tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSara Gets Caught Ch. 03

Sara Gets Caught Ch. 03


This is one in a series best read in sequence.


I sat up on the table and spun myself around to face her. I could see that she was breathing hard and her huge tits rose and fell gently with every breath. I sat cross-legged on the table and watched her. She gazed at my ramrod as it stood up straight between my parted thighs.

"Not yet," she whispered. "I am exhausted," she confessed.

"Stand up." I said a touch of annoyance in my voice and slowly Sara raised herself to a standing position on the table. She turned and faced me, her beautiful body glistening in the powerful light. Her legs were slightly parted and her hands came to her hips. Her huge breasts still jiggled and her nipples were rock hard. Lying back on the table, I pulled my hands up under my head. Sara straddled my body and looking down at me, her eyes were filled with lust. Her knees bent and slowly she descended onto my hips. As her sweet labia touched my cock, my ramrod spasmed and the tip pressed up between her oozing pussy lips. Lowering one knee to the table, Sara's hand wrapped around the length of my cock as her other hand slipped between the wet folds of her engorged pussy lips.

As she slid the tip of my ramrod into the entrance of her drenched pussy, she looked at me and then slowly slid her magnificent body down onto the length of my shaft, filling her hungry pussy to the hilt. She was unbelievably tight. I flexed my cock deep inside her lovely body and a shudder ran through her. I smiled up at her and then watched as she raised her body along my shaft and then thrust back down hard onto its length. Reaching forward, Sara lowered her knee to the table and brought her hands to the tabletop and bracing herself, began to thrust up and down, impaling herself again and again on my thick shaft. The tightness of her inner muscles was beyond belief. As she tightened and eased their strength with each thrust, I felt my cock get even harder inside her beautiful, young body. She felt it too. With each thrust, her huge breasts bounced above my face and I watched in fascination as they moved and swayed before me.

Sitting upright on my cock, Sara raised her knee as she squatted above me. I raised my knees behind her and spread my legs wide. Sara braced her hands on my knees and began to thrust herself over and over onto my ramrod as her huge tits bounced delightfully and her powerful, inner muscles milked my cock. She rotated her hips in wide circles as she plunged her pussy down onto the hardness of my ramrod. I brought my hands up to her open thighs and began to caress her clit with my thumbs as she plunged down onto my shaft. The tightness of her pussy was unbelievable. She squeezed my cock tightly with each penetration as her beautiful, young body moved like a piston up and down my raging cock. Susan was busy taking pictures.

I pushed myself to a sitting position as I felt Sara's young body slide down my shaft. Wrapping my arms around her slender waist, I pulled her close to me and sucked her hard nipple into my mouth. As I bit down gently on her tender nub, I felt her inner muscles clamp tightly around my impaling shaft. I bit a little harder and her pussy got even tighter, if that was possible. Crossing my legs under her smooth ass, Sara sat up straight on my rigid cock. Curling her long legs around my body, she ground her hips hard against mine as her powerful inner muscles continued to massage my cock deep inside her gushing quim. I kissed her deeply and she practically sucked my tongue right out of my mouth. This was a hell of a first kiss.

Opening my legs, Sara's pussy dropped even further onto my cock as her ass touched the table. My grip on her waist eased and she leaned back, pressing her hands onto the table behind her for balance. Opening her legs beside me, she braced herself and then lifted her ass off of the table. I watched as she rocked her beautiful, young body back and forth on my cock as I sat between her open thighs. Susan was busy getting all of her action down on film. Sara's eyes darted back and forth from my face to my cock as she slid her gushing pussy up and down its length. Her eyes were filled with lust and her moans were loud and long. I watched as the young beauty continued to impale herself on my ramrod.

Lifting myself a little, I buried my cock deep in her body and then raising her pussy, slid to a kneeling position. Sara sat astride my hips, with her knees on either side of me and her upper body supported by her arms as her massive tits heaved with every breath. I nodded to her and she lowered her upper body to the tabletop. She lay flat on her back with her hips raised around me. I smiled down at her lust-filled face as Susan continued to take her picture. Sara brought her arms up beside her head and then bracing her feet on either side of my hips raised her ass slightly and began to rotate her hips as she teased my cock with her twitching pussyflesh. I sat very still as I felt her move her tight pussy up and down my cock and gyrate her hips in ever widening circles as she pleasured my manhood. Her huge tits rolled beautifully as she continued to thrust her hips hard against my cock.

Finally, she lowered her ass to the table. She was physically and sexually exhausted. She reached up to me with her arms and I was not about to disappoint such a beautiful and talented, young woman. Placing my palms on either side of her body, I leaned forward and lowered my chest onto her heaving tits. Her long legs spread out wide on the table and as I stretched my own legs out between her open thighs, she raised her knees and wrapped her arms around my body. Slowly I began to thrust deep into her open pussy as her long fingernails raked my back and her body trembled below me. Sara moaned deeply as my cock filled her tight, young pussy to capacity. As my cock touched the depths of her love channel, I thrust my hips down and she felt my body crush her sensitive love button and a powerful orgasm ripped through her body. I could feel the added flow fill her tightness as I thrust back up into her luscious, young body.

"Fuck me." she screamed softly as my body thrust over and over again into her tight loins. Sara raised her long legs and locked her ankles over my back. She screamed with each thrust as she raised her own hips to meet each penetration. Her head rolled from side to side as her moans got louder and louder. My hips were thrusting in and out of her tightness as I felt my own cum begin to boil. Reaching down under her thighs, I pulled up on Sara's legs. Releasing her ankles, she lifted her legs as I pulled them up and bending her body over, wrapped my arms over her legs. My cock could not have penetrated her any more deeply as I thrust into her tight love hole and her huge tits bounced wildly. Again and again I plunged into her gushing tightness.

Slowing my pace in her body, I sat up and eased one of her legs out to the side. The naked beauty moved her upper leg forward as I placed my hand on her hip and continued to thrust my ramrod into her luscious body. Lying on her side, her breasts lay one on top of the other and they bounced up and down as each thrust of my cock into her drenched pussy made her body lurch. She was amazing. Then without pulling out of her body, I helped Sara roll over onto her huge chest. She braced her hands on the tabletop and raised herself up until her massive tits settled on the table and then spreading her legs as wide as she could, I lay my body down on top of hers and then began to thrust into her body again. The new position and the weight of my body pressed her clit hard against the tabletop and she came again and again as I fucked her tight lovehole. My hands slid under her body and I filled them with her heaving breasts. It was the only way to keep from sliding out of her writhing body.

Sara raised her chest off of the table and propped herself up on her arms. Susan continued to photograph her and then Sara felt the strain on her back to be too much and bending her elbows, propped herself up as my cock continued to plow into her tender loins. Reaching under her hips, I lifted slightly and Sara pulled her knees in and raised her ass up with me. Bent over on her elbows, with her hips in the air, my cock continued to plow into her beautiful, young body. Her massive breasts swayed back and forth with every penetration of her body and her nipples brushed across the tabletop as they moved. Sara could not believe how aroused and fulfilled she felt as she slid her hand down between her satiny thighs and began to massage my balls as I thrust into her body.

Looking up, I got an idea. Wrapping my arms around Sara's hips, my own fingers plunged down between her thighs and began to tease her clit. Her body shook as another powerful orgasm ripped through her loins . Sliding my hands along her ribs to her hanging titflesh, I pulled up and Sara came to an upright position, with her knees apart and my cock still buried in her tight pussy. My hands came up to her panting tits and my fingers kneaded her firm breasts. Sara gasped as my fingers pinched her taut nipples and she rolled her hips slightly, milking my cock with her powerful inner muscles.

Holding her tightly, I lifted my knees until I squatted behind her and then stood up, bringing her with me as her pussy remained impaled on my cock. As I stood up fully, Sara felt her feet leave the table as her entire weight was supported on my shaft in her pussy and my hands holding tightly to her huge breasts.

At the end of the cutting table, one of the dollies stood with two large bolts of cloth on the bars. Sara felt like a ragdoll as her body hung on my cock and I walked her around. I reached out for the control box that dangled nearby from a wire and pressing the button, the dolly moved slowly towards us. Sara could see that the bolt of material closest to her was about even with the top of her thighs. When the dolly reached us, I leaned Sara forward until her body lay over the bolt of cloth. As I released my grip on her tits, she brought her arms forward to the second bolt on the other side of the dolly and supported her upper body. She felt her feet touch the tabletop as her legs were stretched back.

Her huge tits hung heavily below her chest as my cock began to penetrate her tender loins once again. As I thrust in and out of her body, Sara panted and gasped as she felt my ramrod fill her love hole and her sweet flow oozed out of her loins. As I plunged into her body, my cock was coated with her sweet flow.

I dipped my fingers down between her legs and covered my fingers with the slippery juices oozing from Sara's tight pussy. I pressed my fingers between her asscheeks and rubbed the wetness of her body across her tight asshole. Sara's body went rigid as she felt my finger press against her asshole. "No way!" she protested as she tried to move her body. I had my cock wedged deep in her pussy and there was no way for her to move her hips.

"Want to bet?" I teased as my finger pressed against her tight asshole. She fought hard as she tried to move her body away from mine. She'd let herself be fucked in the ass before but had never really liked it. "We can do this the easy way or the hard way," I said, "I plan to fuck you in the ass either way so you decide."

Sara knew that she would have to submit in the end and she relaxed her body. I eased my finger out of her ass and she relaxed a bit more. Slowly I began to thrust my cock back into her tight pussy and she moaned as she felt my cock fill her to the hilt. She began to press her hips back against my cock as I pumped my shaft into her tightness. I felt her inner muscles begin to massage my invading cock as she hoped she could make me cum before I got around to ravaging her little enjoyed asshole. As she once again felt the waves of lust cascade over her body, I began to prod her tight sphincter with my finger once again.

Easing my cock from her pussy, she tried to relax her muscles as she anticipated my cock ramming into her very tight asshole. Instead, I knelt behind her and began to lick her ass and then dart my tongue deep between her open thighs. Her body shook as my tongue teased and caressed her tight asshole. The pleasure she felt as my tongue prodded her tight asshole made her lose control of herself and thrust her hips back against my mouth. I teased her asshole with my tongue and then inserted my finger. Sara gasped as her tight muscles closed around my invading finger. I continued to gently prod at her asshole as my other hand caressed her dripping pussy. I could feel her tight sphincter begin to stretch as I slipped another finger into her bowels. The slow stretching of her asshole, combined with my teasing her clit caused another powerful orgasm to rip through her young body. I continued to work her twin holes until my fingers moved easily in her asshole. I switched my grip so that my fingers filled her drenched pussy and my thumb filled her magnificent ass.

Standing up, I slid my cock back into her tight pussy as my thumb remained wedged in her tight ass. I took several deep thrusts to coat my cock with her sweet lubrication and then easing my thumb out of her asshole, I pressed my cockhead to the entrance of her sweet, young ass. Sara felt the hardness of my cockhead as it pressed against her tight sphincter and tried to relax her body. I pressed forward gently and her body went rigid.

"Relax. I don't want to hurt you, I want to enjoy you," I said as my hands caressed her sides and tits. I felt her body relax a bit and then pressed forward a bit more. Once the tip of my cock entered her body, she felt her asshole stretch wide and the word "FUCK" escaped her lips. Placing my open palms oh her smooth asscheeks, I eased my cock deeper into her tight asshole. Sara fell forward as she felt the length of my shaft slowly slide into her tight asshole. With her luscious, young body draped over the bolts of cloth her massive tits dangled down between the two rolls.

Placing my hands on her sensual back, I eased forward until my hips pressed firmly against her warm asscheeks. I remained still in her body for a moment, allowing her ass to adjust to my invader. After a moment, Sara lifted her upper body off of the bolt and I began to slide in and out of her tight asshole. Sara grunted loudly as I filled her ass and her powerful muscles clamped down around my cock. In a moment her sphincter had stretched enough to let me move easily in her body without hurting her. She was delicious.

As I increased the speed and depth of my penetrations, Sara began to thrust her body back to meet me and her moans became louder and louder. Reaching up to the top bar of the dolly, I held on as I lifted first one foot and then the other onto the cloth bolt beside Sara's ass. Shifting my position, I thrust deep into her bowels as my cock filled her beautiful, young ass. Sara's head flailed wildly as her long, dark hair cascaded over her shoulders. My ramrod plunged over and over into her beautiful ass as her clit rubbed against the bolt of cloth. Orgasms cascaded over her lush body as I fucked her ass for all I was worth.

My own breathing was getting heavier and I felt a huge load of cum begin to boil in my heavy balls. Holding tightly to the bar, I thrust up deep into Sara's ass and lifted her hips clear off the cloth bolt. As I rolled my hips, her clit mashed firmly against the soft material and another powerful orgasm ripped through her trembling body. As her powerful muscles clamped down around my invading shaft, my own body rocked with a powerful orgasm and I shot my load deep into Sara's sweet, young ass as her own body convulsed in another orgasm. It was ecstatic.

I lowered my feet over the side of the bolt of cloth and rested on Sara's firm asscheeks. My cock still embedded deep in her ass, my hands came under her huge tits and I started to squeeze and pull on her heaving titflesh. She gasped as she felt my fingers once again pinch and pull at her tender nipples. She loved the sensation. Finally I eased myself out of her ass and moved away from her body. Sara started to stand up but I stopped her.

"Just stay there a moment." I said as I leaned against the bolt of cloth beside her. Her thighs were drenched as cum oozed from both of the holes between her lush thighs. I helped her lower her legs to the table and Sara stood up with her hips pressed over the huge bolt of cloth, her arms braced on the second bolt of cloth and her huge tits hanging seductively below her. Her thighs were spread wide as her feet were pressed back slightly. I watched as her open asshole pulsed and cum oozed out of her loins and onto her spread thighs. Her body glistened with sexual juices as Susan took unobstructed shots of her beautiful body.

"Now," I said as I reached up and caressed her full tit. Sara eased her body back away from the bolt of material and then looked at me. Her eyes were filled with lust and her body ached from so much fucking. It was a good ache. She looked down at my spent tool and then moving in front of me, sank to her knees and swallowed my cock. I felt her magic tongue tease my spent shaft as I wrapped my fingers through her long, dark hair.

"I could get used to this," I quipped as she continued to suck on my cock.


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