera from my hiding place. Coming out of the office the burglar was greeted by the flash of my camera and was stunned.

"What the hell..." exclaimed the burglar trying to recover from the blinding flash.

"Caught in the act; red handed as they say." I taunted.

"Shit!" was all I heard in response.

I looked up at the burglar and smiled. Sara stood before me wearing a tight, leather outfit. The soft, leather skirt fit tightly around her smooth, muscular thighs and looked like she'd been poured into it. The skirt came to about halfway between her knees and her quim and accentuated her long, shapely legs. The matching, leather jacket had snaps running down the front. Her long, dark hair was highlighted with tinges of auburn and was combed up and held by a clip on top of her head. I'd always wondered if the color was natural.

Sara had come to work for the firm several months ago as a pattern maker. Ours was a large fashion house and it's a competitive market. Back east her family was wealthy and influential and had an interest in several industries, including a large fashion house that was one of our major competitors. She had told my boss that she wanted to gain experience in the business and establish herself in her own right before trying to return to one of the family businesses. Since this was not uncommon in our business, we took her on and she proved to be a capable and loyal employee at least up until tonight. She might still turn out to be just that.

When she had come to us she had been a runway and magazine model but had drop her last name and its connection to her family and just use her first and middle names. She continued to use her professional name from her modeling days, not wanting to "trade on the family name." She'd explained that when she had decided to give up modeling, she wanted to learn the fashion trade. She had been a successful fashion model but in spite of her tall, statuesque body, her breasts were too large for the fashions of the day and she wasn't prepared to have a reduction operation -- thank God. They were just magnificent.

The beautiful, young burglar looked down at me with hatred in her eyes. She never had liked me and now she was in deep shit. Deciding to take the offensive she growled at me. "What do you think you're doing?"

"To be quite honest, since it's obvious what you've been doing, I'm deciding what to do about this little escapade of yours." I teased in a soft voice that only aggravated her more. I was holding all the cards and she knew it. I rewound the film in the camera and removing it, I slid it into my pants pocket. "You do realize, I only used a flash on the last picture to get your attention. The rest didn't need a flash."

"What are you going to do now?" she asked the edge in her voice noticeably gone.

"I guess I should call the police and have them search you and arrest you for burglary and perhaps conspiracy and industrial espionage." I said. Sara's blood ran cold. She knew she was trapped. Quickly she tried to consider her options and tried to regain her composure. "What's this going to cost me?" she asked in disgust.

"More than you expect." I teased, "but cheaper than the alternatives." Sara looked at me quizzically. She stood with her hands on her hips and stared at me as I leaned against the desk in front of her. She looked strikingly beautiful. I had often wondered what it would be like to suck on her huge tits and crawl between those creamy thighs. If things went as I planned, I was about to find out.

"In there." I said, pointing to the main work room of the factory. Sara walked into the work room. In the middle of the room was a large cutting table where fabric was layered and then cut. At either end of the table were large triangular dollies that ran on tracks at the edges of the table and each had several large rolls of cloth ready to be rolled out. The table was empty except for a few cushions the cutters used when they knelt on the stools during cutting process.

I turned the bright work lights on and they illuminated the table and the area around it. The angle of the shades cast a heavy shadow on the balcony that ran around the entire room. On the balcony were the offices, darkroom and Susan with several cameras loaded for action. Then I turned on the radio so the sound of Susan's movements and the camera would not be heard.

Sara stood defiantly in front of me with her hands on her hips and her feet apart -- at least as far apart as her tight skirt would allow. With the intense light of the work table, I could see every detail of her beautiful, young body. I also knew that Susan would be able to get spectacular pictures without a flash.

Casually I sat on one of the cutting stools and looking at the young beauty held out my hand. "Your bag." I said. Sara slid the bag off of her shoulder and handed it to me. I dumped the contents onto the table and then proceeded to go through them. I picked up the computer disk and slid it into my jacket pocket. I looked through her wallet and the other items, searching for the camera and the contents of the pouch. There was nothing.

"Your jacket, please." I said softly with a smile.

"But I don't have a blouse on under it." she protested.

"That's okay. I think it's time for a body search anyway." I said.

"You'd just love that, wouldn't you?" Sara spat at me.

"As a matter of fact, it is something I've been looking forward to for as long as you've been working here." I quipped.

"Fuck you!" she cursed at me.

"That will come soon enough." I teased her. "Now, suit yourself. Either I do it or the police will." I taunted her. "You know that before you were given access to the safe, I had a very thorough background check done on you. I know that you've been trying to ingratiate yourself to Mommy and particularly to Daddy these past few months and I'm sure they would just love to be drawn into a scandal of theft, conspiracy and industrial espionage." I continued. "While the criminal trial would be fun, the civil suit against Mommy and Daddy would be spectacular."

Sara remembered back to why she had given up modeling. She discovered that there were just as many casting couches in fashion modeling as there were in Hollywood, especially for a woman with a body as luscious as hers. More than once she'd been fucked to get a job and then fucked over. Though some of the men had been exciting lovers, most just wanted to get their rocks off and had left her feeling used and cheap. She didn't like the idea of getting fucked like that again and especially by me but then the alternative was not an exciting one either. She knew she was looking at a felony with probable jail time. In the joint her body would be her worst enemy and she knew it. Besides, she thought to herself, what's one more roll in the hay after so many others. Sara knew she didn't have much choice and with a look of disgust on her beautiful face, she reached up for the collar of her leather jacket.

"No, no." I interrupted. "Do it right." I said as I reached over and turned the radio to another station. "I want to be entertained." I said as I nodded in the direction of the huge work table. A little humiliation for a rich and beautiful, young bitch was an added bonus given the circumstances. I hoped that Sara would do a little strip tease for me. I waited as she seemed to consider whether to give me a show or just comply reluctantly. Actually, I didn't mind one way or the other, since the results would be the same. I'd get my satisfaction as the night wore on.

Reaching up for the collar of her leather jacket, she pulled on the lapels and the snaps popped open one at a time. As the jacket opened, I could see her huge tits jiggle as they filled her lacy, black bra. Peeling the jacket open, she slid it off her shoulders as her massive chest was thrust forward. She threw me the jacket. I could see that Sara's tits were huge and very firm as her nipples began to harden against her will. I checked the pockets of her jacket and they were empty. Susan was busy taking pictures.

I looked at her and could see a thin gold chain around her neck. The chain ran down between her pendulous breasts, disappearing into her deep cleavage. I slid my finger under the slender chain and pulled gently until the large diamond pendant pulled from between her massive breasts.

"This was a little something for yourself, huh?" I teased as I yanked down on the pendant and the chain snapped from around her slender neck. I tucked it into my pocket. I brought my hands to her shoulders. I felt her tremble slightly as my hands touched the smooth, soft skin of her shoulders. I smiled at her as I gazed down at her massive tits. I slid my palms down over the tops of her tits and feeling their firmness, slowly slid my fingertips under the slender straps of her bra and slid the soft lacy material off of her smooth shoulders. As the straps slid down over her upper arms, Sara could see that more and more of her huge breasts were exposed and the soft material tickled her already sensitive nipples. Slowly I pulled on the material as it dragged across Sara's magnificent tits, until the tops of her dark, pink nipples came into view. The young beauty flushed red.

I ran my hands around her body and pressed her hard against me. Sara felt the hardness of my cock press against her mons as her huge breasts were crushed against my shirt. Her young body flushed with excitement as she felt herself being dominated once again. She hated it, yet she loved it. My hands slid over her firm asscheeks and then I forced my fingers into the tight pockets on her ass. They were empty.

Releasing my grip on her, I stepped back a bit. Sara reached out with her hand and cupped the crotch of my jeans. I smiled as she rubbed my cock and then brought her other hand to the buckle of my pants. I let her caress my crotch and moaned in pleasure. Sara planned to open my pants and then as she sunk to her knees, she would retrieve her camera with the incriminating evidence and stash it under the cutting table. I also realize that and as she bent her knees, I grabbed her arms and pulled her back up. "There'll be plenty of time for that later." I teased her as I sat back down on the stool. Sara leaned back against the table, folding her arms across her barely covered breasts.

"Keep going." I said as I removed my hands from around her hips and stepped back. Sara was quite surprised, since she was sure I would want to undress her myself. She reached up to slide her bra straps back up onto her shoulders but I shook my head. Standing up tall, she slid her hands across the soft leather of her skirt and she unsnapped the side and slid the zipper down. Slowly she pushed the tight skirt down over her flaring hips and then down over her smooth thighs. Her huge tits jiggled beautifully in her loose bra as she bent forward and she had to squirm a little to get the tight leather skirt to move over her satiny thighs. As I watched her writhe before me, I searched the pockets of her jacket. No camera.

Sara's skirt slid down over her long, smooth legs and she stepped out of it. I held out my hand and she slipped her toe inside the waistband and lifted it up. Grasping the waist of the skirt, she held it out to me. My eyes did not leave her magnificent body for a moment as my hands felt around her the pockets. No camera. I drank in her beauty as she stood before me wearing only lacy black underwear and her high heeled shoes.

"Keep going." I taunted the young beauty.

"What are you looking for?" she asked as my eyes bore in on her massive tits.

"I won't know until I find it." I quipped as I leaned back against the stool. "Besides, I want to see all of you." I added. Sara looked at me with hatred as she remembered all the times she'd had to strip and fuck some client or agent in order to get a modelling job. She'd always been a rich, spoiled little bitch who was used to getting her own way. When she gave up using her family name, she lost her ability to use their influence and things came a lot harder. It always angered her when she lost control of a situation and she had to do what someone else demanded of her, especially when it was someone she considered to be of "lower social standing." But the truth was, that the few times she had been truly dominated by men, were the times she felt most excited and her orgasms were the most powerful of her life. The problem was that so few men knew how to dominate her or were willing to try. If they only knew what the payoff would be if they had tried.

Her hands went up to her huge breasts and then reaching between her firm tits, Sara unclipped the clasp of her bra. Pulling back the cups, she revealed two of the most beautiful breasts I'd ever laid eyes on. They were full and firm and rode amazingly high on her chest. As we both looked down, we were both surprised at just how hard and excited her rosy pink nipples were. Her body flushed with embarrassment. Susan continued to take pictures from the gallery. I stared at Sara's luscious, young body and she felt my eyes burning into her naked flesh. "Play with them." I said.

"Fuck you!" she spat at me as her arms instinctively crossed over her naked breasts. I picked up the camera and pressed the button. The flash went off and Sara was stunned.

"You fucking bastard!" she screamed at me.

"Don't worry. There isn't any film in it." I said holding up the camera as the back of it swung open. "But there could be." I threatened as I reached into my pocket and took out a roll of film and inserted it into the empty camera..

"Okay, okay." Sara whispered in defeat as she slowly brought her hands back up to her firm tits. I lay the camera and the film on the table in front of me. Sara was relieved when she realized I hadn't reloaded the camera. I didn't have to since Susan was taking care of that little detail. But I had gotten the reaction I was hoping for regarding photographs of my almost naked captive.

Sara cupped her full breasts and was embarrassed by the hardness of her taut nipples. Slowly she began to massage her breasts and squeeze her luscious nipples. I watched as the young beauty felt first humiliated and then aroused by her own caresses. Though she liked the feel of her own hands on her body almost as much as those of her lovers, she had always thought of masturbation as a strictly private affair or at least done with a lover or by a lover but she had never had to do it in front of someone else, especially someone who she disliked. I watched as she began to succumb to her own caresses. Susan took the last picture on her roll as Sara rolled her hard, young nipples between her fingers. Susan changed to a new roll.

"Up on the table." I instructed and Sara lifted her body onto the table and sat at the very edge. She slid back a bit until her knees were almost at the edge. I stepped between her knees and placed both hands on the upper part of her thighs. I could feel Sara tremble with fear and excitement as I touched her almost naked body. I reached up to her massive tits and held them in my hands. They were firm but soft to the touch. I slid my fingers under her tits and my fingertips felt for any scars -- none, she was natural. I slid my finger up and I teased her nipples with my fingers and they grew even harder in my hands. "I'm going to enjoy this -- at least as much as you seem to be enjoying it." I teased her as I stepped back. The bare-breasted beauty hated me as she looked down at her massive tits and could see just how hard her exposed nipples were. She could also feel the moistness that was growing down between her sculptured thighs. Susan was taking more pictures.

"Stand up on the table." I said and Sara lifted her body up until she stood above me on the table. I stepped up onto one of the low benches that surrounded the cutting table so her seething pussy flesh was even with my face and I could smell the powerful scent of her sexual arousal. I looked up at the dark beauty and pressed my palm against the soft flesh of her inner thigh, just above her knee. As I pressed gently, Sara understood that I wanted her to part her legs and she slowly slid her feet a few inches apart. My fingers traced their way up the inside of her sculptured thigh until they brushed against her moist panties. I rubbed her gently across her swollen pussy lips and then bringing both hands up to her slender waist, slipped my fingers into the waistband of her bikini briefs.

Slowly and deliberately I peeled her panties down until they slipped over her beautifully rounded hips. As her dark mons came into view, I pressed my face to the soft fur of her love nest. I could feel her entire body tremble as my lips grazed her love petals. The scent of her aroused pussy was intoxicating. Keeping my face buried in her luscious pussy, I slid her panties down the length of her long, tapering legs and then lifting her ankle, pulled the garment free. I held them up to my nose and took a whiff of the sweet smell of her pussy. "We seem to be a little bit excited, aren't we?" I teased as Sara blushed deeply. Sara stood above me, naked in all her beauty.

"Now bend down here." I instructed and Sara bent her body forward and her massive tits hung beautifully below her chest. It was not exactly what I had wanted but I reached up and fondled her naked breasts as they dangled in front of my face. They felt warm and full as her nipples hardened even more.

"No." I said, "I want you to squat down here in front of me." Sara realized that as she squatted down, her pussy would be on full view for my enjoyment. She didn't like to be humiliated this way under the best of circumstances but for her to do this for me was an added insult and humiliation. Resigned to her fate, the naked beauty slowly bent her knees and lowered her lovely body. As her legs parted, she could feel her pussy lips begin to open and the coolness of the air against her sensitive flesh made her shudder. Her body continued to descend until her hips passed between her knees and then her thighs were split as wide as they could be. She placed her hands on her knees to keep her balance.

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