tagInterracial LoveSarah Again- Pregnant

Sarah Again- Pregnant


I leaned back in my chair at my office thinking about what Sarah had said this morning at breakfast. She said simply that she was sure she was pregnant. As I leaned back, I thought back to the fateful Friday night more than five years earlier when I decided to pick Sarah up from her job and take her to dinner. I had pulled up to her office just before five and waited across the street for her to come out. Soon the rest of the people who worked with her had come out and had gotten into their cars and left. I waited another five minutes and decided I would go in and get her.

I crossed the street and entered her building and looked around for her office. I had never been there before so I really didn't know where it was. I did hear voices coming from one office and I quietly approached. The door was ajar and I peaked in, still not making any noise. I was stunned to see Sarah being hugged from behind by a tall good-looking black guy. I pulled back so that they couldn't see me and strained to hear what they were saying. I glanced up at the nameplate on the door and saw the name Robert Johnson. I knew that was Sarah's boss because she had mentioned his name on several occasions. He was vice-president of the division and Sarah was his administrative assistant.

I then heard Sarah tell Robert "Last night has to be the one and only time that we get together. It can't happen again. I just can't cheat on Dan again. I love Dan and I can't hurt him. You understand that, don't you?" I immediately thought back to the night before and recalled that Sarah had been almost an hour late, with her explaining that she had to finish a project before she could leave. I knew right then what the project had been-they had sex last night before she had come home. I started to get mad but I heard Sarah again tell Robert that she couldn't have an affair with him. I calmed down a little and listened to them talk.

"I love Dan with all my heart and I feel really guilty about betraying him. I could hardly look at him last night after I got home. I had to lie to him, and I've never lied before. I really hated that."

"I'm sorry you had to do that, but you did enjoy our time together, didn't you?"

"Oh, yes, I did, Robert. It was fantastic and I want you to know that you are a terrific lover. If things were different, I would be all yours. But I just can't. You would probably get me pregnant, and how could I possibly explain a black baby to Dan?"

"I do not like condoms but for you I would wear one."

"But they are not foolproof and I would always be worrying about getting pregnant. And besides, I would want you to enjoy yourself completely, too. Now give me one last good-bye kiss and I have to get home to my husband. Maybe we can talk more on Monday."

I then took my leave and got to my car as fast as I could. A couple minutes later, Sarah came out and started toward her car. I honked and she ran over to my car. I told her that I wanted to take her out to dinner and we quickly decided on a restaurant. We took both cars and arrived a few minutes later. The drive gave me a little time to collect my thoughts and we sat down to have a good dinner. I knew that I had to talk to her about Robert but I didn't want to make Sarah feel bad. I didn't say anything at dinner, deciding to wait to get home.

We got settled in front of the TV and I decided that I would just come out with it.

"Sarah, you know I love you with all my heart and that I want you to be happy with our life together, but I have a confession to make." She quickly got a worried look on her face. "I have to tell you that I actually got to your office about fifteen minutes before you came out. I came in, looking for you, and I saw you with Robert and listened to your conversation." She immediately burst into tears.

"Oh, Dan. I am so sorry."

"I know. I heard you tell him that you couldn't see him again and I could tell that you really felt bad about last night and that you really love me." Sarah couldn't stop crying and I moved closer to comfort her. "I also heard that you and Robert really enjoyed each other and that deep down you would like to continue." I couldn't believe what I was getting ready to say but then I heard myself speaking. "I have another confession to make. The idea of you and Robert together actually turns me on. I can't explain it but it does. It wouldn't be cheating if I knew about it. I know it would give you pleasure and I want that."

"You are serious, aren't you?" I smiled and nodded my head. Her tears were gone and she grabbed my hand and led me to the bedroom. We hardly left the bedroom the whole weekend and by Sunday night, we both knew that she was going to have an affair with Robert. Monday morning, Sarah spent some extra time getting ready, shaving, doing her hair and dressing in one of her best dresses. At about ten, she called me and told me that Robert was very excited and that they would be leaving the office just after lunch. He had her make reservations at a local motel. The rest of the day I sat around my office hiding my erection behind my desk. I couldn't believe how excited I was.

Sarah got home about ten minutes after me. She came in the door with a big smile on her face and threw her panties to me saying, "I didn't bother putting them back on. Come on. Let's get in bed and I'll tell you all about what we did." I nearly tore her dress off and we jumped onto the bed. "Dan, I can't tell you how happy you have made me. I just love you so much. Robert was very happy too. Look at my left boob. That hickie is a message from him. He wants you to know how much he appreciates you letting me be with him. I grabbed Sarah and proceeded to give her right tit a matching hickie. "Oh, Dan, he will like that."

I then moved up on her body and slid my raging hard-on into her soft velvet-smooth pussy. "I didn't make him use a condom. He came in me three times." In no time I was adding a good load of my own. I was totally hooked right then. There is no better feeling than slipping into a slick, cum-wetted pussy. We ended up kissing like two teenagers and when I rolled off, panting, I told her to tell me everything that happened.

"Well, when I got to the office, I just went into his office and closed the door. He was sitting at his desk and I walked around behind him. I leaned down and nibbled on his ear and whispered, 'I want to make love to you. Dan is very much OK with us being together.' He stood up and kissed me like there was no tomorrow. He told me to get a room and that he would set up a dummy meeting for the afternoon and he would take me with him. We pretty much kept cool until we left. We didn't want the others in the office to be suspicious. When we got to the motel, he was like a machine for the first time we fucked and I do mean fucked. He went full blast for about fifteen minutes. I had two orgasms and he finally came. We rested for about thirty seconds- he never even went soft- and we went after it again. After we came again, we just laid around and talked and cuddled. After about an hour, he got hard again and we made slow gentle love this time. I would say that we hit it off really well for our first official time, you know, with your permission."

"Are you going to see him again?" I asked.

"I want to, but it has to be alright with you."

"Sarah, I think I'm as excited as you are and you have my total blessing for anything that happens."

"Dan, make love to me again," and I did.

The next day Sarah called me and told me "Robert was very concerned about whether you were actually alright with the situation. I again closed his door and unbuttoned a couple buttons on my blouse and pulled my bra down. When he saw your hickie, you should have seen the grin on his face. He gave me a quick kiss and then left the office, telling me that he would be back in a while. He was gone for about two hours and when he got back, he took me into his office to tell me that he had found a small, furnished apartment just around the corner from the office. He wants to show it to me after work. Would that be alright if I am an hour or two late tonight?"

I quickly said that I would be waiting for her when she got home. It was pretty much the same as the night before. For the next few days Robert and Sarah slipped off to the apartment for a quick lunch and a little lunch-time sex. Twice she asked if she could come home a little later. I, of course, agreed. We had the best sex of our marriage on those evenings when she got home late. I know it sounds funny but I actually shared with her the pleasure that she experienced with Robert. She always described in great detail how Robert made her feel as they made love. She really was enjoying the relationship- the great sex, the taboo factor, the general naughtiness and, of course, the risk of pregnancy.

After about two weeks, she called me on Friday afternoon and wanted to know if I would be upset if she stayed over with Robert that night because they never really had very long to be together during their lunches and after work meetings. I told her to have a good time and I would see her in the morning. After that, this became our routine. Friday night became her night 'out with the boys'.

Ten months later, Sarah quit working at her job and prepared to give birth to our first child. The three of were very excited. At this time none of us knew for sure who the father would be. So far there had not been any negative social consequences of our lifestyle because no-one really knew what was going on. Two months passed and this changed when Sarah gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and there was no longer any doubt about who the father was. We weathered the storm of astonishment and quite frankly of revulsion that came from some of our relatives and friends. Some of our friends drifted away and it took a while for our parents to accept our little daughter and our lifestyle. We loved each other, and you know- love conquers all. I really wasn't too concerned with what other people thought about us. After a few weeks Sarah and Robert resumed seeing each other, less often but Friday nights were reserved for them while I stayed home and took care of our daughter.

Almost two years later, Sarah delivered our second daughter. Robert again was the proud father but I was the adoring daddy. We couldn't have been happier. And now it is two years later and this morning Sarah told me that we were to be parents again. I can hardly wait. Unfortunately Robert is being transferred to the home office in six weeks. I'm sure that he will want to come visit us in the future. I wonder if I should wait awhile before I suggest to Sarah that maybe she could find another lover after Robert leaves. I think she will agree.

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loved the story well written. blackbred wives on the increase, that is my wifes fantasy!

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