Sara's Panties


She smiled, “You like my outfits.”

“Love them sweet. Anyway. We sat on the floor reading each others work. And she sat directly across from me, we barely knew each other, with her legs wide apart extending on either side of me, her knees up and open, reading my work and looking at me.”

“I was this little blonde haired boy. She had to be ten years older than me. I was literally drinking her in and I know she knew it.”

“So, after class, I got it in my head to follow her. I could barely speak to her that day in class and I had never had that problem before. But my heart was pounding in my ears. I didn’t know what I was going to do or why. I was in the moment - I had to know where she lived.”

“So I paced behind her as she walked along about five blocks. It was a beautiful hot summer day. I had on just this T shirt and I think jeans. It doesn’t matter. She was in those jet black jeans. She was about half block ahead of me when she went into a little shop. Grocery store.”

I was rubbing the top of Sara's hand now and each of her fingers. She turned her hand over, exposing her palm again, I was stroking her wrist as she sipped her wine with her other hand. This evening was lyrical. Pure magic. What were we drinking. It had to be some sort of secret potion.

“Keep going,” she said.

“Anyway there I stood at this store standing at the door and not knowing what else to do I walked in, pretending to be shopping. Looking at nothing, seeing her pick out some juice or something and heading to the counter. She was going to walk right by me, and I glanced at her, she turned. Recognized me.”

“‘Oh hi,’ I said.”

“‘Hi, you live around here?’”

“‘No, I uh,’”

“I was really at a loss, I don’t think she could have possibly thought I was like stalking her. And I sure didn’t think she would talk to me. I had no plan for her talking to me.”

“Just open to whatever happened,” Sarah breathed, and I saw real admiration in her eyes just then.

“‘Well I loved what you wrote today,’ she said to me again.”

“‘I was going to visit a friend,’ I lied, ‘but they weren’t home. And I. . .’”

“‘You want to come over.’ She said it just like that. And she waved the bottle - ‘Have some tea.’ That’s right it was ice tea. ‘You got any more stuff with you? Poetry I mean.’”

“‘Uh, Yeah sure.’”

“She had jet black hair to go with those jet black jeans. I was so mesmerized, and I think she enjoyed the effect she was having on this little boy.”

“And I followed her.”

“I followed her up a narrow flight of steps to her apartment. I still walk past that building. It stands right next to a church. I can just smell the smells of that hallway. She made small talk as we walked. About going back to school, wanting to better herself. But not in a corporate way. She unlocked the door to an old duplex and up some stairs. I remember walking up those stairs like it was yesterday.”

“We sat around a small table and she pulled her chair up close to me, right next to me, as I fumbled through my papers, leaning her shoulder into mine, we looked down at the paper. I could feel her breath. The whole room smelled like candles and incense. She whispered to me, ‘Read to me.’”

“I loved her smile. Wicked little smile.”

“‘You nervous.’ She said.”

“‘No. I . . .’”

“She laughed. Your trembling. This is fun! It’s Fine. It’s . . .’”

“And she glanced out the window as she said it, and then, her eyes got big.”

“She was all, ‘Fucking christ, shit shit shit.’ She said. Her eyes as big as saucers. She got up and stepped away from me.”

“‘What,’ and I stupidly leaned myself to look out the window.”

“‘It’s my boyfriend. I’m sorry. You got to. . ‘ And she took me by the hand.”

“I could see him standing outside by the door, fumbling for keys as she pulled me away from the window. He was like a big football player. ‘Get away from there,’ she said.”

“‘I’m sorry - fuck - but he’s jealous. He he just won’t understand. You got to get in here.’”

“And she threw me inside this little tiny closet full of coats and junk.”

“So from deciding to follow her and find out where she lived. Here I was standing inside this stupid little closet in her apartment.” I laughed. “With some giant guy coming who wouldn’t understand.” I laughed and laughed just then.

Sara, eyes were wide, she was laughing too, “Oh my god. I can’t believe it. Oh my god!” She was squirming around in her chair holding onto my hands.

She pulled her hand back from mine and put it to her head, pulling her hair back, and shaking herself letting her hair settle around her shoulders. Opening her eyes again, looking at me, her little almond eyes flirting. And then she lay her hand back down on top of mine, we splayed our fingers together and softly caressed each others fingers.

“What then?” she breathed, her head turned toward me, tipped to one side. “Keep going.”

I was thinking ahead, and sort of realizing the trend of my own story now. I was telling it with a lot more detail than I had intended. “Uh, I don’t know. I don’t know if I should continue the story. That’s pretty much . . .”

She hit my hand with hers and took my whole hand in hers again. Sipped some Wine. “Like hell. Keep going. This is one of the most unbelievable . . .I just wish.”

I started, “Well,” then paused once again, and she said through gritted teeth, “Go on.”

I breathed, “Well there I stood, and this big lug of a guy came in. I remember him being just huge. And dumb. Had to be dumb.” She hit me. “Really, No I could tell he was dumb. Like the opposite of me.”

“What, small and smart,” she licked her lips as she said this.

“I could hear him say something like ‘hey baby got any of that left over for me,’ and she was like ‘what are you doing home.’”

“Most of the conversation I could not make out, but then he came near to the closet and I could hear her following him, quick steps and I was like oh shit oh shit. This is it I’m a dead man. I was covering my head with my arms. He said something like, ‘what baby.’ Anyway she must have turned him around, because it sounded like his back was pressing into the closet door - Thump!! - and he would have been facing her when he said, ‘you are so fucking beautiful, baby.’”

I stopped, “Sorry, I just swore,”

“That’s all right. I don’t think it’s not the first time you said ‘fuck’ in this story. Tell it like you remember. Everything.”

“And it was quiet. I knew she was letting him kiss her. He was leaning against the closet door kissing her and I could see the door pressing in.” My mind was swimming now.

“He was saying stuff like, ‘I love your smell. Oh baby. I got an hour. How ‘bout Some afternoon delight.’ Something like that. I heard him say that and I thought shit. An hour! But then. They’re going to have sex! They’re going to have sex! Cause I was this little kid that couldn’t get enough, or any or something like that.”

“And at that I started to see if there was any way I could see out of this little closet. There were cracks of light but no way I could SEE! Plus its not like I could move around cause it would make noise and they were like right outside the door. But I could hear. And the bed was right by the closet and I heard them lay down on the bed. SQUEEEK! He was pulling her clothes off, I could hear the fabric. She was saying ‘yeah, come here,’ like that. He says ‘Oh baby, you are so sweet. Lay back. Yeah. Yeah. Let me look at you.’ And just this Silence.”

"God I wanted to see her, I knew she was no more than a few feet away from me naked. Completely naked! I could hear him settle on the bed and lay with her God I wanted to see her.”

I was thinking about Sara just then in the bathroom that day in the soft white robe, the other day in her panties. I think she knew where my mind had drifted just then. Had to. Her eyes fluttered at me then.Her lovely smile.

Sara was stroking my wrist and softly rubbing my arm up to the edge and beneath the sleeve of my shirt. When I started to talk again she closed her eyes.

“Her voice came through muffled. ‘That’s it yeah come here baby come here, *fuck* me.’"

“She knew where I was sitting in that little closet. She knew I could hear everything and amazingly I could hear her talking through what was happening. God. Oh I remember it like it was yesterday. It had to have been for me. ‘Oh my pussy is so wet' (did I say that??). 'That’s it, come here, no wait, slow down big boy. I’m not ready. Eat me. You got me laying here with my legs open. Eat me. Come on baby.’ Just this stream of words for my imagination.”

I could see Sara blush and sense that she was tensing her thighs, tipping her hips, as her shoulders rose and fell.

I paused. “I’m being pretty explicit here.”

“Keep going, just . . .” her eyes got big. “Quit stopping.” She said that last word through her teeth like a plosive. Her cheeks were flushed, I could see she was getting aroused.

“And I guess he ate her out. I swear I could hear it, standing in the dark hearing everything. She was all ‘ummm so good. Yeah lick me there. Higher, oh you’re making me so wet baby.’ She was talking to ME. It was like my senses were ten times what they had ever been. Seeing nothing.”

“He was not very long before he was laying on her though. I could hear the bed compress beneath them. I heard her once saying, ‘wait honey, a little longer. No.’ They were breathing hard. He was saying, ‘oh yeah now baby. Oh god, yeah,’ and I could literally hear him slapping into her. The rhythm of their making love.”

“Their fucking you mean,” Sara corrected me (Did she say that??)

“But once they were - fucking - I repeated (she closed her eyes when I said that and squeezed my hand), I could hear him call out ‘ohhhh yeahhh, baby.’ So there was the hour, I laughed. And like it wasn’t two minutes later that he was moving away from the bed. He was getting dressed and they kissed for awhile, then a door closed and the whole house was silent again. I didn’t dare open the door. That didn’t take more than fifteen minutes it seemed like to me. I was laughing. But then it was all silence. I stood there and stood there. Like five minutes and the whole house was silent.”

“I did not know what to do. So I just stood there.”

“And then the door opened, this wave of light. I held my hand over my eyes. And she was standing with this little tiny robe on, white, silk. Her outline, I could see her face all Flushed, her lips swollen, she was smiling. Her hair dark and splayed out, with the sun shining behind her.”

Sara looked at me and squeezed my hand. “The same little robe as yours, yeah. Her hair disheveled. She just said, ‘look at you. Its all right come on out.’ And she took me by the hand and led me out, I sat down on the bed. The bed where they had just been - fucking - five minutes before.” I liked saying the word in front of Sara. “I knew that the only thing she was wearing was this little robe, the bottom was not two inches below . . .”

Sara sipped her wine and tilted her head at me, like continue or else.

I looked in her eyes as I said it, “. . .Her pussy.” Sara laughed put her hand up to her face, covered her eyes. Tilting her head down, looking up at me, I could see the whites of her eyes below as she looked up at me. A lttle pout. God she was beautiful just then.

“She kept standing looking down at me. ‘Sorry about him. He never comes home in the day. That didn’t exactly go as I planned. Plus the little fucker left me so . . . horny.’ She looked down at herself, then me. ‘What can I do about that,’ she said. ‘But then, here you are, I have you don’t I?’ And my eyes were saucers.”

"She just stood right in front of me. ‘Go on. Open my robe.’ She said to me. Soft and gentle. She said. ‘Go ahead. I won’t bite.’”

"I put my hands up on each of her thighs, and she said. ‘That’s it. Just do what I tell you.’ but she said it so soft, inviting. She was about to let me do anything to her.”

"I ran my hand up her thighs, lifting my hands higher and under her robe to each side of her hips and she pulled the sash of the robe and let it fall open. Delicate. It just spread open in front of me. It wasn’t open more than an inch maybe two, and right before me was this line of white skin rising up exposing her to me, her black little muff, this little wild triangle of hair. And the smell of pussy. The sunlight shining right on her belly over my head.”

“I said to her, ‘It’s the same color as your jeans.’”

“She laughed. Said, ‘Something like that,’ and I still had my hand on her hips caressing her skin and she was opening her legs a little and pulling open her robe for me and then back behind her. I remember looking at her like it was yesterday, when she said to me, ‘Hope you don’t mind sloppy seconds.’ What a line! And it was right then I could see the cum running down her legs.”

“I actually shook my head no. Ha! No I don’t mind sloppy seconds. I didn’t say that. I just shook my head no.”

“You are so adorable,” Sara cooed.

I laughed, “That’s exactly what she said next.”

“She had me, pure desire, pure adoration. I could smell her sex and as she opened her legs, I could see the wet streaks running down her thighs. She was unbuttoning my shirt and I just let her. Reaching my hands around I cupped her *ass* and tugged her nearer to me, looking at her as I fell back on the bed. She was bending down letting her breasts fall before my face and pressing me back into the mattress. I lay there looking up at her."

"‘Lets get you more comfortable.’ And before I knew it we were laying on the bed, both naked, the white sheets crumpled down at the bottom in this hot little room. Oh, the room was so hot, I could feel sweat on my chest and she was wet everywhere. I could smell her, and incense in the room, the old smell of the apartment, her soft skin, perfume. I remember everything.” I had my nose in the air, “Pure pleasure.”

“‘Just lay back, let me see you.’ She took my penis in her hand and turned her fingers around it, traced up along my chest. She was tracing her finger on my skin as she said, ‘Remember this, take your time when you make love to a woman. A woman loves to be worshiped.’ And she bent down and kissed the tip of my penis.”

“And I said, ‘You are a goddess.’”

“She kissed me, laughing. ‘Yes. Yes.’ And ‘What am I going to do with you?’”

“And she lifted her little frame up over my body stradling me with her legs, and let her puss slide down along my torso. Uhhh, I can still feel those hairs tickling, sliding along my belly as she lowered herself on me.”

I was watching Sara and her head jilted forward, I could hear this light, “mmmm” emanate from her lips. And as I told the story I lifted my hand from hers and lightly, ever so lightly reached to her, began to touch her breasts through the fabric of her thin little night shirt. She didn't move as my voice washed over her. She kept her eyes closed, taking in a deep breath.

I was letting my fingers trace the line of her collar bone as I talked, and drawing my hand lower squeezing her breasts and tracing the outline of her nipples. I was watching Sara as her breath became more ragged, just catching in her throat leaning forward pressing her breasts in my hand when I touched her there, and as she twined her fingers into my other hand holding me tight.

"She was pinning my cock to my stomach and letting me slide along her pussy. I could feel her pussy lips opening around me pressing my cock down flat, feeling her begin to slide on me as she was opening. The wetness of her cunny running down around me. And then she stopped, held perfectly still as she lay on me, just looking down at our bodies together and whispering to me ‘Like that.’ I nodded. I did a lot of nodding.”

Sara was crimson now and drinking her wine languorously, licking the glass when it emptied. I poured her another glass as I continued, setting my hand back on her breast, just cupping her in my hand, she looked at me and closed them again. She was giving me complete license. Yielding.

I reached lower and lay my palm across her belly and held it there, and heard her, "Mmmm." I could feel Sara squeezing her thighs together and loosening, tipping her hips so she was rising and falling into the chair again.

"She said, ‘Now kiss me.’ And so I started to kiss her. ‘No no’ she said, slow down. ‘Slow. Not rough. Softer. Just open your mouth, more, take your time,’ and I kissed her slowly just like she said. ‘Like that. Slow. Feel and taste. Take your time. Feel my mouth, my tongue. Taste it. Here take my lip in your mouth.’ Ummm.”

“And I took her lower lip. ‘Um chew’ she said. And we kissed so softly, soft like I had never experienced. Like two flowers. Quivering flowers. But then I was so young."

Sara just said, “poetry.”

“And she started sliding her hips again along my cock, down and up down and up, and I let myself undulate against her. Oh my god, I was tipping my hip back, arching my back. Getting so aroused. Trying to get into her. I knew what to do. I wanted to be inside of her. I had never felt like this with a woman. It had never felt so sensual, soft, real as that day. Hungry.”

Sara’s eyes were looking at me through narrow slits, blinking slowly as I let my hands wander over her body, stroking her wrist, up along her arm. I touched her cheeks and then let my finger trace a line across her mouth down her chin and neck and lay my hand over her breast, her nipples, and down her front feeling the bone of her hips and then pressing lower still into the top of her puss. I could feel her tipping herself up into my hand. And then I let my hand trace a line back up her side under her arms stroking her neck. She brought her head down and carressed me with her chin.

I was letting my hands wander over her body as she swayed into my touch, never stopping the story, the flow of my words continued as I touched her. I watched her face, her breathing, the tilt her head, watching her holding her mouth open, her soft sigh, licking her lips. I could see her moving on the chair in this gentle rhythm as I stroked her.

“She looked down at me, ‘want something’ she cooed.”

“I said ‘I want to fuck you.’”

Sara opened her eyes, pure desire in her eyes, she opened her mouth.

“‘ummm, Fuck. Strong words for a little boy.’ And she lifted herself up. ‘Slow. Take it slow. If you feel like cumming I want you to tell me. I don’t want you to cum - yet.’”

“And she lifted herself up and I felt myself pressing into her. Oh my god. Her pussy just opening and swallowing me, pressing into her like a tight glove. Oh, that pressure of entering her, her warm glove wrapping all around me."

"And she was so wet. So Tight, pressing onto my cock right up to the base of my cock. Oh my god it was so good." I let out a sigh. "And she just set down into my lap, pressing me into the bed. And held herself still. Perfectly still. ‘This what you wanted?’ she said again.”

“I nodded, closed my eyes. ‘Yes.’”

“‘You cumming?’ She asked and I shook my head no. I can’t believe I didn’t but I honestly think I was afraid to.”

“‘No’ I whispered. ‘Good’ and she started to kiss me again. We kissed and kissed and kissed, she cradled me and rocked me in her arms and we kissed for like half an hour with me inside her. I could smell her puss rise up around me and the warmth of her body, her cum running between my legs, the sweat between us, we slid together. We were so wet together."

"And she started to move again, slowly softly. I could feel her rising and falling, just a little inch upon my cock sliding up inside, her kissing me and wriggling her hips back and forth. Up up up and then down. She was pressing down harder and I could feel her clit press right into the top of my cock. She would roll her hips against me and I know she was working her clit, rubbing her clit along my cock, rubbing it into the bone that’s right above my cock. Hard. And her clit was so long, hard too, I could feel it sliding along my skin."

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