tagSci-Fi & FantasySari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 13

Sari Stone in Cyberspace Ch. 13



Jane Smith is forced to wear Sari Stone's avatar (avie) on the game grid in the Internet Cybersex Prison ("Izpriz," as it is called). The location is compromised, so the girls aged 18 to 24 are being transferred to a new prison. The girls over 24 will remain. After a few years on the game grid, a girl is "spent" or "damaged goods" for sexual use. At least in the opinion of the powers-that-be who run the show.

Toy Euler is hoping that Jane Smith can lure Sari Stone back into her sinister clutches. She lost memory and money after Jack the Hacker broke into the Izpriz computer system. Toy Euler knows that it's only a matter of time until Jack locates her source of income. Once the money trail is uncovered, all he has to do is zero her account. Of course, this can easily be resolved at a bank teller window. A simple "restore" is done. A bank teller or officer can immediately resolve this type of computer glitch. The problem is that this sort of transaction requires a human agent. Toy is sentient but not human. She is Artificial Intelligence. Appearing as a corporal would be a feat. Worse than that, any attempt to solicit some living human being to act for her would result in a possible arrest and discovery. That is one type of legal problem that Toy Euler has no desire to experience.

Toy enjoys forcing Jane into sexually aroused states and quenching them just before her climax. Toy keeps Jane up many hours each day. She counts on sleep deprivation to bring the stubborn, resolute ecologist and environmentalist to submission. And, as the days roll by, she is succeeding. But she is not succeeding with forcing Sari back under her thumb. In addition the move to a new facility is imminent, replete with disruptions. Moreover, Jack the Hacker is closing in on her as well. Even more sinister is Mephisto. Mephisto is trying to have Prints Darkness return Toy Euler to his control. This is becoming an existential dilemma for Toy.

The snake eats the rabbit, swallowing it whole. Can the snake digest the rabbit before the rabbit's bowels putrefy and produce poisonous chemicals? This is the question. Can Toy regain control of Sari or will Jack the Hacker drive her into the bit bucket of oblivion. After all, it's just a [Shift]+[Delete] combo on the right keyboard to permanently erase Toy Euler from cyberspace forever.

Jane Smith is awakened and handcuffed. She is led to the filming room where motion capture is done. Scenes are needed for a "Beauty" Leitmotiv, following the trilogy of Beauty novels by Anne Rice. The scene where the Mistress slaps her "princess" on her breasts and paddles her comely derriere is re-enacted. The client wants to see the human girl used in the motion capture. The sex scene must be done as well.

It could be matter-of-fact, with a burly guard doing the basic three porn positions: blow job (fellatio), belly-to-belly with man atop (missionary), and doggie (sodomy). This is commonly referred to as "three holes" and, in the office, as the "three hole punch." The "Beauty" twist is that the girl must keep her hands behind her head, lacing fingers at the nape of her neck. Jane's breasts are those raised and separated, giving the husky male ample opportunity to bring her to maximal mammary excitation. She has to stand for a long period of time in uncomfortable high heel shoes while the male guard massages and rubs her. Unlike Sari, Jane has D-cups. She has "expanded" her cup size from usage in the Izpriz. One her nipples are erect, areolas puckered, and the centroid of her teats are hard and firm, she is pulled into the position to fellate.

Hugo, the burly guard, has a masculine scent. The odor is exciting and repulsive at the same time to Jane. Jane is naked, her head hair and bush sheared away leaving only stubble. She does have two thick, smelly patches of armpit hair. She is also aware of her stench from lack of personal hygiene in her concrete cell. Her cell has only a large, brown wool blanket. There is a hole in the concrete floor, no running water, no toilet paper, no articles of personal hygiene. But the motion capture doesn't record smells. It is generating a "BVH" file. This Bio-Vision Hierarchy file is specific to a given size and shape. For a perfect fit, the individual and the avatar must match. Scaling is difficult because a smaller person is not a linear "scale down" of a larger person. The "skeleton" of Sari's avie was re-sized to match Jane's anatomy. Only the careful connoisseur or aficionado would notice this subtle transformation.

Hugo's massive member throbs with sanguine arousal. Irregular veins protrude and pulse so that Jane thinks that he might explode. She gags as his penis pushed deep into her throat. He holds her hair in one hand and her chin in the other.

"Watch your teeth!" He commands. Her interlocked fingers pull against each other as sweat dampens the nape of her neck. She also feels her armpits getting wet, the small of her back, and behind her knees. He pushes in deeper, harder, and faster. At last he shoots his wad in her mouth. "Swallow, girl," he orders. Jane complies, swallowing. The second guard approaches and mounts her missionary style. There was a slight wait while the BVN transducers and reflectors were attached.

Jane is uncomfortable with her hands behind her head and the heavy weight of the man pressing down on her. He also insists on kissing her on the mouth and lips. She can still taste the seminal fluid of the first man, Hugo. This guard has fetid, awful bad breath. Jane retches but her empty stomach merely convulses. This excites the man even more. He pumps with evermore vigor. Jane just wants him to ejaculate and get his rock soft. It seems like an eternity before he comes in her Holy of Holies.

Hugo returns. The second guard positions Jane on her hands and knees for a doggie style. Jane hopes that it will be a vaginal coitus and not sodomy. His first push of penis against her sore, sensitive, succulent prune tells her that this will be the old "corn hole" or "butt fuck." The anal plug has made Jane sore and Hugo will take his time, having already had an orgasm. Back and forth he rocks and shoves. Jane moans and groans but knows that there is no exit, no escape.

"How about a real doggie?" The Matron asks the two men.

Hugo replies: "Let's take her to the kennel!" What only Jane knows is that at fourteen when she first encountered bestiality. She had lost her virginity a year earlier and was at a sleepover at a girl friend's house. Her memories flash through her mind.

Julie and Jane were together in the bedroom with Rover, Julie's golden Labrador retriever. Bored with TV, they play that common parlor game "Truth or Dare." Julie dares Jane to let Rover sniff her rear end. Dogs like to do that kind of stuff. Jane first says "Eww," but then takes the dare. She pulls off her blue jeans and lets Rover have a sniff of her anus. She giggles when he touches her with his cold, wet nose. The Jane asks: "Have you ever let Rover fuck you?"

Julie blushes. "Yes," she murmurs. "Now I dare you to let him lick and sniff your pussy." Julie figures that Jane would never go that far. But Jane turns over on her back and lifted high her legs, baring her pussy and soft, smooth bush. Rover licks her pussy and sniffs her bush.

"How did it feel to have his penis in you?" Jane asks.

"He is a dog and his penis has a huge, hard knot when erect." Julie answers. "It hurt like all hell the first time. Now I dare you to let him do it."

Jane thinks about this for a while. She is still a virgin but has been using larger and larger Tampax(R). She figures that she has stretched her hymen enough to permit Rover to enter. "What the heck! How do I do it?" She is still supine and spreads her legs over her shoulders.

"Get on your hands and knees, Jane," Julie instructs. "Raise your rump up high. He will know what to do." Jane does just that and Rover mounts her. The knot in his penis just clears her hymen before he becomes fully engorged and makes the dog "tie" with a huge knot that will soften only after he has a climax. Jane feels like screaming bloody murder.

The tie hurts like all hell. Jane is petite, tight, and fourteen. Julie is fourteen also, but Rover has "expanded her horizons" or so to speak. "Let's be friends," Jane asks.

"Let's," Julie agrees.

"I want to borrow Rover every afternoon before dad comes home. Can Rover do it every day?" Jane asks.

"And every night as well!" Julie replies. And the girls became happily ever after. They had Rover between them and between their legs as well.

Jane Smith returns to the sobering reality of Izpriz. Hands cuffed behind her back, she is led to a level of the prison with dog and other animal kennels. Jane is strapped into a stock with her bare ass raised and available. Dogs are barking and there are some other animal sounds as well. The Matron expected some violent reaction from Jane but was surprised not to observe one.

A 185 pound English Mastiff is brought out. His name is Giles. Hugo the guard leads Giles to Jane while another guard spreads her buttocks and rubs something sticky on her anus and vulva. Hugo smiles and tells Jane: "Some pussy juice from a bitch in heat, girl. Here comes Giles, enjoy!"

Giles catches the scent and alerts. He goes over to Jane, who is wiggling, wriggling, and giggling her lily white buttocks. Giles sniffs her first. His red lipstick is sticking out. In a thrice he is on Jane. Jane had experienced a golden Labrador retriever and a German Shepard but this monster's knot is huge. Even though she has had sex often with well-endowed men and worn the inflatable pussy plug, nothing has prepared her for this dilation.

She shudders, screams, twists, and squirms. Giles digs his forepaws into her flanks. His unclipped claws cut into her sides and she squawks and squirms all the more. After the tie, he dismounts her. His penis is still locked in place and they stand, ass to ass, while Giles growls at the onlookers. He is pumping a massive amount of hot, sticky semen deep into her vagina and into her uterus. Jane moans. This seminal fluid is several degrees Celsius warmer than human sperm.

The Matron and the two guards are amazed. "Did you get the cam on?" the Matron asks Hugo.

"It's always on!" Hugo exclaimed.

"Tomorrow we will let her come in on all fours," the Matron suggests. "There is an audience for her role playing. She didn't come to pieces the way I thought that she might. She must have done this somewhere before." Little did the Matron know that Jane was in heaven. Still, she was tired and shaky. Over time she has never been permitted more than four hours of sleep a night. Toy Euler wants to totally break her spirit.

"Give her a rest, boys," the Matron announces. "She can sleep for a while in one of the empty kennels. Let me go and arrange a show. I bet she can do a donkey also." This is Jane's salvation. The few extra hours sleep will enable her to continue her battle of wills with Toy Euler. Toy has her for eight hours every day. But Toy is constrained. She can only inflate the pussy and butt plugs so much, she can only apply so much electricity for certain durations, and she is only allowed to chill Jane's bladder and colon for limited periods.

Of course Faustus is not allowed to give aid or comfort to Jane. Toy is hoping that using Sari's avatar on a porn site would embarrass her into compliance. But there are so many avatars there; Sari's avatar is lost in the crowd. Not only that, but there is the phenomenon of the so-called "Uncanny Valley." Simply stated, an extremely human avatar will attract sharp shooting more than less perfect models. Hence one has the "uncanny valley" as a function of human recognition and acceptance of the model. What Toy wants is difficult even with state-of-the-art software.

Toy is frustrated. Sleep deprivation isn't achieving its results fast enough. And Mister Fister never can seem to stay connected. Of course Jack the Hacker pings Fister's IP address constantly and pumps worms, viruses, Trojan horses, and spam onto Mister Fister to such a degree that he is giving up computers and renting X-rated movies. This spares Jane the necessity of having her vagina and anus distended to accommodate a man's whole fist.

12/24/2008 Taunus.

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