tagIncest/TabooSatisfying Mother

Satisfying Mother


"I have something I want to show you, Son." said my father, pushing his PDA across the table to me. I was in Chicago on business and had agreed to meet him for lunch between sales calls. I watched a waitress strut by our table carrying a tray one handed above her head in the noisy crowded restaurant.

I picked up the device and pushed play. A video of my mother began to play. She was laying nude on her bed. I looked at my father my eyebrows raised in surprise. He noticed, "Just watch it."

My attention returned to the PDA. Mother was 45 years old but looked ten years younger. She was squeezed her big breasts and tugged on her hard nipples. She continued to pinch her left nipple she picked up a rabbit vibrator. I watched as she slowly inserted it into her slit. Her bald labia was swollen and wet beneath a sandy colored landing strip of pubic hair.

She tilted her strawberry blond head back and groaned. Soon she worked herself into an orgasm. The look on her face was one of passionate bliss. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. My dick was so hard it ached.

Her body relaxed and she pulled the vibrator out of herself. Suddenly she threw the vibrator against the wall and she began crying, tears streamed down her face and she wailed in agony. The video ended and the screen went black.

My mouth was gaping open in shock as I pushed the PDA back across the table to my father. "Why did you show me that?" I choked embarrassed by my arousal.

Dad was 58 but looked ten years older. My mother was his second wife and the love of his life. His drive to succeed, to be the top prosecutor in the city had taken its toll on him. He had experienced a heart attack last year. He sipped from his glass of water before answering me. "I wasn't sure how to broach this subject with you so I thought it would be best to show you."

"What's that mean?" I snapped. "What kind of pervert shows his own son a video of his mother masturbating?"

"Shhh. Not so loud," complained my father. He looked around at the other patrons but the noise of the restaurant had drowned my outburst. He choked, "I'm not healthy enough to have sex," and a tear ran down his face.

I waited not sure what to say or do. I had never seen my father like this before he had always been a rock. Even when he had been in the hospital he had shown such strength, the doctors had said that his heart attack would have killed a lesser man. I looked out the window at the snow and the passing pedestrians as he composed himself.

"Your mother has always been quite sexual. She had been a lingerie model when we first started dating. I was an up and coming legal eagle back then. Hammerin' Hank they called me. Of course you know all that," he snapped back from his reminisces. "Sorry, memories of my natural prime are all I have now."

"Dad what's gotten into you," I demanded. I was frightened. My father was aging before eyes. The confident take-on-all-comers man's man I knew was changing into an unsure, defeated wimp.

"I told you. I'm not healthy enough to have sex. My heart can't take it. Even if it could the medicine they give me has killed any sex drive or desire I use to have." He looked out the window disgusted that his own body had betrayed him the overcast sky matched his mood.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Dad, I really am but what does that have to do with you showing me a voyeur tape of my own mother?"

He took a deep breath and continued, "You're not blind so I know you know your mother is a very beautiful and vibrant woman. Like I said she has always been very sexual as well. But since, I'm unable to perform she has grown quite frustrated."

"It looked like she attained the Big-O to me."

He shook his head sadly, "Sure she had an orgasm. She attained some gratification but it wasn't satisfaction and ultimately it lead to frustration."

"You lost me, Dad."

"Didn't you notice that she threw the vibrator against the wall and began to cry?"

"Yeah, but..."

"Satisfying sex for your mother is more just having an orgasm. She needs to be desired, to be held, to respond to her lover's body. She'll never get that from a vibrator."


My cell phone began to buzz. I began to reach for it thankful for the interruption but Dad grabbed my hand. "Let it go to voicemail."

"It could be important..."

"So is this, Son."

"Sorry, Dad," I turned my attention back to him. His gray eyes looked at me trying to judge my reaction to his next comment. "I want you to make love to your mother."

My mouth fell open. Finally I said, "You want me to fuck my own mother?"

"I didn't say I want you to fuck your mother Buddy-boy. I said I want you to make love to your mother. If you don't know the difference, then fuck you."

He placed his palms on the table and made to push himself up. I grabbed his arm, "Don't go."

Dad relaxed, settled back in his chair. He began, dragging grains of spilt salt across the table top. "Look Son, your mother deserves to be sexually satisfied. She'll never get any satisfaction from a hand held device. She'd never go for a one night stand, she wants to love and care about the man in her bed. In order to do that she'd have to have an affair and she won't because she loves me too much."

"You're talking about incest with my mother for goodness sake," I objected.

"I love your mother obviously more than you appreciate. You think this is easy for me? I have to admit I can't pleasure my wife... that I'm not a man anymore." He looked out the window to regain his composure.

"I'm sorry. I don't know what you want from me."

"I told you I want you to seduce your mother."

"Just like that, does she know what you're talking to me about?"

"Hell no and don't you tell her either. She would die from embarrassment and then cut my useless balls off."

I laughed and he began laughing too. The atmosphere seemed a lot less tense. The waitress sauntered up to our table and refilled our coffee cups. She seemed less sexy, less desirable after watching the video of my mother masturbate.

We both sipped the fresh brew from our cups and then I asked, "Isn't incest illegal? What kind of lawyer encourages his son to engage in an illegal act?"

Dad's eyes filled with the familiar fire of the past, "Listen here Buddy-boy, I would never ask you to do anything illegal. Shame on you for thinking I would. I ought to kick your ass."

Now that's the man I remembered. I smiled at his sudden combativeness. He chuckled and then he continued, "Incest laws are in place to protect children from familial sexual exploitation. As well they should, however, the Supreme Court has ruled that under the 14th Amendment's due process clause private consensual sexual activity between adults cannot be criminal. The keyword is adult. You're 25, hardly a child. You and your mother are adults. The courts have ruled that there is a big difference in consensual incest and abusive incest."

"Oh." I said and took a long sip from my coffee cup.

Dad pushed a manila folder across the table. I opened it. Inside was an 8 by 10 boudoir photo of my mother. She was kneeling on the bed in pair of tight white panties which clung to her labia and outlined her slit in a perfect camel-toe. She must have been aroused when the photo was taken. Her arms were above her strawberry-blonde head like she was stretching after waking up from a nap. The man's shirt she wore was white and unbuttoned and exposed half her big round breasts. The white material was transparent enough to reveal the darker outline of her areolas and her hard nipples tented the fabric.

My dick was hard again. I looked at my father hoping I wasn't drooling noticeably with lust.

He smiled, "The irony was she was at the photographer's taking these boudoir shots when I had my heart attack. She had a whole set of poses planned but the hospital called and that was the only one taken. It's yours."

"Thanks." I coughed my mouth suddenly dry.

"Look at her. Do you love her? Do you want to make love to her?"

I nodded. Dad smiled, he had won.

"Okay, when you were home for Christmas you said that your company was hosting a Valentine's Dinner?"

"Yeah, they call it a Sweetheart Supper. It's on harbor dinner cruiser. They sail around San Diego harbor while you eat and dance. The company rents the whole boat for the evening. I think it's so the execs can show off their trophy wives."

Dad nodded in understanding. "Do you have date?"

"Are you kidding, with my travel schedule I barely get home long enough to wash my underwear let alone pursue female companionship?"

"Good, ask your mother to be your date for the dinner cruise tonight when you come to supper."

"Do you really think she'd fly to San Diego for something like that?" I asked.

"No but she'd fly to San Diego for you. You're the hot-shot salesman sell her on the idea of being your date. She'll do it."

"Okay." I answered.

"Now look when she is in San Diego you are going to have to seduce her. I expect she will resist the idea of sleeping with her son. Let her know how much you want her, how much you desire her and how much you love her."

We rose from the table. I got the check and Dad got the tip. The waitress flirted with me as we left but I hardly noticed. My mind was on the woman in the photo in my briefcase. I began to yearn deeply for my mother.

Later that evening I arrived at my parent's home. My afternoon sales call had been successful and I was going back to San Diego with several big orders. I was quite pleased with myself. The cold wind seemed to bite thru by overcoat. I couldn't wait to return to the California sunshine.

I stomped my snow-covered shoes on the porch and opened the door. "Is anyone home?" I hollered from the foyer. Mother called from the back of the house, "In the kitchen, Tommy."

After shucking my coat I put it on the rack by the door. I wiped my feet on the rug and headed to the warmth of the kitchen. Mother was standing at the stove stirring something in a pot. She was wearing jeans that clung tightly to her ass and a blue Chicago Bears sweatshirt.

She turned from the stove with the spoon still in her hand. "Give Momma a hug," she said opening her arms to receive my embrace. The picture of the bear on the front of the shirt lay in the valley between her two huge boobs.

I moved between her outstretched arms avoiding the sauce covered spoon and gave her a big hug. I felt her big breasts pressing against my chest and knew she wasn't wearing a bra. My cock hardened and I pulled her tighter knowing she could feel my hard-on against her pelvic. I lovingly patted her bottom as we broke the embrace. She cocked an eyebrow in surprise but said nothing.

She sipped some wine and began stirring the pot again. I opened the fridge and took out a beer. I adjusted my cock and hoped the cold refrigerated air would deflate my it. I leaned against the counter and sipped my beer while Mom told me about the gossip at her gym and the happenings around the neighborhood. It seemed as if all the people I went to high school with were married and having kids, some where even working on their second marriages.

"Any women in your life?" she asked.

"You are the only woman in my life, Mom. I don't have time for any others."

She smiled, "You always were a Momma's Boy."

"What's that suppose to mean." I asked.

Mom shook her head, her light-colored locks danced around her face as she giggled. "Just that you have always been closer to me than anyone else. We have a special bond, that's all."

Dad arrived and we sat down to eat. The dinner conversation was mostly small talk between bites of food. Mom was a great cook. Dad steered the discussion towards my job and I wowed my parents with tales of my sales exploits and how I was breaking sales records every month.

"I do have one problem." I said.

"What's that?" asked my Dad winking.

"Valentine's Day is next week and I don't have a date to the Sweetheart Supper." I replied.

"Sweetheart Supper?" my mother asked.

"Yeah, my company rents a dinner cruiser for a Valentine celebration, there's a dinner and dancing as the ship cruises around the harbor. It will be real embarrassing if I show up without a date, it may even hurt my chance at promotion."

"Why's that?" interrupted Dad.

"The big boss thinks all his execs should be married or at least romantically involved. He thinks it shows stability."

"I see. Why don't you ask a secretary? I bet there are some attractive cuties in the steno pool."

"Hank," snapped mother, "steno pools no longer exist in the age of the computer. You know that."

Dad and I laughed. Then I added, "Doesn't matter, company policy strictly forbids fraternization between employees."

"Haven't you met any nice girls since you moved to San Diego?" asked mother.

"No, I haven't even met my neighbors at the apartment. I'm on the road so much that when I am home I'm too tired to pursue any romantic relations. Besides the women I have met out there while they are great looking they seem to be pretty superficial."

"Mona, you should go." Dad broached the subject.

"What?" she responded.

"You could be Tommy's date."

She frowned at Dad and said, "Tommy doesn't want to take his mother to a sweetheart dance. Besides I need to stay here and take care of you."

He snapped back, "I can take care of myself, thank you."

"I would love to take you Mom," I interjected. "It really would help my career and wouldn't you like to get out of the snow for awhile?" I smiled at her and gave her my best puppy-dog look.

She looked at Dad and then back at me, "Okay."

"Thanks, Mom." I pulled her close and kissed her cheek. The scent of the perfume dabbed behind her ear was intoxicating. My dick got hard all over again.

The more we talked about our date the more excited she got. The dinner was next Friday night so Dad suggested that Mom fly into San Diego on Thursday evening so she could rest up and find a beauty parlor to do her hair while I was at work on Friday. Saturday we could go to the beach and she would fly home on Sunday. Pleased with the arrangements Dad went up to take a shower and go to bed.

I helped Mom clean up the kitchen. She talked non-stop while she washed the dishes and I dried them. She claimed the need for a new dress and maybe even new a swimsuit. I smiled, thinking that Dad was right Mom really needed this date. She seemed happy and animated.

Later that night in my old room I pulled the boudoir photo from my briefcase and studied it. Everything about my mother's pose created a sexual heat. I began to understand my father's dilemma. The mischievous smile on her face, the teasing glint in her eye. The way her panties clung to her pussy and the way her shirt subtly revealed her breasts. I grasped my cock and flogged it for all I was worth. My nut sack tightened I shot what seemed like a gallon of cum into a tissue. "Ohhhh, Mommmma," I moaned.

The next morning I had just stepped out of the shower and was drying off when Mom burst thru the bathroom door. Her eyes rested on my big dick which began to come to attention under her gaze. My own eyes feasted on her body barely concealed by a baby doll nightie.

"I'm sorry, I thought you were done," she stammered and closed the door in retreat.

I beat off again before I shaved. I knew I would never make it through my flight back to San Diego if I didn't. I finished dressing and went downstairs.

Dad was sitting at the table reading the newspaper and Mom was at the stove. "Good Morning" I said as I joined Dad at the table. Mom placed a plate of eggs and bacon in front of me and avoided making eye contact. We all ate in silence.

After eating Dad shook my hand good-bye with a wink and he left for court. I pulled my mother into a tight embrace. She wrapped her arms around by neck and pulled my close. I felt her breasts flatten against my chest. I could swear I feel her hard nipples poking into me. I knew she could feel my big cock against her pubic area. She gave a slight moan as it pulsed with desire. I boldly squeezed her buttock and gave her a quick peck on the lips before I headed out the door. The frigid Chicago weather pretty much extinguished my raging hard-on before I got into my rental car. I drove to the airport and flew back to the West Coast.

Thursday soon arrived and I went to the San Diego airport to pick up my mother. Her flight was late and even travel-weary she looked hot and exuded sexuality. Her black stretch pants hugged her hips and created a nice camel-toe between her thighs. Her white v-neck top revealed her bountiful cleavage.

She smiled and waved at me as she cleared the security gate. I waved back as she approached me. We embraced and I patted her butt and stuck out my tongue out at couple of guys who had been following my mother no doubt eye-fucking her ass.

"Tommy that's not appropriate," said my mother breaking our embrace as travelers hustled past us.

"I didn't like the way those two guys were ogling you, so I let them know you were taken. You're mine...at least for this weekend," I replied defensively.

She laughed, "Why Tommy, are you jealous?"

"No," I stammered, "more possessive. Let's get your luggage."

Twenty minutes later were out of the airport and on the road. I placed Mother's luggage in the trunk of my convertible and we were off. I had planned to take her to the Gas Lamp District but Mother begged off. She said she would prefer a hot bath after her travel. So I took her to my apartment in La Jolla.

I ordered a pizza while Mother puttered in my bedroom. My apartment was nice but expensive and I only had one bedroom. I had a large whirlpool bathtub and I began to fill it for her. Mother opened the door to the bedroom wrapped up in her terrycloth robe. She stepped into the bathroom and closed the door.

After a few minutes she called for me from behind the door. I stuck my head in the door and was greeted by her smile. She was buried up to neck in steamy water and soap suds. She asked me to fetch a couple of aroma therapy candles from her suitcase. She claimed they would help her relax and unwind.

I had no trouble finding the two candles in her suitcase. As I turned to leave the room I noticed her discarded white lace panties on the floor. Hypnotically I picked them up and brought them up to my nose and inhaled deeply the fragrance of my mother. My dick got so hard I thought it would rip my zipper out. I heard Mother holler, "Can't you find the candles?"

"Yeah," I called and stuffed her panties into my pants pocket. I knocked on the door and entered the bathroom. Mother scrunched lower in the water to hide her nakedness under the soap suds. I placed the candles on the counter and lit them.

"There you go," I said and started to leave.

"Stay Baby," Mother said. "Talk to Momma."

"Okay," I hopped on the counter. "What do you want to talk about?"

"How about that boudoir picture of me in your bedroom?" she glared at me.

Surprised I stammered, "Dad gave me that photo last week. He..."

"Your father gave you that photo....why?" now it was her turn to be surprised. "Don't you think it's a tad improper for a son to have such a risqué photo of his mother?"

"Mom you were a lingerie model before I was born. My friends use to bring me old department store catalogs with pictures of you posing in panties. You have always been my sexy mother."

She chuckled at my compliment, "I guess."

"Mom, I love you. You are a sexy and desirable woman and I love you."

The door bell rank announcing the arrival of our pizza. I left the bathroom door slightly ajar and fetched our supper. I could catch glimpses of Mom in the bathroom mirror from the kitchen as she dried off. Her nipples harden in the cool air and her big round breasts jiggled as she dried her body. My eyes wondered down to the tuff of light hair neatly trimmed into a tight strip just above her glistening bald labia. My eyes roamed back up her body and caught hers. She smiled and then shook her head negatively and shut the door.

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