tagErotic HorrorSara's Seduction Ch. 04

Sara's Seduction Ch. 04


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Sara went to the bathroom and quickly washed her face. Taking deep breaths, she tried to calm herself for what she was sure would be a confrontation with her new husband.

She entered the sun room where her husband was waiting. When she saw him, the love she had for her husband returned. Terry hardly had time to put down the coffee Monique had served him before Sara threw herself into his arms, crying and kissing him on the face and lips. With her arms around his neck she hopped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, nearly toppling them to the floor.

Terry didn't know what had changed; he had come into the house ready to have a knock-down, drag-out fight. Now all he could think about was getting his new bride into bed. He didn't know Monique had "doctored" his drink; his dick was so hard it almost hurt. He thought about taking her on the couch and quickly moved that way.

When Sara realized what he had in mind, she came to her senses. "No, take me to our house."

They separated long enough to both walk hand in hand toward their house. "Let me take a shower first," Sara said when they entered their home. She hadn't had time to cleanup after her night with Darius.

"No way, I need you now, we can both take a shower after!"

Sara was in a panic again, afraid her husband could smell her indiscretion or feel how wet she was and know she had been unfaithful.

"It wont take but a minute, then we have all day to take care of this," she said while rubbing her husband's hard member.

Her husband was in such an aroused state he never paid her any mind, stripping off his clothes as she began to strip off hers.


Back at the other house, Monique was just beginning to settle down on the black man's large cock. "Just relax and let me do all the work," she cooed. She began a steady rhythm, almost letting his cock head slip out before taking him into her depths again.

Monique knew she couldn't drain him completely; a missing cop would definitely tip off the authorities. But she would drain him enough that he would remember the great fucking he got instead of whatever he was really looking for.

Darius was totally lost in lust for this woman. He remembered drinking some coffee and then the next thing he knew he was sucking on her nipples. Now he just wanted to get inside her and stay there for the rest of his life. It wasn't long before he could feel an orgasm starting, And with a moan he began shooting his cum inside her pulsating pussy. He came more than he ever had before; it felt like it would never end, not that he wanted it to.

As Monique continued riding the detective, she smiled down at him. "I know you have a lot more cum to give me, I want all you have."

And with that, a long afternoon of fucking commenced. Never had Darius had so many orgasms without stopping. Never before had he pumped the amount of cum he did into this woman.


Sara knew she couldn't stop her husband after he got her pants off. She would just have to hope he was in such a hurry that he wouldn't go down on her.

Terry reached over to the bedside table and pulled out a condom, quickly tearing it open and rolling it down his aching hard-on. He helped Sara move to the center of the bed and positioned himself between her open legs. Lining up his cock with her opening, he pushed, sinking his cock into his new wife all the way to his balls with his first stroke. I've never been able to get inside that easy before, he thought momentarily. But he quickly forgot about anything but fucking as hard and long as he could.

Sara could tell the difference, too: her husband's cock felt small sliding inside her now. There were still good sensations, but she missed that full feeling she had gotten the night before. She also knew it was entirely her fault; her indiscretions had stretched her out. How had she let things get so out of hand? Just a few weeks ago she had married the love of her life. And now she was having sex with him, hoping he couldn't tell she had been with others as recently as last night. Looking at her husband, she started to cry softly; she couldn't bear hurting him.

Terry couldn't think of anything but fucking his new bride. He had never thought of it as fucking before. He reached for one of Sara's nipples, pinching and twisting it, roughly bringing a moan from her.

Sara wrapped her legs around her husband's hips and encouraged his furious thrusting. Pulling his head down, she kissed him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. Now it was Terry doing the moaning.

Terry knew he wouldn't be able to keep up this pace without coming. He slowed down and then withdrew his hard member from Sara.

"NO! Don't stop!" begged the panting woman.

Terry simply rolled her over onto her stomach and then pulled her up till she was on her hands and knees. Lining up his cock, he slammed it back inside the squealing woman. He couldn't believe how easy he could sink all the way inside tonight. Before he had always had to go slow so as not to cause her too much pain. Now it seemed like she liked it hard and fast. He reached down, grabbing a breast in each hand, and began hammering his hard prick inside her hot pussy.

Sara had never been fucked with such abandon; a slow burn began inside her pussy and began to spread. She reached down and began rubbing her clit. Feeling his cock begin to swell, she rubbed her clit faster, quickly sending her into the first orgasm with her husband in several weeks.

Terry let go of her breast, grabbed her hips and began shooting his cum inside the condom. It had been so long for him; it felt fantastic to release inside his wife again. Slowing his thrusting, he looked down where his cock was entering her opening. Seeing the white looking cream on his cock, he pulled out in a panic.

"Oh, crap! I think the rubber broke!"

Sara was jolted back to her senses, jumping up she ran to the bathroom. "I better wash up then," she said. She was afraid there was semen left inside her from Darius that her husband might be seeing. Turning on the shower, she didn't wait for the water to even warm up before she jumped in.

Terry looked at the condom but couldn't find any tears or leaks ,. He breathed a sigh of relief, thinking she was just extra wet after not having sex for so long. He rubbed some onto his finger and brought it to his nose. After smelling, he thought for sure it was cum. Well, if an accident happened, they would deal with it as best they could. Pulling off the used condom, he decided to join his wife in the shower.

Sara was surprised when she felt her husband behind her. She turned around and leaned into him, wrapping her arms around him.

"I'm never letting you go again," she said before tilting her face up for a kiss.

"I've missed you so much, I couldn't wait to get home."

"How come you are home? I didn't think you would be home for a few days."

Terry explained how he just didn't quite have what it takes to make the cut to stay on the team. Then a minor injury convinced him to cut the tryout short and come back home to his beautiful new wife. Then he laughingly told Sara abut a phone call he got from Joe and Beth a few nights before. "I think they must have been smoking something to come up with the stories they told," he surmised.

"I think Beth and Fredric may have hooked up and Joe found out. I was so tired that night I went to bed early. But they were all flirting in the pool when I conked out."

"Well that would explain the wild stories I guess." Reaching around he grabbed her ass cheeks with both hands. "Woman, I've missed you," he said with a smile.

"Well now, have you missed my ass or have you missed all of me?"

"Believe me, I've missed more than just your great ass, I've missed these too," Terry said, reaching up to fondle her breasts.

"Let me finish washing my hair and you can show me what else you've missed about me, OK?"

"I'll be waiting." Kissing his new wife with passion, he exited the shower and waited for her in bed.

Sara was feeling so guilty she wanted to die. why had she done those things when she had such a loving husband? She worried that she could be pregnant, have an STD or who knows what else. She had let other men do to her what she hadn't even let her husband do.

After her shower and drying her hair she went into the bedroom with the intention of telling her husband everything. She couldn't deceive her husband any longer. She entered the bedroom with a towel wrapped around her. The curtains were drawn and the room was almost dark, Except for the candles Terry had lit and placed around the room.

Terry was in bed, propped up on one elbow with the covers turned down. "Come here and let me show you what else I have missed about you."

Sara's resolve to tell her husband evaporated. Smiling, she dropped the towel and climbed into bed with the man she truly loved.

Terry kissed his wife with a passion she had forgotten they had once shared. Then he slid down until he was able to suck one of her nipples into his mouth. Rubbing her other nipple, he soon had her moaning with desire. Releasing her nipple from his mouth, he slid down further, settling in between he legs with his mouth just inches from her burning core.

"I like your new hair cut," he marveled. He ran his fingers over her hairless crotch; he could even see the lubrication his new bride was secreting.

"I've missed this too," he said, before leaning down and sliding his tongue through her wet slit.

"Yesss!" moaned the panting woman. "I've missed this so much."

After licking up and down her slick opening a few times, he focused on her clit for a few seconds, bringing more moans and cries from her. He then slid his tongue down and pushed inside her clenching vagina.

Sara was going delirious with pleasure. She grabbed his head and pulled him tighter to her vagina. This was the man she would spend her life with, if he would have her. She didn't know what or how to tell him anything about the last week. But she knew she would never think of anyone else so long as she was married.

Terry could tell she was getting close to coming; he slid two fingers inside her wet opening and was amazed how easily he could go in to the last knuckle. He then pushed in another without much resistance. No way he could have done that just a few weeks ago, something had changed.

Sara could now feel his fingers moving inside her along with his tongue on her outer lips and clitoris. As her orgasm began she almost screamed with pleasure. "Oh God, Oh God! Yes, yes, yes!"

Slowly she came down from her orgasmic highs, still moaning and clenching her muscles around the fingers sliding deep inside.

For several minutes, Terry continued to lick her slick pussy, wondering if he should say something about how different she felt. Afraid that he might be mistaken, he decided he would say nothing for now and think about it overnight.

Sara looked down at her husband still working between her legs. Smiling, she said, "Now it's your turn, mister!"

Terry moved back up and kissed his wife; this was something else she had been reluctant to do before: kiss him right after he had gone down on he. Sara didn't give it a second thought now as she pushed her tongue into his mouth.

Sara patted the bed beside her, inviting him to lie next her. She raised up and moved over the top of her husband. Leaning down, she licked his nipples, hoping to get a response. she was surprised when he started laughing.

"Sorry, I don't have the sensations there that you do," he said with a smile on his face.

"Well, let me try here a minute, then," Sara replied. Moving down his body, she purposely dragged her nipples across his stomach, sending shivers that seemed to go straight to his groin. When she got there his cock was rock hard, with precum dripping from the head. Opening her mouth wide, she swallowed half his hard member. Keeping her eyes on him she raised up until only the head was in her sucking mouth. Moving back down, she was able to take even more into her hot mouth. She had never tried to take all of him before, but thought this would be a great time to try. She closed her eyes and began sliding her mouth up and down his cock.

Terry couldn't believe how much she was taking inside. She had never done it before like this and it was driving him toward an explosive finish. He looked down just as she took the last two inches into her throat.

She had done it! She could feel his pubic hair on her lips! Lifting her head up to get a breath, she almost smiled at the look on Terry's face. That was the look of pure bliss if there ever was one. She reached up with one hand and rubbed his balls, feeling them pulled up tight and ready to shoot their load.

Raising her head from his aching member, she waited till he opened his eyes. Looking into his eyes, she said, "Come in my mouth," before taking his cock back into her mouth, swallowing him down to the hilt.

Terry lost control before she even got halfway down his pulsing dick. Stream after stream erupted into her eager mouth

Sara quickly slid her mouth up and down his full length. She noticed she couldn't taste the cum that shot into her throat. Sucking harder, she tried to pull all his semen from his balls.

Terry was too delirious to do anything but buck his hips and emit a few loud groans. Even after he was empty he still pulsed inside her mouth.

Sara enjoyed giving her new husband the pleasure of her mouth on his cock. When he quit pulsing inside her mouth she raised her head and smiled at him. When he looked down at her, she made a show of licking her lips and then swallowing.

"Where did you learn that?" he asked in awe.

"Well, a lady never tells," Sara replied. She was afraid she had gone too far. She didn't want him to think there was someone else she had practiced on.

"That was the most incredible thing you have ever done! If you learn new things like that when I'm away, I may leave more often," he said with a grin. Reaching down, he pulled her back up till she was laying on his chest. "I love you!"

"I love you too, sweetheart," she replied. Laying her head down on his chest, they soon were both asleep.


Darius had just finished pouring his cum into the woman riding his cock. He had come so much that he was afraid he wouldn't stop. It just kept spraying out and into the squeezing cunt that was sliding up and down on his tired member. But the beautiful woman reached down to a spot below his balls and applied pressure; it didn't take long before he quit coming.

Monique helped him get dressed since he was too weak and unsteady to do it himself. Under the guise of walking him to the car, she helped him inside and with a smile said, "Buckle up and drive safely now," before returning to the house to cleanup for Fredric's return.

Darius slowly drove toward the station, not really thinking about where he was going. When he spotted a fast food drive-thru, he stopped and ordered two large drinks. Pulling into a parking place, he downed both drinks and leaned back to rest his eyes a few minutes; in mere moments he was fast asleep.

Hours later, Darius woke from a dream where his life was being drained through his dick. Shaking his head to clear the cobwebs, he tried to put the dream from his thoughts. There was something evil about that woman, Monique. He couldn't say for sure how he knew this, but he would checkup on her background when he went back to the station. He put the car in gear and drove home to get some much needed rest.


Terry began to awaken late that evening. Feeling Sara still breathing slowly, he lay still as to not wake her up. He had things to think about but he couldn't concentrate with his naked wife lying on top of him. Feeling his dick start to harden made him remember the blow job she had given earlier. As great as that was, he couldn't help but think she had never been that uninhibited before. And hadn't she been much tighter before?

Sara woke when she felt his cock began to harden between her legs. She raised her face and with a smile said, "Haven't you had enough for a while?"

"Never enough of you," her husband replied. "As much as I would like to again, I think I need food first."

"Monique took me to a great restaurant last week, lets go there."

"Hadn't we better save our money? I don't have a job, you know."

"Don't worry about it, I got a big raise last week. Lets celebrate!"

That night the newlyweds reconnected. They talked and laughed, held hands and remembered how much they were in love with each other. Sara was able to forget for one night anyway her indiscretions, and he was able to shut out his disappointment over not making the baseball team. After a fantastic dinner, they walked and talked some more. It was almost midnight before they got home and ready for bed.

Terry was already in bed when Sara came from the bathroom naked and slipped under the covers. Laying across her husband's chest, the thought about how contented he made her crossed her mind. She smiled, thinking great sex and good food does that to a woman. She lay there for a few minutes, and then she heard a soft snoring coming from her exhausted soul mate. Moving off her husband, she turned her back toward him.

Terry woke enough to roll over and spoon in behind his lovely wife. "I'll just lay here a few minutes, and then I will ravish you," he said.

"I'll hold you to that in the morning, mister."

Terry moved his arm around, cupping a breast in his hand before he fell asleep for good.


Fredric had intended to catch a commercial flight that night but he had met an intriguing set of twins; he had spent the last couple of nights with them. The first night he had put both into a trance before taking them to his house in Boston. He had fucked both and drank heavily from each before sending both packing. They were waiting for him when he rose the next evening. Upon seeing them at his door, he had decided to stay an extra night.

"I want to see you two naked and in my bed," were his first words to them that night.

Giggling like two school girls, they stripped and jumped on the king size bed.

"Now I want to see you go down on each other," he commanded.

"Eeww, no way," they said, almost in unison.

Fredric only needed to give a slight mental shove before the two young women were in a 69 position. He stood watching them, licking each others pussies for a few minutes before joining them on the bed.

He first fucked one while the other sister licked his balls before switching and fucking the other. He spent a long time slowly fucking them both before he felt his balls drawing up tight.

He was fucking the woman on top at the time, letting the sister below lick his balls and shaft of his cock. He let out a loud moan before he began filling the tight cunt with his cum. He slowly slid in and out while he finished pouring his cold seed inside the woman. He pulled out, and leaning back a little, he watched the sister on bottom fasten her lips on the dripping pussy above her, Watching her suck his semen from her sister's snatch.

Pulling the woman he had been fucking up by her hair he drove his fangs into the eager female. He could feel the woman coming as he pulled her blood into his mouth. He fed from her till her heart began to give out, then licked her throat and healed the wounds to prevent a mess.

The girl lying below didn't even know her sister was dead. She felt her sister pulled from her face and saw Fredric's wet prick in front of her.

"Now it's your turn to feed your master," the vampire said. Moving around till he was between her legs, he pushed inside till he felt his balls rest on her ass. He began fucking with a wild abandon, not caring if he hurt the female now. It only took a few minutes before he started filling the twin his his seed.

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