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Sara My Friend


I am a middle-aged male who looks much younger than my actual age. I am successful and well-off. I am not married and do not have kids. I like to dance and have a good time. I do not drink or do drugs. I still manage to have fun.

My best friend Sara was about my age, pretty and looked awesome in a miniskirt and heels. She has long brown hair and pretty brown eyes. Sara's body is a classic hourglass shape and is definitely what I would describe as a "bikini-body". Sara also has two daughters just as pretty as their mother.

Sara and I have been friends for several years. Originally we had met at work and had become friends 5 minutes after we met. Over the years we found that we had many things in common but we never dated. We were awesome friends. I was a babysitter for her at times so that she could go on dates with various dorks. We often went dancing or went out to play pool. She was always a tease when we were out.

One night, while playing pool Sara began teasing me badly. I was very bad at pool. Sara played on a pool league and was one of the best players. Typically she would prolong my agony when we played by purposely missing shots to give me a chance then doing various things to make the game harder for me. Then she would come from behind and beat me. By "various things" I mean opening her shirt so that her tits were nearly falling out or rubbing up against me and blowing in my ear.

After a few weeks of regular pool play at a nearby Bar, she started "betting" me things. For example, one night Sara bet me that if I won she would wear anything I asked her to at work the next day. If she won I would buy her a drink. That night Sara let me win. I asked Sara to wear a very short skirt and heels. The next day at work Sara had on a very pretty, short miniskirt and heels. Sara's legs were awesome. We had lunch together as we always did and Sara made sure that her sexy legs were displayed right in plain view of my eyes. Needless to say my dick was often hard because of her.

Another common thing that she would do is have me come into the bathroom to talk to her while she was in the shower. She even left the door open even though her daughters were downstairs. I always assumed that she felt safe doing her teasing while the kids were in the house. She would talk to me while showering seductively. Normally she did obscene things with her soap and then washed each leg slowly while I watched. All the while she would be talking about normal everyday stuff. I don't remember a single thing that she said either.

All this leads me to my story of how Sara finally screwed up and got nailed. How it started was on a Saturday evening when we supposed to go out dancing. Her daughters were home and mad at their mother for making them stay home.

I was downstairs in the kitchen when her daughters came to me with their plight. They wanted to go see a movie but had no money and their Mom was making them stay home. Sara's eldest complained that she was old enough to drive and had her license now but her mom would not let her drive her car. Slowly a smile blossomed on my face.

I asked the girls if I gave them money and my car if they would go to their movie. They said yes. I said I would talk their Mom into it and told them to get ready. After I gave them all of the money I had and my car keys they ran to get dressed.

With a grin on my face I went upstairs. Sara was calling for me to come in and sit on the toilet and talk to her. I went in and sat down. Her big fluffy ugly white rob hung up by the shower. As she talked to me she turned around and bent over to give me a view of her sweet ass. She was very darkly tanned. Her hair was long and brown, lightened by the sun.

When Sara turned around I grabbed the belt out of her robe and her panties off of the back of the toilet. I stuffed them into my back left pocket. Just then she turned to face me flicking water at me from her erect nipples. Her nipples stood out at least half an inch and could be described as puffy. I wanted to suck them so badly.

Sara was done with her shower. Again she gave me a view of her sexy ass as she bent over and turned off the water. Sara stepped out of the shower and then stood inches form me putting on the bathrobe. After a moment Sara began looking at her open robe for the belt that should be hanging from the robe's belt loops.

"God damn it! Where is my belt?" she said.

After a moment more she gave up looking for the belt and bent over brushing her tits on my face and kissed me on top of my head. My eyes were nearly poked out by her nipples as she bent over. With a grin she turned around and faced the mirror. I stood up from behind and kissed her on the cheek.

"You are a teasing bitch," I said as I reached my hand around the front of her and slid a finger along her pussy lips.

Surprised but obviously still playing her little game she let my finger go for a few seconds then pushed my hand away and said with a sneer, "You won't do anything. My daughters are downstairs and they'll hear you."

Sara grinned as I stepped away from her. I moved to the shower and turned it on. The sneering bitch turned to look at me and said, "Why did you turn on the shower?" with a confused look on her face.

Just then Sara's oldest daughter came up to the stairs and began yelling for me. As Sara turned back to the mirror I grabbed the panties and belt. I grabbed her arms and tied them behind her back. She laughed at me and let me do it!

"I told you that my daughters are downstairs. You can't do anything to me," she said with contempt, sticking her tits out in defiance.

I grabbed the panties and stuffed them in her mouth. Her daughter yelled up the stairs again.

She began, "Is Mom STILL in the shower? Did she say it was okay for us to go?"

Sara's eye got wide as I held her in place while she listened to the conversation. Obviously the sound of the shower had fooled her daughter into thinking that her Mom would not be able to hear her. Sara struggled to spit the gag out as I yelled downstairs, "Go ahead and go. She is still in the shower and told me to tell you to go!"

The girls cheered and left the house in seconds. One second later the front door slammed shut. Sara's eyes got bigger. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. I removed the panties from her mouth for a moment to see what she had to say.

She said angrily, "You bastard! What are you going to do now?"

I laughed, stuffing the panties back in her mouth. I grabbed her long hair and pulled her head back.

Whispering in her ear I said, "I am going to do anything I want."

Her eyes, wider than I have ever seen, now seemed to plead for mercy.

I pulled her into the bedroom and pushed her on the bed. She kicked her legs hard. I pulled her robe up over her head and then slapped her hard on her sexy ass. I kept slapping her until she stopped kicking. Then I pulled her to the edge of the bed and tied her legs spread wide.

She laid there on her stomach with her hot ass and pussy in full view. I proceeded to removed Sara's robe and retie her hands behind her naked back. Then I took off my own clothes and prepared to make her pay for years of teasing.

I climbed up on her from then rear and grabbed her hair. Roughly pulling her head to the side, I spoke directly into her ear.

"You are going to pay for every pool game and every shower. It is going to be a long night" I whispered harshly.

Sara squirmed in her bonds looking very sexy. I rubbed my dick between her ass cheeks. Soon I moved down and liked her asshole and pussy. I was surprised to find Sara wet. Maybe I should not have been so surprised.

I then twirled my fingers in Sara's naked pussy. When my fingers were soaked with pussy juice I began shoving fingers in Sara's asshole. She squirmed as I worked my fingers around. My dick ached. It was time to make her pay.

I stood up and guided my dick into her pussy with my hand. I have a banana-dick and I had to work it a little bit to get it to slide smoothly into her sexy hole.

As my dick slid in and out of Sara's wet hole she moaned softly through her panty gag. As I fucked her Sara soon began to moan louder so I messaged her clit and fucked her a little harder. All the while I was thinking that next time I am going to tie her ankles over her head!

Sara came suddenly and before I did. Her juice was running all over. I pulled my extra slick dick out of her cunt and rammed it into her ass. Her ass just opened up and swallowed my dick. Obviously Sara was waiting for it. I fucked her hard until I came. It felt so good.

Afterwards I untied her legs and flipped her over. I pulled the gag from Sara's mouth. Sara was smiling.

"I didn't know that you had it in you fucker," she said laughing.

I kissed her hard and shoved my tongue down her throat. I played with my friends tits. I sucked her nipples while she tried to untie her own still-bound hands.

She said after a couple of minutes, "Well, are you going to untie me, asshole?"

"No bitch," I said as I pondered the issue of how to pin her ankles behind her ears.

After all, I still had an hour before the girls would be back!

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