tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara's Birthday Party

Sara's Birthday Party


Well, like I alluded to in the last chapter, I had a birthday in the middle of May. I insisted on a big party and, when my parents told me no, I just kept throwing an ongoing temper tantrum until they agreed. Mwahaha! It was a huge party, I’m not kidding. My birthday fell on a Wednesday that year, so the party was held on a Friday because of school, you know.

Unbeknownst to my parents, I had plenty of booze stashed away. I’d been working on it for over a month. Also a lot of the kids that were coming were bringing booze, so that party floated, let me tell you. I also got one of those local high school bands to come cheap, because I promised them all the free booze they could drink. Mwahaha!

Now my biggest problem, naturally enough, was what to do with my family – I sure didn’t want them hanging around. I finally convinced them – and it was difficult, let me tell you – that they should visit my aunt for the weekend. They had put off visiting her, because they didn’t like her very much – haha!

Well, they finally agreed and they all pulled out in our station wagon on Friday morning and wouldn’t be back until Sunday afternoon, at the earliest. I didn’t go to school that day, but instead stayed home and worked on getting everything ready for my big birthday party.

Everyone was supposed to start showing up after dinner, but of course people arrived a lot earlier than that. My close friends came over right after school, but that was okay because they were going to help me get everything ready.

They even helped me pick out my outfit. I wore this real short tight black dress that had a plunging neckline, and with my blonde hair – I looked hot, let me tell you! In case you don’t know, I’m a five feet, two inch tall young woman and have shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. I wear a 34C cup, have a twenty-four inch waist and an average butt.

So most of the people started showing up around dusk, you know – about 8:30 or 9 o’clock, because it was getting on to the summer and, since it was Friday night, a lot of the kids were planning on staying real late and they didn’t want to start their partying too early or they’d crash too soon.

The band got there about nine and the whole house started rocking. Man, I’m surprised it didn’t collapse or something. There were cars parked everywhere, up and down my street and all over my lawn. There was probably about a hundred people there all told and the band was great! Now I did something that I usually don’t do and as far as I’m concerned it’s my friends’ fault.

I started drinking. I usually don’t drink that much, because it affects me so poorly, but all of my close friends were drinking and, they kept calling me a party pooper and even worse names than that, so finally I said okay I’d have one drink. Well, I’m certain you know what happened. One drink led to another drink and that drink led to another drink and pretty soon, I was pretty smashed. Haha.

As soon as I got drunk, I started getting that urge to strip down and get comfortable, but I thought that stripping down at my own birthday party at ten o’clock at night would be pretty gauche, you know? But I really didn’t know what to do with myself at that point.

I couldn’t afford to drink anymore without doing something way stupid, so I was trying to dance in order to wear some of the affect of the alcohol off, but apparently booze doesn’t work that way. In fact, as the time went by I kept getting drunker.

Well, I went over near the end of the living room and squeezed myself down between all these couples, who were busy making out on the couch. I thought maybe I could just outwait the booze, but I guess it wasn’t having anything to do with that.

As soon as I sat down, the room started spinning around. You ever have that happen to you after drinking? It’s really weird, let me tell you. So that room spinning around made me feel as though I wanted to vomit, so I quickly closed my eyes and kept them shut, thereby keeping the room on the floor, so to speak.

Later I guess I fell asleep. I don’t like to say I passed out, but that was probably closer to the truth. Anyway I must have been out for a while and I must have been moving all around in my sleep too, because when I woke up most of those couples on the couch had ceased their romantic undertakings and were staring at me.

It seems that my short black dress had ridden up to around my waist and of course I wasn’t wearing any underwear underneath, so my pussy was on big time display.

So at that point, what did I care? It was far later in the evening and some of the people had cleared out, so I just turned my back to the kid sitting next to me and asked him if he would pull the zipper down on the back of my black dress.

Judging by how fast he acceded to my demand, I think he was anxious to help. I just leaned forward and let that dress slide down my arms and off my bare breasts and then I stood up and allowed the whole dress to hit the floor, and I was suddenly stark naked and the hit of my own birthday party!

Guys were coming out of the woodwork to ask me to dance, but I waited until one really cute boy, who I had had my eye on for awhile came over. His name was Jim Hawkins and he was really attractive. He was a little taller than me, but he had a great build. Jim wore his dark hair medium long, had coal black eyes that could look right through you when he wanted and a large mouth that looked just right for kissing.

Of course the band wanted to play fast numbers, because to them it was more fun and also they wanted to watch me gyrating around naked. I went over and straightened them and let them know if they didn’t play slow numbers, they were cut off from the booze.

Jim drew me close to him, as soon as the song began and pressed my nude body against his clothed one as tight as he could. I could feel his penis starting to stir some. It felt like a little mouse at that point.

It was fairly dark in the room naturally with all the main lighting being turned off, but I could still see his girlfriend over on the side of the room glowering at me. I guess Jim wanted to dance with me more then he wanted to appease her. I wonder if me being stark naked had anything to do with that.

We had been dancing for a minute or two and I felt his erection inside his pants grow significantly larger, so I surreptitiously reached down and lowered his zipper. Jim pushed aside the opening of his boxer shorts and ‘ol Mr. Johnson’ came out for a visit. I glanced over at his girlfriend and I could see her attempting to peer through the gloom, but I could tell she couldn’t know anything for certain at that point.

I raised up on my tiptoes and his seven-inch prick just slid right into my wet distended labia. I had been wet ever since I had stripped down. It always made me extremely wet to show off my naked body to others.

We quit the charade that we were dancing and we just stood in one place and rocked back and forth, as if we were still attempting to dance, but had grown tired. Personally I was so excited, I went off like a firecracker. Bang! Bang! It took Jim a little longer, but not much, because after all he was only eighteen years old.

Unfortunately it was about this time that his girlfriend grew very suspicious and pranced out on the part of the living room that had become the dance floor. When she pulled us apart and she saw Jim’s penis still sticking out of his pants in an semi-erection, I thought she was going to faint. But no such luck. She began screaming at the top of her lungs and hitting him and then hitting me.

Well, when she started hitting me, that was all she wrote, because I don’t let anybody hit on me. I figured if I grabbed a couple of pieces of apparel off her that it would calm her down. I soon discovered that I was wrong about that too.

She was a hottie too. I’m sure ordinarily Jim would have never left her side. She had long brunette hair, a simply gorgeous face with a little button nose, and a fabulous figure, which included large breasts and a narrow waist. I already had her down to her bra and half-slip, but she kept on coming back for more, just wailing away on me.

“Kitty, stop!” Jim shouted.

“Kitty?!” I laughed. “Does Kitty want some milk?” I asked, pushing my bare breasts up at her.

Just as I wanted, this seemed to infuriate her the more and as she wildly struck out at me, I slipped her attack and moved in close and ripped off her bra exposing her beautiful breasts.

She screamed and the crowd that had grown around us grew wild. I grinned in appreciation at them for their applause and moved back in for the kill. Grabbing her half-slip and panties by the waist band, I yanked them down to the floor rendering her as naked as me, excepting for her shoes.

She was now so insane with rage that when she discovered her clothing limiting her movement, instead of pulling them back on, she just kicked it away. Her boyfriend had stopped saying anything to either one of us, but stood and watched in appreciation of the tableau that lay before him. We were every man’s wet dream – two women who had stripped themselves naked fighting!

The very next time she punched out at me with her right hand I grabbed it and quickly twirled her around, while holding her right arm up at a painful position. Mr. Boyd had taught me some self defense tactics between our sexual trysts.

Kitty must have picked up a few moves of her own along the way, as she knew enough to kick my ankle with the back of her right heel until I relinquished my hold.

The very attractive young brunette then greatly surprised me as she lowered her left shoulder and charged me knocking me to the ground flat on my back! She lay on top on me and glared as if to say, ‘Well, what are you going to do now sucker?’

I reached out with both of my hands clutching the sides of her head and pulled her down to me, while kissing her passionately and slipping my tongue into her open mouth. She was so surprised she didn’t know what to do.

I used her indecision to reach down with my left hand and locate her clitoris and began to manipulate her ‘love button’ vigorously. Now she had no further interest in fighting, that was for sure.

The crowd pushed closer around us, while pushing Jim further away. I think the entire situation of making love in public with another female turned Kitty on completely and very shortly she was moaning and writhing, while the crowd cheered as though they were at a sporting event. Actually these people were pretty weird and tacky too.

We continued to kiss passionately, while I fiddled with her clit until suddenly she began to cum with a vengeance with it flowing from her literally in torrents. She later told me it was the best sexual experience she’d ever had.

“Ah, oh God!” she shouted out, as the crowd went completely wild. I made a decision then and there not to invite most of these folks to anything ever again, not even a cock fight.

After Kitty had finished, she lay in my arms for a few minutes while the crowd dispersed and went back to whatever disreputable activity they had previously been involved in. We later got up and I showed Kitty my bedroom for the rest of the night. Jim was left high and dry and out in the cold, so to speak.

Kitty and I have remained the best of friends to this very day and certainly a port in a storm for each other.

The End

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