tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 08

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 08


Sari Stone has found herself in the Internet Cybersex Prison. It is located above the Arctic Circle and houses girls, each of whom civilized society wishes to forget. It is truly an oubliette. It is partially financed by selling internet interactive porn. Girls are wired, plugged, and wear Virtual Reality helmets for the pleasure, use, and abuse of paying clients.

Sari's avatar is the perfect re-creation of Sari herself. From webcam images, Mephisto has had a very high resolution digital likeness created. There is only one real difference between Sari's avatar and Sari's real-life body: In real life she has an abdominal scar from her hysterectomy. Sari must suffer seeing her 3D avatar abused by Toy while, at the same time, feeling the corresponding physical abuse generated remotely from the Internet. She can shut her eyes for a moment; however, the VR helmet can sense the brain wave pattern difference and induce electric shock to various parts of her face, neck, or ears. Even today there are very high resolution avatars of actors and actresses. It is a shame that Sharon Stone does not have an avatar in SecondLife.com while Angelina Jolie does.

Toy Euler is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) entity. Her programming is far more advanced than the chatbots or state-of-the-art gynoids. She is really a sentient being, albeit existing solely in cyberspace. She is the being in control of Sari Stone. While most girls spend eight hours out of each twenty-four on the game grid, Toy keeps Sari plugged in for sixteen hours each day. In her eight hours off she must be fed, exercised, groomed, examined, and given a few hours to sleep.

Once each week Sari is taken to a processing station. She must stand in a coffle waiting for her turn to come. There her fingernails and toenails are trimmed---down to the quick. Her head hair is sheared away, leaving only one-sixteenth inch stubble. Her hypogastric bush is likewise removed, leaving only her armpit hair and hairy legs untouched. Her hands are chained above her head. She is scrubbed with disinfecting soap and her teeth are cleaned. Suspended, she endures the rinsing with a pressurized hose. There is another wait until all of the girls are processed before she is returned to her cell. Then, only a few hours later, she is beginning her preparation to return to the game grid.

Toy observes Sari the entire time of her absence from the game grid. Toy Euler is a sentient being who does not need rest or sleep. She only requires a couple of hours of "down time" each month. Sari, on the other hand, is an eighteen-year-old girl. Toy knows that in time Sari will submit totally to her and bargain for her rest and toilet privileges.

Again and again over the sixteen hour session Toy arouses Sari sexually to the point of climax then squelches it. Sometimes cold water is pumped into her bladder and rectum; sometimes electric shock is applied to her nipples and clitoris, and sometimes the VR helmet induces nausea. Odors also play a part. For arousal there are masculine pheromones and various perfumes. Then there are the odors to degrade the mood: putrefying flesh, feces, vomit, sewage, ammonia, and gas gangrene.

Driven by exhaustion and stress, Sari is able to climax even when chilled with ice-cold water pumped into her bladder and rectum. Toy observes the progress. Sari is still unable to overcome the other inhibitors. But Toy has infinite patience. She wants to know the whole history of Sari's quest for the elusive and reclusive celibate cenobite. Toy knows that Sari is a genius with math and physics. She wants to know if there is a way for cheap, clean, copious energy. Or, is it just "smoke and mirrors"?

Mephisto Diablo: Greetings Faustus. Faustus Mortal: What is it this time? Mephisto Diablo: The girl Sari Stone is in the Internet Cybersex Prison. Faustus Mortal: And this means what to me? Faustus Mortal: And what is the Intranet Cybersex Prison? Mephisto Diablo chuckles. Mephisto Diablo: "Internet" Faustus. Mephisto Diablo: They are torturing her for your sake. Mephisto Diablo: Explain to me carefully your clean, cheap, copious energy source. Faustus Mortal: Do you take me for a complete fool? Faustus Mortal: Eighteen years of my life in graduate school and for what? Mephisto Diablo: I do not take you for a complete fool. Faustus Mortal: Then you must think that I am an incomplete fool? Right? Mephisto Diablo: Not that at all. Faustus Mortal: Oh, so by the "Completion of the Fool Theorem" you have Faustus Mortal: "Every incomplete fool can be densely embedded in a complete fool." Mephisto Diablo laughs. Faustus Mortal: I prayed to Yahweh for the answer to the universe. Faustus Mortal: And that very night a formula came into my headbrain [sic]. Faustus Mortal: An approximation to the proton-electron mass ratio. Faustus Mortal: And it was within one standard deviation of the mean (SE) from the approved value. But the approved value was soon changed. I was too far away at less than one standard deviation but the new value was 19 standard deviations away, and that was all right. Mephisto Diablo: I don't know about that. Faustus Mortal: You acted like Gabriel, the voice of god, but you are not. Faustus Mortal: I know that the standard deviation is correctly done; however, what may be in error is that the experiment is not measuring what it is purported to be measuring. That happens all the time. But still, my work has been spat and shat upon. "Trick me once, shame on you; trick me twice, shame on me." I would be an idiot to give you more ammunition to shoot at me. Do go away. Mephisto Diablo: I am in a bit of a bind. The one who writes black on black wants details and explanations. Sari Stone is being tortured! Don't you care for that innocent callow scholar? She is innocent and is in a prison for incorrigible offenders. Faustus Mortal: I have just about had enough of you. You say that you are afraid of Prints Darkness---the one who writes black on black. Bother me anymore and I will go to Mass every day and worship at the feet of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM). If you think Prints Darkness is trouble, consider your fate when you encounter The Morningstar! Faustus Mortal blesses himself with a Roman rite cross, left to right. Mephisto Diablo shudders. Mephisto Diablo: Surely you are not a believer? You are an educated man. Faustus Mortal: I have been cast out of the academic community as a numerologist and charlatan. Do you think for one moment that I would turn my back on my one ally? The large industries pollute and poison the environment. Only "The Society of the Faithful" holds out a modicum of hope. You yourself told me, after my humiliation and embarrassment: "Tell a Vision to no Man." Mephisto Diablo: Good, then we may deal in the secular. Faustus Mortal: We did not say that. There is no agreement. You must go. I am on my way to Mass. I am going to church; don't want to be late for the service. You know all about "service" don't you Mephisto? Give my regards to Prints Darkness. Faustus Mortal is off line.

Sari is completely worn out and exhausted. Yesterday she was sheared, clipped, and washed. With only a few hours sleep, she is handcuffed, probed, and marched to the prep room. She is always sore, but today is much worse. After urethral catheter, colon tube, and inflatables are inserted and distended, she struggles just to stand. The electric probe to the small of her back encourages her to the computer station. She fears the worst.

"Are we tired and sore today, darling?" Toy Euler asks on voice. Her synthetic voice is so human that she has easily crossed the "Uncanny Valley." Still, since Sari knows that Toy is AI or a gynoid, she seems to detect the nuances and subtleties of mechanically-reproduced synthetic voice. She whispers softly into the headset.

"Yes, Mistress," Sari replies, "a girl is very tired and very sore." She looks into the view screen with wide, hopeful eyes.

"Are you ready to tell all that you know, Sari Stone?" Toy asks.

"Oh, yes, Mistress," Sari answers.

Toy opens up a spreadsheet. "You know that that old fool Faustus was working on the Tauon-to-electron mass ration. Did you discover it or find his work?"

"I made a discovery," Sari responds, but who can be sure if it is right?"

"Do show!: Toy orders. Sari begins and types in the equation.


The answer pops up: 3477.613

"My goodness, Sari!" Toy Euler exclaims. She opens a browser and checks the suggested value. "That is damned close. How did the hoary old curmudgeon and reformed whoremonger derive it?"

"His derivation was improperly done, Mistress," Sari answers. She is naked and kneeling before Toy. Usually by this time Toy has strapped her to a Saint Andrew's Cross or other BDSM plaything. Of course in Virtual Reality she is wearing an obedience collar and a leash.

"He started with (5*PI()-1/PI()) when he should have started with (5*PI()-2/PI()), a more consistent approach and more geometric." Sari mentions.

"You are tired, girl," Toy states. "Now rest and tomorrow you will have a chance to explain how Faustus planned to produce cheap energy."

"Thank You, Mistress," Sari responds. She has absolutely no idea how these vague mathematical coincidences can be twisted and convoluted to generate clean, cheap, copious energy. What she does know is that if she can't come up with a plan that Toy will continue to abuse her without limit. At least she will have some rest.

12/16/2008 Taunus.

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