tagErotic CouplingsSatisfied Yearnings

Satisfied Yearnings


I am sitting in front of your house, feeling unsatisfied and wanting you. I am certain that you are home alone today. You and I met by chance and have two different lives but we are definitely sexually connected. We have spent many days and nights together, letting each other explore and satisfy without any boundaries. My body is already responding to you without being in your direct presence. I am certain that you will want what you see and not be disappointed.

I make my way up the stairs and ring the doorbell. When you answer, I can tell you weren't expecting my visit, but, your playful, lusty eyes tell me that I am welcome as you invite me in. You instantly grab for me, my mouth opening under yours as you kiss me hard, our tongues finding one another with an intense need. I can feel your heat and hardness against me and I touch you lightly but you know that I am only gentle for now. You take a moment, your fingers outlining the structure of my face, tracing the fullness of my pink glossy lips. I open my mouth slightly, inviting your fingers into my mouth, sucking on them, flicking the tips with my tongue, the same attention and promise as I give your cock.

I pull away to undress slowly in front of you, making you watch not touch, teasing and taunting you. I hear you moan as you view me in my sheer bra, panties, and heels and even a louder moan when I reveal my shaven pussy and my full breasts which spill out in front of you. My tan areolas, my licked fingers circling my protruding, taut nipples. Still not letting you touch, I start to undress you and let you know how much you arouse me and how my wet pussy needs to feel your cock. My lips touch every part of your chest and I bite your nipples. The pain feels good as my hand is stroking your shaft. I kneel in front of you and guide your cock into my mouth. You thrust your cock deep and I gladly take as much as I can until I feel your cock in the back of my throat. I gag a little from your thickness but I enjoy the salty taste of your pre-cum.

I can feel my juices dripping down my inner thighs and I become more aroused by the sound of your breathing, desperate with want. I am impatient and pull you to the large couch, your cock in hand. Bending over, I open my pussy and ass to you, waiting for assault. Behind me, you rub your cock between the cheeks of my ass as I pinch my nipples hard. You spank my ass, coloring it a light shade of pink, as you rub your cock against me. You tell me to steady myself as you slam your cock into my waiting pussy. Over and over, you thrust in and out of my pussy as my aching hips accept your powerful penetration. Your finger circles the rim of my ass hole as you fuck me and the sensation of it all causes me to scream out loudly and whimper from the pleasure. Our bodies are wet and hot from fucking and my pussy lips are tight around your cock wanting to squeeze all the hot cum from your deliciousness. You pull on my long, thick hair causing my back to arch for you to dwell deeper inside, completely dominating me, your fuck slut. I clamped hard around your cock as I let my hand explore my swollen clit as you fucked me, causing me to tremble with pleasure. I remained tight and could feel your cock jerk as we were both ready to cum. As I loosened only a little, I was not prepared for the force of which your hot, sticky cum entered within me. My whole body and pussy tingled with pleasure as I came with you, so much that I could feel our mix oozing out from inside of me. The scent of fucking permeated the room and you collapsed on top of me, our sticky bodies melting together from our created heat.

For the rest of the day, we continued fucking with boundless energy. However, it was gentle kisses and touching, along with words of great satisfaction that sent us into a nap time slumber. When you awoke, our bodies were no longer entangled, as I had departed quietly while you were sleeping. We each know when our needs become too great, that we will seek one another for pleasures that are only satisfied between one another.

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