Satinka stands by the river bank watching the water ripple while in her long brown suede dress with long fringe that hang from the low cut neck line exposing her well endowed breast, the sides of her dress were fringed and slit up to her hips, Her long brown hair flowed like magic in the breeze, she wore a single feather on her right side of her head, her brown eyes laughed watching her two pet wolves run and play by the waters edge. She was beautiful and medicine men, wizards and demons desired her.

"Time to go." She told her pets as they all vanished into a sparkling white mist.

Tama watched her without being detected he had fallen for her from the first day he met her, but he seemed to have a way of making her mad. He smoothed out his long brown hair and his black suede pants with white fringe on the sides of the legs; he wore with just a vest made out of black bear fur. And black moccasin boots

"I think you two need a home." He told the two white lion cubs he made to appear in his hands. Laughing he vanished in a white sparkling mist.

Satinka wondered who could be at her door as dark was approaching; no one goes out at night with the witches that wander around in the darkness. When she opened the door she saw the adorable white lion cubs in his hands.

"Oh how sweet they are." She said taking one from his hands.

"They need a good home and I thought of you being so loving and kind." He told her hoping this worked and he could get close to her.

Satinka looked around seeing night was approaching. "Tama come in darkness is nearing." She said looking frightened at the quick approaching dark clouds of the night.

"No I need to make speed to get into my house before the black blanket spreads completely across the sky, Would you give these two homes?" he asked smiling at her feeling a stirring in his loins.

"Oh yes of course I will, but you will have to stay the night I am afraid the blanket is to close." She told him pulling him inside and locking the door behind them.

Tama smiled to him self, his plan had worked and he would be here with her all night. Tama felt good about him self being so clever. He carried the young cubs to the large room where she slept; it looked so beautiful with tiny fairy's floating peacefully around her large bed with a canopy sprinkling their dust for protection through out the night. He helped her make soup for dinner. As they sat at the table he was admiring her beauty when he became clumsy and spilt his bowl of soup all over his lap.

"Oh how clumsy I am." He said feeling embarrassed now that he had a lap full of soup.

Satinka looked at him remembering the day he spilt red ink all over her new white moccasins boots. "Your mother should have named you Elu." She told him trying not to break out in laughter.

"Full of grace........cute." he told her trying to get the soup off of his lap before it hit the white marble floor. Out of frustration he cleaned it up with one swoosh of his hand.

She fixed him another bowl of soup. "Tama the soup will only full fill your hunger by putting it in your belly and not on your lap." She said slightly smiling.

He smiled at her as he imagined her being tied up to shackles dressed in a white animal fur thong and top as he took a leather strap across her thighs just hard enough to give her slight pleasure. She would moan from the stinging of her flesh making her wet and moist between her thighs. He massaged her breast watching her face change with the pleasures he sent through her body.

"More Tama, more please." She told him.

He untied her top letting it fall to the ground and pinned silver clips to each erect nipple making her nipples sting from the clips. He heard her breathing heavily from the pleasure he was giving her.

"Tama do you want some more? Tama is anyone in there? Hello?" she said tapping him on the forehead.

Tama looked at her realizing he now had an erection. "More.... Oh no I have had enough soup thank you." He said looking at her cleavage. God I want to fuck her hard. He thought to him self imagining her large breast holding his hard erection between them as he exploded his hot juices all over her full lips and chest.

"I will show you where you will be sleeping tonight; you can wear some of Motega's night clothes that my sister Kachine laid on the bed for you." She told him taking him by the hand leading him to the bedroom.

"They are here?" he asked not having seen anyone else in the house.

"Yes, they have their own floor which they live in." she told him.

"How many floors are there?" he asked her.

"Three floors, Mother and father have one, Kachine, Motega's and their children Koko, Mai, and Orenda have one and I have this one." She explained to him.

He followed behind her watching her firm, rounded buttocks under her suede dress. She led him into her bedroom, was he dreaming? She was going to allow him to sleep with her tonight? He began to perspire with beads of sweat on his forehead, his heart was beating rapidly. He saw the black and red striped pajama set with a matching robe and black house slippers. She excused her self while she went to her bathroom to shower and dress for bed. Tama's heart was beating wildly with passions of desire flowing through his veins. He noticed the shower door opened slightly and he peeked inside, he saw her standing in what had been specially designed a shower made to look like a small water fall, in the shower area was shower seats that looked like rocks and there were smaller ones built into the wall to hold her soaps and shampoos. This was truly beyond his wildest imagination. The handles looked like plants growing out of the rock encase shower. Her hands slowly washed her well rounded large breast. He licked his bottom lip slowly watching her take a shower. He quickly ran back to the bed sitting on the side as if he had been there the whole time.

He watched her emerge from the shower dressed in a long white peasant looking night gown made of very thin material exposing her pinkish brown nipples beneath the gown. Smiling at him she looked at him as she slipped her soft fury house slippers on.

"You may shower before retiring to bed." She told him going out to the patio with her wolves and the cubs. "We must go to bed now." She told them leading them into the room.

Tama showered and dressed quickly excited of taking Satinka as his woman tonight. He entered the bedroom where he saw her sitting propped up in the bed by her pillows as she read a book. Tama smiled as he got into the bed lying next to her when her wolf Maze jumped between them growling at Tama.

Satinka laughed to her self seeing his disappointment that Maze was sleeping with them. Satinka sat up looking at him with a very serious look.

"Do not try to seduce my wolf tonight." She told him giggling.

"Funny Satinka, very funny." He told her turning over in the bed on his side.

Tama felt Satinka soft kisses on his lips, neck, he opened his eyes and she held his arms pinned back over his head sitting straddled across his body without any clothes on, he bit her nipple teasingly that gently touched his lips, she maneuvered her body until his stiff erection was exploring inside of her slowly, teasingly. Her tongue explored his mouth, she sat straight up on him, and his hands massaged her magnificent breast while his tongue darted over her hardened nipples. Her low moans were driving him wild; he grasped her hips forcing her down on him taking her harder and deeper when she cried out from the massive orgasm. Just as he was going to explode with in her she stopped him. Smiling she rolled over and fell back to sleep. She would not wake up no matter what, but she kept calling his name. He opened his eyes and she was standing by the bed.

"Are you alright?" She asked as he was holding his pillow firmly in his arms. "You must have been dreaming." She told him looking directly at his erection.

"Satinka I apologize, but I have wanted you since I first saw you." He told her taking her hand into his." I always do stupid things when I am around you making you upset with me like the soup." He told her never taking his eyes away from her, he pulled her slowly down to him caressing the side of her cheek with his hand and then he placed his hand on the back of her neck and kissed her softly.

Satinka returned his kisses softly and then more hungrier and more passionately falling down onto the bed as his body slid on top of hers, his hand ran up her thigh to her inner thigh touching her wet moist patch between her thighs, letting his finger explore inside of her then sucking his finger slowly. He moved down her body tasting it and kissing her stomach, thighs and her sweet juices that ran from her and onto his tongue. He devoured her juices; he felt her body tremble from the orgasm that rocked every emotion in her. He heard her scream out his name as her fingers grasped the sides of the bed. He moved slowly up her body, kissing every inch of her, their mouth's searched the others hungrily and he entered her slowly, caressing her firm tight body with his massive hands, their breathing was hard and fast, he rolled her on top of him and she

rode him slowly, he bit and twisted her nipples sending a stinging sensation through her breast that was making the pleasure she was feeling more intense, more exciting sticking his finger in her anally her moans became deeper, she moved her hips harder on him, she started moving her hips harder and faster grabbing her own nipples between her fingers and twisting ever so hard until they both exploded into massive orgasms. She slept in his arms all night for tonight they began a new life together.

Satinka sat at the river with her sister Kachine, both women looked around and not seeing anyone went into the water naked. Unaware to both women that the evil demon Murdock was watching them swim and playing in the water. His skin was all red; his face was flat with a slight pointed nose, his teeth were jagged and had thin lips. He slithered into the water and as the women were swimming under the water he grabbed Satinka pulling her into his cave where she would remain with him until he collected her soul. Satinka struggled against him, but he was to strong for her to break his grasp on her. Satinka cried for there wasn't any way for her to escape. He kept her chained to a bed in a darkened room and fed her bread and water if she behaved. He would break her will so she would give her soul to him willingly.

Satinka was held by him for two days, he would tease her with bites of foods besides water and bread. He tried to break her spirit on the second day he left to gather food, it was dark when he was coming back, he heard the howl of the wolf and noticed that there was a full moon. Diving into the water he swam into the dungeon like cave to find a white wolf pacing back and forth, the shackles had been pulled out of the wall and Satinka was gone. Murdock screamed out in anger that his prey had escaped him and threw a lightening bolt at the wolf who reflected it with its magical eyes that glowed purple and at the same time vanquished Murdock to the pit of hell.

Satinka walked into her house where she was greeted by her family, Tama and her loyal pets. Satinka was wet from having to escape by swimming to safety. Tama fixed a hot tub for her to soak in. He was relieved that she was able to escape from her captor without harm to her

That night Satinka and her sister Kachine wore white suede midriff halter tops with fringe on the bottom edge, long white skirts with slits and fringe up to their hips, white beads with white feathers necklaces, a single white feather clipped into the side of her hair. White moccasin boots just below their knees with white fringe. Their mother and Kachine's daughter wore white dresses with long sleeves and boots, the same identical necklaces as Satinka and Kachine. The father wore a long white long sleeve shirt, white suede pants with fringe, a white band around his head, he carried a bow with white arrows, Tama, Motega's and Koko wore white suede vest, white suede pants with fringe on the sides, white moccasins,

they too carried white bow and arrows. They would have to chance going into the night to worship for tonight was when the moon would be at its fullest.

The family began their journey to the sacred waterfalls where others were gathering as well. There was a fire burning, sitting around the fire were other people who were dressed similar as they were chanting a prayer, a flute could be heard faintly playing soft mystical music, fairies were flying all around sprinkling dust all around. Kachine whose name means sacred dancer and Satinka whose name means magic dancer began a ritualistic dance around the fire, their bodies moving almost seductively to the music being played. This ritual continued until the moon was at its fullest when Satinka took Tama's hand pulling him to the center with her and danced seductively around him when they both turned into white wolves, their eyes glowed purple and they ran into the night to mate for they were joined together for eternity. Kachine kept moving to the music seductively blessing their union and blessing the conception to take place during their mating. The call of the wolf could be heard through out the night and Kachine dropped slowly to the ground in a ball with her legs folded under her body. The couple emerged out of the woods and everyone stood around Kachine in a circle with Satinka's eyes were still glowing purple even though they had returned back to their original form. The elders danced around Satinka and Tama touching her stomach blessing the birth to come. After the blessing everyone vanished into a white sparkling mist.

Satinka and Tama began preparing for the birth to happen in nine weeks, they built onto their floor a nursery with the help of the rest of the family. Satinka's mother began sewing clothes for the birth. Tama hung pictures of his family that had been slaughtered by the evil skin walkers that transformed themselves into black wolves with red glowing eyes. Satinka's belly grew with the life growing with in her.

Satinka stepped into the shower she had six more weeks before her birth. Tama stepped into the shower with her and began kissing her neck and caressing her breast.

"I love you Satinka." He told her as the water sprayed against their skin.

Tama was erect from the passion that he felt for Satinka. She dropped to her knees and began licking his hard erection, taking her tongue in circular motions around the head and slowly down the shaft, gently sucking on his balls as she massaged his hard erection and then sucking in deep with in her mouth, sucking harder and harder until his legs and body began to shake from the orgasm building with in him. He grabbed her hair with his fingers as the explosion that builds with in his body exploded into

Satinka's mouth shooting directly to the back of her throat. He then carried her to the bed where he softly massaged her clit with his fingers, Kissing her lips, neck and breast, he moved his body down between her thighs and began to slowly lick the wet moist area between her thighs, her hands caressed her hard nipples as the explosion was so powerful that Tama licked her hot sticky sweet juices with his searching tongue. He then mounted her carefully entering her with his hard erection and made love to her for hours until both of their bodies were rocked with one orgasm after another.

The day had come for Satinka to deliver; she materialized in her parent's room with contractions that felt as if she were being ripped apart. They summoned for the rest of the family to witness the birth, Tama held Satinka's hand as she gave birth to their first born Taima which means Clash Of Thunder after his father's name which means Thunderbolt. Satinka's mother held Taima cleansing him, the child was born with the face of half wolf and half angeni face as was his sister Nitika which means Angel Of Precious Stone.

The months had gone by and the children's faces turned into the angeni each day as they grew older. By the time they were three years old they had mastered transforming into white wolf cubs and back into an angeni. Rumors were spreading of war between the Angeni's and the Patamon's which the word Patamon means raging and Angeni means spirit angel.

The patamon's were the evil ones who wanted to destroy all that was good. Tama and Motega were called to battle the patamon's with the other younger males of the tribe. Day's turned into weeks and weeks turned into months that the young males were gone from their families, the families left behind made baskets of foods, medical supplies and weapons that some of the older males had to take to the men fighting. Word soon spread that Motega and Tama had been captured by the Patamon's. Satinka and her sister waited for word of their release. A month had gone by without any word of how they were or if they were even alive.

Satinka and her sister dressed in the white outfits they wore the night of the ceremony and went to search for their beloved men against the advice of their parents they left their home. Once they reached the woods they transformed into the white wolves and began to track their men by their scent. They found them tied to shackles in a cave deep in the woods, they were thin and near death from the beatings they had been receiving. With them were three other men. Satinka and her sister materialized in the cave behind the three sleeping Patamon's. Satinka and her sister began battling the men and transformed back into the white wolves as the Patamon's turned into gray and black wolves. They battled each other shooting beams at the other, a cloud of dust covered them preventing the men held captive to see

who was winning? Finally the fight had ended and the men strained their eyes to see who the victor was through the cloud of dust. Satinka and Kachine came walking out of the cloud of dust, Satinka had received a deep gash to her side from the battle. The women freed the men and they all vanished into a white sparkling mist.

At the house they doctored the men and Satinka. The men's strength returned after a few days, but Satinka had slipped into a coma. Tama sat by her side holding her hand kissing it and begging for her to return to him. Satinka was in a far off land wearing a long white dress that flowed in the wind and she was running through a grassy field with white wolves. She was bare footed and was so happy and peaceful. Her grandmother appeared before her dressed in a long white dress that glittered.

"It is time for you to return to your home and children now Satinka." She told her touching her face.

"It's so peaceful and beautiful here, I wish I could stay." She told her grandmother not wanting to leave.

"You will return someday just now is not your time." She said fading away as Satinka was waving good bye.

Satinka opened her eyes and Tama was lying next to her with her in his arms as he slept. She touched his face softly and he slowly opened his eyes seeing that she was awake. He smiled and kissed her softly.

"you have come home to us." He said softly.

"I am very thirsty." She told him wanting something to drink.

Tama began laughing for she had come back from the other world, back to him and their children. He held her in his arms tightly thankful for her return. "I will get you something to drink and some soup.

Her mother and sister cooked and cleaned for her for the next month until she had regained her full strength. During this time a cousin Aleshanee came to stay with the family and she wanted Tama as soon as she saw him. She would sneak off of the parent's floor where she stayed and would stand under Satinka and Tama's window singing wearing just her shear white night gown. Tama did not want to upset Satinka with her still healing. Aleshanee was beautiful with her long brown hair flowing freely to her waist, her eyes were like brown almonds and her body was voluptuous. Yet Satinka had a beauty that women yearned to look like. Satinka got up one night hearing

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