Sara's Car Trip


"You want a little more of that pussy down there huh?"

She felt my cock slide right inside, but then she rolled onto her back causing me slip out and turned around so that she was facing me and continued to push me back solidly onto the bed.

"My turn," and she climbed up over my chest, and sat across my stomach, legs held wide. God she felt so good. It was strange being in the dark, with these wonderful smells of sex all around, and my body being pressed against the bed by Sara saying words like fuck and cunt and pussy.

I could feel her pussy hair pressing against my abdomen, and the opening of her cunny leaving this wet streak down my front as she slid lower and settled herself down onto my cock. I felt that hunger being satisified again, the delicious warmth of her as she slid down my body, positioning herself, finding my cock and sitting down on me. Wonderful waves of pleasure washing along my body and filling me with a heat that kept rising, as she kneeled above me, rising and falling on my cock. She was leaning herself forward until her breasts pressed to my chest, pressing her cunt along the base of my cock, so that she could literally press her clit against my length and catch a steady rhythm.

"You like my cunt? Say it." She whispered out.

"I love your cunt. Your juicy little cunny."

She just smiled, her hands pressed against my chest rising and falling above me.

I lay beneath her and held her breasts in my open hands, squeezing her, before letting my hands slide down around her hips and onto her ass. She could feel my fingers curl in and press into the crack of her ass. I slid my fingers lower until they pressed over her anus, and brush my fingers over the surface. Her eyes grew wide.

"Oh yeah," she licked her lips. "You are a bad boy."

She pushed against my fingers and guided me, encouraging me to keep pressing. Until I had a finger sliding up to the second knuckle.

"Keep doing that. Oh my GOOD, yeah," she grunted and squirmed on me.

The relaxation in her voice was so intoxicating, the deep trill. The curves of her body above me open in every way. I had never seen her so wanton. Had never known how erotic and wild she could be. She yielded her breasts to me, arching her head back exposing her white neck. She had full red lips and nibbled at my arm as I caressed her neck. She was so filled with desire. I could feel her quivering breath. Her cheeks were mottled, she could barely breath.

"Ohhh, feels so . . . good. You like your little girls pussy? Oh, make me cum."

"Mmm. My good little girl. Such a hungry cunt."

She would whisper, "Finish me. Am I your little girl. Fuck me. Say it." My hands were on her, moving her body against my cock, sliding her against me.

"My good little girl. I'm fucking you every way I can." Pressing my finger into her ass, holding her tightly on me, rocking into her, guiding her clit along the length of my cock, and filling her, deep to the hilt. Faster we washed against one another. She pressing down harder and harder, throwing her hair back and forward.

"Oh, I Love my little girl. My good little girl."

"No bad." And she pouted.

We looked at each other with wild eyes. My little sister who used to take a bath with me, who used to be amazed at our one difference that made one of us a boy and one of us a girl. Who I grew up with and knew so well. Who I watched on so many evenings, and of the times I could have walked over and lay my hands on her. Who was yielding to me completely now. We fucked silently, steady in that darkness, until she began frantically sliding upon me, pressing into my chest, throwing her head down and then back. She was biting her lips so hard. Almost crying.

She quickened her pace and started crying out, her little growl, panting, straining her body against me. We came in one long continuous wave of dissolution, it was wave after wave after wave, until I was almost in pain. I couldn't even tell if we were making noise or not anymore. My body stiffened and I could feel myself releasing ribbons of cum into her, and as it pulsed out of me, her vagina felt like a mouth drinking me in, sucking and quivering when her back arched and she came, thrashing, rising and falling above me.

Until we fell into our wet center of the bed. We were one. The sheet was wrapped and tied around our limbs, we were bound together, wet hair across our faces and in our mouths, between our legs. Sex on our breath. Sweat and her cum dripping from puss, leaking down her thighs. We fell tangled into one another, arms and legs, my cock laying limp across her thigh, and we tongued each other softly. Laughing, pulling her waist and hugging her to me. She was trembling to my touch. I just kept staring into her eyes as I kissed her, wrapping myself around her, pushing my leg between her thighs, rolling her onto her back.

She lay smiling looking up at me, "I just can't get enough now." And she rolled toward me, our bodies having become so united as one that I lost track of what was hers and what was mine. Our skin so soft, and moist, our every movement slippery and warm. Hair and teeth and bone.

We drifted off to sleep a third time.

Next morning we woke to soft sunlight streaming through the window. Laying naked in each others arms. The smell of sex all around us. I opened my eyes and there was Sara now smiling softly, her head settled into the pillow. She had a hand on my cock beneath the sheet, runing her fingers along its length. I could feel myself hardening.

She turned away, her ass settling into my lap guiding me inside her once more.

"Rub my back why don't ya."

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous01/10/18


What great timing.
Thank You,
Old silver

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by Anonymous12/07/17

Way too good, slow seduction...

Loved it!
@ 5thRing: Page 2, 26 or 27 paragraphs from bottom during same conversation at picnic table. "I lifted in my seat and reaching out took her hand."
I had to look, too! All in all, very good, slowmore...

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by rightbank11/29/17

That, dear readers, is how to write a seduction scene

Slow, reluctance, tension, desire, guilt, yielding, intense passion, acceptance, awe, wonder, mutually content.
Not being able to stop smiling, wanting to keep touching, can't stop thinking about . .

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by Impuls1v310/19/17

Tantalising and hot.

Enjoyed this very much.

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by 5thRing08/09/17

I found parts of this story confusing, as if you accidentally left things out (and I don't mean just a quotations mark at the beginning of one particular line of dialogue).

For instance: "And she wasmore...

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