tagErotic HorrorSara's Seduction Ch. 02

Sara's Seduction Ch. 02


Thanks again Kimtacular for the editing. You are the best!!!

If you haven't read the first chapter this may not make a lot of sense.


Sara awoke the next afternoon with a killer headache. She was then startled by Monique's voice.

"Here, I have some Aspirin and orange juice. I know we both drank too much yesterday. Lets not do that again!"

Sara was in such pain she didn't even ask how Monique got in. Just took the pills and gulped them down with the juice. Unknown to Sara, the pills were actually Tylenol with codeine. But she would have taken them anyway, anything to stop the pounding in her head. Laying back down into her pillow she remembered stroking Fredric until he exploded. Then begged him to "do her." And now his girlfriend was sitting there in her bedroom with a smile on her face.

"I don't know where to start," Sara bargain slowly. "I know you must hate me for what I did, and I'm not sure, but I think I hate myself."

"Don't let that worry you," replied Monique. "I encouraged you to try Fredric, and I think you can see why, now that you've seen and felt that magnificent cock. Please don't worry about that now. It doesn't bother me at all. Just lay there and try to get feeling better."

The codeine was already working its magic when Sara looked over and asked. "Does he always have that much...you know... stuff in him?" Thank goodness he's sterile, or he could impregnate half the world with just one load."

"Yes, he could, but as much fun as you had last night, you won't believe how good he feels inside. If you know what I mean." Monique said, laughing loudly.

"Well, thanks, but I will just have to take your word for it as I am going to return to being faithful. Please don't tell my husband."

"Of course not! We girls have to stick together."

"I forgot to ask Fredric last night if I could have a couple of friends over this weekend?"

"Please feel free to have whomever you want over anytime. I think I'm safe in saying that your on Fredric's good side now."

The next few days went by slowly as Sara didn't have any work to do in the house. She got so bored she event went out and helped Manuela with landscaping. She tried to keep busy in order to keep her mind off Fredric. Or rather his cock that seemed to appear every time she closed her eyes to try to sleep. It helped not seeing Fredric for the next several days. It almost seemed he was avoiding her. That was fine, it gave Sara time to collect her thoughts and plan her weekend with her friends.

She had meet Beth when they were both on the cheer leading squad their freshman year. Beth stayed with the squad throughout college and had met her fiance her Junior year. Joe was in graduate school to become a doctor. He hadn't decided what field he wanted to to end up specializing in, but was working hard on becoming an MD. He and Terry were very different from each other but they had hit it off anyway. Joe was six foot even, and while his weight was proportional, he was very soft compared to Terry. Beth and Joe were to be married as soon as Joe graduated, hopefully next year.

Beth was shorter than Sara at only five foot two inches and only weighed around one hundred pounds. With long black hair that reached to the small of her back. Brown eyes, and a muscular body, she was the envy of most women. She always thought her breasts were too small, being only an A cup. But with her love of life and a beautiful smile, guys all seemed to love her.

Joe and Beth arrived Friday around 3pm. Joe was sorry Terry wasn't there but now he had two beautiful women to attend to, even if only in his dreams. After catching up with each others' lives, Sara prepared a simple supper and then recommenced they put on their swimsuits and take to the swimming pool. Sara with trepidation put on her new suit, luckily Joe was able to keep his peeks at Sara discrete. They all swam and drinks were flowing. Sara was sticking to just orange juice, while Joe and Beth had vodka with theirs.

Around seven that evening Monique came out and Sara introduced everyone. She soon went back into the house and came out in her bathing suit. This time Joe could hardly keep her eyes of Monique. It was almost as if something drew his eyes toward her. Monique only smiled as her pheromones worked their magic on the helpless man.

At dusk, Fredric, all ready in his bathing suit. Came out the door and walked toward the group. Beth whispered to Sara, "Who have you been hiding?" Once again Sara went through introductions, making sure she didn't look directly at Fredric. This was the first time she had seen him since that night and she didn't trust herself.

She couldn't help but notice she grew warm and very wet as soon as Fredric joined them. Everyone but Sara got in the pool and had a splashing good time. Sara was just uneasy around Fredric but also envious of the attention he was giving Beth. After tiring of the water play everyone got out and sat in the chairs around one end of the pool. Sara couldn't help but look at the lounge chair where she had almost been unfaithful to Terry. Once Fredric saw her looking and smiled, knowing she was his now.

Fredric leaned over to Monique and whispered, "Why don't you go put some of your magic into drinks for our guest? Take one of the pills in the cabinet to help Sara sleep. But we will not kill them tonight, just feed and send them home."

Monique knew just what to do. The pill for Sara would have her sleeping in a matter of minutes. Putting a couple of drops from her nipples into Joe's and Beth's drink, she made her way back outside to the others. She made sure to give Sara the right one and Joe and Beth the ones with her aphrodisiac. Everyone drank and talked about what a beautiful night it was. When Fredric offered a toast to new friends, everyone tossed down the doctored drinks.

Fredric immediately got Joe and Beth to reenter the pool and began splashing each other again. Fredric deftly maneuvered Beth to one side of the pool while Joe was only too happy to follow Monique anywhere. Fredric caught Beth's eyes with his own and had her standing there with a blank look on her face. Looking over he could tell Sara was fast asleep and Monique was wasting no time with Joe.

Fredric looked back and saw that Beth was still under his trance. He quickly backed her up into the shallow water, picking her up and setting her on the side of the pool with her legs dangling in the water. He reached up, untied her top, and threw it behind him into the water. Beth didn't understand why she would just sit there and let this man take advantage of her with her soon-to-be husband only twenty feet away. But when Fredric began to remove her bottoms she found herself raising up to help with removal. As Fredric threw her bottoms behind him he was surprised when Beth threw her arms around him and gave him a very wet kiss.

Monique had taken a position similar to Beth's. She already had her bottoms down around one of her ankles and her top was long gone. She reached for Joe's cock and found him hard and ready to go. As she leaned back on her arms her legs went around Joe, who was already lining up his dick with her opening. He pushed forward as she pulled him into her with her legs. The heat was incredible and the lubrication from her pussy was even running down her ass as he slammed as deep as he could get. Now Monique could begin to feed.

Fredric lined up his oversized cock and began to press forward. Beth was very tight and he had to keep up the pressure for a few seconds before her body stretched to accept him in. Sliding in several inches he now took his eyes off Beth, Making sure Sara was asleep. When he looked back Beth's eyes were closed and her free will was returning. Struggling now to keep him from penetrating her any further she pushed with her hands to try to keep him out. Looking over to Joe for help she screamed when she saw Joe with his eyes closed, stroking into Monique.

"Scream all you want my little one, no one can hear you," Fredric said as he now pushed the rest of his cock into her. The pain was excruciating, but as her pussy lubricated, the pain subsided. Tears ran down her cheeks as she once again screamed for help. Now Fredric was building up a fast rhythm in and out of her abused pussy. Beth could do nothing but lay back as he took his pleasure from her body. While it seemed to go on for hours, it was really only ten minutes or so before Fredric grunted and began spilling his seed into her. Jets of very cold cum brought Beth back to reality. This isn't normal, no man she had ever been with had cold semen.

As six or seven jets of cum filled her he kept stroking slowly, continuing to blast sperm into this lovely woman. Soon it was running down her ass as it came pulsing back out of her already full pussy. No one cums this much, thought Beth. The chill from his cum seemed to creep into her whole body. Then as he was still squirting into her pussy he pulled her upright into an embrace and sunk his fangs into her neck. The pain Beth felt from the initial bite was quickly replaced with absolute bliss. Her vagina pulsed around his cock trying to draw out even more sperm.

She grunted and groaned as she tiptoed around an orgasm. Fredric chose that time to reach down and rub her clit. Beth had an orgasm unlike any previous. It went on and on, even when he quit touching her clit. In fact, it went on for almost ten minutes as he took from her about two pints of her blood. When he finished, he licked the wounds with his tongue and laid her back gently on the pool deck. Grabbing her ankles, he pushed her legs down toward her breasts. Slowly he pulled out till just the head of his cock was still in her pussy. Just as slowly, he slid all the way back in till his balls nestled in the crack of her ass. This time he slid all the way out and watched as a stream of his cum gushed from her body. The time for playing was over, he thought, slamming his cock back in.

A smile came to his face knowing that she would be sore down there for several days, stretched out enough that her husband probably wouldn't enjoy this pussy as he had in the past. Knowing that every time she moved for a while she would think of the hard fucking she got tonight. This time he pounded her so hard and fast her whole body shook like a rag doll. It only took a few minutes until he once again began to fill her pussy. As his breath returned to normal he brought her back up to face him and opened one of Beth's eyes with his fingers. Just as he was preparing to remove the memory of this encounter, he heard a groan from Joe.

Looking over he saw that Joe was almost gone. Monique was quickly sucking him dry. In a flash he pulled his cock out of Beth and grabbed Joe by the neck, pulling him from Monique's grasp. As Joe's cock slipped from Monique, a solid stream of cum continued to spill from his cock. Monique tried to grab Joe back but Fredric backhanded her and yelled, "You were not supposed to kill him!" As Fredric turned back to Joe he saw that the spilling of his seed and soul had stopped. He quickly laid Joe on the pool apron and looked at Beth. She was now curled up in a fetal position, shivering.

Glaring at Monique, Fredric hissed, "Go to the house before I change my mind and kill you!"

Monique quickly scampered toward the house; she had never seen him so angry. Fredric jumped from the pool, and grabbing Joe like a sack of potatoes, threw him over his shoulders and carried him to Sara's house. Figuring out what room the couple was staying in was as simple as finding suitcases. Pulling down the covers, Fredric dropped Joe in bed.

Quickly returning, he jumped back into the pool and grabbed Beth. Cradling her in his arms, he moved her body back and forth in the water to try and remove the semen that was still streaming for her now stretched pussy. He then carried her to the same bed as Joe, placed her beside him and pulled up the covers. Then sitting on the side of the bed he reached out with his hand and brushed the hair from her face.

"Thanks for a wonderful evening and come back soon," he murmured.

He pulled the covers back down to look at her small breasts. He felt sorry for not spending any time playing with them. They now felt cold, and her nipples wouldn't get hard even as he pinched and rubbed them. Pulling the covers back up, he went to get Sara.

He carried her to her bed and placed her on it. After a brief consideration, he quickly took off her suit. Sitting on the side of her bed, he reached out and brushed her nipples. They quickly became hard ; he leaned down to take one into his mouth and suck on it. This made them grow even larger. he sat back up and rubbed both her nipples. His eyes and hand strayed downward and he rubbed her flat hard stomach with his fingers. Moving his hand down and slid his finger up and down her hairless slit. she quickly began to get wet. Fredric kept slipping almost into her pussy with his finger but would then move back to her clit. He traced circles around her nub, slowly making his way down her slit, then finally slipped a finger in her opening.

Sara let out a wanton moan and spread her legs apart. Fredric now slipped two fingers into her center and once again marveled at how tight this woman was. Fredric pulled his fingers out of Sara and pulled the blankets up to her neck, knowing that if he didn't stop now he would not get to see her eyes as he sank his cock into her for the first time.


Beth awoke around seven the next morning. her head felt like it would explode and she couldn't stop shivering. The memory of the night before came rushing back. She had trouble even trying to lift her head from the bed to see where she was. Looking over she saw Joe lying beside her. She reached her hand to feel for a pulse—yes, there was one. Beth tried shaking Joe but hardly had the strength to to move his arm. He looked like death, but he was breathing. Beth knew they had to get up and out as quickly as possible. Remembering Fredric biting her neck and drinking her blood caused her to almost vomit. Knowing what Fredric and Monique were was hard to comprehend.

Beth said in a weak voice , "Get your ass up and out of bed, Joe." When he didn't move, she knew it was up to her. She slid her legs off the bed and sat up. Waves of pain and nausea nearly pushed her back down. Beth was strong willed and she refused to give up. She had to get them out.

She slowly stood and shuffled toward the door, going immediately to the bathroom to satisfy her terrible thirst. Taking a glass by the sink she began to drink. After the second glass she looked in the mirror. The reflection seemed like someone else. Her eyes were sunken in and the paleness made her look like a corpse. That's what happens when you are attacked by a vampire, Beth thought. The images of last night again flashed before her eyes and she bent over the sink to throw up the water she had just drunk. She had to get Sara to help her.

Once more shuffling her feet, she went to Sara's room, crossed to her bed and tried shaking her. It was like she was knocked out. her color looked normal so she must have been drugged.

Before returning to her room she got a glass of water and took with her. Joe would need all the fluids he could get after what happened to him last night. Sitting on the side of the bed Joe was on she once again shook him. After he only groaned she slapped him as hard as she could. After the third slap Joe groggily opened his eyes.

Seeing the water he reached for the glass with out any questions, quickly draining the contents. Now he could really focus his eyes; looking at Beth and seeing how pale she was helped to clear his head further. While it was difficult, he swung his legs around and stood up. Waiting for the dizziness to subside, he walked slowly toward the bathroom. He went straight for the water just as Beth had. After several full glasses he returned to Beth, finding her once again collapsed on the bed. Pulling on a pair of shorts out of his suitcase he tried looking at her like a doctor would. He knew what had happened to him and was pretty sure what had happened to her. Severe blood loss. He found a pair of panties and one of his t-shirts, In his present condition it took some time to get both items on Beth, Then shook her until she roused from her sleep.

"We have to get out of here and take you to a hospital," Joe said almost yelling. "Lets get Sara and get out of here, now!"

"I tried to wake Sara and I think shes been drugged," Beth said in a soft voice. "We can't carry her in our condition, we have to leave her." Tears slowly rolled down Beth's cheeks, but she knew there was no other way she or Joe would make it out alive if they didn't leave now. The short walk to the car took all the strength they had. Joe took the car keys he had grabbed, got Beth settled in the car and got in the driver's side. They both knew they were leaving Sara to an almost certain death. Joe decided after driving for several minutes to take Beth to his place. He had someone there who would help him take care of Beth. Going to a hospital they would be asked so many questions they didn't dare answer, for they would both be called crazy.

A couple hours later Joe pulled into his apartment. Leaving Beth in the car he went in and found his neighbor. Ben was a large black man who was now in residence at the local hospital. Knocking on the door Joe tried to think what to tell him with out sounding crazy.

"Ben," Joe began as soon as the door opened, "I need your help with Beth." Ben, who had a major crush on Beth, was instantly ready to help her with anything.

"Sure, what can I help that sweet young thing with?"

"Follow me to the car, Please hurry".

Ben saw how serious he was and rushed out the door behind Joe to the car that was pulled in the handicapped parking spot in front of their building. Ben was shocked at Beth's color and shallow breathing. "She needs a hospital, Joe."

"Please, you have to help her here, I cant explain now but we can't go to a hospital. Shes lost a lot of blood, she needs a blood transfusion quickly."

Instead of arguing, Ben reached in and scooped up Beth in his arms, carrying her quickly into his apartment. He laid Beth on the couch and quickly went to his room and came back with a

small plastic bag with hoses and needles attached.

"This is a kit I keep at home and I take my blood every six weeks and store in a blood bank in case I need it myself later. Its not exactly kosher but the hospital lets me do it anyway."

"I know what blood type Beth is. Is there some where we can get some O positive quickly?"

"I'm O negative, they're compatible." Wrapping an elastic band around his upper arm Ben quickly inserted the needle into his vein just above his elbow and the bag quickly began to fill. "You're going to have to tell me what happened when this is all over. If you did something to her, I may kill you myself!"

"Its nothing like that, trust me. When you hear the real story I think you should hear it from Beth."

The next few minutes were quiet as the bag continued to fill. As soon as it was full, Ben began looking for a vein on Beth. "She must be almost out of blood ; I can't find a vein." After searching for a few moments, he finally found a vein to tap.

Ben expertly slid the needle that was in his arm a few seconds ago into the vein and blood began running into Beth's body now.

"I've got to tell you Joe, I always wanted to get into Beth's body, I just didn't think it would be like this," Ben said, smiling. Lightly squeezing the bag Ben forced the blood into Beth's arm as quickly as possible. "Go into the room back there and you will see more bags In the cabinet on the right of the mirror."

"Are you sure you want to give more than a pint?"

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