Sarlene's Touch Ch. 50


He dipped a hand between her legs, running through the short brown hair to feel damp lips clearly swollen with desire, There was nothing 'mutant' down there, nothing out of the ordinary, not even if he... she hissed slightly, breath warm against his chin... no, not even inside.

"Ready?" he asked, needlessly, perhaps, under the circumstances, but aware of how strongly she felt the need for autonomy.

She nodded, eyes locked on his, one hand around the back of his neck, the other on his hip. "Just get on with it, and..." She threw her head back, teeth bared as he thrust himself inside, a passionate growl in the back of her throat.

Zarenis' strong thighs gripped the half-elf's own as his hips began their rhythm, slowly grinding himself in and out. The tiefling's sex fit him like a glove, and the way she moved her body beneath him was enticing, delightful. One of his hands gripped the satin bed sheets, as another held her increasingly slick and sweaty flanks.

She pressed her lips against him, teeth brushing against his cheek, almost biting as he felt her warm breath coming in time with his thrusts. Her hands were gripping him, wandering over his body, toes rubbing against one shin as she wrapped her legs tightly about his own.

The tiefling pressed her head back down into the sheets again, throat bared so that he could kiss it, tongue savouring the taste of her.

"Harder, faster..." she demanded, her voice a growling purr, overwhelmed with the force of her lust.

He complied, smooth sheets rucking beneath her buttocks as their mutual pace increased. She responded by slapping his ass, her breath coming in hard gasps, barely suppressing her moans, garnet eyes wide, face flushed.

"Oh fuck..." she grunted, "it's been so long... harder..."

She arched her back, hips pressing into him, lips now pressed hard into his chest, horns pressed against his chin, fingers digging hard into his flesh. Almandar let himself go, pounding into her as hard as he could, his gasps of exertion drowning out her own muffled cries.

At last he exploded inside her, and felt the tiefling's body spasming against his, limbs going rigid, a drawn-out high-pitched cry subdued by his own flesh pressed against her mouth.

They both went limp, and Almandar gently withdrew himself, rolling onto his back beside her, chest heaving, satin sheets cool against the dampness of his skin. She had certainly been demanding, but he had happily risen to the challenge...


Zarenis brushed a hand through her hair, sweeping it away from her horns. She had just regained her breath, and was currently delighting in the feel of the cool air against her naked skin. She glanced over to Almandar, who smiled back at her in response, his own skin glistening from their recent exertions.

That had been most unlike her.

It wasn't that she didn't like sex; she liked it as much as any other person, for all that she rarely got the opportunity to indulge. But, in a way, that was it: she didn't often get the chance, and she was more than capable of holding her desires in check. While she was on a mission, she was focussed on the goal, and the rest of the time she was usually too busy avoiding attention.

True, the mission was over now, for all that she did not truly want to think about what that implied or what the future held for her, But still, her reaction to Almandar kissing her had been as unexpected for her as it apparently had for him.

He was a handsome man, she couldn't deny that. But normally, she would just have slapped him, and then regretted it later. The fact that he didn't seem to be put off by her nature was a surprising one, and she had no doubt that, even in a different situation, she would probably have wanted to have sex with him. But to respond so quickly... she had been acting on her instinct, rather than on her usual calm thought processes.

She was glad that she had, no doubt about that. Almandar had turned out to be the best lover she had had... admittedly, not a long list, but still... Had she walked out, she would have kicked herself afterward, even not knowing how good it was going to be. But why hadn't she?

Sarlene, it had to be Sarlene. Almandar had claimed that the goddess of love had rescued her, and she no reason to doubt that. It fit all the facts, after all. Somehow, the goddess' magical embrace had removed her usual inhibitions, had given her an opportunity she normally never had.

She had never thought much about Sarlene. To be fair, she didn't worship any of the gods, seeing them as, at best, irrelevant to her life, and, for the most part, actively hostile to her very existence. But she could see, for example, the advantages of the god of knowledge, and even Pardror had an obvious relevance, even if only as an enemy of her kind. But Sarlene... what was the point of her?

She didn't need love, and had never experienced it in any case. She was a distraction, a source of weakness that didn't belong in the harsh world that even most of the other gods seemed to inhabit, Yet, apparently, she had just spared Zarenis' life, and had left her with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to enjoy herself.

She wondered, briefly, if Sarlene had also affected her responses, but she decided that that probably wasn't the case. The warm feeling that had lingered after her deliverance had just put her in an unusual mood, that was all, stripping away some of her usual reluctance, allowing her to get closer to someone than she usually would.

The sex had been fantastic, but she felt confident that it would have been as good no matter what. Just the knowledge that Almandar wasn't repulsed by her, and didn't have some kinky obsession with demons was enough to give her a thrill. She had actually, for a while there, felt like a real, normal, woman. The way he had touched her, kissed her... that had been totally new to her.

It was, she had to admit, the best sex she had ever had in her life.

She realised that, while she had been reflecting on the situation, her right hand had crept between her legs, and she was absent-mindedly stroking herself. Her pussy tingled with desire, and she felt her nipples hardening in the cool air of the room. Damn, she was still horny.

Considering the force of the orgasm she had felt just minutes before, that was somewhat surprising. But it was also thrilling, and Zarenis had absolutely no intention of ignoring the returning desire in her loins.

The tiefling rolled over onto her side, and stretched her hand out to her partner's body, stroking his flat belly. He moved his head to one side, still lying on his back, and gave her another smile that she could not help but interpret as affectionate. He actually seemed to like her; it was such an unusual experience that she didn't quite know how to respond to it.

So, instead, she moved her hand lower, towards his groin. She ran her fingertips, with unusual tenderness, through the slight tangle of his pubic hair, and stroked his cock, still slightly damp with her juices. It was, she noted, quite flaccid, and didn't currently seem to be responding to her ministrations.

She tried to keep the disappointment from her face, but evidently failed, because the next thing he said was, "again? So soon?"

She nodded, mutely.

"You'll just have to wait a little longer," he said, and then flashed her a grin, "but not too much longer, I think."

She let out a grunt of frustration, and rolled over onto her back again, staring at the curtain draped over the top of the four poster bed.

"On the other hand," he said hastily, "I'm sure there's something I can do while we're waiting."

He leaned up on one elbow, and bent over her, pressing his lips to her exposed throat. Normally, she would have flinched or struck out if someone came close to such a vulnerable area, but right now, it just felt good, and she let out a light sigh of pleasure as he began to move down over the top of her breastbone.

Almandar's kisses moved to the top of her cleavage, and then began to move up the soft swell of her right breast. His free hand slid over her ribs, and up towards the breast on the other side. Zarenis felt her nipples hardening further in anticipation, and her breath caught in her mouth.

Hand and mouth reached their respective sides simultaneously. The half-elf's tongue lashed over her right nipple, as he caught her left between thumb and forefinger, rubbing it gently. Zarenis moved her legs against the sheets, pressing her thighs together, as she lifted a hand to run through his hair, trailing along the slight points of his ears.

He sucked and tweaked, and Zarenis had to bite her lip to stop herself crying out. Loud signs of emotion were not her style, but if he began to take her again the way he had previously, she wasn't sure that she could hold out so well a second time.

Almandar released her breasts, but only to move lower, lips and tongue sliding against her abdomen. Her breath was coming harder now, and she closed her eyes, trying to steady it. She could feel him moving lower still, one hand now caressing a raised thigh, the hair of her mound brushing against his mouth.

She moved her legs slightly apart, wondering if he was as good with his fingers as he was with his cock, and she felt him press soft lips against her most intimate areas. Then, not his finger, but his tongue, lapped slowly along the whole length of her pussy, barely parting her hot and yearning folds.

She knew about it, of course, but had never personally experienced it. But then, nobody had ever spent this degree of attention on her. She clamped her jaw shut as a whimper threatened to burst from her throat as Almandar pushed his tongue deeper, lapping at her juices.

She snapped her eyes open, glanced down, to see his head pressed into her groin, tongue probing her, driving her to new heights. Zarenis grasped her breasts in both hands, tweaking her own nipples as she spread her legs as far as she could.

Almandar reached her clit, and the tiefling bit her lip as she growled with lust. She pushed her lips back against his face as he continued to pleasure her, and felt the satin sheets sliding against her buttocks. Her tail jerked at the sensation, and she released one of her breasts, to press her hand against the back of her lover's head, guiding him on.

"Oh, fuck..." she whispered. She was almost starting to believe in the power of the goddess now, this felt so good.

She was positive that the half-elven adventurer could have driven her to climax with his tongue alone, but it seemed he had other ideas. After what seemed an eternity of undiluted pleasure, he levered himself free, and moved up beside her, to press a kiss on her lips.

Zarenis grabbed his crotch, finding him no longer at all soft down there. She grasped his shoulder with her other hand, kissing him harshly on the mouth, pressing her body tightly into his. As he finally pulled back for air, she saw two red marks on his forehead, where her blunt little horns had dug into him. She had marked him; she liked the thought of that.

She ran her hands over his chest, rough hair against her fingers, and gently flicked one of his nipples. She ran her hand along the length of his cock, even as he placed one on her hip, stroking her rounded buttock.

"Still exhausted?" she teased.

"Not really."

"Not even a little bit?"


"Then just lay back," she commanded, "because I'm not in the slightest."

She gave him a hard push, and he twisted in the sheets, so that the red satin wrapped around his lower legs, and then jumped on top of him, thighs straddling his hips, his balls nestled against her mound. She growled, knowing that, what matter what else was the case, demon blood still ran through her veins, and raked her hands across his torso.

"Want to fuck a tiefling?" she asked, "want to fuck someone with demon blood?"

She growled again, longer this time, intending it to sound menacing, although it actually came out more of a purr. Almandar's face looked enrapt, his eyes locked on hers, mouth slightly parted, and she heard his breath coming harder. She reached down and found him still hard as he rubbed his cock against her inner thigh.

Zarenis raised herself up, legs spread, and pressed the tip of his erection against her pussy.

"I'm waiting for a 'yes'," she told him, with a playful snarl.

"Yes!" he said hurriedly, "absolutely yes!"

She pushed herself down over him, feeling his hard cock plunging into her, and had to press her lips firmly together to stop herself crying out with wild abandon. As it was, a muted groan rose in her throat, easily loud enough for him to hear.

Almandar was large, larger than anyone else she had known. Yet not unpleasantly so, and the truth was they seemed to fit together as perfectly as it was possible for two people to do. He filled her, spreading her lips, his wonderful cock pressing deep insider her cunt as she pushed her hips as far down onto him as she could, his balls squeezing against her buttocks.

She grabbed onto his chest to steady herself, and her thighs and hips began working as she continued to ride him. His cock plunged in and out, and there was no need for her to beg him to go faster or harder, for she controlled all the motion.

At first, to her later surprise, she began to enjoy him slowly, riding up until his cock almost popped loose, then thrusting herself back down on him again, inching back inside. It actually felt wonderful, just taking her time, and they were both panting with pleasure, his eyes wide, drinking in every inch of her naked, heaving body.

She began to increase the tempo, feeling his hips pushing back against hers as he met her rhythm, striving to get himself deeper insider her still. The sensations flooding through her body were unbelievable, every inch of her shuddering with passion. He grabbed her ass, close to her tail, and she didn't care, just wanted to continue fucking him over and over, wanted his cock to continue thrusting inside her.

His other hand reached for one of her breasts, first cupping it, and then tweaking the nipple. She let out an involuntary growl of pleasure, and gripping onto him as hared as she could, began to move back against him even faster than before.

Zarenis closed her eyes, finding the pleasure almost unbearable, her mouth clamped hard shut to hold back the abandon she was so close to surrendering to. Her buttocks slapped against his flesh, his cock pounding into her over and over, his hand squeezing a breast suddenly sensitive to his every touch.

What the fuck... she didn't care any more!

Zarenis let out a full-throated moan of deep passion, surprising herself with its volume. Still she continued to grind against him, harder than ever. She groaned, swore, cried out over and over, giving full reign to every sensation. He was doing the same, but she could barely hear him, and she knew that she couldn't last much longer like this.

"Oh fuck..." she cried, "oh fuck... oh goddess..." it was the first time in her life she had ever used those words, "fuck... rrraghh!... yes, yes... fuck... YES!"

It felt like an explosion; a yell ripped from her mouth as she climaxed for the second time that day. Zarenis almost wept with delight as Almandar followed suit, pumping her full of his juices again as his cry mingled with hers.

She remained on top of him for a few moments, stunned at the intensity of it, at her own surrender to the passion. She was flushed, hot, covered in slick sweat, her breasts heaving as she rolled off him, and collapsed at his side on the bed.

Almandar tried to say something, but couldn't find enough breath to do so. She waved a hand at him dismissively, equally incapable of speech, and relaxed her aching body against the bed. This time, even she needed a rest.

For a while at least.


Almandar was kneeling on the bed, hands gripping Zarenis' waist, as she squatted before him on all fours, her hands tightly gripping the sheets, already stained with the fruits of their passion. Amloth, he suspected, must have spent a lot of time keeping them clean, since satin was hardly ideal for such purposes, no matter how good it felt against the skin.

Slowly, yet firmly, he thrust himself in and out of the tiefling's eager cunt. The sheets were bunching under their knees, sliding against the mattress with the force of their mutual motion. Her breasts swayed in time with the little grunts of pleasure that she let out as he continued moving inside her.

They had woken to find the sun set, and the moons rising into the sky, flooding the room with more than enough light to see each other by. Almost immediately, their hands had been all over each other, savouring every crease, every curve of each others willing bodies. Now, here he was, taking her from behind, less urgently than before, but still overcome with passion, still excited by the feel of her body against his, of her cunt enfolding his thrusting cock.

There was no doubt in his mind that Sarlene had a hand in this, giving them both a reward for a job well done. It had been a long time since he had felt youthful enough to make love three times in such a short span. Yet he was as eager and ready now as he had been when they started, and she was evidently the same.

How long had it been since they had woken, even? The moons had noticeably risen in the sky, and, yet they continued, both overwhelmed with desire, yet, on this occasion, simply taking delight in the experience, with no desperation to near another climax. He recalled the time he had been with Davnait, and the spell she had used; this was somewhat like that, yet feeling entirely natural, despite the fact that, logically, he knew they should both be exhausted by now.

Zarenis turned her head towards him, looking over her shoulder to whisper encouragement. Not that he needed any. Her thighs pressed against his, her buttocks pumping against his hips as he continued his actions. He moved his hand back to rub the base of her little tail, making it jerk, and coaxing another whimper from his lover.

It seemed an eternity later that he finally pulled out, neither of them yet spent. She moved around in the bed, pushing herself into his arms as he lowered himself onto his haunches. They kissed, for what felt like the hundredth time... and possibly was. Their hands roamed each others' bodies, his caressing her breasts, shoulders, ass and thighs, hers seemingly everywhere at once.

Zarenis lowered her head, and he rained kisses across her nose and forehead as her hands began exploring his belly and buttocks. She dipped lower, hair ruffling against his lips, then ducking to kiss his chest, licking his nipples, then lower still, to his navel.

Almandar sighed with pleasure as the tiefling wrapped her lips around the head of his cock. He actually hadn't thought she would do that – she didn't seem the type. But, if not she was learning fast, and he gasped out loud as she pushed him further inside, tongue enfolding him, horns pressing against his loins.

He ran a hand through her hair, holding her head in place as she continued to suck. All too soon, she pulled herself free, gasping for air, a trace of her spittle falling back onto the sheets. They kissed again, fiercely, his own taste in her mouth, as surely hers must have been on the source of her attention just moments before.

Zarenis lay down on her back, moonlight casting its shadow across her body, legs held apart. Still on his knees, he shuffled up to her, taking one athletically muscled leg in his hand. He bent down, blowing cool air across her damp groin, then straightened up again, moving her onto her side, her leg held high.

Once again, he thrust into her, and the tiefling let out a small moan of satisfaction as he did so. From this angle he could push deep inside her, but he kept his motions slow and languid, knowing that neither of them wanted this to end soon.

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