tagNonHumanSasquatch Love In The Night

Sasquatch Love In The Night


Beth found herself trailing along after the others as the hour grew late. The park would be closing soon and the ranger had warned them not to be caught out here in the mountains after sundown. But, this had proved to be such an interesting photo shoot that they had run late. The nature channel they all worked for was going to get some fascinating film this time. Very out of the ordinary indeed.

There had been reports of strange, rather large and unusual looking bears in the area. Bears no one could identify. The channel wanted footage of the hopefully brand new species. They tended to walk on their hind legs, grunted and groaned in a very human way, they smelled very strongly, they were scaring people, especially women hikers in the park. Apparently, these creatures were investigating women. That's what some of the frightened backpackers thought anyway.

After the creature Beth and her colleagues had seen today, they couldn't call this thing a bear. Jack had been a wildlife photographer for 30 years and knew it was not any type of bear he'd ever seen. Joan, his wife, joked with him about it being a Bigfoot. Jack didn't laugh. Fred and Bubba did though, then they began cracking jokes. Some were rather crude. Beth was amused but more preoccupied than anything else.

Secretly, she'd always been interested in the odd and unusual and had often dreamt of finding something like this. Even more secretly, she had always dreamt of being ravished by some big hairy creature with a big hairy cock to pummel her with. Could this finally be her chance? The thought frightened and excited her at the same time. What would it feel like to have such a huge creature take her away, rip off her clothes, then plunge its magnificent cock deep inside her, thrusting so hard she would feel as though she would split apart. Just before that happened, of course, she would thrash and scream as she came as never before, time and time again, as the creature filled her up with his cock and cum.

Beth could feel the wetness between her legs, the disappointment that they were leaving before she could find out more. She knew it was wrong to want an animal to fuck her but this wasn't just any animal. She hoped. It seemed almost human but animal enough to satisfy her needs. It was frightening and exciting to think about. What else could she do?

Cheer perhaps as Jack cried out in anger that the gates were closed and locked and they were stuck for the night. It was getting dark. Everyone but Beth was scared because of what they had seen. She was hopeful that it had smelled her pre-period horniness. She had noticed the rather large cock hanging limply until it sniffed in their direction. She'd thought she'd seen a quiver. She wanted to see more than that, to help the beast do more than that.

Everyone huddled around the two cars, the men wondering what to do next. Should they call for help, sleep in the cars; try to break into the gift shop for food and warmth? No ones cell worked way out here so Jack decided on the gift shop. Not that Beth was paying any attention. A soft grunting noise from the woods had caught her attention. The others soon noticed the crackling of the twigs and branches, just before the beast stepped out to the edge of the woods. And this time Beth could definitely see his massive erection. Especially as he loped across the lot to her. The others scattered but she was overjoyed when the beast scooped her up in his arms then ran back into the woods.

Beth had no idea where they were going, all she knew was that she was in for the fuck of her life and she could barely contain her excitement. Her panties were wet and she was gasping for air. The beast's massively upright cock was pressing on her back; she could feel the heat even through her jacket. After what felt like forever, the beast slowed to a stop and let her stand on her own two feet. She looked him over thoroughly. About eight feet tall, course auburn hair, an almost pretty but thick skinned face, hair everywhere except face, palms, and 14 inch long 4 inch thick definitely at attention cock. The most beautiful thing Beth had ever seen and she couldn't help reaching for it.

The beast groaned when she squeezed it tight then rubbed hard along the warm, throbbing shaft. The penis head began to pulsate then drip sweet smelling thick droplets of cum. She bent over to lick it up, finding it thick and hot and delicious. The beast groaned loudly, his cock squirmed in her mouth as she took as much as she could of the gigantic cock into her mouth. The beast filled her happily then thrust into her throat, howling in pleasure. Beth squeezed the rest of the throbbing shaft and massaged the hairy balls smacking at her chin. Then, she thought of nothing but the sweet, hot cum streaming into her cock full mouth. Streaming fluid down her throat, down her chin, filling her with rapturous joy as she listened to the beast howling in ecstasy. Oh God, she thought, too have him plunging hard and deep into her cunt, she almost came herself.

Then, as if reading her mind, the beast pulled her off his pulsating, dripping hot cock and threw her to the ground. The lustful look in his eye told her she was in for even more of a treat. He was still rock hard and ready for more. The beast ripped off her jacket, then her shirt, then took her bra in its teeth and tore it away roughly. She was ready to spill her juices right then and there as the beast sucked her nipples hard and erect. But she managed to hold on until as the beast raised its head then moved down to rip off her pants. The beast leaned its head over then in to her panties. She would cum at any second, she knew, as she writhed under him in ecstasy as it breathed hot air over her wetness.

The beast used his teeth to rip at her panties then toss them away so she was completely naked, but for boots, all the better for traction, under his huge, heavy, hairy body. She wanted him pounding in her, pummeling her with that massive hot delicious cock, to feel it stretch her till she split wide open. First, she felt soft, warm sandpaper licking her lips, her spilling juices, and her clit with gentle insistence. The beast held her by the waist, pulling her into his mouth. Then, she felt an insistent probe, thick, gritty, jabbing up 5 inches into her as the beast held her tight. She finally let go, cumming onto its tongue and into its waiting mouth, screaming, writhing, in more ecstasy than she'd ever known in all her life.

She caught her breath after a few moments to find the beast sucking hard on her nipples again. She was still ready for him to fuck her harder than anyone ever had. No man she'd ever known could have she realized as she looked down at the beasts gigantic throbbing cock, all ready to hammer and plunge into her waiting body. She had a momentary flutter at the size of the cock, the fact she was going to be fucked by a beast, wondering how she could be doing this with an animal, but the thought was only fleeting. He had his thick tongue in her mouth, down her throat, tasting himself on her and she tasting herself in him then all doubt disappeared.

The beast pulled out of her mouth then hunkered up above her. He roughly pulled her legs as wide as they would go then straddled her with his cock waving over her belly. It looked even larger than a moment ago, the head pulsing almost like a mouth, the shaft throbbing so much it made the whole cock wave back and forth. What a magnificent beast, Beth thought. She was very nearly passing out with anticipation, moaning and writhing beneath the beast, her juices flowing as she waited for the pounding to begin.

The beast reared back, positioning its cock properly, its massive body above her, pausing for a moment then bringing the massive, pulsing cock down between her lips. The beast rubbed up and down her slit with the hot throbbing shaft till the tip found her hole. He gently pushed the pulsing pulsing tip inside, slowly filling just a couple of inches inside her. She cried out, moving her hips up to greet him. Just as her hips came off the grounf, he brought his hairy body down on hers, plunging hard into her canal. She stretched tightly over his cock, screaming as he went deep into her.

The beast pulled back out then howled as he plunged hard back into her willing body, she felt his massive cock splitting her wide, felt his rapture, knew she didn't ever want this tremendous pounding to end. His coarse hair stimulated her nipples, her tummy, her clit, everywhere he touched her. The beast seemed to get enjoyment from her tight pussy clenching his cock so tightly, her wrapping herself around him, licking his skin, nipping everywhere. She hung onto him tightly, being licked and nipped in return. Almost passing out as he pounded away inside her in an ever increasing frenzy.

Beth screamed, arching her back, digging her fingers into the beast as she came the first time, stars going off, sound fading for a moment. To come back and feel the beast pulling her close again as he pumped away, moaning and grunting with delight. She could feel him growing inside her, feel the cum traveling up his cock, which squirmed like an anaconda inside her. She felt herself cumming again, screamed for him to fuck harder, helping by squeezing him harder still, grinding herself into him. The beast responded, lifting her up by the hips then crashing back to the grass, driving deeper into her.

The knot at the base of his cock wedged inside her causing the beast to howl as his cum poured inside her hotly, thickly. There was so much it ran out onto the grass like a river of lava. Beth howled as well cumming again and again, wrapping around him so the beast could stay deep inside, rocking them back and forth, up and down. She felt the beasts hot sticky cum covering her back, her legs, seeming to drive her further into a frenzy. The beast howled and moaned as he rocked her world, almost human in his ecstasy.

Beth had no idea how much time had passed when she and the beast finally were able to slow the fuck down, riding each other slowly almost passionately for another long while. When they finally stopped moving, just laying on their sides, the beasts cock still inside her, they were exhausted. Beth didn't want the beast to take himself out of her. She had finally found her nirvana.

Beth woke to the sound of soft grunting, the beast waking her gently. She cried out as he pulled out oh her and stood beside her. She could see pleasure and surprise in the beasts eyes as he gazed down at her. She reached for him and he picked her gently off the ground then stood her on her feet. He huffed for a moment then she saw his magnificent cock starting to rise yet again. She smiled and tingled in anticipation.

The beast whirled sideways, looking up a slight incline. Beth saw a flash of light and knew it was a camera lens. The beast growled angrily until she squeezed his cock gently, turning its attention back to her. She knew it was Jack and the others, continuing with the nature film. How long had they been watching? How much did they want? Talk about a spectacular nature film of beasts in the wild. The beast looked hard at the woods, he knew who was there, then he turned to face Beth with a lustful glint in his eye. This would prove to be such an interesting photo shoot, the most interesting one ever.

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