tagLoving WivesSara's Friend, Mary

Sara's Friend, Mary


Mary had tears streaming down her cheeks, mascara stained lines told Sara she had been crying for some time.

”What’s wrong?” Sara asked softly as she tried to comfort her friend, hugging her on the porch of her 19th Century home.

“H, h, he’s left me,” sobbed Mary. “H, h, he fucked me and as soon as he’d wiped his tiny little dick, he left me, for some whore he met just a few weeks ago at the tennis club.”

Mary burst into another flood of tears. Sara led her friend into the lounge and poured a stiff drink, “Here, drink this and tell me all about it.”

Mary told how her husband, John, “had been having an affair with the tennis club’s new secretary, Joan Something-or-other, a blonde bombshell who had been wooing the men, flashing her deep cleavage and long legs. They met by accident at a local bar, hmph, that’ll be right. John had worked late at the office and needed a quick drink before getting home and the whore had slipped into the bar to meet her date, who hadn’t turned up. They just hit it off right there and then. John had fucked the bitch then came home to me, all excited and eager to get into my panties. I knew there was something up, he had acted a little strange, over excited, you know what I mean?”

Sara nodded her head as Mary continued. “That bastard has been fucking that bitch for weeks, then coming home to me and doing me too! One evening, I decided to blow him, I could have sworn there and then I could taste something strange on his dick, another woman perhaps. He played it down, claiming the taste to be some lotion one of his mates had given him when he’d taken a quick shower at the club. The lying bastard,” Mary added under her breath. Mary drained the scotch in one gulp and held out the empty glass. Sara refilled her empty vessel and sat back down, placing a friendly arm around Mary’s shoulders.

The girls talked for hours. Eventually, Mary decided she couldn’t go back to the house and Sara offered her the use of the spare room. Mary thanked her friend and kissed her cheek. Sara, not expecting the sudden show of affection from her friend sat slightly shocked at Mary’s display of affection.

Sara loaned Mary some clothes and both took turns to shower and apply make-up, fix their hair and dab a drop of Channel onto their pulse spots.

“What are you two up to?” asked Dave, surprised at seeing Mary and Sara sharing a mirror and lipstick.

“Oh, just girly things honey,” Sara smiled. Sara suddenly realised how lucky she was having Dave as her partner. They had complete trust in each other, telling one another of every concern, every happy thought, every fantasy.

Mary could see the strong bond between her friend and her lover and was immediately envious. She had stopped sobbing and was beginning to sober up; beginning to place the details into some form of logical order, into perspective. But most of all, she wanted to take Dave and screw the ass off him. The thought had just popped into her head, she didn’t know from where, but, nevertheless, there it was. She wanted her best friend’s lover.

“What?” Sara asked Mary.

As if woken from a dream, Mary shook her head, “What?”

“What were you thinking about, just then?”

Dave left the room to take a shower. “You are one lucky girl,” Mary told her friend, “if only…” her voice trailed off as she drifted once again into a shallow trance.

“I know what you are thinking,” claimed Sara. Both girls laughed.

“Oh, don’t be so silly,” Mary retorted coyly. “How could I think such a thing? Hell, only minutes ago, I was bawling my eyes out because John had left me.”

“I know how you tick girl. I bet you’d love to pay John back for what he’s done to you, and a divorce wouldn’t be good enough.”

The three ate their evening meal in silence. Sara had managed to explain Mary’s predicament to Dave in the short time it took Mary to go pee.

“So, how long is she going to be staying?” Dave asked.

“Dunno, maybe a week or two.”

Two weeks later, Mary insisted she take Sara out for a girl’s night. Taking in a meal and several large glasses of wine, the two staggered for the ‘Century’ where they had agreed to meet Dave.

The bar was very busy and there was no sign of Dave. Mary told Sara she had to go pee and left her friend at the bar to wait for her husband.

The queue at the ladies restroom extended past the entrance to the gents. Mary decided she couldn’t wait any longer and slipped into the gents thinking that there’d be no-one there - she hadn’t seen a man enter the toilet since she joined the queue, five minutes earlier.

Mary squatted on the pan, her urine splashing into the toilet water. She heard the muffled sound of conversation faded in and out as the restroom door opened then close. She could make out a tune that someone was humming under his breath as the sound of urine splashed into the urinal trough.

Mary wiped herself dry, pulled on the toilet flush and exited the cubicle. At that same moment, the man turned and began to replace his penis into his trousers. Mary saw he was well endowed and broke the shocked silence.

“My my, you are well blessed,” she teased. The man flushed pink and for a second he checked he was in the right place. “I couldn’t wait any longer,” Mary continued, pointing to the pan, “I’m Mary.” She offered her hand and they shook slowly, the man still shocked by the surprise of seeing a woman in the men’s room. Mary’s head spun a little from the alcohol. She hadn’t had sex for over a month and, with a high libido, she had frigged herself to sleep almost every night since staying at Sara’s.

Mary smiled and lurched forward, her arms wrapped around the stranger. Her lips pressed hard on his as she reached down to undo the zipper he had only just closed some seconds earlier.

The man didn’t know what to do. He stood rigid, in shock as this attractive woman, perhaps in her late 30’s, kissed him and began rummaging in his pants. He felt her hand take hold of his flaccid cock and extract it from the darkness of his jockey shorts.

Mary couldn’t believe what she was doing. It was something she had fantasised about many times - having sex with a stranger in the gent’s restroom. She felt his penis, warm and soft, growing in her hand as she freed it from his trousers. She wanted to taste him, but she was desperate for a fuck too. She led him into her cubicle and closed the door. He put up no resistance as she lifted her knee-length dress, exposing her silky white panties; her juices had already begun to stain the material, but neither noticed in the cramped confines of the cubicle. She moved forward, her lips finding his once more. He was firmer now, and his cock was a good six or seven inches, she estimated. Pulling her panties to one side, she guided his member to her opening and let it slip in in one slow penetrating movement.

Mary gasped as she felt his hardened muscle probe her depths. He began to fuck her pussy slowly, taking long strokes and letting the tip of his cock slide along her labia, making her clitoris tingle. Already, Mary could feel the heat of an orgasm build up inside. She lifted her right leg, resting it on the bowl, giving the stranger easier access to her sex. He pounded her harder now, his strokes faster. She could feel his thrusts probe deeper, his hardness like steel. He began to grunt as he too began to climax.

Mary felt him throb as he exploded deep inside her pussy; his hot, thick cream filled her cavity. They stood quietly for some time before the man’s cock began to soften and slide out of Mary’s pussy. He zippered up and, kissing Mary’s cheek, thanked her and left.

Mary returned to find Dave and Sara halfway through a round of drinks.

“You took your time,” Sara commented.

“Long queue,” explained a flushed face. Sara sensed something had happened, but chose to wipe it from her thoughts… no, not in a place like this.

Mary gave Dave a peck on his cheek to say hello. She could smell his aftershave, Aramis, her favourite. She felt her clitoris tingle, her nipples strain as she took in her friend’s husband’s odour.

“I think I’ll head off,” Mary told her friend, “I’ve had enough.” Mary really wanted to get home and play with her clitoris. She wanted to taste the stranger’s semen that was now beginning to percolate past her labia’s pouting lips, dampening her panties even more.

“We’ll come with you,” replied Sara. She wanted to find out what Mary had been doing for the past twenty-five minutes.

Dave poured another scotch and sat on the sofa between the two women. He had begun to lust over Mary in the last two weeks. Sara knew his thoughts were hyperactive; only the previous night, Dave had told Sara his fantasy of watching her lick out Mary whilst he fucked his wife. It was now Sara’s turn to moisten her panties.

“So, what did you get up to in the toilet?” Sara asked.

“Oh… nothing, just had to queue to pee,” replied Mary, as a wry smile appeared on her face.

“So did I, but it didn’t take me twenty-five minutes, and I called your name in the restroom. You weren’t there. So, spill it out girl, who is he?” Sara had thought Mary had met a man, perhaps a new lover and had spent some time talking to him on her cell phone, perhaps.

Mary shook her head as Dave stood to leave the girls talk girl talk. “I’m headed for the shower,” he told them as he left the room.

More coaxing eventually prised out Mary’s story. She told Sara how her need for sex drove her further than she’d ever gone before. Sara almost laughed as she heard her friend tell of how the stranger fucked Mary. She didn’t even know his name. Sara had read stories, just like this one, in Dave’s porno books and just passed them off as fiction, someone’s fantasy. But now, she began to realise that people do live out their fantasies. She felt a strange sense of jealousy, something Sara couldn’t explain.

“Wow, that’s amazing,” Sara eventually returned after Mary finished telling every detail, even down to how his cock had felt as he ejaculated inside her. “Listen, if you were that desperate, why didn’t you tell me? I could have fixed you up with one of Dave’s friends,” Sara continued.

“Or better still, I could have joined the two of you for a threesome,” Mary let out her secret desire to fuck Dave camouflaged in a ménage-et-tois. Mary couldn’t believe what she had just said.

And neither could Sara. Both shocked at how the conversation had developed, they covered their mouths and began laughing on top of their voices.

“Well you guys seem to be enjoying yourselves anyway,” Dave told them as he entered the room with fresh drinks. He’d showered and dressed in the robe Sara had given him as a Christmas present last December.

Sara looked Mary in eye; Mary returned the stair. Both had the same thought.

“Why don’t we relax a little, I’ll put some music on,” Sara said as she stood and chose a CD from Dave’s extensive collection.

“Good idea,” Mary replied. This was a signal from her friend; consent to join her and her husband. “Let’s dance, Dave.”

Dave didn’t usually like dancing, but he liked the music Sara had chosen and he liked Mary. The thought of having her breasts rub up against his chest gave him the extra piece of encouragement to accept Mary’s invitation. Arm in arm, the couple smooched in the centre of the room. Sara turned down the lighting to improve the intimate atmosphere and slipped into the bedroom to change into something more relaxing.

Mary and Dave hadn’t realised Sara’s departure. Mary hugged Dave, pulling him closer, “Thanks, thanks for everything,” she whispered in his ear, “you have been a real friend over the last couple of weeks, a rock for me to cling to.”

Dave gave Mary an acknowledging squeeze. He felt her breasts, firm and large, press harder on his chest. He wanted to suck Mary’s nipples, to take hold of her breasts and massage them, to place his head between them and wallow.

Dave suddenly realised his robe had slipped open. The tie had come undone, allowing the towelling material to slowly open, revealing his thick, hairy chest and his penis. Had Mary noticed? He didn’t care. His cock began to swell at the thought that he was now exposing himself to Sara’s friend. But what would Sara think? What would Sara say?

Mary felt Dave’s cock grow. The thin cotton of her dress allowed Mary to feel the slight movement. It was then Mary realised Dave’s robe had unfastened itself.

Sara watched her best friend and husband dance slowly, arm in arm. She could see Dave’s robe slowly open, neither dancer had noticed, well, not at first anyway. Sara, now dressed in her see-through negligee Dave had given her on their anniversary, joined them in their dance.

“You two look like you’re enjoying yourselves,” Sara announced. Both turned as Sara placed an arm around them.

Dave’s eyes almost fell out of his head, seeing his wife in her see-through negligee was something of a rarity. Sara kept it for special moments. He could see her firm body, her 32B breasts, and her neatly trimmed pussy clearly through the material in the dimmed light. Then he realised his robe had opened, exposing his cock to the women. He quickly pulled the material closed to cover up.

“Don’t be shy,” Sara told him, “we have a guest who needs some special attention.”

Dave couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He turned to Mary who now had a huge grin on her face. He looked down at her cleavage and saw her excitement in the form of two thimbles trying to escape from her dress.

Sara took Dave’s hands from his robe and re-opened the material. She pushed it over his shoulders and let the robe fall to the floor. Dave stood naked, slightly embarrassed, but with a semi-erection. Sara knelt and tasted the small droplet that had found its way to the very tip of his cock. She loved the taste of Dave’s cock and loved to suck him whenever she could; and tonight was going to be special.

Dave closed his eyes. He felt Sara’s warmth engulf his cock. He was at full erection almost immediately. Mary ran her fingers down Dave’s back and rested on his ass where she began to massage him. A finger found his anus and as Sara took Dave’s cock deep into her mouth, Mary penetrated him with her index finger, up to the second knuckle. He wasn’t expecting it, and flinched as he adjusted to the initial pain and shock of the intrusion. But soon, the mixture of Sara’s expert oral ministrations and Mary’s search for Dave’s g-spot placed him in shear pleasure.

Within minutes, he was ready to cum. “No,” Sara told him, don’t come yet, I want you inside me.” She knelt in front of him. Dave took her from behind, his cock slid in and out of Sara’s well-lubricated pussy. It wasn’t long before he came to a thundering climax, emptying his scrotum into his lovely wife’s pussy.

Sara felt her husband’s ejaculation and at the same time, recounted Mary’s words in her head; how the stranger had pulsed inside her, how Mary had felt his ejaculation and how she felt him slowly soften.

Dave couldn’t believe what had just happened. On her knees, Sara in front of him and Mary, sitting on the sofa now, to his left.

Mary had watched her friends fuck. She sat on the sofa, her fingers probing her vagina, feeling the wetness of the stranger, and tasting his seed on her fingers.

Dave had cum and Sara wanted more. Sara looked across to Mary, frigging herself on the sofa. She crawled across the floor on her hands and knees, Dave’s cock sliding from her as she moved. Then, kneeling in front of Mary, she tasted Mary’s pussy. Sara had always wanted to taste another woman, but had never thought the opportunity would arise.

Dave watched his wife lapping at Mary’s pussy. He saw that Mary was extremely wet and put it down to the excitement of what was happening. It wasn’t until he joined his wife that he found out Sara had been eating a stranger’s semen.

Mary and Sara told Dave Mary’s story. Mary told as Sara licked and sucked Mary’s pussy, Sara interrupting Mary’s words now and again to add a word or two of her own, and asking Mary to repeat parts of her tale.

Sara’s attention to Mary’s clitoris began to make Mary cum. Sara and Dave saw this as her broke up. Dave was hard again now; Mary’s fingers were firmly wrapped around his cock.

“Fuck me,” Mary whispered.

Sara stood, allowing Dave access to Mary’s vagina. His cock, guided by Mary’s hand, slipped into her. His full, thick, eight inches sank into her depths. Mary shuddered as her first climax ravaged her body.

Sara managed to get Mary’s breasts released from the confines of her dress. Dave leaned forward and took a nipple in his mouth; Sara took the other.

Mary felt Dave’s hardness pounding her cervix. The couple was teasing her nipples and she felt a second orgasm brew deep inside. Dave, now on his second wind, fucked Mary faster, harder, sensing her impending orgasm. He felt her vagina grasp his shaft as she shuddered for the second time on his cock.

“My turn,” Sara announced. She sat back alongside Mary and lifted her legs up to her chest, exposing her semen filled pussy. Dave shimmied to his left, his cock popping out of Mary’s pussy, glistening from her juices and the stranger’s semen. He placed it at Sara’s opening and pressed. It sank into his wife in one slow stroke. His pubic hairs tickled Sara’s clitoris, which was now erect and extruding from its hood.

Mary leaned over and began to lick Sara’s clitoris. Her friend was close to orgasm already and soon enough, with the pounding she was receiving from her husband and the attention from Mary’s tongue, Sara shuddered in a climax so intense, she almost passed out.

Dave shuffled back to Mary and continued where he’d left of several minutes earlier. It was now his turn to cum. He felt his fluids rush through his body, exploding violently into Mary’s depths. For the second time that evening, she felt a man’s semen splash against her womb. She shuddered in ecstasy.

Dave let his cock slip out of Mary, now semi flaccid and extremely wet. Sara took him into her mouth and cleaned him of the scented, sticky fluids. Then, she turned back to Mary and once again, began to eat her friend’s pussy, cleaning her of any remaining semen.

Mary wanted to taste her friend too. She laid back and Sara straddled her. Now in the 69 position, the girls made each other cum once more.

Mary stayed with Dave and Sara for several more weeks. They hardly ventured out of the house. And when Mary did find a place to stay, they continued to pay regular visits on each other, maintaining a close and intimate relationship that all three hoped would last forever.

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