tagErotic HorrorSara's Seduction Ch. 03

Sara's Seduction Ch. 03


This story was edited by Kimtacular. I couldn't do this with out her help!

Hope you enjoy!


After kissing her on the lips, he headed back to his house, going directly In the sun room he found Monique still slowly riding the now dead young man, still trying to coax a little more semen from the young man.

"Its time to take him to the basement," Fredric said. "Be sure to cover both bodies with a couple bags of lime."

Monique reluctantly got off the smiling dead body, easily throwing him over her shoulder. Proceeding to the basement, she dropped him into the hole beside the girl he was with earlier. Picking up the bag of lime, she , poured it over the bodies. She saw the young woman Fredric had deposited earlier move her fingers. She completely covered both bodies and pushed the concrete cover back over their tomb. The girl may still be alive but won't live through the night, she thought. The lime will help mask the odors and aid with decomposition. She thought about Sara and hoped her plan would work; there was no mistaking Fredric's feelings toward her. If her plan didn't work she would drain Sara's life herself and dispose of her like the piece of trash she was.


When Sara woke the next afternoon, she had to pee so bad she didn't think she could make it to the bathroom. Throwing the covers off she sat up and threw her legs over the side of the bed. Suddenly pain seemed to shoot everywhere. Her arms, legs and especially her private parts were screaming with pain. Feeling nauseous, she rose from the bed and steadied herself before she started to walk toward the bathroom.

What was running down her legs? Looking down, she could see rivulets of white cum running out of her aching pussy. A small puddle formed on the floor between her legs. How much did he cum, she thought, there has to be a cup of semen on the floor. Looking back at the bed, she saw a large wet stain on the sheets. Going into the bathroom she barely got seated before she started peeing. After what seemed and impossible amount of time, she wiped and stood up to look in the mirror. Oh my God, what happened? Her eyes were sunk in and had dark rings under them, almost to the point of looking like she had two black eyes. And look at my ribs, she thought, I haven't been trying to , lose weight. Stepping on the scale, she was shocked to she she was down to 110 pounds. The room began to spin and then everything went black.

Sara woke to find herself lying in the bath tub filled with warm water. Seeing Monique didn't come as much of a surprise as she just keep turning up unannounced.

"I found you on the floor out like a light when I came in," Monique said when she realized Sara was awake. "You have a bump on you head and who knows what else, so I called Fredric's personal doctor. He sent an ambulance that should be here anytime. Lets get you out and dressed."

Sara was too weak to think about getting out of the tub, and the hot water seemed to relax her sore muscles from last night.

"I don't think I can do it, I can hardly raise my arms," Sara said in a whisper.

"Let me do all the work." And with that Monique reached in and picked her up and out of the tub. Sara tried to help but could hardly stand as Monique quickly dried as best she could while supporting the helpless woman. Then once again picking her up like she weighed nothing she carried her to the bed. Sara saw that the sheets had been changed and to her horror the puddle of cum she had left earlier had been cleaned up. Red in the face now, Sara tried to thank Monique but passed out again.

Sara came to sometime later when she felt a sharp pain in her right arm. Opening her eyes she saw that she had already been placed on a stretcher. The pain that had roused her was from an EMT shoving a needle into her arm. She knew she was still naked but didn't have any strength even think about putting on clothes.

The EMT asked if she knew what day it was. If he didn't know, why ask her she thought, before once again passing out.

Sara awoke late that afternoon in strange surroundings. She found Monique sitting nearby, as always.

"So you decided to wake up, sleepy head."

"Where am I?" asked a bewildered Sara.

"You're in the hospital, they say you somehow lost a lot of blood. I can't imagine what could have happened, can you?" added a smirking Monique.

Sara didn't want to answer that question; But the dull ache from her loins told her otherwise. Looking at Monique she felt her cheeks burning from embarrassment.

"I'm so sorry, I don't know what came over me. I'm ashamed of what I did after you have been so good to me."

Monique reached out and took Sara's hand. "I told you it was alright, so don't worry about that. What's happened has already been done, but what about your new husband?"

"I guess I haven't even thought about how it will change things in his life. But honestly I don't really care about him right now."

"Well, husbands have a way of finding out about little things like affairs and whatnot. I would look inside to see if that's how you really feel before it's too late to save something you may really want."

Sara pulled her hand from Monique and rolled onto her side, looking away from her. "How long do I have to stay here?"

"They are running tests now and they will probably send you home tomorrow, depending what they find."

"Do you think Fredric will come to see me today?"

"Fredric left for Boston late last night, after you had your fun. He plans on being back In four days. But these trips often last much longer than he plans for. It will be just us for a few days but then he'll return and finish what he started with you." Monique spoke softly and tried not to sound at all bitter about the recent events. But a plan was forming in her head about how to take Sara out of the picture.

Sure enough Sara was released from the hospital at noon the next day. She hadn't called Terry, hadn't even given it real consideration. He just wasn't in her thoughts anymore. Monique was playing the caring friend perfectly. The one thing Monique had insisted on was Sara moving into the big house to the bedroom just across the hall. Sara didn't see any reason for the change as she now felt better than she had in several days.

Monique spent all Sara's waking time talking to her and getting food and especially liquids for her, as that was what the doctor had ordered. What Sara didn't know was Monique was doctoring her drink with the aphrodisiac from her breast. By noon the second day home,Sara was almost panting with lust.

"Sara, let's go out to a club tonight so we can get drunk and raise some hell," Monique said during their evening meal.

"I don't think I should after just getting out of the hospital. I feel great but I don't think I should drink anything," Sara said. "Besides, I think I may call Terry tonight and catch up on whats going on with him. I've been such a bitch to him lately when he calls. I'm beginning to feel guilty, I mean he is still my husband."

Monique could tell the hold Fredric had on Sara was beginning to slip just a little. Now all she had to do was set her plan into action. "Well, you can at least drive me there and back home, I won't stay very long, I promise."

"You promise we won't be late?" Sara asked. "We will be home in time for me to call Terry?" Sara didn't want to go at all but she felt like she owed Monique for taking care of her since coming home.

"Cross my heart," replied Monique, a sly grin on her lips.


Sara knew this was a mistake as soon as they entered the club. The music was too loud and smoke filled her lungs as soon a she took a breath. Seeing the dancing also reminded her how revved up her libido was. Still she let Monique pull her into the mass of bodies dancing. They worked their way to the far end of the club and found a table. No sooner had they sat down than two young guys came over and asked if they could buy the ladies a drinks.

Before Sara had a chance to decline, Monique gave an order for two "sex on the beach cocktails" and asked the two men to join them. The one guy went for the drinks and returned, sliding in beside Sara. Names were exchanged with the men, whom introduced themselves as Aaron and Brent. Sara had to admit that they were very attractive, dressed well and spoke like they had some intelligence. If she wasn't married, she may have enjoyed this, she thought. It was funny how she once again thought of herself as married.

Aaron , leaned over to ask if she enjoyed the club. His warm breath against her ear sent a shiver of lust straight to her loins. Sara could feel the moisture begin to flow into her panties, quickly soaking them.

Monique slid out with Brent and announced that they were going to dance for a few minutes, leaving Sara and Aaron alone. Aaron kept trying to get Sara to try her drink. Finally just to appease him, she took a small sip. Realizing that the drink really was tasty she soon found she had drunk the rest. Sara hardly ever drank and when she did it was always wine. She reached over and took Monique's untouched drink and began sipping that as well. All the time Aaron was telling her how she was the prettiest lady in the club. Sara had never been pursued like this before and didn't really know how to take it.

When Aaron placed his hand on her thigh, her first thought was to remove it. But he was very nice, and the feelings it bought convinced her to let it go. By the time Monique returned to the table, his hand had nearly slid all the way up to her crotch. Her breathing came faster and she thought her heart would explode when he leaned in for a kiss. She opened her mouth and let his tongue in to touch her own. She couldn't help but let out a small moan when his hand finally reached her burning core. Rubbing her though her pants only made the fire hotter and she reached out and placed her hand on the back of his neck, silently urging him on.

Sara was startled when Monique placed her hand on her shoulder and said, "We are going to take this back to the house, OK?" Sara could do nothing but nod as her voice seemed to have left her.

Almost as soon a they got to the car Sara began to have second thoughts. Telling Monique she didn't think she could go through with it. Monique, in a pleading voice, said, "Please just go along with this until we get to the house. You won't have to do anything but sit and talk to Aaron or what ever his name is. Please, I really want this!"

"OK, but talking is all I'm willing to do. Well, maybe a little kissing, that man can really kiss," Sara said laughing.

As Aaron and Brent entered the house, Brent looked around and said, "Wow, someone's loaded. What a house!" Sara took both men to the sun room and Monique fixed drinks for everyone; she put a couple drops from her nipples into everyone's drink. Even if Sara only drinks orange juice, she will be ready for what's coming, she thought with smug satisfaction.

Sara and Aaron sat on one couch facing two large overstuffed chairs where Brent and Monique sat. Sara tried to sit apart from Aaron without it being obvious that she wanted things to slow way down. Monique rose from her chair and went to the stereo to play some slow music and asked Brent to dance with her. Once again Aaron asked Sara but she once again turned him down. She just didn't want things to get too intense with the way she was feeling. She wasn't sure she could stop if things started to get physical like they did back at the club.

That didn't stop Aaron from trying, reaching for her hand and pulling her close. Sara, trying to keep her distance, reached for her drink, sipping it and holding the glass in front of her so there would be no opportunity for kissing.

The drink warmed her throat and reignited the fire. Hearing a groan, Sara looked and saw Monique and Brent in a deep kiss. Monique broke the kiss and looked at Sara.

"How about we take the couch a few minutes, you don't seem to be needing it."

Aaron figured that was it for him tonight but at least one of them was going to get lucky. Reaching over for Sara's hand he pulled her to her feet and toward the two chairs. When he reached it he noticed the drink was out of her hand and on the coffee table. He immediately bent over and brought his lips to hers before she could protest.

Sara's knees nearly buckled; the lust running through her veins was overpowering. When his tongue once again entered her mouth, she couldn't stop the low groan that escaped her; her panties were drenched even more.

Aaron brought his hand up to her breast and quickly found her nipple through her shirt. When Aaron lightly pinched her nipple, Sara's legs wouldn't hold her anymore. Slowly they both slid to the floor with Aaron moving on top of her. He quickly unfastened the top buttons on her blouse and pulled her shirt open to expose her breasts. He couldn't believe how long and hard her nipples were. He pulled a nipple into his mouth, roughly licking it. A long deep moan came from Sara and she gave into the incredible feelings. Aaron knew he had her now, and proceeded to undo the remaining buttons and then pulled her shirt from her entirely.

Standing up for a moment, he removed all his clothes and was back down on Sara before she had a chance to change her mind. Once again he sucked her nipple deeply into his mouth while his hands were busy removing her jeans. He sat back up and pulled down her jeans while Sara lifted her hips.

A loud groan coming from the couch brought Sara out of her trance. Looking over, she could see Brent and Monique had already disrobed and Brent was now sliding his hard cock into Monique.

Sara pushed Aaron away and jumped to her feet. "I'm sorry, I can't do this," she said while grabbing her clothes. Holding her arms up to hide her breasts, she ran from the room. As soon as she was out of the room she stopped in the bathroom. She ran some water and splashed it over her face. She couldn't believe how horny she was. Her panties felt like she had just come out of the shower, they were so wet.

Now she began to worry about Monique; Sara had just left her friend alone with two naked and very horny men. She would have to go back into the room and check on Monique.

Entering the room, she noticed the lights had been turned off and the only illumination was coming from the light in the dinning room. Looking around, she could tell Aaron was no longer in the room, maybe he had gone outside to let his friend have some privacy or just to cool down himself.

She was now standing behind the couch and could hear sounds of sex but couldn't see anything. Hearing a loud moan come from Monique, Sara stepped forward to look over the back of the couch. When she did, Monique looked up into Sara's eyes and smiled. Brent had his head down near her neck and was thrusting away for all he was worth. Monique had her arms and legs wrapped around his body as if she would never let go.

Monique lifted her hand up to Sara; not knowing why, Sara reached out and intertwined her fingers with her friend's. Monique pulled Sara down till she was bent over the couch. And while she tried to resist she soon found her lips locked on Monique's. The aphrodisiac flowed into Sara's mouth as soon as Monique's tongue slipped between her lips.

Sara could only think of how good this felt to be kissing her friend. She didn't even flinch when she felt two hands grab her hips and felt a very hard cock through her thin panties.

Aaron had gone looking for Sara and had found her in the perfect position for what he had in mind. Taking both hands from her hips he now pulled her panties down till they fell around her feet on the floor. Reaching down he rubbed his cock up and down her hairless slit. Lining up the head he now pushed forward and slid in till his balls slapped against her clit.

Sara was going crazy now, kissing her friend and getting fucked from behind seemed like the greatest feeling in her life. When Aaron reached around and found her clit it only took a few minutes till she was coming. Sara could feel his cock slamming into her which made it hard to keep kissing Monique. For some reason she just couldn't get enough of this woman. The orgasm seemed to last forever. And when it finally began to subside, she could hear Brent groaning as he came in Monique.

The women broke their kiss as Monique encouraged Brent on. "Come in me! Fill me with your cum!" cried Monique.

And Brent did just that, coming so long he thought it would never stop. Jet after jet of semen flew from his dick into this lovely woman. Never had he come so much or so hard. Finally his orgasm slowed to a stop. Monique pushed him up and off her reclining body.

"Come up here and let me see that sweet cock," Monique demanded.

On weak legs, Brent came up beside Monique where she wrapped her left arm around his waist, bringing his cock right to her face. Instead of grabbing his cock she instead lifted it to Sara's mouth and rubbed it on her lips. The smell of Monique's fluids on Brent's penis made Sara wild; she opened her mouth to suck his manhood. The lubrication from Monique was the strongest of all aphrodisiacs.

Sara's orgasm roared to new heights, but never kept her from sucking on Brent's cock while Aaron slammed into her pulsating vagina.

Sara was so caught up in sucking the cock in her mouth that for a second she didn't even realize Aaron had pulled his cock from her slippery cunt. Brent pulled his now hard cock from her mouth, but before Sara could have second thoughts, Monique once again brought her lips to hers. Sara didn't even think about the two men changing places until she felt the cock enter her from behind again. Then all she could think about was the bliss of getting fucked like this and the overpowering orgasms that seemed to go on and on. For what seemed like hours one man would fuck Sara until they were ready to come and then would switch and come inside Monique's hungry pussy.

After the two men gave out, Sara and Monique still kissed for a few minutes before Sara straightened up for the first time since she had first bent over the couch to kiss Monique. A satisfied smile was on her lips as she took a quick look at the two spent men, their cocks now swiveled up and both men sleeping.

"Maybe we should let them get some sleep before kicking them out," Sara said with a chuckle.

"I think they probably deserve a good night's rest. That was quite an impressive display of fucking, if you ask me," Monique quipped.

"I'm off to bed," Sara said, "I think they can find their own way out."


In the morning, Sara couldn't believe what she had done. She had become a slut in just a couple of weeks, after just getting married to a wonderful, loving, caring man. But if she was honest with herself, she didn't know if cheating in her marriage or if cheating on Fredric bothered her worse. How could she let two complete strangers use her like that? They could have diseases or could have even made her pregnant; thank God neither one came inside her.

As she rose from the bed a cramp hit her hard. Her period was definitely coming. She hurt down there more now than when Fredric had stretched her out, but he hadn't fucked her for hours either.

After a shower and a little pampering, she finally went down stairs to find the two men gone and Monique fixing breakfast for her. Orange juice was already set out and soon eggs followed. The women talked over the previous night and agreed not to tell anyone about what happened. Monique asked if she was up for another round of clubbing the next night but Sara used her period as an excuse.

"I think I will just lay around the next few days and try to get my energy back."

"Well, if you change your mind, just let me know," Monique replied.


Monique was right: Fredric's trip had gone longer than expected. Six days had gone by since their one-night stand, and Sara was feeling so horny she almost couldn't stand it. Unknown to her, Monique had been putting two drops from her breast every morning into her orange juice. Sara was so hot she was almost ready to take Monique up on the offer of clubbing again. She had even found herself thinking about sex with Monique.

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