Sara's Car Trip


She turned to me then, leaned in close. Still holding my hand, rubbing my hand with hers.

"You wanted to know my favorite place. Safe place I mean. You still want to know?"

I nodded my head.

"Ok. Just above my ass. You know, the small of my back. Just below the small of my back." And she put her other hand back twisting in front of me. Pointing at it. "Right there," looking over her shoulder then at me.

Her breasts were arched directly in front of my eyes, and her top fell away from her body a little as she did this. I was looking down her blouse, she noticing but letting me.

She turned back toward me, her eyes happy again. "That is my secret place. There I told you. Your right, it felt good. I liked it all Jason. See, but we can't . . .it's . . ."

I said simply, "Weird."

She laughed, "Well weird. But in a good way. Special. That's why I kissed you. At that moment in just that little speck of time everything did FEEL ok. It was just when I thought about it, later. . ."

"Well, lets not think about it. Come on," and she took my hand as we walked away.


The car got fixed and we were back on the road again. We left shortly after our morning talk and dad drove about as solid as I can remember, trying to make up time but we were not where we were supposed to be yet, and so we were again trying to get a room for the night without reservations. There was a part of me that was excited, thinking - maybe. But there were two rooms tonight. A double and a double double, just like it was supposed to be. Sara and I looked at each other when we heard that. Sara just said, "back to normal then," so everyone could hear. But it had special meaning for us. It was a relief actually.

We were a little quiet that evening, partly from being exhausted from driving for more than twelve hours. Late in the evening we staked out our respective beds and the one constant in all of this was her long T shirt and my boxers. We weren't cool toward each other, it was more like shy around each other.

She pulled her covers back as she stood by 'her' bed and said, "Well I'm going to bed."

And she stood there a moment, looking at me. It seemed odd somehow.

I nodded, "So am I."

She voiced what I was feeling, "It's going to seem so different having the whole bed to myself again."

I didn't answer and we turned out the lights. The room was a little darker than the other room and I could only see the lightest silhouette of her beneath the covers. I WAS relieved, but at the same time disappointed.

About an hour passed and unexpectedly I could not sleep. My eyes were open, my mind would simply not rest. I could hear her breathing in the next bed. Slight shifts on the mattress. Every sound kept me on edge for some reason.

I glanced at the clock, when I heard a soft whisper. "Jason."

I just looked over into the darkness and paused briefly before saying quietly back, "Yeah." My heart started.

"I can't sleep."

"Neither can I."

"I was wondering. I think the reason I can't sleep is that I got used to your hand on my tummy. Could I just crawl into bed with you tonight? Just that, like we said."

I couldn't believe it. I collected my thoughts. "Well, ok. But. . ."

She was rising from the bed now, smoothing down her long T, "It'll be fine."

"Uh, sure. OK." I pulled back the covers of the other side of the bed, lay back down, closed my eyes.

I felt the mattress compress and spring back up as she slid in toward me.

"Thanks," and she settled in right beside me, actually lifting her T shirt up above her belly and taking my hand and laying it onto her tummy.

The softness of her skin was so intoxicating just then, so unexpected. I could feel the warmth from her side of the bed emanate toward me slowly and I inclined myself toward her slightly. She also leaned her head so that it was just touching my shoulder. Her wonderful smell rising around me.

"We can't make a habit of this when we get home you know," I intoned.

"No. But we're on vacation. I think part of it is being in a different place every night. It's fine. Well night."

I could see her close her eyes, could feel her breath against my cheek. She was right, we both drifted off to a sound sleep.

I woke to an incredible soft warmth, realizing she was pressed up closely along my length, my hand still on her tummy. I could feel her soft warm hair on my cheek and fallen down around my shoulders. It was beginning to feel like habit now. Familiar. Both her hands on mine. Again the blankets were pulled back, and we were simply beneath a single white sheet. As her hands were lightly laying over mine, I reflexively moved my fingers once again drawing those small circles around her tummy. She stirred lightly, and I noticed this time a change in her breathing; but she never opened her eyes, she just tightened her grip my hand.

In her groggy little voice, "Uh, uh. Be good. You have to."

But then rather than drifting off to sleep, she turned away from me while still holding onto my hand, and bringing me along so that my arm was wrapping around her waist. I was holding my hand a little lower, right over her abdomen, my finger tips settling right at her panty line. We were spooning in the bed with my chest against hers and my chin right at her shoulder.

After what must have been about ten or fifteen minutes, of me laying with my eyes open, my mouth brushing into her hair as she was turned from me, I thought about that spot at the small of her back. Her hand was ever so slightly stroking the back of my hand now as we lay there, and I gently tugged it from her grasp. She gripped a little more tightly, but then let go and settled down into the mattress.

I leaned back a little and with my free hand began to rub the small of her back, massaging her there, sliding my hand along the curve of her lower back, down the swell of her ass and over her panties, touching my finger tips to her thighs. And I began to draw small circles right there at the small of her back, playing with the elastic of her panties, tipping my figners just beneath the fabric.

"Mmmm." This little growl was all I heard, and she did not move at all.

As I rubbed her there, she was sort of tipping her ass back into my hand. I knew she liked this. I was scratching lightly, drawing circles, stroking her skin and I noticed that the area as she had said, just below the small of her back, was her favorite. For each time my finger tips passed there I could feel her undulate her hips, responding to my every touch. I realized that the lower I went the more she seemed to like it. The movement of her hips in rhythm to my touch was very arousing.

I began to slide her panties lightly and gradually down her backside, when I heard another girlish growl, she whispering back to me, "Oh, no, don't. You can keep rubbing my . . .back. Just . . ."

But she moved not a muscle, not even turning her head, and I continued tugging her panties to just above where her legs parted. Her bare ass exposed to me. At one point I felt her lift her hips ever so slightly to aid my efforts, and they came down now just to her thighs. She appeared to continue sleeping, groggy, not moving. Only the lightest sighs, and her growl I had never heard before.


I believe it was half displeasure and half desire, a mix of equal doses. I was skirting along this edge of what she would allow, though the line was like a liquid line that seemed to shift moment by moment.

I could feel her heart beating on the surface of the mattress as I continued to rub the small of her back reaching still lower, even wrapping my hands around her bare ass, tracing the line of her panties down between her legs, and up crack of her ass, and back up along the small of her back. She developed a regular undulating rhythm to my touch. I was so aroused now that my cock was straining against my boxers and I actually released it, pulling my own boxers down my thighs as well.

Sara turned her head to look back at me, squeeking in her tired voice, "Damn you. I'm sorry I told you. Behave now, I need to sleep."

I whispered back, "Feel nice?"

The growl again, "Mmmm, too nice." And then, "You promised. Behave," as she wiggled her ass, and reaching her hand back took ahold of mine. "Just Hold me."

She grasped my hand and pulled my arm around her waist again and jumped back sharply on the mattress so her body pressed lightly up against my front. The result was that my exposed cock was actually resting right against her bare backside. We were skin to skin from our shoulders to our sexes. I felt her start at the contact, but she made no further response, just settling herself once again into the mattress and me.

"Hmmm, that feels nice," she cooed. And as she said that she pushed her ass back against my cock.

I was afraid to move. I wanted to stay like this forever, I never wanted this moment to end. Beyond all my wildest dreaming. We began to fall asleep once more in each others arms.

She was so relaxed, her body was so soft and supple. I let my chest press against her and with abandon we let our bodies slowly twine together as we spooned one another, our every movement stimulating the other. I felt the rise and fall of her breathing against my whole body. She mewed like a kitten in my arms. And I believe that for awhile we did sleep.

When next I was conscious - if I was - it was from her soft fingertips stroking along my arm. As she rubbed me, I let my hand drift lower upon her, down her abdomen, slowly sliding my fingers into her panties and gently cupped her little bush for awhile, pressing my fingers in between her legs. I did it quickly in a single movement, and I felt the breath catch in her throat as I did it. I could feel just the slightest pressure of her pussy against my hand, as she pressed first forward and then back again.

I also let my cock settle down right up along the crack of her ass, and because I was so wet, it quickly became slippery down there. I could feel both our heartbeats as we pressed together, as I held her to me, my breathing warming her hair. I began once again to press my hand up between her legs, insunuating my fingers into her puss, spreading and opening her pussy lips. Feeling how wet she was once again.

As I was sliding my fingers on her sex, she moved a leg forward and to my pleasure I could feel her opening her legs to me, no conditions. With a soft sigh, she was surrendering to her desire. She was not going to take my hand away, as her hips began rocking forward and backward against me. When she slid her hips forward my fingers slid through her wetness and when she rocked her hips backward, curving her back and lifting her ass up as she did, could feel my cock sliding along the crack of her ass. And with each movement - forward and back - I let the head of my cock press lower and lower until it was brushing right over her anus. Our warmth and breathing continuing to rise as we slid ourselves together. I felt such a hunger inside of me as she passively received my touch, undulating her body, laying still with her eyes closed feigning sleep.

I was rubbing my fingers steadily against her now with a firmness that she could push ever harder against, and I could feel her positioning herself, guiding my fingers along her wetness. Showing me. Positioning her clit beneath my fingers perfectly, this hard little nub and I could tell how sensitive it was now. I was pressing its base, and stroking its length lightly as she pressed hard agains my hand, drawing circles around her wet shining clit. It felt white. God she was wet, and I could hear her breaths catching in her throat, panting and sighing, sometimes gasping, deep moans, the arousal rising and rising. The heat between us and out smells intoxicating us.

She was lifting Her backside up as high as she could and pressing back and back, seaching for the tip of my cock, turning her hips to me, until she finally guided me down between her legs instead of up along the crack of her ass, clamping her legs around my penis, holding my hardness tightly. As I continued to stroke her clit and pressing my finger for a moment into her vagina, feeling the tip of my cock as I did. She reached back between her legs with her hand, pressing her body against me, and wrapping her fingers around the head of my cock began tugging at me, pressing my hard cock deeply between her legs, opening her legs, wanting to be filled. I let go of her then and tipping my hips backward and forward, let my cock slide between her legs - enjoying the feeling of her frustration and hunger as she grasped my penis only to have it slide away. When next I pressed between her legs, I felt her fingerips on me and pressing the head of my cock, I let her press me right up inside. Delicious, exquisite. I pressed myself in. Could feel her close around the head of my cock, opening on all sides. I was filling her, and I pressed myself inside as deep as I could and held myself there. We were both clinging to one another in the dark room, the sheets fallen off of us, naked, sighing and gasping.

There was only this light whispered moan coming from her as I drew myself out and then pressed deep inside, over and over again.

"God damn you Jason." She panted. "Oh, god, it feels so good," as she pushed her ass back hard and I filled her once again.

I began rocking against myself her, sliding in and then out, my whole length as I was holding her puss from the front with my hand, began stroking her there, digging my fingers into her clit. Felling the flesh of her pussy, wet and loose on my fingers, sliding on her. Could feel my cock sliding inside.

She turned her head and I could see the whites of her eyes, "Happy? What you wanted?" and I leaned myself to her mouth, and kissed her. Felt her mouth open to me. Fucking and kissing in that dark, silent room. Deep soul kisses. She was turning herself to me and wrapping her arms around my head as we twisted together as I continued fucking her harder and harder, until we were trembling, shuddering, moving on the other faster and faster.

As I thrust into my little Sara I could feel her stiffen against me, "Ahhh, I'm cumming! Oh, fuck, god, Jas . . ."

I felt her press back her hips trembling against my body, pushing hard against my cock, spasming beneath me, turning so she was face down on the bed and I following, fucking her from behind. I rolled over on top of her, following her ass and fucking her with abandon. Her ass was lifted up in the air, the curve of her back arching down, her arms at her sides and her face lay sideways on the mattress, her hair spread out on the pillow. I fucked harder, sliding my whole length into her until my cum was rising.

"Oh god, I'm going to cum." I was thinking of pulling out, spraying her on her back.

I could hear her, "Cum in me."

Feeling it rise, I held my cock inside her puss, buried myself in her. She pushing her hips against me, wave after wave, filling her. We were crying out to one another in the darkness, sliding together, wetness and hair, and breath, until we collapsed upon the bed. I lay on her, nuzzling into her shoulder, her hair sticking to my cheeks. We were smiling and laughing, and I could see her looking back at me, eyes open now.

"You little shit." As I lay my torso beside her, still inside.

I kissed her.

She reached down and felt my cock pressed inside her cunt, and simply said, "Fuck."

She rolled onto her side and I pulled myself out, and I lay beside her. She just lay there with her arms over her head, still wearing her nightshirt which was stretched across the top of her breasts, facing me, looking at at me. The whites of her eyes. I was still hard and I watched and I took and rolled her the rest of the way onto her back confidently.

I said quietly in the stillness, "I'm not finished with you yet."

She was looking at my cock, realizing what I wanted as I lifted myself over her and was complying now with my every touch and movement, how I directed her body beneath me. I was still so hungry as I lay upon her and settled between her legs, she opened her legs wide, lifting her knees up on either side of me.

Her cunt was gaping, wet and I lay slid my cock between her legs, and felt her lift her hips, letting me press my whole length right inside in a single stroke.

"You going to fuck me all night?" She cooed.

I could look down and see her body beneath me, breasts laying open. She reached her arms to the edge of her nightshirt and pulled it up and off over her head in a single motion as I fucked her.

I lifted hips slowly, letting my cock draw out of her and then slowly, excruciatingly pressing my whole length back in. Slow long strokes.

Her panties were still around her ankles, I could feel her trying to kick them off as well. We were naked. I looked into her eyes, could see her teeth as she held her mouth open, panting with each thrust. Her head tipped back, I began kissing her neck and she folded her arms around my chest and pulled me against her bare breasts, touching the sides of my hips with her thighs.

"Mmmm, not that I mind. Go on, go on, fuck me all night."

I wrapped my arms back around her, holding her at the small of her back, began cupping her ass with my hands and stroking her ass as I fucked her, tipping my fingers between her legs. She held me against her and bringing her mouth to my ear began this stream of words.

"Oh just the way I like it. You fuck. . .ahhh, now what do we do, you bad boy. You like being inside me, this what going to happen when I hold my legs open around you now?"

I lay my mouth on hers and we kissed her soft, she lay her hands on my cheeks as my tongue pressed into her. Rising and falling on her, faster and faster. We were tracing our teeth with our tongues, pressing our mouths and our sex together, rising and falling.

"God you feel so good."

In between kisses she continued whispering in my ear, "Am I your little girl? You know how bad we are?"

"Bad," Said.

"You know. Are you going to punish me? Is this my spanking. Spank me. You like my little cunt. Are you fucking me?"

I lifted myself up and we looked down between our legs, I pressing down into her and rising again. This stream of words in my ear. I held her to me and began to fuck harder.

"That's it. Fuck me, ahhh."

I was pounding her now.

"Oh god. Wait. I'm sensitive. Oh God!"

I was going crazy. Her body meeting my thrusts, her legs held open, taking me. I was so hard for her, wanting her with every fiber of my being. My whole body began to stiffen. She held to me. My hands were on the mattress on each side of her.

"You . . . fucking . . . your . . . sister." She panted out.

And with those words, I could feel myself cuming inside of her, filling her as she bucked hard against me, pulling me tight against her, rubbing her clit along the length of my cock, lifting her hips against mem, holding herself to me as I filled her with my cum. Filling her.

Her voice at my ear as I relaxed my body against her, felt our skin sliding together. Her voice at my ear, "Stay inside me as long as you can. We can sleep like this. All night." and I fell beside her, we lay side by side, our hips together, my cock still hard and pressed inside her. "

Just stay there."

I just breathed, "Hungry?"

"I warned you."

And we lay still in the dark, She could feel my cock softening as I held myself to her, clinging to her and we drifted off to sleep once again.


At one point during the night, I have no idea when, I felt my hardness pressing against her once again, and I began positioning my cock from behind to slip once more into her pussy. No pretense, I just wanted to be inside of her. She started, and reacted by silently lifting her ass in the air and opening her legs. Positioning herself for me.

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