Sarah Ch. 02


Sarah and I lay on the bed beside each other. I was absently fondling her breasts while we talked and she gently held my penis. It was early morning and the light of dawn streaked through the soft blinds that covered my window.

Sarah had come over to my apartment after her shift at 'Roxanne'. She had got in at about five in the morning and we had stayed awake talking and making out. We had been going out, if you could call it that, for a week now. Sarah would not let me tell anyone else about us. We acted distant and unfamiliar at college. She would come over and we would fuck like rabbits, or I would go to 'Roxanne' on quiet nights and we would fuck there. Sarah liked pretty wild sex. We would roll around and change positions constantly. She especially liked one weird position. She would hang the top part of her body of the end of the bed and I had to hold her up. I would be on top of her, furiously sawing my cock into her fiery pussy, with one hand one the floor and one arm under her back. It was intense sex, but it was like doing one-armed push-ups for two people.

Sarah's skin looked wonderful in the gold-tinted morning light, her full curving breasts, her lean waist, her smooth rounded bum.

"Everyone else's life must suck." I said.

"Why?" Sarah replied.

"Because they aren't with you, and I am." and I kissed her.

She smiled.

"Nearly time to leave for college." I said after a while.

Sarah didn't say anything but just squeezed my cock tighter and started to stroke it slowly.

"Umm, that's nice." I said pinching her nipples.

Sarah gently tickled my cock with her long nails and squeezed my cock head. She licked her fingers and rubbed them over the swollen mushroom top of my cock. My head swam as she stroked me slowly and delightfully.

"Baby, we don't have time. I have to leave soon." I said.

Sarah looked hurt and sat up. She spat on my cock and increased the length of her strokes. Still going very slowly she ran her fist the full length of my shaft and squeezed me tightly. God, I loved the way this woman jerked me. Her tits swayed as she worked on me. I reached up to touch her breasts but she slapped my hand away.

"This is for you, baby." she said.

I lay back and relaxed as images of delight filled my mind. Being locked in the changing room with the cheerleading team. Sneaking into the Sultan's harem of well-trained but frustrated concubines.

On a down stroke, Sarah stuck my glistening cock head into her mouth and sucked on it.

"Oh, Wow, Sarah. That feels so good. I love it when you do that."

She replied by increasing her pace. Soon she was furiously jerking and sucking my cock at the same time. Every few strokes she would take her mouth off and rub my engorged tip with her palm. The sensation was incredibly intense. She would then suck me back into her mouth and lick me gloriously.

Soon my balls were boiling and the muscles along my back tightened. I grabbed fistfuls of the comforter and pulled on them.

"Ugh, argh. Fuck! Sarah, I'm going to cum. Oh, shit, here it is. URGH!!"

The first shot went deep into Sarah's hot little mouth and she sucked it up. She sat back to swallow my man juice but kept wanking my pole at an unbelievable speed. Shot after shot of my cum flew into the air.

"Fuck, yeah! That's it my boy." Sarah said. "Look at that cum spew everywhere. You are a fucking hose, you dirty little pervert."

I had to ask Sarah to stop pumping me once I finished cuming.

"Wow, babe. That was amazing." I said. "We've got to leave or we are going to be late."

"No, I don't. Just you, and you are late now. Ha ha!" and she slapped my ass.

Fuck! It was nine o'clock. If I missed that lecture, I'd be screwed. I threw on some clothes and ran out the door.


I biked to college like a mad man. I got to the lecture by 10 past and was able to keep up. I did stink of cum and sweat though and I got some very strange looks. I didn't care what people thought because I was fucking the most beautiful woman in the world. I felt light and aglow

I didn't see Sarah in our biology lab, I hadn't seen her in any of the lectures we shared that day. Claire, my lab partner also seemed a bit different.

"Are you okay, Claire." I asked "you're a bit distracted."

"No, I'm okay, John." she replied. Then after a moment, she added quietly "Well actually, I'm a bit worried about you."


"Yeah, you come late to class, you don't know your stuff, and you are only just passing your mastery tests."

She looked very concerned.

"I was always a bit flaky, Claire."

"This is different. You were absent minded, and you were a bit of a nerd, but you always understood the material. I know I used to give you a hard time, but you used to always have read everything up before class."

She took my hand.

"It is like.." she paused "you used to be late because you were lost in your own little world, but now you are late because you are doing something else."

'Or doing someone else' I thought and I smiled.

"You're not doing drugs or something, are you?" she asked.

"No!" I blurted.

A few people looked up at my sudden outburst.

"No." I whispered. "I'm not taking any drugs, Claire. Thank you for caring, but I'm fine." I squeezed her hand "Really."


After college, I biked home. I went slowly, enjoying the feel of the early autumn air. I took a detour through the park and felt new joy in the little details; the finches flying in flocks across the road, the hint of orange on the tips of the leaves. Life was great, it truly was.

I got to my apartment and stowed my bike in the shed. As I came past the living room window, I saw Sarah inside. She was naked and running across the room with the curtains fully open. I raised my hand to wave but then dropped it when I saw Carl, also naked chasing after her.

What the fuck was he doing there? Carl was one of the university football players. He had been accepted to the college through a scholarship. No way would a dumb fuck like him be accepted otherwise. I was filled with a burning rage and started for the door, and then I realized that even though Carl was fucking my girlfriend in my apartment, he would still beat the living shit out of me if I went in there asking for a fight.

As they ran, Sarah's tits bounced on her chest and Carl's erect cock bobbed up and down. She climbed up on the sofa and leapt over behind it. Carl ran around and caught her in his arms. I could see the big Celtic cross tattoo across her back.

I knelt down in front of the window and watched what they were doing. I was horrified, but I felt powerless. I couldn't stop them and I could not make myself look away.

Carl had a huge cock. He was tall and big too, 6'2" and 220lb of lean powerful muscle. He had ring piercing in each nipple. Sarah looked tiny in his arms. She squealed as he grabbed her. Her tits shook and her smooth curved ass jiggled. Carl bent Sarah over the back of the sofa and spat on her ass. He spread his spit over her pouting pussy lips and inserted a finger. She said something and he took a condom from her and put it on.

'At least that was something' I thought.

Carl spat in his hand and lubed his huge cock with it. Christ that was a big cock! It was as long as his hand from wrist to fingertips and as thick as a Bible. He was going to stick that in her? I was a little worried.

Carl smeared spit over Sarah's pussy lips again and aimed his monster of a cock at her juicy love tunnel. He pressed against her and after some pushing, she opened and he slid inside her. I could hear her cry out. In pain or delight, I did not know. He grabbed her hips and pulled her against him hard. Very soon, he was plunging his cock into her again and again. The sofa rocked off its feet with the force of each of his thrusts.

I noticed that my cock was getting hard and I couldn't help getting aroused watching Sarah's beautiful body get ploughed by this big powerful man. I stroked my cock through my jeans and listened to Sarah and Carl grunt in unison with each of his thrusts.

I looked up and down the street and no one was around. This was a quiet little side street. I stepped into the little shrubs growing below my window and undid my fly. My cock leapt to being fully erect once it was free and streams of pre-cum dribbled from the tip. I spread my pre-cum all over my cock head and started to slowly jerk off while I watched Sarah and Carl fuck inside.

I was right out in the open and any little old lady from one of the other apartments could come down the street and find me, jerking off perving at two people fucking through a window. Not that they were being entirely subtle either. They were fucking loudly right next to a large living room window with the curtains open.

Before long, Carl was grunting loudly and deeply.

"Ahh, I'm going to fucking cum." he shouted. "Come here and take in your face, bitch."

He pulled out of Sarah and she immediately got down on her knees in front of him. She pulled the condom off and started to jerk him rapidly. My own fist was going back and forth on my pole like piston. Carl's body thrust and convulsed and her roared like a wounded bull. I quietly grunted to myself as my orgasm ran through me. Despite his large performance, Carl only produced a dribble of cum which caught Sarah on the chin and ran down her tits. My cum shot from my cock like a shell from a cannon. The first shot hit the wall and made a 'spat' noise. My cock kept on firing squirts of cum until there was a puddle of it on the ground between the shrubs.

"Thanks, bitch." I heard Carl say from inside "Here's a down payment for next time."

He took his wallet from his jeans and threw a flurry of $20 bills at Sarah. She just sat by the sofa, looking sad with cum dribbling down her front. Carl quickly got dressed and let himself out the front door. I hid behind a dumpster as he came past. He spat in the gutter and walked down the street.

I crept inside the house slowly. I could hear the shower running. I opened the door to the bathroom.

"Sarah? Honey?"

"Yeah, babe. I'm in here." she replied.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah. Why shouldn't I?"

I hesitated. It was a big thing to accuse your girlfriend of cheating. I was nervous and scared.

"I saw you." I said quietly.

"What was that?" she asked.

"I saw you, with Carl."

The shower curtain was thrown open and Sarah stood there, naked and beautiful. The tattoo on her shoulder shone through her wet skin. At first, I thought she was going to tear into me for invading her private shit. Then her face softened.

"I'm sorry, John. I didn't want you to see that."

"Then why the fuck did you do it?" I shouted.

"Cause it's a job, okay. He's a regular at the club and I like to get some money without having to give half to Gloria. It's a little under the table arrangement I have with a few of my favored clients." she looked angry again. "I'm sorry I did it here at your house. But if you can't get used to the idea that I fuck guys for a living, then you need to reconsider our relationship."

That cut through me like ice.

"No, no, no." I said.

I climbed into the shower with her, fully dressed.

"I need you. You are my sunshine and I would wither without you."

I held her tight. My breath came in short little shudders. The idea of Sarah not being in my life was terrifying to me. She held me too and kissed me, lovingly on the lips.

"We have something special, John." she said after a while. "I don't want to lose that. But if you need me exclusively, then the longer we are together, the more you will be hurt."

I just continued to hold her. The warm water ran over both of us, uniting us. I breathed in her smell and surrendered to it.

"Sarah." I whispered.

"Yes, honey?"

"Sarah." I repeated.

I could feel her smile.

"Yes, honey?" and she kissed my neck.

"I think I am in lo..."

"Ah ah ah." she interrupted me. "No, way. Not that word. That word is forbidden in my presence. Okay?"

I just kissed her cheek and licked her ear lobe.

"Good. Okay, let's get you out of these wet clothes and wash that cum off your belly from this morning."

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