tagErotic CouplingsSaraPet's Afternoon Tryst

SaraPet's Afternoon Tryst


Sara was at work one day and quickly left the group meeting after excusing herself to use the ladies room. She knew she only had a few minutes, but she had to check her email. The ladies room was a great excuse. She entered her office from the concourse of the large office building. Sara was the vice president of marketing and she had sent an email to an on line friend and was awaiting his response.

She was an attractive brunette with green eyes and a firm body. At 31, She was young for being an executive. She worked hard her entire life and gave up the ideals of being married and having kids so that she could fast track her career and it worked. She was in very good shape and had no trouble meeting any kind of man. Working out at the fitness club in the office building kept her body in firm shape. Her breast filled her 36 C cup bra and her slim waist line helped to accentuate her firm and curvy rear end.

Her email was in. It was from an online affair she was having and while reading the erotic email and standing in front of her desk she slipped her slender middle finger from her left hand up inside the hemline of her of her short, form fitting navy skirt. Her finger quickly proceeded past the guard of her thin thong style panties which were becoming soaked from her arousal. Sara quickly became hypnotically immersed in the verse of her on-line scriptor.

"eeah hmmm" was all that Drake, Sara's boss (the president) could muster out of his mouth as he cleared his throat in disbelief.

"Oh my God!" Sara said as she turned her head in startled disbelief with her finger still feverishly working the hood of her clitoris.

"Sara, I'm sorry but I thought you were in the marketing meeting. I just came to drop this approved proposal off."

Drake's eyes focused on Sara's hand as she slowly removed it from under her skirt. The middle finger was shimmering from the lather it had worked up.

"I'm so embarrassed," she coyly said as her face turned the colour of her space between her legs.

"Oh, I don't mind," Drake confessed, "I feel kind of awkward, but I...I...I should have knocked I guess." Drake obviously stumbling for words tried clearing his throat again.

Now it was Sara who was starring. She could help but notice the tent beginning to rise between Drakes legs.

Drake was a tall sexy man with salt and pepper coloured hair. He stood 6 ft 2 and was in excellent shape. His blue eyes had always melted Sara's heart and moistened her loins as she would sit across from him in the boardroom.

"I can tell you don't mind Drake," Sara cooed as she stepped next to Drake and let her right hand drop to his waistline. She lightly caressed his groin with the back of her hand and then the front of her hand. Drake was a large, well hung man and Sara was a bit surprised at the bulge and the stress is was declaring on the crotch of his wool trousers.

Drake, who was still standing at the doorway, blocking anyone's view from the concourse smoothly and effortlessly swept the door closed from behind him and turned the lock which was located in the middle of the knob in the inside of the door. Drake and Sara both knew that there was no turning back. Still caressing Drakes penis with her right hand, Sara began to pull Drake by his silk tie in the general direction of her desk. Sara's desk was a large mahogany desk with no paper on it. The only item on her desk was her flat screen computer monitor which sat to one side and at the back a bit. Now standing in front of her desk with is back to it, Sara placed an open palm on Drake's wide muscular chest and pushed him back gently until he was leaning against the cold wooden structure.

Sara positioned her self on her leather executive chair, sitting on the edge, facing Drake with her wanting ruby lips inches from their target. Sara reached both hands out for Drakes snakeskin belt. Her left hand grabbed the belt end while her right hand feverishly worked the buckle. With the belt loose and hanging at the sides, Sara grabbed the waistline of Drakes trousers in her right hand and with her left hand ambidextrously undid the waistline button and clip. Next was the guttural sound of the zipper as she slowly pulled the metal from the top. Drakes suit pants fell in a heap to the floor. He stood there in his plaid silk boxers. His erection still saddled somewhat by uncompromising fabric of the boxers. His penis could not stand fully erect and was pressing outwards while still directed down his left leg. Sara was silently uncomfortable with what she was witnessing. She had been with a lot of men but all average in the size department of 4 to 6 inches. Drake was truly a size bigger than the rest.

Without hesitation Sara grabbed the bottom hem of the boxers and slowly pulled them down. As she did, more of Drake's erect member was exposed. The teasingly slow pace made Sara more moist and Drake as hard as steel. Finally before she could pull the stretched waistband below the head of his manhood, it sprung with elastic force as if it could control itself, strait out and to attention. It smacked Sara on the bottom of her chin as it reached for the sky.

"Holy Shit Drake," Sara muddled in disbelief. There before her stood one of the most gorgeous men she had been acquainted with, with a cock the size of her forearm. Sara was never one to turn down a challenge and without hesitation, she reached out with her right hand and grabbed the middle of his shaft. There were three inches of cock on either side of her hand and she bent forward, still sitting in her chair and eased the massive piece of meat into her warm and drooling mouth. Sara opened wide and with a gentle jerking motion with her hand began what she was sure was excellent fellatio. The bulbous head was a little bigger than the thick veined shaft. She worked in the first three inches with little trouble and then began to work to get the next three inches in her mouth and down her shaft. His cock was getting very wet and slick with the combination of pre cum and the visceral goo of her throat. The slickness easily allowed Sara to begin to stroke Drake's cock back and forth with her hand. At times she would use two hands. As she pulled her head back and his cock out of her mouth to admire its girth a thick sticky rope trailed form the head of his piece to her tongue. At the same time Sara looked up at Drake who's eyes were closed and thoughts were on how good it felt to have such a sexy woman suck him at her desk.

Sara admired his chiseled cock and slipped it back into her mouth, continuing to slide her right hand along the slippery shaft while at the same time rolling and fondling his tight balls in the other hand. Her stokes became faster and the suction of her vacuum like mouth became stronger. She could tell that Drake was nearing orgasm as he was now grasping her head in both hand and beginning to fuck her face with unbridled fury. Drake started to moan and his muscular legs tensed with each forward and backward thrust.

Sara began to moan a little as well. It had always turned her on to hear a man moan as she engulfed his tool into her facial orifice. Drake was beginning to really ram his cock into her mouth. She was so hot. She sucked ferociously as he continued to climb the scale of excitement. She wanted to taste him so bad. If he tasted half as good as his cock looked she knew that she would have a hard time letting his cock out of her mouth.

"Uhhnnn," moaned Drake one last time as he started to convulse in orgasmic spasms. His balls were hard and tight as he piston fucked Sara's eager mouth. She felt the hot semen explode to the back of her mouth and throat. It was all she could do to stop from gagging as the thick sweet nectar engulfed her mouth throat and now stomach. As she customarily did, she began humming and moaning alike as she tried not to let a drop of liquid slip from her mouth. Drakes balls were so full however, she couldn't help but allow a thick stream fall to her white silk scarf which was still tied to her neck. After swallowing as much as she could, Sara pulled her head back and admired the softening tool of her boss. Her signature ruby red lipstick stained the base of his cock, proof to her that she had is entire length down her throat. She admired her work as she slowly and confidently began to pull his boxers and then trousers back up over his now softening and semi hard love stick.

"Wow, I'm speechless Sara" Drake sputtered.

"I am too Drake," she recoiled. "I don't mean to rush you though but I am supposed to be in the boardroom with TSI enterprises." She pulled off her stained and soaked scarf and headed to the door as Drake finished buckling his belt and straightened his tie.

She winked back at him as she opened the door, stepped out of the office and closed it behind her. Sara slipped back into the meeting as if nothing had happened. For the rest of the meeting she savored the last bit of residual semen that seemed to coat the inside of her mouth.

To be continued...

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