tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSara's Second Religious Interlude

Sara's Second Religious Interlude


Well, that certainly had been a birthday party that we would talk about for awhile, don’t you think? Haha! I mentioned a couple of chapters back that I felt as though my clothes were thoroughly safe, when I stashed them in a Sunday school room and it turned out they weren’t.

As the summer wore on, I began to experience extreme feelings of horniness. This was due to school being out and not seeing Mr. Boyd and Thad Jenkins, our assistant minister, was finally given a church of his own. Go Thad! But it was too far away for me to visit.

I still didn’t have a boyfriend; certainly not because I hadn’t been asked. Practically every boy I knew had asked me to be his girlfriend. Boys have a tendency to want to have a girlfriend, who enjoys stripping herself stark naked all the time. But I hadn’t met anyone yet, who had made my heart go pitty-pat much less any other part of my body.

The boy, who I had seen on that one ill-fated Sunday that Mrs. Bulldyke, or whatever her name was, caught me flashing suddenly reappeared one Sunday morning late in June. I was determined this time to meet him.

Again during the closing prayer, I looked up and saw him looking directly at me. This time I made damn sure no one was watching us and then I did something I had never risked before and, to this day, I still can’t believe I did it.

I reached down to the hem of my choir robe and pulled it completely off my body. I was standing in church during a service stark naked! I didn’t even have shoes on. Then I ran my finger slightly along my pussy lips.. He appeared stunned for a second and then was grinning broadly at me and waved. I quickly slipped the robe back on with no one being the wiser.

After the service, I observed him attempting to make his way toward the choir. He finally was able to push his way through the crowd of well wishers and family members and reach me.

“Hi, my name is Frank – Frank Stein,” the young man introduced himself. He stood somewhat taller than me, but was not a giant by any means. He had longish wavy dark hair, brown eyes and one of the cutest smiles I had ever seen.

“I’m,” I began, but then he interrupted.

“I know who you are,” he informed me. Frank went on to explain that he had asked around the last time he had seen me and discovered who I was, but couldn’t find out anything else, such as where I lived, etc.

“I’m flattered,” I replied shyly, acting as though me showing him my totally nude body had nothing to do with it.

“Hey, Sara!” The discordant voice of Audrey the young woman, who sat next to me in choir jarringly interrupted our conversation.

“What, Aud-rey,” I said with a long sigh indicating to her that I was plenty put out by her interrupting us, but that I would deal with it.

“The choir director said we needed to turn in our choir robes immediately, so they can be gathered for dry cleaning. You wanna give me yours now?”

“No!” I shouted, drawing attention from several people. “No,” I reiterated in a lower tone. “I’ll give mine over in a minute.”

Audrey stuck her tongue out at me and replied, “Geez! Some people! You try to help them and they throw up all over you.”

Audrey turned her back to Frank and I. I could just see myself acceding to her request and handing over my choir robe to her. Man, that would have been something! Since I wasn’t ready for a public stripping of that magnitude, I suggested to Frank that he come along with me, while I retrieved my outfit in order to turn in the robe.

Of course he dutifully agreed and traipsed after me downstairs to the classrooms. Once inside the correct room I went straight over to where I had left my clothes. And they weren’t there!

“Oh shit!” I exclaimed. “My clothes are gone.”

Frank wandered over to where I was standing. “Are you sure?” he asked, peering around owlishly.

“What’d you mean – am I sure?” I responded angrily. “Of course I’m sure! I left them right there. Do you see any clothes?”

Frank shook his head silently. Just then Audrey’s unpleasant drone cut the tension in the room. “Hey, Sara! Are you in there? I have to get that robe. Hey, why’d you have the door locked?”

Now I was between a rock and a hard place. My clothes were missing, they wanted the choir robe and Audrey was attempting to get in the room. I had no choice at this point, but to hand my choir robe out to Audrey through the cracked door.

As I handed it out to her, making sure to keep the door closed enough so she couldn’t see anything, I explained, “I have the door locked because I’m in my underwear.”

“Oh yeah,” Audrey replied sarcastically. “Hehe, you don’t wear underwear, Sara. You’re probably naked in there.”

I was beginning to realize that my sexual proclivities were becoming too well known. I breathed a sigh of relief when I heard Audrey’s high heels clicking away down the hallway.

Turning to Frank, whose mouth was completely agape at the sight of me standing next to him stark naked. I was blushing furiously. I know, you gonna say why, that I was just standing in front of him nude out in the church.

Well, that was completely different. He was a lot further away from me and we were in a room full of people. Now it was just me and him and he was standing right next to me as I was completely nude and I didn’t have on stitch of clothing to put on. And I had just met him!

I noticed immediately that he either had an erection or a mouse in his pants. So I reached down there and felt around. Sure enough, it was an erection and it was getting larger. I pulled his zipper down and reached in and released it. I gave it several yanks and he suddenly went off like a sky rocket!

“Oh Sara!” he exclaimed.

I pulled his handkerchief out of his suit pocket and handed it to him. “Here, clean yourself up and then stash that.”

I realized I was being abrupt, but I had some things I needed him to do and there wasn’t much time. After Frank had completed his task, I explained to him. “I need you to go down to the janitor’s closet and bring me back some rope. And hurry!”

I’ll say this for him. He obtained that rope about as quickly as he had his orgasm. Then I instructed him to find Audrey and bring her back to me and don’t let anybody see him. You see, I had figured out who had taken my clothes. It suddenly occurred to me whose perfume I had smelled in the corner of the room when I went to search out my clothes.

A few minutes later, Frank knocked gently on the door and I allowed him and Audrey to enter. Her eyes became as large as saucers, when she obtained a good look at my total nakedness.

“Sara! Whatever are you doing and where are your clothes?”

“I think you know where my clothes are, Audrey,” I accused.

“Now how would I know that?” the girl inquired suddenly appearing quite malicious.

“Give it up, Audrey,” I retorted. “I smelled your perfume over there where my clothes had been. Now I want them back this instant!” I demanded taking a step closer to her.

“Well, you’re right, I did take them,” the girl whined. “But I can’t give them back because I destroyed them!”

I reached out and grabbed her by the right upper arm and shook her as I exclaimed, “You’d better be kidding, Audrey.”

“Well, I’m not,” Audrey replied in a ‘what are you going to do now’ tone.

“Then I’ll just have to take yours,” I retorted grinning evilly at her.

“What!” the girl screeched.

“Grab her,” I ordered Frank, as I looked around for something to gag her with.

Spotting his cum rag, I jammed that into her whiny, obnoxious, screeching wide-open mouth! Mwahaha!

While Frank held Audrey in a vise like grip, I quickly denuded the young woman. I even took her underwear off, even though I didn’t want it for myself. Man, you should have seen her blush.

It turned out that, beneath all that staid clothing Audrey wore, she was actually quite attractive as is often the case with young women, who for some reason or other don’t feel they are pretty and hide their beauty under a bushel. She had long light red hair, a cute face peppered with freckles, pert little breasts with large nipples and a big red-haired muff.

I handed the rope to Frank, who quickly hamstrung her by tying her wrists together behind her back and then tying her ankles together and then joining her wrists to her ankles via the long rope. I checked the ropes to assure they were secure and then complimented Frank on a good job. He was a natural. Good thing we weren’t interested in serial killing, we’d have made a good team. Haha!

Upon my encouragement, Frank set Audrey up against the back wall so she could watch if she so chose.

“Take your clothes off,” I ordered Frank.

He stripped completely down to the buff in no time. I had been right. He was fine looking with good body definition, a narrow waist, long legs and a big prick. I cast a quick glance at Audrey, who had been assiduously studying Frank’s nude form and only turned her head when she noticed me looking at her. I giggled softly to myself thinking that I was getting ready to really give her something to stare at.

I sank to my knees and placed his penis in my mouth and quickly sucked on it ‘til it reached its full length. I swear I heard Audrey moaning lowly to herself. I bet she hadn’t seen many erections, if any.

After laying myself down directly in front of the blushing young woman, I directed, “Come on, Frank, hop aboard! We haven’t got all day, you know.”

The young man quickly dropped to his knees in front of me and leaned over and began to suckle my nipples. God, that felt especially good considering the circumstances with being in the Sunday school room and having Audrey watching us. She hadn’t been able to even tear her gaze away for a few seconds.

As Frank was busy sucking on my aureoles, I stroked his elongated sexual organ until unbelievably it grew even lengthier. My labia was wide open in invitation and I was already dripping wet just from having Audrey witnessing our love making. I am twisted, I know that.

I guided his seven-inch tool into my wide-open pussy and whispered to him to get on with it. Frank began literally pounding into my body. I guess he wasn’t kidding around anymore. Man, I couldn’t remember when I had felt so good, but I realized I was extra horny due to not having much sex all summer.

I glanced up at Audrey and it appeared to me as if our sexual interaction was really getting to the young woman, but she was unable to effect anything herself because of being tied. She still appeared to be attempting to move her legs up and down having them tied at the ankles in an effort to rub her pussy lips together. Haha! I almost felt sorry for the poor hypocrite – almost!

When Frank continued to pound his seven-inch erection into my labia, I suddenly began to orgasm. I came and came and came and came; in other words, I came a lot. I crossed my legs in a vise like grip on the young man’s hardened penis and he could barely move it and the feelings must have been out of this world for him as he shouted, “Oh sweet Jesus!” as he shot his torrent of hot sperm into me.

I thought his crying out for Jesus was highly appropriate since we were in church at the time. After that he collapsed beside me and we lay and cuddled for a few moments, before I advised him we’d better be on our way before someone came to investigate where Audrey might have disappeared to.

We dressed hurriedly and then we untied our would be voyeur. I had decided it was much crueler to allow Audrey the run of the church completely naked than to leave her tied up and have her family or friends find her, which would probably elicit their sympathy. This way Audrey really couldn’t say anything about me without incriminating herself. She had tears running down her face as she pleaded with me to at least leave her the bra and panties to wear.

I laughed in her face. I retorted, “You were going to leave me without any clothes, so deal with it bitch!”

I took Frank by the hand, strolled out of the church and never looked back. I never did really hear what happened to Audrey after we left. I think she had to be hospitalized for awhile because of a nervous breakdown and then once she did return to the choir she sat way over on the other side away from me. But I never did have any more trouble out of her.

The End

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