Sarah and Tom Explore Ch. 06


Tom called a taxi and took Mina to a high level restaurant and nightspot a few miles out of town. Their booked table was not quite ready, (they were early) so they sat in the bar. "This is very kind of you Tom, taking me out like this. It looks very expensive here."

"It's a sort of dry run." Tom replied. "I am trying it out for when Sarah gets back. If it works out OK I'll bring her here too."

"So I'm a sort of guinea pig!" Mina said, trying to sound annoyed but failing.

"But a very beautiful one." Tom told her squeezing her hand.

The waiter brought the menu so they could order at their leisure. Mina was wearing her wrap so that the revealing nature of her dress was not immediately obvious. Only the amount of thigh on display indicated how short the skirt was. They took their time deciding what to order, the waiter helping them decide, telling them about each dish. They finally settled on their meal and soon the Sommelier arrived. She was a beautiful long haired brunette wearing a very classy, but sexy black dress. She was brilliant, lavishing attention on them both with equal measure. She helped them select both a main course wine and a dessert wine. It was a bit extravagant, but Tom told her that Mina and him were having a very special date, but he did not elaborate.

After she'd gone, Mina offered the opinion that the Sommelier had fancied Tom. "I don't think so." He said, "She just fancied my wallet." He took another sip of his drink, "anyway she certainly liked you, she was giving you a really good look over."

"I suppose she was wondering what a gentleman like you saw in a woman like me."

"You are the most beautiful and sexy woman in the room," Mina was just taking a sip of her drink when Tom continued, "and no doubt she was weighing up her chances with you!"

Mina choked on her drink, with some of it coming back down her nose. "Tom!" she scolded him, "Stop it!"

They sat talking for a little while longer then a syrupy waiter suddenly appeared, telling them their table was ready. Neither of them saw him coming, it was as if he appeared out of nowhere.

Mina followed him with Tom bringing up the rear, watching the smooth wiggle of Mina's buttocks hardly hidden at all by the crocheted skirt. They were shown to a corner table , where they could both sit and face out into the restaurant. The food arrived as if by magic with three people waiting on them, two men and a young woman. As quickly as they appeared, they were gone, leaving the couple to enjoy their meal.

Tom reached under the table, "Mina, give me your hand." She did as she had been bidden. "You know when we were dancing in the nightclub and you said that if ever things between Sarah and I didn't work out, you'd be there for me?"

"Don't remind me Tom, it was an awful thing to say, Sarah is my best friend and I wouldn't do anything to hurt her or try to break you two up." Mina was almost in tears.

"Mina." Tom began.

"Please let me finish, Tom," Mina pleaded with him. "I know why I said it, and it has more than an element of truth in it, but I would never forgive you or myself if we were to cause Sarah and you to part."

"Thank you for saying that Mina," Tom replied, "Sarah and I are not going to break up, so you can relax on that point. I know that you and her go back a long way and I have no intention of coming between you and her. I wants us all three to be the best of friends."

Mina smiled at him through tear filled eyes. "You are a lovely man Tom and I hope you and I can become good friends too."

"I'm glad that that is settled, Tom said softly, "now enjoy your meal and the rest of the evening, because later on I want to shag the arse off you!"

Mina laughed out loud at that, causing some faces to be turned their way in the restaurant. "Sarah told me to wear a "Fuck me" dress tonight, because she would have done if she was here." She whispered.

"Are you looking forward to having sex whilst still fully clothed in the bath?" Tom asked her.

"If that's what you want Tom."

"Oh no!" Tom exclaimed. "This night is about you and what you want, do you understand that?"

"In that case Yes to both counts." Mina said wearing a big wide smile.

"On the other hand we could go out into the grounds and fuck against a tree." Tom looked at her as he made the suggestion.

"That too if you like, Surprise me." She told him.

It surprised them both how quickly the time had passed, and by the time they were having their after dinner coffee, they had been there almost three hours. "Shall we try and find the ballroom?" Tom asked.

"Yes, that would be nice. Do you want to show me off to the other guests?"

"Definitely, are you up for that?"

"Tom," she sounded a little exasperated, "Have you seen how I'm dressed? Of course I'm up for that!"

"How long have you had that dress by the way?" Tom asked her.

"A couple of weeks, I bought it off the internet, intending to wear it only at a small intimate party. I never imagined wearing it in public!"

"I'm glad you did."

"I did it for you, Tom." She sighed "Sarah has told me to expect that anything I might wear may not survive the night. So tonight what's mine is yours. Just get me home safely."

"I will." Tom told her as they walked through the corridors of the hotel, "although not necessarily dressed."

Mina laughed, "That's why I brought the wrap."

"Even that, is only muslin and see through." He noted.

"Precisely. I didn't want to spoil all your fun." She snuggled up to his arm.

They heard the sounds of a dance band and followed them to the ballroom. It was busy, but not overcrowded. They were playing a waltz. "Let's dance Mina." She melted into his arms and their bodies moulded together, their pelvises gently nudging each other. "I wonder if you are the only one on this dance floor not wearing panties." He whispered into her ear.

She gently slapped his shoulder, "I bet I'm not, have you seen how tight some of those silk dresses are? I haven't seen a VPL at all yet."

"Are you trying to turn me on?" he asked, "Telling me that most of the women surrounding me are naked under their dresses? Some of them look like really classy women."

"They are the worst."

They continued dancing for a long time, luxuriating in the smooth sounds of the band. "Do you want a drink Mina?"

She shook her head, "Now I am very happy as I am. I don't want the dancing to get any faster, I like it here in your arms."

"You realise that we are going to have to do some quickstep or even Rock'n'Roll don't you, I want everyone to see that neat little arse you've got." He told her.

She shuddered slightly and murmured "I know!"

He detected the shudder, "do you not want to do it?" he asked.

"Yes I do!" she told him emphatically, "None of my boyfriends has ever asked me to do anything like this. I'm so excited at the prospect, of people seeing me displaying my body for my partner. In fact I've changed my mind, I would like a drink, a big stiff one and I will be ready."

He guided her over to the bar and sat her on a high bar stool. She crossed her legs, but he manipulated them so that one thigh crossed the other about half way up. She felt uncomfortable, but was delighted that her legs were so exposed and that she was getting some attention.

It wasn't long before the tempo of the music increased sufficiently that some dancers were jiving. "Your time has come Mina, leave your wrap here and let's flash some flesh." Tom said to her.

She almost wet herself with delight as she slid down from the stool and her dress caught up on it, momentarily exposing her bum cheeks. Tom handed her wrap to one of the barmen and told him to keep it for her. There were a number of mostly older people standing round the edge of the dance floor watching the more energetic ones jiving. Tom had to push his way politely through the three deep audience reaching behind himself to pull Mina along. She needed no pulling she was as anxious as he was to get dancing.

They started in a fairly conservatory fashion. But he loved the way she spun round and her skirt flew out. He could see her breasts moving inside the holey dress and he was getting very excited at the prospect of a nipple flash. They weren't used to each other's dancing so no ambitious moves were made. But every now and then he put his arm around her and displaced her dress allowing either her bum to be seen or almost a whole breast. After a while they realised that many more people were watching than dancing, indeed some of the dancers had stopped to watch him and Mina. She was getting her wish to put on a show, there was no doubt in the minds of anyone watching that she was naked under her dress. It was clear that the band were going into the big finish so her tried the through the legs move where Mina slid down through his legs and was pulled back so her legs were thrown into the air. Luckily Mina twigged on to his plan and co-operated.

She pulled her feet together and slid her legs along the floor between his. Her dress caught a little on his trousers and she ended up exposed from the waist down. The return move relied on him pulling her back with such force that she would be thrown into the air, holding on to his shoulders. Again as this happened, her dress slid up her body almost to breast level exposing her bum and pussy to all. She landed back on her feet to a rapturous round of applause from most who were watching, some of the women looked disgusted, but they were more than countered by those who enjoyed the show.

They made their way back to the bar and found drinks being bought for them. One man came up and said what a wonderful show they had put on, but someone had complained to the management about her nudity, but he had been dissuaded from acting on the complaints by those who had enjoyed the dancing.

The barman offered Mina's wrap back but she told him to hang on to it for a little longer. After a refreshing drink, slow dancing was back, the main lights had been dimmed and only the wall lights round the room remained on. This gave an intimate feel to even such a large room. Mina and Tom smooched their way round the floor. Their arms wrapped around each other. Tom put one hand to the back of her neck and kissed her for the first time that night. Her response was her tongue into his mouth. They stayed like that for a moment or two. She pulled her face away from his sufficiently to say, "It's a hook and eye, Tom." He realised that he was holding the halter top fastening of her dress. "It undoes like a bra." She whispered. He needed no further instruction and moments later the halter had slipped forward and their body pressure and his hand on her breast were all that was stopping the dress from falling off. He was enjoying himself, but she was in heaven!

They danced until the band packed up and left. Her halter was reconnected and her wrap collected. "Would you like a walk in the grounds, or shall we go home?" Tome asked her.

"Let's go home." She said quietly. They were really lucky with a taxi. One had just dropped off some guests who were staying at the hotel having been out somewhere else for the evening. The driver was very pleased to pick up a return fare.

George was on station in reception (does he ever go home?) "Evening Mr Ward" he greeted Tom and had a smirk on his face when he saw that it was not Sarah on his arm. "Had a good night sir?"

"Thank you George, yes we have." Tom told him as they waited for the lift doors to open. As they stepped inside the car, Tom suggested to Mina that she had been wearing her dress for long enough that evening.

"I thought you wanted to throw me into the bath whilst I was still wearing it." Mina responded.

"That was only one of a number of options." He told her, reaching behind her neck to unfasten the clip.

Mina grinned at him as she spread her arms wide and let the garment slither to the floor. She pulled her wrap round herself and said "Satisfied now?"

Tom looked at her encased only in the beautiful printed muslin wrap, "I am only disappointed that you did not wear that on the dance floor instead of your dress."

"I'll show you." She said. She unravelled the wrap and wound it round herself to form a sort of dress. "You like it?"

"Bugger me!" Exclaimed Tom, If I had known you could do that, I'd have insisted that you would have come out with me dressed like that."

"Sorry, kid, you missed your chance." She was laughing at him.

"Would you have done it?" He asked

"Yes, I think I would have, going where we went tonight, although jiving would have been out of the question of course."

They arrived at the correct floor and stepped across the hall way towards the apartment. "Wave at George." Tom told her indicating a CCTV camera in the corner. She did as he said and did a little curtsey to the camera.

Inside, he took her in his arms and said "I've had a whale of a time tonight and if you have," She nodded, "and want to leave it there," (she shook her head), "then I suppose we could go to bed." (she nodded again). She took his hand and led him to the bedroom where she threw herself on the bed.

"Make love to me Tom." She said softly and watch as he slowly disrobed, determined to build up the atmosphere. He was right to do so as she was more than ready for him when he joined her, naked on the bed. "You'll have to unwrap me." She told him.

She had made such a good job of winding the wrap round herself and tucking it in that he was a bit nonplussed as to where to start. She giggled "I learnt to tie a sari many years ago and it came in handy tonight." She made him fight his way into the garment, while she collapsed in a fit of giggles. Eventually he had her free of any encumbrances and he lay on top of her kissing her gently. "Thank you for tonight, Tom, it's been lovely."

"Lovely?" He questioned.

"And exciting." She added, "It was great to think of all those people seeing me."

"I should think so too!" Tom told her, "I was proud to be seen with you, you beautiful, sexy woman, you. You liked being exposed in next to nothing to strangers.?"

"I did and Sarah told me to expect to be shown off, so I went with it and loved it!" She laughed, "to think last week I was reluctant to take off my bra! Now you have opened a Pandora's Box, you have turned me into a right exhibitionist." Tom smiled. "What are you smiling at?" she asked.

"Sarah said she had been hoping to meet someone like me, who would allow her to indulge in her latent wish to play risqué games."

"Right, Tom, turn over and let me indulge you for a moment." He rolled over on to his back and she slid down his body and took his penis into her mouth. She hesitated for a moment. "Would you like me to be a really dirty girl for you?" She received a grunt in reply, which indicated his acquiescence, so she lifted his leg and started to lick his perineum which is the patch of skin between the scrotum and the anus.

He jerked so much that he knocked her head with his thigh. "No-one has ever done that to me before!" he gasped. He lifted his legs higher in an invitation for her to continue. She needed no second bidding and ran the flat of her tongue along the reddish, slightly sweaty, skin. "Ahhhh," he moaned, then she took one of his testicles into her mouth and just gently gripped it with her teeth. He was writhing in a mixture of agony and ecstasy this was a new experience for him and he was somewhat horrified at what might happen, but not wanting her to stop what she was doing. She teased him with her teeth, threatening to bite, but still using her tongue on the part of the scrotum in her mouth. She clearly could not talk while she was busy, so she reached above her head and found his penis with her hand. Pulling his foreskin back, found his stigola, the hole in the end of the urethra, with her fingernail and waggled it back and forth. She was giving him quite a few new experiences this night and he was not sure quite how much he was enjoying them.

She relaxed after a while and then took his penis in her hand and began to wank him whilst looking directly at his face. She smiled, in fact displayed a wide grin. "I have other tricks." she said.

"You are some girl Mina!" he groaned. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"My brother."

"Your brother!?" He sat bolt upright.

She burst into a hearty laugh, "I'm kidding, I'm kidding!" when she had stopped laughing, tears streaming down her cheeks, she said, "Your face! It was a picture!" When she had got his full attention, "actually it was one of my aunts, who told me how to do it."

"Your aunt?"

"Yes, in our culture we are taught how to treat our men, and it is often the aunts that teach the younger girls in the little things that can please men. You have heard of the Karma Sutra?" he nodded, "well," she said with an enormous wink, "not all things are written down."

"Blimey!" Tom uttered, "How long have you been doing that to men?"

"You are the first."


"Did you like it?"

"Well it was certainly stimulating. I'm still making up my mind whether I liked it or not. It wasn't unpleasant, just unexpected. You certainly are a girl of surprises."

"Maybe, I can try it again sometime, perhaps later, after you have pumped your seed into me."

He made a grab for her, "now that is something that I enjoy!" He rolled her on to her back, lifted her legs, which she curled round his body and slid his extremely erect penis into her.

They made soft gentle love, a sexual meeting of two lovers, no-one was in a rush to climax and that made it much more enjoyable. After a while they began moving in a gentle rhythm working in harmony to each satisfy the other. The orgasms, when they came were almost simultaneous, she having her first before him. This spurred him on to greater effort and he injected three, four, five streams of ejaculate into her willing body. She clamped him hard in her and held him there until his hardness had gone.

He rolled on to his back and she clambered on top of him allowing the mixture of her juices and his sperm to run out of her all over his chest. She then slithered down and rubbed it over him with her breasts. He pulled her to him and they kissed for several minutes, tonguing each other, her arms around his neck and his hands caressing her buttocks. His fingers found her anus and he began to run his finger round her rim. "That's something that no man has ever done to me." She whispered, "would you like to try?"

"Give me time to recover first sweetie." He murmured, "you have no idea what you have taken out of me tonight."

"Of course." She whispered, "but when you do, be gentle with me."

"I'll be as gentle as a lamb."

They lay in each other's arms for some time, before she started playing with his penis again. It began to show signs of life, which she took as an encouraging sign and eventually of course he developed a decent erection, he looked at her "ready?"

"Yes, but....." she hesitated, "could you find something, to ... to help?"

"A lubricant?"


"OK then." He got up and disappeared out of the bedroom.

"Mina!" he called from the other room.


"I'm coming ready or not!"

She got off the bed and knelt on the floor, with her legs splayed out and her torso across the bed. He knelt behind her she felt something cold, soft and creamy being applied to her backside. "It's cold! What is it?"

"Don't ask!"

She giggled but stopped doing so almost immediately as she felt fingers applying the cream, to the edge of her rectum. The fingers were then replaced by something bigger and harder. He stayed at the very entrance of her anus. "You must tell me if you want me to stop." He instructed her. "I mean it!"

"Yes!" she gasped. "do it!" she gave a sharp intake of breath as he ease slowly into her. It felt wet and messy, and tight but slippery. It felt as though her whole body was being invaded. She felt his groin touch her buttocks and knew he was right in. She was sure that she could feel his prick pushing against her womb. This was obviously impossible and just a feeling, a feeling she was beginning to like. "Tom."

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