tagErotic CouplingsSarah Vanhorn Ch. 02

Sarah Vanhorn Ch. 02


This is the second chapter to the Sarah Vanhorn series. It started with

"Sarah Vanhorn - Diner waitress."


#2 Pays The Rent

Sarah entered Mr. Montgomery's home as he closed the door behind her.

"Have a seat in the living room. I'll get you a drink, to calm you down."

Mr. Montgomery said, as he walked over to the wet bar. He placed a few ice cubes in the glasses and poured in some brandy. He walked over to Sarah, handing one of the glasses to her.

"Oh,...thank you. I'm so sorry for bothering you this late at night. It's just that,... I was unable to,..."

She stopped and thought of what to say. As she began her performance, her head lowered and a tear ran down her cheek.

"Calm down Sarah. Sit down and sip your drink. I'll call the police so they can make a report and take you to the hospital."

Sarah yelled in fear,

"No! Don't call the police,... please? I'll be fine. and I'm not going to the hospital."

Even though Sarah enjoyed to be taken roughly, she thought,

"I'm not ovulating and I'm not hurt, so why bother going to the hospital."

She wasn't on any type of birth control. Sarah didn't feel the need for it, since she wasn't in a relationship. Contacting a disease from unprotected sex never entered her mind either.

Mr. Montgomery was surprised.

"Sarah, you must. You have to report it and you need to be seen by a doctor. Why don't you want me to call?"

There sat a beautiful girl on the sofa. Her diner uniform torn open and dirty. She held the glass of brandy in her shaky hand, with the other she tried her best to hold the front of her uniform closed, since all the buttons are now missing.

He could not understand why she wouldn't want anyone to know about her attack. She continued to sip the brandy as her watery eyes would let a few tears slowly run down. What he didn't know was after seeing his expensive house, Sarah had money on her mind, a hand out.

Sarah finally told Mr. Montgomery why.

"I don't want to be in the paper, or on the evening news. I don't want to be embarrassed. I don't want everyone to know. I just moved here not long ago. I'll lose my job and,... I don't,...want my family,...to know."

Mr. Montgomery understood.

"You do know sweetheart, that I am the Mayor in this town,... don't you? I have a lot of pull around here."

Sarah blinked quickly to clear her vision.

"No Sir, I didn't know. Would you be able to help me? My rent is due."

Mr. Montgomery's attitude began to change as he shrugged his shoulder.

"Huh,...you want help? Your not going to the police? Your not going to the hospital? Just how the Hell am I suppose to help you?"

Sarah whimpered,

"Please Sir? You said that your the Mayor and,...."

Mr. Montgomery cut her off, as he walked to the door. Very irritated, he Opened it for her, as if to say, get out. He said,

"I'm sorry about what happened but the only way that I can help you is my calling the police. If that's not good enough, then I'm sorry, but it's getting late!"

Mr. Montgomery wasn't know to have much sympathy for others. The only thing he cared about was his position as town Mayor. Practically the whole town was in his pocket.

Sarah placed the glass on the coffee table as she stood. She feared walking home, as she left Mr. Montgomery's house.

She knew she had to get home, not for the relaxing evening that she hoped for, but to get cleaned up, she felt so dirty.

Sarah could feel all the dried cum that ran down both legs and around her pink pussy lips. Her tits were sore from being roughly squeezed. She had a few scratches on her ass cheeks from being held down in the gravel.

As Sarah came to the door at her apartment, she noticed her apron was missing. The attackers ripped it from her during the rape. She kept her mini purse

tucked inside it. Her rent money, along with her keys, were robbed. Lucky for her she kept a spare key outside.

The next day Sarah went to one of those Planned Parenthood places. She filled out some paper work & talked with a nurse. Sarah was given a new type of shot that took effect immediately, before leaveing with her birth control pills.

Friday came, rent day.

After taking a shower, she sat at the kitchen table reading the paper and drinking a cup of coffee, dressed only in her robe. As she made a small grocery list to go shopping with the $50.00 that she had saved for an emergency, when the door bell rang.

Sarah walked to the door and looked out the peep hole. Oh shit! she thought to herself. It was Mr. Birk, the landlord, coming to collect the rent.

Opening the door, Sarah said,

"Ah,... hi,... Mr. Birk. How are you? Come on in."

Sarah felt uneasy. She wasn't sure how to tell Mr. Birk that she couldn't pay the rent.

"Thank you Sarah. It's nice to see you. I hope that I'm not interrupting you?"

Mr. Birk said as he entered and Sarah closed the door. They both went to have a seat on the overstuffed sofa like they usually did when the rent was due. Mr. Birk took his receipt book out and placed on the coffee table getting ready to write.

"Okay Sarah, I'll write out a receipt for this months rent for you, then I'll leave you get back to getting dressed."

Sarah had a worried look on her face as her voice quivered,

"Um,... Mr. Birk? I don't know how to say this but,... I... don't have... the rent."

Mr. birk looked over at her and sounding upset said,

"Just what do you mean, that you don't have the rent, Sarah? You've been staying here in this apartment, raising the bills, and now you tell me that you can't pay?"

Sarah knew she had to tell him. she had to tell him what happened. It was the only thing to try and get Mr. Birk to understand. She had to act, again. After all, it worked on Mr. Montgomery.

"Mr. Birk, I have something to tell you, the reason that I don't have any money."

Sitting back Mr. Birk took a deep breath and while letting it out, he said,

"Go on Sarah,... but this had better be good because I'm a little pissed off right now."

Sarah lowered her head. Her wet hair falling to the sides of her face. Still dressed in her white terry cloth robe & slippers, she sat on the couch about to speak of that night.

"You know that I've been working at the little diner across town. Well, one of the night's that my shift ended, I was walking home. I started to pass that abandon garage, where they did the auto repairs, that's when,... I was,... grabbed."

Sarah left a tear run down her face as she continued,

"Someone grabbed me from behind. I was dragged behind the garage. There were four more of them standing there. I was thrown to the ground. Everything seemed to happen so fast. I was being held down as my clothes were being ripped open. They raped me,... they took turn's,... raping me."

Sarah put her hands up over her face as she sobbed a little, sitting there she told of Mr. Montgomery.

"When I was able to stand, after they left me, I couldn't walk far, my pussy ached, The one fucked me,... I mean, raped me so hard. I went to a house and knocked on the door, Mr. Montgomery answered. I thought he would help me, but he wouldn't even give me a ride home."

Mr. Birk was sad for her but also felt aroused. His cock was hardening as he looked at Sarah sitting there, listening to how she was gang raped. He began to wonder how her young, naked body looks.

"Sarah, did you report it? Did you go to the hospital to be examined?"

Sarah replied,

"No, I didn't do either one. I don't want anyone to know. I haven't told anyone."

Sarah looked over at Mr. Birk and said,

"When they raped me, my waitress apron was torn off. I kept my money inside it. My keys and all of my money is gone. I have is $50.00 to buy some groceries."

Mr Birk stood up and looked down at poor Sarah sitting there.

"Sarah I'm sorry about what happened, but much like Mr. Montgomery, I'm a business man. I rent these apartments and I expect to be paid when its due."

Sarah looked up at him, her robe parted enough to see her cleavage, and pleaded,

"Please Mr. Birk, don't evicted me? I don't have any place to go. I'll pay you, I just need some time. Maybe I could clean for you or something? Isn't there anything that I can do to to work off what I owe,... please?"

Mr Birk thought for a moment,

"Yes Sarah, there may be something you could do. You owe me quite a lot of money, but since your a nice girl, I think you could work it off."

Sarah's eyes got big with excitement as she smiled.

"Really Mr. Birk? Just name it! anything!"

Sarah didn't know where this going. She soon found out when Mr. Birk spoke and her smile was gone.

"You didn't report what happened? I guess you didn't mind it then? You could start working off your debt right now. Take your robe off. let me see you body."

"Mr. birk, please? Not after what I just told you, please? Anything else. Please don't make me do this?"


Mr. Birk yelled.

Sarah did as she was told, she opened and removed her robe. She sat there completely nude, except for her pink furry bedroom slippers.

Mr. Birk loved the way she looked. Her wet brown hair hanging down, beautiful tits with sweet pink nipples. As he gazed down he seen her flat tummy & sexy legs. She was in such good shape from always walking.

"Very nice baby. I bet those guys were very satisfied fucking a gorgeous body like yours? Did you like all those cocks?"

Sarah just sat there, on display.

Mr. Birk continued, speaking the words that set Sarah's young cunt on fire. She wanted to finger herself so badly, but she couldn't, Mr. Birk would know that her story was a lie.

"Spread your fucking legs baby, don't be shy. Let me see your pussy. Let me see where all those cocks were buried."

As he said that, he began unbuttoning his pants & pulling the zipper down. Mr. Birk pulled out his hard cock and walked over to Sarah.

"Open your mouth Sarah. Suck it. Suck my cock. Make cum inside your mouth. I want you to Swallow every drop of it, baby."

Sarah knew she had to do as she was told or she'd be out on the street. She opened her mouth and began to suck Mr. Birk's cock, gagging,

"Umph,... umph,... umph,... umph."

Her stomach muscles contracted each time he shoved his cock in, hitting the back of her throat. Sarah's eyes began to tear from her gagging.

"That's it, suck it. Suck it hard. All the way down, baby. I like hearing you gag. Mmmm, do you like sucking cock? Tell me Sarah?"

Sarah took her mouth from his cock, looking up at him,

"Yes, I love to suck cock, but When I said I'd work it off, this isn't what I had in mind."

Mr. Birk grabbed her by the side's of her head,

"Get your fucking mouth back on it! Suck it! You got two choices, blow me, or start packing!"

Sarah started sucking again. She wanted to taste his cum so badly.

She began bobbing her hear up & down his cock, deep throating, playing with his balls and making sounds like as if she was enjoying it. She even went as far to look up and make eye contact while he fucked her face.

Mr. Birk on the other hand thought the opposite. "What a fucking slut. I can't wait to shoot my cum down her throat."

Sarah felt his cock get slightly harder & start to pulse. She went all the way down to the base of his cock and stayed there. Mr.Birk held the back of Sarah's head to keep her from pulling away. He moaned,

"Uhh,... uhh,... Sarah, I'm cumming! I'm cumming you fucking cock sucking slut! Swallow it, swallow every fucking drop!"

She did exactly that. She felt spurt after spurt of his thick, hot creamy load, ejaculating inside her mouth. She closed her eyes as she swished it around the inside of her mouth, as if to savor it, before looking up at Mr. Birk and swallowing his cum.

Sarah watched Mr. Birk pull his zipper up and button his pants, and said,

"Mr. Birk, was that okay? Are we even now?"

Mr. Birk was astonished by her question.

"Are we even? are you fucking crazy? You owe me rent for an entire month! Do you honestly think that your just gonna suck my cock and everything's gonna be fine?"

Sarah had a confused look on her face as she sat there on the couch, still naked, not even trying to cover herself.

Before letting himself out, Mr. Birk turned to Sarah and said,

"Tomorrow night I'm having a little get together with some friends. I want you to come over around 10:00, maybe I'll have you bartend,... or something?"

Sarah wiped a drop of cum from her lips and picked up her robe, she stood to put it back on.

"Yes Sir, I'll be there, and,.... thank you,... for not evicting me."

Mr. Birk smirked,

"I won't evict you, as long as you continue working it off,... and thank you, honey."

"Thank you for what, Mr. Birk?"

"For the fucking blowjob."

He said as he left, closing the door behind him.

Sarah couldn't believe what she felt. Hearing Mr. birk say that, made the juices in her pussy start to run. She felt warm and tingly all of a sudden, she needed to lie down. Her robe was still on, but wide open. Her eyes closed and her pink nipples began to hardened.

Sarah slid a hand down between her legs, and began massaging her hairless pussy. The other hand now caressing her tit. Sarah moaned softly as a finger parted her cunt lips and slid up the center. It was dripping with her very own sweet honey.

Sarah opened her legs wider as she slid a finger inside her pussy. Finger fucking herself until she erupted with an intense orgasm.

Before dozing off, there on the couch with her legs spread open, she thought to herself,

"Why did I become so aroused? I was, kind of, attacked on the way home,... and enjoyed it, now I just serviced Mr. Birk. What's happening to me,... am I becoming a slut?"

Before falling asleep, Sarah decided it might be best to call a psychiatrist on Monday.

As she snuggled, Sarah licked her lips and mumbled,

"Mmmm, that cum tasted so fucking good."

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