tagSci-Fi & FantasySatisfaction - Finally Ch. 03

Satisfaction - Finally Ch. 03


Morning came way too early and my body felt like I was up all night fucking, oh that's right I was. But at least it was Friday and I had the weekend ahead of me. After dressing I started putting all my toys back in the nightstand, just couldn't bring myself to throw them out. I picked up Brock's and a wonderful idea came to my mind.

"It's the weekend, and he should return tonight and he could stay the entire time and spend it with me." I thought excitedly hoping it would come true.

I put the toy with the others and headed off to work. I didn't get much done I just kept daydreaming of Brock returning and fucking me senseless all weekend long. But not much gets done on Friday anyway so I wasn't too worried. I had to catch myself a few times because, lost in my daydream, my hand would wander down to my crotch and I think one of the guys, walking by, noticed. I just laughed and acted like I was typing again.

The work day ended pretty uneventful although the cute guy from accounting flirted with me for the first time. I guess he noticed I wasn't being a complete bitch anymore. I headed to the gym and changed into my workout clothes; walking through the gym to my first machine I noticed all the guys looking at me more than normal, or at least I thought they were. Maybe it was because my nipples were erect under my top because of the thought I had in my head. I ignored them after checking myself out in the mirror and realized they were really sticking out.

I got in the workout mood and they returned to normal and an hour later I was hot and sweaty and ready to head home. Walking back to the dressing room to get my stuff I was stopped by a tall muscular dark haired guy I've seen before working out. He started flirting with me and making small talk and I kept catching him looking at my tits. I showed little interest but he was persistent I'll give him that. He finally got around to asking me out and I told him I had all the man I needed at home in my nightstand. He looked at me funny and started to laugh.

I just raised my eyebrow at him and walked into the dressing room leaving him stunned and speechless. He seemed like the type that was use to getting the girl. After a bathroom break I grabbing my stuff from my locker and headed quickly to my car. The same guy was waiting next to it and I started to get a little nervous now, not knowing what this guy intended. He was a lot bigger than me and I couldn't see anyone else in the lot. I almost turned around and went back in but I wanted to get home in case Brock was there.

I quickly got my keys out and was going to get in as quick as I could and talk to him from inside. He said hi and let me open my door and it happened so fast I didn't even have time to yell, he hit me hard on the back of my head and I fell into my car. Next thing I knew he pushed me over into the passenger side and told me to shut up. He got my keys and started my car as I tied to get out the other door but he grabbed my long hair and pulled me back in as he took off down the road.

He was going too fast for me to try and get out again and he kept telling me if I cooperated he wouldn't hurt me. I knew he was lying, fuck, he already had. My head hurt like hell from being hit and pulled. I pleaded with him to let me go but knew deep down he wasn't about to. I started to cry, sobbing uncontrollably and my first thought went to Brock and I concentrated on him.

"We've been watching you for a long time at the gym, how hot you are, your perfect breast teasing all of us guys, your sultry walks across the floor. The nasty looks you give us. How you bend over at the drinking fountain showing off your incredible ass in your tight short shorts. We tried to be nice to you and do it right but you left us no other choice, teasing us like you have." He said.

"Just had to turn us down, didn't you, in front of the others, had to make us look foolish, forced us to this." He continued on.

His voice was disgusting to me and he rambled on and on about how this was my fault and how I had brought it on with the way I look. I realized why the other men were looking at me more now. He must have told them he was going to make his move, and I had fucked it up.

He was speeding and I was hoping so much that he would get pulled over as I continued to think of Brock. He turned into a neighborhood and had to slow down to do so and I made a move for the door again but he was too quick and grabbed my arm wrenching me back into the seat and he smacked me across my face warning me not to try that again. I tasted blood and knew he had cut my lip. He was so strong I couldn't do anything.

He pulled into a driveway and told me if I screamed he would hurt me really bad and to not make a move until he opened the door and got me out. I obeyed and he came around and I knew if he got me in that house I was dead. He grabbed my arm sensing my flight and held me in iron grips by the arm and back of my neck and led me inside the house.

He pushed me into the entryway and I fell to the floor and when I looked up I saw a chair in the kitchen with ties all ready for my legs and hands. The cocksucker had been planning this. Even if I would have gone out with him he was planning this. I cried harder still and kept Brock in my mind almost yelling his name in my head. Tears ran down my face and they were black with mascara when they hit his floor.

The bastard grabbed my hair again and pulled me into the kitchen and pushed me into the chair forcing my arms down and strapping them. Next he did the same to my legs and I was scared out of my mind. He went to a drawer in the kitchen and returned with a pair of scissors and I started freaking out trying to get loose and crying uncontrollably. The plastic zip ties bit into my flesh as I struggled but it was no use.

"Now let's see what these jugs look like out of the bra, we've grown to know so well," he cackled pressing the scissors on my breasts, rubbing the sharp point back and forth over my mounds. "We all talk about them, imagine them free and unconstrained, they look so perfect, tempting us, making us crazy," he continued with wickedness to his voice.

He kept talking like there was another guy in the room, everything was we or us. And I glanced around looking for anyone else but as far as I could tell we were alone. He was crazy and this scared me even more. He put the scissors under my sports bra and between my tits and started to cut it off slowly like he was teasing me. I stayed really still not wanting him to cut me.

I felt the cold steel rub up my cleavage and I sobbed as he continued to cut. The last small cut sent the spandex bra springing off of my breasts and hung off me pinned between my back and the chair. He grabbed the loose material and wrenched it way and tossed it to the floor.

"Holy shit, those are even better than we imagined," he said getting his first disgusting look at my breasts. "We were right, small areolas, perfect color, and look no tan line, such a slut, tanning naked," he growled. "And they barley moved when the bra came off, so perky and firm," he finished and I saw saliva drip from his filthy mouth.

My hair was in a tight ponytail from working out so I was totally exposed to him. I was pissed and gained enough courage to spit as far as I could at him but he had stepped back to get a better look and I missed him. He laughed and then I watched as he put his hand down the front of his shorts and started playing with his cock. My mind was screaming for Brock, I knew that he was the only thing that could save me now. No one on earth even knew I was missing yet and by the time they did I'd probably be in pieces in some ditch.

I had dropped my head so I didn't have to look at him playing with himself too my tits and when I looked up again he was standing there naked with a full hardon masturbating. His shirt and shorts discarded next to him.

He saw me look at him and said, "You like what you see... you want this don't you... you slut, you fucking cunt, well here it is and it obviously wants you." He shook his cock and started walking towards me. "We've been waiting for this for a long time, imagined your pretty mouth around our cock, doing to us what you love." He continued now standing right in front of me yanking his cock towards me.

"Now listen and listen good bitch we're going to give you this to suck and you better do as you're told or the scissors will start cutting more than clothing," he said right in front of me showing me his cock and then the scissors.

"Oh and if you want to spit again go right ahead," he said laughing and pushed his cock right at my mouth. "The lube will help...." He trailed off.

I closed my eyes and cried even louder but his cock for some reason never touched my mouth. I heard a very strange noise like someone struggling and I opened my eyes to see this Fucker lifted in mid air and struggling against an unknown force. His eyes were wide with horror as he looked over my head at something. I turned my head the best I could and saw something blue behind me.

Brock stepped forward with his hand raised in the air and I knew I was saved. His voice came into my head, telling me everything was okay now and that he would never let anything happen to me, such a precious gift as I was. My eyes looked to him adoringly and my bands broke and I sat there rubbing my wrists and wondered what he was going to do next.

The asshole was still in mid air and scared shitless, his cock had gone soft and he struggled to break free. Then he started screaming in horror and I saw why. Something was pulling at his balls and they stretched and stretched and finally were ripped from his body with such force that blood sprayed everywhere and I screamed in fright. His body convulsed and he was going to pass out any second. Instead the wound healed miraculously, but his balls remained on the floor for him to see.

Brock was going to torture the Fuck and keep him alive and conscious to feel it. He started screaming again as his cock this time was pulled away from his body and ripped off and thrown to the floor. More blood, lots of blood went everywhere and I almost threw up gagging. I couldn't take it; I'd seen enough and pleaded in my mind for Brock to stop. He looked back at me and smiled and said to me that it was enough.

Then he turned back to the asshole and with one quick jerk twisted his head and neck completely backwards, killing him instantly. The dead body dropped to the ground and I stood up and ran to Brock embracing him as tight as I could. He was naked just like the first time we met and I figured that was just how he always was. My naked tear soaked breasts pressed firmly against his warm body and I didn't want to let go.

"I knew you would come, if I just kept calling I knew you would come," I sobbed on his chest and he held me in his strong arms giving me comfort. I finally broke away from him and he looked down at me and saw the slap cut on my face and felt the pain in my wrists and ankles through our bond and instantly it all went away, he washed it all away.

I looked at the mutilated body and back at Brock and he read my thoughts. He knew as well that he needed to get rid of it. I stepped back as it rose in the air with its penis and balls even the blood. It all began to spin and revolve around a point, the point became a bright light and the dead body was sucked into it and gone from my view in a brilliant flash.

When it was gone I went back to Brock's side and looked up at him thinking, "You're pretty handy to have around," he laughed and told me to get in my car and he would meet me at my house. I looked around and found what was left of my bra and he smiled and repaired it for me, putting it back on I found my keys in the guy's shorts and headed out to my car. I got in and started it and when I looked in the mirror to back out my face was fine, not a hint of running makeup or red eyes from crying. Brock had literally washed all evidence away. I pulled out and headed home knowing nothing could touch me now, not with Brock watching over me.

I got home pretty quick, realizing the man's house wasn't that far from me. I pulled up and ran inside excited to see Brock again. Dropping my stuff by the door I hurried into my bedroom and he was already standing by my nightstand with my toy in his hand admiring it. He looked up and I heard his thoughts.

"Very impressive it's basically full already, you don't know what this means to me to my kind, how grateful we are for you."

"Well it wasn't like it was difficult," I laughed and he did as well but thanked me again anyway. I was expecting him to do something with it but he just laid it back on the night stand almost like it was very precious to him.

He asked me if I was okay and I told him, "Strangely yes, I have almost forgotten about what he did, what he tried to do to me."

I think not only did Brock heal my physical injuries but he helped me cope emotionally with it as well and I was really fine. I walked over and stood by him and embraced him again. I picked up the toy and started telling him how much fun I had with it over the few days he was gone, and how much it meant to me. Then how much he meant to me, especially for saving me from the asshole.

He gave me time to talk to him, didn't rush me into sex which I knew would happen eventually and I'm sure he did too. I did tell him that he could stay for the entire weekend, that we didn't have to leave the house and I had nowhere to be if he wanted to stay. He gratefully accepted and I was overjoyed thinking of all the fun we were going to have.

We were sitting on my bed talking still and I finally realized that he was naked and I was still dressed. He obviously didn't mind but I stood up, took off my bra anyway and threw it in the corner and shimmied out of my shorts after kicking off my shoes and socks. He smiled and watched me, admiring my voluptuous body. I could tell because Mr. Blue started to get bigger and I told him he was flattering me. I was kind of perplexed now that I thought about it why my human form would turn him on, being an alien and all. But I didn't let it worry me too much as long as he liked what he saw.

Kneeling on the ground in front of him I took his blue bouncing cock in my mouth and started sucking it as it grew to its full length. I licked his three balls and rolled them in my hand and sucked on the underside of his shaft. I kept his cock just as it was and enjoyed the glasslike texture in my mouth. His yellow one was still limp and I kind of flicked it with my hand playfully and he didn't try and stop me this time. His thoughts came in my head telling me I could do whatever I wanted.

Oh shit my mind went a million miles a minute and I was so excited to play with both of them at the same time. My thoughts must have turned him on because his yellow one came to life and bounced its way up under the blue one. I was in cock heaven and started sucking and stroking both of his hot alien cocks at the same time alternating between them. Sucking one while stroking the other.

His sweet pre-cum filled my mouth and I went to town sucking and licking, taking him as far as I could down my throat. I knelt there for a long while sucking him off and playing with his six balls. I was so turned on my pussy was dripping and my tits were hard and erect. I knew what he liked and took turns doing it to each cock and started changing them in my mouth to other objects.

Whatever I could think of from toys, to male cocks to fruit and vegetables you name it I sucked it. My legs were falling asleep but I just kept sucking and mouth fucking his twin rods now in the shape of two large lollipops. He was just sitting on my bed enjoying my talents and occasionally he would play with my hair and softly grasp the back of my head and hold me as I bobbed up and down. I was able to push them together in the shape of two thin hot dog shaped rods and take both of them in my mouth and this really turned him on as both of his rods disappeared down my throat as deep as I could take them.

I finally stood up and crawled on to my bed and rolled over giving him a sexy ass look. He followed my every move with his eyes and got the hint. He grabbed my legs and pushed them up and out and his head went right for my crotch. Suddenly my pussy was on fire with pleasure. I looked down and Brock's bald head was bobbing in between my legs and his tongue and mouth were devouring my inflamed womanhood. His saliva coursed through me and I grabbed his head and pushed him down harder on my clit and pussy as my orgasm rushed over my body.

I screamed both in my head and out loud as the intense sensation wrapped around me.

"I'll never get use to that," I said in my head.

"That's the idea," he returned, looking up. His mouth and nose were wet and glistening from my eruption.

"Nice way to get things started as well," I commented to him.

The saliva on my clit and lips was still working and my body felt warm and tingly all over. My nipples were erect and pointing skyward and Brock crawled up from my quivering snatch and engulfed my right nipple in his mouth sending me into more pangs of passion. His hand grabbed my other breast and he was all about pleasuring me.

I felt one of his cock heads, hard and wet, brush my leg and then rest between my thighs under my pussy as he continued to treat my tits to his oral expertise. He spread his slick saliva in between my perky breasts and I knew what he was planning on doing next. We hadn't tried it yet and so when he rose up and knelt over my chest I was excited to see what it would be like to be tit fucked with his two cocks. It was then that I noticed his lower yellow cock was the one that was hard and the big blue one was soft and falling over the yellow, his control over them was overwhelming.

He put his hard cock between my tits and I held them together as he started to rock back and forth moving his slick member in my cleavage and when he did his flaccid blue cock would hit my chin and on the next trust I grabbed it in my warm mouth and sucked the head. It was long enough for me to keep it in my mouth as he continued to fuck my tits.

My sucking awoke his larger member and I felt it growing in my mouth. Once it was hard, when he trust forward it went further down my throat and he was fucking my mouth and tits at the same time. I cold feel the pleasure I was bringing him and his thoughts were relayed to me as well over the bond. I looked over to my nightstand at the toy and he read my mind and picked it up for me and placed it between my legs where I took control of it with my mind and it entered my wet pussy and began to fuck me in the same rhythm as he was above.

Damn if it wasn't hot shit, getting done in my pussy, mouth and between my tits all at the same time. His saliva never dried out on my cleavage and was still working on my clit and pussy as the toy plunged in deeper and harder fucking me closer to another climax. I was so damn wet and turned on, I swear his saliva made my secretions double the normal flow and my coated breasts were overly stimulated for the same reason. Best tit fuck I've ever had.

With everything happening at once to my body I lost it and started cumming and he told me that the toy was completely full now and he was absorbing the rest of my energy. I felt his cocks pulse in my mouth and between my tits as he continued to rock back and forth and my pussy tightened on the now full to capacity toy.

I came back to reality and pushed him over onto my bed and crawled on top of him. Both of his cocks rubbed my wet dripping pussy and bumped the toy still shoved deep. I pulled the toy out and set it back on the night stand and guided his blue one into my hot twat moaning as the glassy texture filled me. His yellow cock bumped up against my asshole but slid off and rubbed my crack as I worked my pussy on the front rod. I rode him for a while enjoying the slick cock penetrating me and the other sliding on my ass.

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