tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSarah and Tom Explore Ch. 03

Sarah and Tom Explore Ch. 03


This is the proper Ch03, sorry I published Ch02 TWICE! I hope the webmasters can sort it out.!


Sarah was awakened by the ring of the telephone. "I'll get it!" announced Tom, walking out of the bathroom naked. "Hello?"

"Hallo Tom, it's Carole, are you two still wanting to go out with me today?"

"Of course!" Tom uttered, " er... Sarah stop that!" Sarah had crawled over to him where he stood leaning against the wall and was licking his testicles.

"Start saying sexy things to him Carole, I what to make him cum while he's on the phone!" She called out. Carole obviously obliged as Tom was soon breathing hard. It was helped of course by the fact that Sarah was deep throating him as Carole suggested various things that they might try together. Tom's heavy breathing became grunting, so Sarah took his purple penis in her hand and began wanking him vigorously. He shot three or four long strings of semen out onto the tiled floor.

Carole sussed what had happened and said "Mission accomplished I gather, I'll be round in an hour!"

"Don't wear much!" Tom called to her as she rang off. "Right!" he said to Sarah, "now for your punishment!" He grabbed her and rolled her in the semen on the floor. When he thought she was adequately covered, he lay her on her back and straddled her torso, dangling his semi flaccid prick over her face. He squeezed a last few drops of his seed on to her nose and cheeks, rubbing into her face.

Sarah was in the shower when there was a knock on the door. Tom opened the door, naked, to see Carole there. They embraced and Tom scooped her off her feet, carried her into the bathroom and deposited her, fully clothed into the shower with Sarah. Her print mini dress immediately clung to her body, her bra and panties showing through the material. Sarah laughed and asked "Why did you do that?"

"She was wearing too many clothes!" Tom replied. Sarah put her arms round Carole and they kissed.

After they emerged from the shower, Carole asked no one in particular, "What am I going to wear now?" Tom suggested,

"Well, you can either wear your dress and shoes, all wet and clingy, or you can have something from Sarah's wardrobe which we will pick for you."

"Well", Carole replied, "I might get wet whilst we're out, but I hadn't intended to start out that way!"

"That's very intriguing," Tom mused, "I'm sure that Sarah could find something that would look very interesting when wet."

"Oh god!" exclaimed Carole, "What have I said?"

"I have the very thing!" announced Sarah. She was holding up a long white cheesecloth dress. "This and your sandals, or your dress freshly wetted, whenever we decide, with whatever we have to hand, that's the deal."

"What are you wearing?" Carole asked Sarah suspiciously.

"Tom will decide." She replied simply. "And," she added with a giggle, "How long it will last!" Carole looked shocked.

Tom produced a button through cotton voile dress in pale green for Sarah to wear. It was mid thigh length and had long sleeves. Sarah slipped it on over her naked body and paraded around the room. "Shall I wear a belt with it?" She asked, "It will make it look a bit shorter." Tom nodded and she put on a wide fabric belt in white. This had the desired effect and they set off to the car park.

They drove along the coast for a while before stopping in a little fishing village for coffee. Carole began questioning Sarah on her remark , "and how long it will last".

"Oh that!" Sarah laughed, "everything in my wardrobe is dispensable. I fully expect that when we come to go home, all I will have left is a bundle of rags. Anything I have on is liable to be ripped off either partially or completely at anytime, even if we are in public. That also incidentally applies to that dress you are wearing. So, have fun! 'Cos we will!" Carole gulped at her coffee and wondered how she had got involved with such a couple as Sarah and Tom.

They drove along the back of the sand dunes until a small area where cars were parked indicated the existence over the dunes of a small bar/café. Leaving the car, they trudge across the soft sand and found a dilapidated wooden hut with a rush canopy over a few plastic tables and chairs. Three small beers and a light snack were ordered and they sat back relishing the shade afforded by the canopy. "What plans do you have for tonight?" Carole asked.

"Well," began Tom, I thought we could have a glamorous dinner at some posh restaurant and then back to ours for a night of unbridled sex."

"In addition to that," Sarah told him, "Carole is going to give us, and anyone else who is watching, more than a glimpse of her fabulous body."

"Oh! I am, am I?" Carole asked.

"Don't worry," Tom told her, "You won't be on your own."

"Tom?" Sarah exclaimed, "Are you going to strip off in public too?"

He laughed and said "You never know your luck. However, someone is going to have to look after you two girls, So I think one of us is going to have to stay reasonably clothed for the evening."

"The inference therefore being," Sarah concluded, "that Carole and I are not necessarily going to be always completely clothed during the evening."

Tom smiled as their snacks arrived, "I always love watching you enjoying yourself."

After coffee, (Tom had to drive), Sarah suggested a walk along the beach for a short distance. They walked barefooted in the shallows, relishing the cooling effects of the small wavelets washing their toes. "Still up for tonight?" Sarah asked Carole.

"I think so, Carole replied, "but I don't think I have anything glamorous to wear, and I'd hate to show you up."

"Everything will be provided." Sarah assured her. Just then a bigger wave than the others washed up their legs to about knee level, wetting Tom's slacks and more interestingly in his mind, Carole's dress. It went transparent instantly and clung to her calves like a second skin. Sarah, whose dress was much shorter and therefore was not affected, laughed. "Hard luck Tom," she said, "We should have been a bit deeper in the water.

"That can always be arranged!" He announced and putting his arms around the girl's waists, ran them into the oncoming waves. Sarah "fell" over and pulled Tom down with her into the surf. Tom held on to Carole and soon all three of them were laid out and the waves washed over them. Sarah wrestled herself on top of Tom and sat astride him for a moment. Through her dress, Tom could quite clearly see a pair of stiff nipples and their areola. Indeed her breasts were outlined in quite some detail as the wet material clung to her body. He could also see a hairless pussy as the bottom button of the dress seemed to have disappeared.

Carole was horrified to see just how transparent her cheesecloth dress had become and at first refused to stand up. From neck to foot, she appeared to hardly wearing a dress at all. Her tanned body was completely exposed. Most embarrassingly of all, her pubic hair shone through the dress like someone had applied it in black paint. The beach was not busy, but there were a few people about, but luckily they did not include any children. "Don't worry, Carole," Sarah told her, "We are all adults here and it is nothing that we have not seen before."

Carole was not convinced, "These people have not seen me naked before!" she complained. Then Tom pointed out a couple who were indeed naked and several other women who were topless. After that she did not feel quite so bad. She had her misgivings however when Tom and Sarah headed back to the bar and sat down. She joined them, pulling her chair close to the table, so that all any bystanders could see was her breasts and her body in profile. Tom ordered stiff drinks for the women whilst he only had another small beer.

After another couple of drinks and seeing that nobody was passing comment, Carole surprised herself by agreeing, when asked by Sarah, if she was enjoying herself, that yes, indeed she was and it did seem to be rather exciting being almost naked in a public bar. "Get used to it!" Sarah advised her, "Because we're hardly going to be better covered tonight!" Tom suggested that as Sarah had the "big wide belt" fastened, she didn't need the buttons above it done up at all. "You'd better undo them then." She told him and twisted in her chair to present them to him. In twisting as she did, the bottom part of her dress opened, exposing her pubic area.

"You undo them yourself," he told her, "Whilst I take care of this." As he said that , he slid his hand up her thigh and slipped two fingers between her labia lips.

She jumped a little and then shuddered, whispering, "not all the way in here -- please!" then biting her lip. She looked at his face, studying his eyes as she undid the three buttons holding her dress closed above the belt. She still hadn't moved her legs to close off the access of which Tom was taking advantage. "Let's go into the dunes." She suggested. Tom nodded and called for the bill. Sarah returned to her normal sitting position, and under the table, she placed her hand on Carole's thigh, telling her that. "Tom is going to bring me off in the dunes, I'm sure he'll do the same for you."

"If he won't, I will!" Carole answered in a surprisingly throaty voice. The girls stood and hand in hand, walked out of the cover of the canopy.

Their dresses were drying out in the heat and were almost back to normal as they found a depression in the dunes. Sarah took her dress off and laid it on the sand to dry a bit more. Carole, after a good look round, did the same and they lay on their backs soaking up the sun.

Sarah soon felt some masculine fingers playing with her clitoris. She was so highly charged that it wasn't long before her body was moving up and down on the soft, dry sand. Much sooner than she expected, she was thrashing about under Tom's fingers, her legs wide apart, groaning and telling him in no uncertain terms to "Keep fucking going!!!!"

Carole watched wide-eyed as Tom brought Sarah to orgasm after orgasm. She found one of her hands sliding down her belly and the other cupping one of her breasts. Her fingers found her labia which surprised her with it's wetness. They slipped inside as she watched Tom, having sated Sarah completely with his fingers, shuffled up astride her body until his knees were firmly planted in her arm pits. He began to wank himself, vigorously with his right hand. His left was in Sarah's hair, pulling it forward over her face. She smiled and muttered, "I thought you'd forgotten. Fill it good!" She moved her hands to Tom's arse and fingered his ring.

This spurred him on and soon he was unloading several spurts of semen on to her hair covered face. "Oh God!" he exclaimed.

"OOOoooooH!" announced Sarah. "I loved that!" Tom pushed her cummed hair back over her forehead, getting some sand mixed in with it at the same time.

They both looked over at Carole, who had stopped frigging herself in awe. Tom allowed Sarah to get up and she rolled over half on top of Carole and kissed her fully on the mouth. She also took over where Carole had left off and pushed her fingers in side to fingers a very receptive clitoris. Her tongue was also penetrating Carole's mouth. They continued for a while and Carole had an orgasm, the like of which she had not had for a while. Tom, meantime, emptied his bladder over Sarah's arse. Sarah wiggled it in the flow with the result that some flowed down her inner thigh and on to Carole's thigh. The only result was Carole pulling Sarah's face down hard on her own and pushing her tongue into Sarah's mouth.

"I enjoyed that!" Sarah exclaimed, sitting up, "If you're going to kiss me like that, perhaps Tom should piss on us more often!"

"I don't know why it affected me like that," Carole began, "it's never happened to me before."

Sarah sat astride her friend, putting some weight on Carole's belly. "Then you must try it again!" Sarah announced and raising herself up a little began to piddle over Carole's pubes. Carole's eyes widened with shock and then she smiled as she slid her hand to her labia which was getting showered by Sarah and couldn't resist rubbing herself. The warmth of the fluid surprised her. With her free hand, she caressed her breasts until she shuddered with an orgasm, not as intense as the one she had earlier, but an orgasm nonetheless.

"You two are giving me such a good time, I don't want it to stop." Carole muttered.

"Then it won't!" announced Sarah and bending over close to her ear, whispered, "as long as you let us do what we want to you."

Carole threw her arms around Sarah's neck, pulling her even closer, "Anything." She whispered, "anything at all!" Sarah slid a hand to Carole's wet clit and flicked it with her finger.

"Tom." Sarah spoke quietly, "Piss over us again." There was an embarrassed silence. "Tom?"

"I -- I can't" Sarah turned her head and laughed. "Not in this state." Tom muttered. Sarah was laughing because Tom was sporting a huge erection. "It's watching you two, it's so sexy."

Sarah grinned and still looking Tom in the eye, said, "Carole, would you like to fellate Tom?"

She turned to Carole who smiled and murmured "Mmmmm."

"Then go on and do it," Sarah replied, and standing up on the top of the dune, naked, with cum and sand in her hair, said, "I'll keep watch."

Carole said nothing, but pulled Tom down until he was laying on his back in the soft warm sand. She positioned herself half on top of his legs, one breast each side of his thigh. Tom's penis was standing straight up, she took it on one hand and presented it to her lips. Her tongue flicked and licked at the helmet and her hand slowly worked the foreskin up and down the shaft. Carole then covered the top if his penis with her mouth. Tom couldn't resist a single thrust upwards with his hips. Carole grinned showing her beautiful white teeth slightly gripping Tom's prick. She began to work her hand up and down quicker, Tom was thrusting up and down regularly now, so Carole took her mouth away and rested her cheek on his hip. He was very close to ejaculation, something not missed by Carole.

"Come on her face Tom." It was a quietly spoken instruction, "come in the bitch's face! Ooooofff! Tom looked up and saw Sarah standing over them, frigging herself in broad daylight. She went round above his head and sank to her knees, kneeling so her moistened labia was just above his forehead. Tom spurted three long strings of semen into the air, most of which landed on Carole's uppermost cheek, although some of it strayed into her hair and ear. "Oh FUCK!!!" exclaimed Sarah as she fell forward over Tom.

The first thing that Tom realised was that a soaking vagina was thrust against his nose. Indeed he waggled his nose from side to side inside the hot slit. Meanwhile Sarah was licking his semen off Carole's cheek and collecting it in her mouth. She then let it run out between her lips onto Carole's upturned face. They kissed and Carole could taste cum on Sarah's tongue. As Tom continued to lick Sara's wet pubes and finger her anus. She effective spat in his face, but not with her mouth. Her mouth was busily engaged in collecting cum from Carole's face and dropping it, coated with saliva into her waiting mouth covering her teeth and lips at the same time. When Carole's cheeks were clean, if not dry, Sarah licked to cum off Carole's teeth. As an almost final act in this threesome, Carole took Sarah's face in her hands and blew the cum and sputum collected in her mouth all over Sarah's face. Sarah's reaction was one of wiping her face with Carole's hair, before sticking her tongue down her throat.

All three of them lay there for a moment or two, before Tom spoke. "Was that all tight for you two then?" he asked.

The girls laughed out loud. "Absolutely!" and "Too right!" were the replies. He looked at them, faces wet and hair all over the place.

"Will you do something for me?" he queried.

Sarah moved round to kiss him. "Anything." She whispered.

"Both of you?" Tom asked.

Sarah nodded, "Carole too, she'll go along with it." She looked at Carole who grinned and nodded.

"Well," Tom began, I want us to get dressed, but not cleaned up, drive into the next village and have a drink at a table right by the pavement."

"I don't know about a drink!" Suggested Sarah, "I want something to eat, I'm famished!"

"A meal it is then." Tom announced.

They chose a table that not only flanked the footpath, but the roadway as well. Sarah's shoulder length blonde hair was sticky with cum and sand, her cotton voile dress was buttoned and belted, that is if the two buttons which were actually fastened at the waist counted. She sat at the table, her legs crossed and the dress had slid off her legs. One of which was bared to the crease where her thigh met her abdomen.

Tom reached across as if to brush away something that had stuck to her dress, but surprised the girls by ripping one of the undone buttons, completely off the dress. "My!" he exclaimed, "that came off easily, I wonder if ...... Yes! There you go, another one has gone!"

Sarah put on a look of mock shock and said, "My goodness! I hope they don't all disappear as easily as that!" She pulled on one herself and it came away in her hand, "Gosh! They do. Look!" She pulled off another one the sole remaining one above her belt, "See!" Just then their meal arrived, so they started to eat.

Tom looked at Carole, eating her meal. Her long brunette hair was also a mess, having a little cum in it from Sarah's face and fingers, being longer, about half way down her back, it looked a little more bedraggled than Sarah's. Her cheesecloth dress had dried out completely now and although a little dirty was almost decent, perhaps a little too decent. He spoke, "Sarah, do you think that Carole's dress is a little on the long side?" She looked at him. "After all here you are wearing that delightful tiny dress and very little else and Carole has not shown hardly any of her legs, since we got here."

Sarah grinned, "I know what you mean." She replied, "What do you suppose we could do about it?"

Tom handed her his steak knife saying, "I really don't know, but in an ideal world, the hem should not be closer to the ground than the sleeves, don't you agree?"

Sarah choked on her food but quickly recovered and laughed saying, "As always, you are so perceptive." Carole watched wide eyed as Sarah pushed the knife through the thin cheesecloth material. "Oh look!" Sarah exclaimed, "there is a hole in your dress Carole."

"There won't be any buttons left on yours if you carry on like that!" Carole hissed.

"What a good idea!" Sarah replied and cut the remaining buttons off her own dress, leaving just her belt holding it closed. "There now," she said, "I think we can carry on now, don't you?"

After her first attempt, Sarah had cut Carole's dress off so that it was about three inches above her knees at the longest point, (the back). Of course it was nowhere near level, at one point on the front of her left thigh, it was only about twelve inches from her waist. "Have you QUITE finished?" Carole asked, somewhat indignantly.

"One more cut." Sarah suggested.

Carole backed away. "Oh No! I'm exposed enough as it is!"

"Aw, c'mon," Sarah pleaded, "One more cut and I promise no more off the length." She hesitated, "In fact I won't cut any more material away at all. If you let me do that, you can undo my belt one more notch, and that's all that's holding my dress closed."

Carole looked her suspiciously. "One more cut, no material removed and I can undo your belt, - right?" Sarah nodded. Carole grinned and said, "You two! I don't know what I'm getting myself into!" eventually she nodded, "go on then, but you must lose the belt."

"Completely?" Sarah asked.

"Yup!" replied Carole, obviously thinking that Sarah would not agree to her terms.

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