tagFetishSatin Cum Boy Ch. 01

Satin Cum Boy Ch. 01


Ah Natasha, just the sound of her name made me hard and not even the pain from her gripping my hair nor the thought of what I was about to lick from her gorgeous and sexy labia would make me any the less so. I was in heaven, I was between her stocking clad thighs and having my mouth guided to suck the mingled love juices of her and her chosen client. Soon I would be pushing my tongue into her pussy and licking the sweet and sour mix from her as she clamps her legs around my head, her soft silky legs at counter point to the sharp scratching of her stiletto heels on my back. Once again I would be having to change for bed in the bathroom if I didn't wish to come up with a believable explanation.

I justified the acts of treason as a way of saving our relationship. We'd had a bad time of it money wise what with redundancies and a slump in the housing market. Kay and I were making our way back up the ladder, but it was slow and the stress of no money takes its toll on a relationship and the first casualty is normally the sex life. The trouble is that I am quite adventurous and she is not so vanilla sex just isn't inspiring and when the desire to go out of your way to make it sexy is gone then..... Well it's a slippery slope. The trouble is that I still love her, she is still sexy despite our age and didn't want to break up.

A new job came along that changed not only my working habits where I would be away from home regularly or working from home, but also provided me with bonus payments at regular intervals that were paid by cheque. Rather than put these in the joint account to be sucked up into bills I decided to put them aside for special occasions.

One day I was at home and feeling randy, but requiring inspiration so I decided to see if there were any decent looking ladies offering services in our area for me to fantasise about as I had real intention doing anything else. There were loads of nubile young ladies offering the "girlfriend" experience, but I was looking for someone that would pamper to my imagination and fantasies. Two ladies stuck out and what started as idle enquiry with a view to a fantasy wank became a serious review of their site and punternet reports. Susanna and Natasha were quite different, the first was blonde and in her late twenties, but into her role playing and Natasha was late forties, but still very fit. Natasha's reports all said she had a blow job to die for and was able to put you at your ease if you were nervous. Kay had always been willing to suck be off, but I knew she hated the taste and she would always dash off to spit out my cum and brush her teeth which was a kind of turn off. I was therefore interested to know what a proper blow job would be like.

I was so nervous when I phoned and stammered my name when Natasha answered. She was patient and asked me if I was interested in meeting her. I said I was and asked if she was available today. She said she wouldn't have been but for a "friend" cancelling on her so would I like to visit at about 4pm. This was close to when Kay got home, but my cock was overriding any common sense my mind was working on! The next question caught me off guard as she asked if I wanted to wear anything particular. I hadn't thought about this, but pictures of Natasha on her website had shown her in various outfits and I had liked a particular taupe and black satin body / basque affair with black full fashioned stockings. I had also liked the "sexy secretary" pictures so I told her this and said that I would leave her to surprise me.

The appointment made I now had 5 hours for my mind to race between highly sexed and blind panic for the consequences of being caught as I had never done anything like this before. More than a couple of times I nearly bottled it, but in the end I found myself following Natasha's directions to her flat via an ATM to withdraw the required amount for the promised hour. I knocked on her door feeling like a nervous teenager that was about to ask the school goddess out on a date in front of the entire school. I was greeted by a well groomed lady that I would not have put past late thirties and at first thought this was an "assistant" as none of the photos on Natasha's site showed her face. However she introduced herself as Natasha and invited me in. I followed her to her lounge noting that she had gone for the sexy secretary look with figure hugging A line skirt with a long slit up the back to show off the seamed stockings and topped off with a satin blouse. I was in turmoil, stomach was in my throat whilst my cock was busting to get out of my pants. I was sat on the settee and brought a glass of wine, Natasha then sat next to me and started to make small talk. She chatted away and was so bright and breezy that within a few minutes I had lost my nerves and felt as though I had known her for ages. As I joined in the conversation more Natasha edged closer and her skirt rode up as she did. She then turned the conversation to what I found sexy and what had prompted me to call her. I told her that I was more adventurous than my partner and had always wanted to try certain things she was not happy with whilst also pampering to some of my quirks in the clothing department. When she quizzed me further I told her I had a bit of a fetish for satin and silky lingerie as well as stockings. Natasha smiled at this and told me that she had guessed this and would I like to undress her? I said that I would, but I also had a bit of a fantasy about having sex with a sexy boss rather than a secretary and being made to "appreciate" her beauty before being allowed to satisfy her.

The reply to this took me a bit by surprise until I realised that she had picked up the role seamlessly.

"Kneel down boy and do as you are told, I said undress me!"

"Unzip my skirt and straighten my seams."

As I knelt down Natasha turned around so I could get to the zip of her skirt. She stepped out of it as it came loose and bent over to pick it up, thrusting her well-shaped backside into my face.

"Go on, feel how wonderful it is, I know you want to. Run your hands over my silky behind."

It was at this point I recognised the lower half of the taupe and black lingerie from Natasha's website pictures and my already hard cock started to twitch as I did as I was bidden to do.

"Enough of that now, I want to see how you are going to please me so get your clothes off."

As I stood and undressed in front of her, starting to feel a bid self-aware, Natasha took off her blouse and sat in an arm chair.

"All of it" she said "and then come and kneel in front of me again"

Not quite so hard as before, my cock still bobbed along as I assumed my position and as I did Natasha used the toe of shoe to indicate that I should open my legs as I knelt. She then slipped off her shoe and teased my cock with her stocking clad foot until it perked up.

"That's better, now shuffle up and straighten my seams."

With that she lifted each leg in turn and had me run my hands from her pointed toes to her thighs. On the second leg as my hand reached her thighs she took it and placed it on her satin covered mound, using it to massage her clit through the material.

"I've had a stressful day and I need you to attend to my needs. If you do it right then I may let you fuck me, how do you feel about that?"

I was starting to feel giddy with pleasure, Kay had never felt this confident and it always meant that I had to drive things. She was also wary of what she considered to be a fetish with her lingerie so I could never enjoy it openly. I felt that whilst I was being "bossed" around that I could just let go and submit myself to the pleasure.

"I feel very lucky Natasha."

"And so you should, now put that mouth to better use than talking and kiss your way from my toes to where your hands are and don't stop massaging my clit whilst you do it!"

I did as I was told and after a couple of repetitions I was told to remove her panties and stand up. Taking the black satin knickers from my shacking hands Natasha leant forward and wrapped them around my bobbing cock and started massage its full length making sure the head was treated to a sensory overload of satin crotch.

Natasha was so deft and as she massaged both my cock and balls I felt sure I was going to explode.

"Are you wanting to cum now? If you do then I will take it that you don't want to fuck me. Do you want to fuck me?"

I was so worked up and ready, to stop now would be almost painful, but I so wanted grab Natasha's hips and slam my cock into her.

"Stop please" I managed to gasp.

"Mmmmm, good, I like a man with control and a desire to please. Now I think I had better see if you are good with your tongue."

Her hand still holding her knickers I was pulled down to kneel again and as Natasha leant back again in the chair she put her hand behind my head and guided my mouth into place. She then used her knickers to hold my head up tight to her like a sling and rested both legs on my shoulders. I started to lick vigorously, but was told to slow down. She wanted slow deep licks and proceeded to rest her heels on my back so she could control the timing by raising her hips up and down at the required pace.

I was under no illusion as to how well I could satisfy one such as Natasha, but that didn't matter, the noises she made were realistic enough for me in the heightened state I was in and all I wanted to do was feel her buck and taste her juices.

I ran my hands up and down her stocking clad thighs, enjoying the soft feel first of the material and then of her skin. As her rhythm increased I gripped her hips and buried my head between her thighs harder, sticking my nose hard against her clit as she rocked and I licked as deep as my tongue would go. Whether faked or not Natasha's rocking became bucking and moans became louder until she gripped my head hard to stop me moving and just twitched for a moment before sighing and unclamping.

"Now my obedient man, you had better cum. Since you have been so good I'll give you a choice, you can fuck me and cum or you can be wanked off into my knickers?"

Oh how I wanted to grip her hips and bang Natasha silly, but to a certain extent I could do that any time at home with Kay, I was being offered forbidden fruit here.

"Wank me off, please!"

"I thought so!" and with that we stood up and she walked behind me. I felt her arms wrap round me and her body push close so I could feel the silky material she wore slide between us as she encased my cock once more with her knickers and proceeded to give me the best slow wank I have ever had. All the time she matched her satin sliding of her right hand with gentle circular massage of my prostate with the fingers of her left hand. Up and down, round and round, all I could hear was her breathing in my ear and the swish of the satin as it slid back and forth. I started to tense with the feeling of my impending explosion and Natasha sped up her ministrations. Then it was here like an electric shock it wracked my body with spasms and I pumped time again into Natasha's knickers until finally I felt my legs were going to buckle.

With the wisdom of many years dealing with post ejaculatory men Natasha didn't try to make conversation. She merely wiped all of my cum from me into her satin knickers and led me to the shower room. When I had showered and dressed I returned to the lounge where there was another drink waiting along with Natasha in a satin dressing gown over her lingerie and stockings.

I felt awkward again and made the mistake of trying to talk money with her and handing her the amount listed on her website for two hours as the time was now 5:30. With a smile she said that I could leave the money for an hour of her time on the counter. She then enquired if I had enjoyed myself, to which I said that I hadn't felt this good in ages, when would she be free again and could I buy her something to wear next time as she had been so generous with her knickers.

A smile came across her face and she handed me her damp knickers.

"Take these home as a souvenir and they may help you remember a few more fantasies. I take a size 12 and I am a 36 C. I am free on Monday at 2pm or at 4pm."

Arranging for 4pm again I hurried out, stuffing my prize in my pocket as it dawned on me that Kay would be home and wondering where I was.

That night, after a few quick excuses about traffic for being late to pick Kay up from the station, I couldn't wait to go surfing for lingerie. Natasha's knickers were still in my pocket and they were still damp from my large load of cum and Natasha's juices. As I surfed from one site to another I got harder and harder as I imagined what Natasha would look like in each item. After an annoying pause for dinner I hurried back to my laptop, making excuses about needing to get off an email to get me out of assisting in the after dinner clean-up. I had narrowed it down to a couple of sets, but then it dawned on me about delivery times. I then changed my searching to the local department stores like John Lewis and La Senza. The latter seemed to cater more for the younger woman and a quick review of Natasha's gallery pictures suggested that she didn't think the skimpy look was flattering for her which suited me as I like vast swathes of silk and satin to fight through.

I found a number of items I liked in John Lewis and placed them in the basket for collection. By now with all this fantasising I was nearly fainting with the loss of blood from my brain to my cock and I had to go and relieve myself. Rushing upstairs to the bedroom I shut the door and retrieved Natasha's present. The black satin shimmered and looked so inviting, but I didn't want to override the remaining scent with my own so after a quick rummage I found a pair of Kay's panties that I had bought for her on our last "sexy weekend" away. These were silvery and full and I had found them in a boutique shop near a customer's site. I had got an instant hard on when I saw them and they had the same effect when Kay put them on for the first time so I had bought 2 sets in the hope that she would wear them more often.

I wrapped them around my cock and started pumping whilst I brought Natasha's panties up to my face. The memory of being between her legs was so exciting and I ran my tongue along the gusset in the hope of tasting her again. My mind then wandered to thoughts of how many other men had she worn these for and had any of them spunked in them. Strange as it was that thought was not repellent, instead I got even more aroused. I then started wandering to what it would be like to see Natasha in some of Kay's underwear and before I knew it I was unloading my cum into Kay's knickers. Once again that day I felt my legs go week and I sat down on the edge of the bed as I squeezed the last drops into the silvery satin. I had been so engrossed I had not heard Kay ascending the stairs and had she not called out my name I would have been caught in flagrante delicto. As it was I had just enough time to hide the evidence under my pillow, but Kay's lingerie draw was still open. She looked at me and said.

"You can't have forgotten my size? I noticed you are shopping again on the laptop, shall I get some wine baby or are you ready for me now?"

With that she started hiking her skirt and swinging her hips in time to imaginary music and walked over to me. As she got closer she pushed me back so I fell onto the bed. By now her skirt was high enough to allow her to climb on the bed and straddle me, revealing the tops of her nude tights. I was just wondering how I was going to find the energy for this or even a good excuse for not having any when I noticed what she was wearing underneath her tights; the second pair of silver knickers I had bought.

Now tights are a turn off as far as I'm concerned, but the combination of the silver satin and an imagination that was now replacing Kay with Natasha meant that I well on my way to recovery. Unfastening her blouse I found she had opted to use the underwired cami-top from the set rather than the bra and this meant her breast were slightly less armoured, it also meant that I could see her nipples pushing against the material. As I plunged my head between breasts and nuzzled my way over the satin my hands gripped her nylon clad hips and buttocks. I could feel the smooth material below the course nylon and I massaged her flesh through both. Kay was obviously liking the spontaneity of this and rather than breaking off to undress further as she normally would she eased one breast free from the cup of the top and pulled my head to it. My head now clamped to her nipple and held in place by Kay I increased my massaging of her buttocks and thighs, working round to the inner thighs. Here I was met with the dreaded gusset of her tights. Not wanting to wait for the formal undress that would follow breaking off, not to mention the inevitable removal of her knickers as well at this point, I grabbed two handfuls of nylon and pulled. The ripping sound was unexpectedly met with a moan of pleasure from Kay and I proceeded to now massage her clit through the satin of her knickers as I had done earlier today with Natasha.

Up top I was now being guided to Kay's recently freed second breast whilst she proceeded to massage and tweak the nipple of the first. Appreciative moans were issuing from Kay and my cock was miraculously hard once again and I wanted nothing more than to rub it up and down Kay's satin covered pussy. As I was fiddling with my zipper, Kay released her grip and pushed me back all the way.

"Leave that, it's mine to play with and I hope you haven't been emptying it on your own?"

I hoped that any flushing that my face was doing at that point would be put down to excitement.

"Never baby, and if I did it would your fault for being so damned sexy!"

"Hmmm, I know what a randy little bugger you are when you have lingerie on your mind, let's see shall we."

With that she undid my belt and trousers then pulled them down to my knees along with my pants. Kay then proceeded massage my balls as she stroked my cock.

"They feel a bit empty, does this mean I don't have to worry about you getting too excited? If so then I think I can keep these on"

With that she moved up the bed a bit so she was straddling me again and whilst pulling her knickers to one side grabbed my cock and slid it into her wet pussy. With Kay's satin covered bottom now hard against my balls she began to ride me hard. Bracing herself on my chest she leant her weight forward and rocked her hips at a steady pace whilst massaged her buttocks through the material of the tights and knickers. Desperate to feel more of the satin I ripped the tights open to the seams and finally got to grips with her knickers.

"Is that better baby? I'll have to wear my suspenders and stockings to work next time. You can think of the fun I will have flashing my stocking tops to all the blokes on the train as I cross and uncross my legs. Maybe even giving them a flash of silver knickers."

I should really have been upset at that thought, but instead the thought of her doing that and being at work all day in stockings was highly erotic and I griped her backside and helped her thrust harder whilst at the same time I thrust my hips up.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh! You really liked that thought then ...."

The rhythm of our movements was steadily increasing and Kay's moans were getting louder and louder. Then just as I thought I was going have to calm myself down lest I disappoint, Kay changed her thrusting to grinding and moans became curses.

"Oooohh, fuck!... Yessss... fuck, yes, oh Jesusssss....."

With that I felt her buck and grip my chest before relaxing and taking a deep breath and stopping her motions completely.

"Sorry baby, you haven't finished have you? I just couldn't keep going, that was just too damned good."

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