Savage Island


Chapter 1

They surrounded me, five I think, all naked with looks of lust on their faces and all with erections. I had no places to hide, no more energy to run. Their bodies were well muscled and dirty, long hair and beards covered their faces. They were the epitome of savages. I knew exactly what they wanted to do to me. As they closed in, I kicked and punched furiously and began to scream. They easily overpowered me, pulling me down onto my back in the dirt..........


Two days earlier I was boarding a small plane from Tonga and heading home with my boyfriend Jim. We had booked smaller prop style planes to travel to smaller islands on the way to South America. Then planned on driving back to the United States for a long summer vacation that began in Hawaii. As we got on the plane I sensed a little hesitancy from Jim and saw him looking at the aircraft. It was old and wasn't much to look at for sure, but he smiled at me and acted like nothing was wrong. We were joined by another couple who looked a bit older than us and the two pilots, both men.

The plane took off just fine, maybe a few more shakes and rattles than normal but once in the air it was smooth. Just the sound of the engines was heard as we headed east. We sat on the opposite side of the plane from the other couple. As we gained altitude, they began to talk and kept looking over at Jim and me. I could tell the man wanted his wife or girlfriend to ask us something, but she didn't seem to want to. Finally, he convinced her to do it and she gathered our attention.

"Hello my name is Becca, this is Steve. He wants me to ask you guys if you have heard of the mile high club," she said, trying not to laugh.

Jim and I looked at each other and smiled, "Well sure who hasn't, why?" I said.

"Well Steve wants to know if you guys would mind if we took the opportunity of this mostly empty flight to become members," she said, smiling.

Jim almost choked on his water that we had brought with us. His eyes got really big when he looked from her to me. We hesitated and then finally I looked back at the couple that was waiting for an answer.

"Are you serious? You guys just want to get it on while we're right here?" I asked

"You guys seem cool, and what better chance would we get," Steve spoke up.

I turned back to Jim and whispered, "Wow, they are serious I think."

"I think so," Jim replied. "Should we say okay?" he asked.

The couple was attractive, so that wasn't an issue. It was just going to be odd having a couple fucking next to us. I hadn't even been to a strip club before, and we didn't watch porn all that much either.

"Let's see if they are really serious and tell them to go ahead," Jim whispered when I never answered his first question.

"Oh man this is so strange. I bet they won't," I said.

Jim smiled at me and turned back to the couple. "Sure you guys have fun. We don't care," Jim said to them.

I turned and looked at them to see what they would do. They both smiled and Steve said, "I knew you guys were cool, and feel free to become members as well."

My mouth dropped open and my face went hot from blushing. They didn't seem to even care we were there and just begun making out and fondling each other. They were all over one another. Steve grabbed both of Becca's round medium sized breasts and squeezed as he kissed her deep.

"I guess they were serious," Jim said to me.

I turned and looked at him shocked but then turned back to the couple when I heard Steve moan. I grabbed Jim's leg hard when I saw why. Becca had unzipped his pants and fished his hard penis out and was about to start sucking on it. It was the first dick I had seen in real life that wasn't my boyfriends. I couldn't help but stare at it. He was large, and had veins running up the side of his shaft. Becca grabbed the base of it and still had plenty of room to suck. I squeezed Jim's leg even harder as she took his head in her mouth and continued down to her hand, taking a lot of Steve's penis in her mouth.

I felt chills run through my body, my nipples pressed out on my bra and my little clit stirred in my panties. Watching this woman suck his member had me stimulated. I ran my hand up Jim's leg to see if he was. Jim's penis was stuck in his pants but I could tell he was growing and probably uncomfortable with it trapped.

"I can't believe we're watching this!" I exclaimed to Jim with my hand on his member.

"Me either, look how far she sucks his dick," Jim commented.

I heard Steve moan and was amazed at how far his long shaft was down Becca's throat. She had moved her hand so she could get even more of him in her mouth. It must have felt great because Steve was really enjoying it. Becca continued to suck, shallow and then deep, stroking his shaft and licking his head, making a mess of his pants with a lot of spit. She went on for maybe five more minutes and then came up for air.

The plane hit some turbulence and shook and bumped up and down. I grabbed at Jim's penis through his pants but the plane smoothed out again. With my hand on Jim's hard penis, I watched as Steve stood up, dropped his pants and helped Becca up and out of her panties. She left her skirt on and knelt on her seat with her hands up on the back. She looked over at us and smiled, then back at Steve. He fell to his knees and began to lick her vagina and concentrated lower, on her clitoris I guessed. Becca moaned and clawed at the seat as he buried his face in her slim behind. He did oral on her for a while. The plane jumped and dove a few more times in the air. We heard the speakers crackle and the pilot came on the radio.

"Seems we have some rough air ahead, I suggest staying seated and buckled up," we all heard him say.

This made Steve stop and get back to his feet. He looked over at us. We kind of just smiled at him both staring at his erect penis, which was oozing and throbbing. He smiled back and took it in his hand and proceeded to guide it into Becca. She let out a loud moan as his full length disappeared inside of her body. I took a deep breath and grabbed Jim even harder. I felt something wet and looked down at his pants. He had oozed pre-cum through his cargo pocket pants in his excitement.

"Enjoying the show I feel," I said to him.

He looked down and smiled, "Well shit, I'm sure you are wet as well."

I was. I could feel my vagina moist and squishy in my panties. I turned back to Steve and Becca and watched him begin to force his shaft in and out of her. The plane dipped and shook as the turbulence got worse. Steve grabbed hold of Becca's hips for support and continued to slide in and out of her as she held on to the chair. Her eyes were closed and she looked like she was really enjoying that large penis penetrating her body over and over.

Without warning the plane dove and pitched to the left, knocking Becca over into the other chair. Steve fell to the floor. He got up seconds later, laughing and sat down in the chair next to Becca.

"Little bumpy sweetie, why don't you climb on top now," he said.

She carefully got up and sat down, facing away from him as he guided his penis back into her vagina. His penis was all wet and shinny from her juices and his head was large and darker purple than his shaft. He looked big and exciting. I got more turned on watching as Becca began her rise and fall on his long member. Steve reached up and began fondling her breasts through her shirt. He found her hardened nipples and squeezed them. Her breathing became labored with her effort to rise up and down and I thought she was getting close to a climax as well.

Jim and I were so distracted by the couple fucking, that we didn't realize how bad the bumps and turbulence were getting. The plane started to shake on its own among the rough air. We should have noticed something was wrong, but the two moaning people doing each other had captured all of our attention. Becca was definitely getting close to cumming now and really working Steve's rod in and out, pivoting her body to bend and force his dick in different places. It happened as the plane groaned and dropped again, she shook and I knew she was cumming and from her moan, it was fabulous.

Her motion slowed soon after and she began just a slow, steady, up and down pace. She was enjoying the feel of his hard dick inside as she came off of her climax. Steve picked her up off of him, set her back in her own chair and stood up again. He held onto both arm rests and had his wet, hard rod right in her face. She didn't even hesitate and began to suck and stroke his fantastic penis. He must have been close with her riding him because it didn't take long before we watched his butt clench up and his penis began ejaculating inside Becca's mouth. She must have swallowed most of it because only a small amount slipped from her mouth and ran down her chin. She stroked and sucked him all the way through his orgasm. He threw his head back and moaned in pleasure. She continued to suck him after he was done, using her fingers to return his missed semen to her mouth. Once she had it all, he fell back into his chair.

I turned and looked at Jim. He was as wide eyed as me. We were both shocked at what we had just witnessed. The plane vibrated. Jim and I finally noticed a different sound was coming from one of the engines. Jim turned to the window, grabbed my hand on his crotch and squeezed to get my attention. I looked out and gasped. The engine was smoking and the prop wasn't turning as fast as it should have been.

Before I could ask any questions, it burst into flames and the plane dropped hard and far. We all screamed. I turned to look at Becca and Steve who had been knocked completely from their chairs without seatbelts on. Becca seemed unconscious and Steve was trying to crawl to her. The plane was still going down and shaking erratically. I looked out the window and was horrified to see the water so close to us. We were going to crash and there was nothing we could do about it. Jim and I just held on for dear life and couldn't help Steve or Becca as we approached the water.

The impact was teeth rattling and I must have passed out from the force. I remember being shaken and my feet were wet. I opened my eyes and the plane was beginning to sink. Jim was trying to unbuckle my seat belt but it was jammed. My midsection hurt really bad and I had blood in my left eye that burned. Jim finally got my buckle loose and the water was up to our chests by then. Some loose seat cushions were floating nearby. We grabbed them and swam towards the exit on the side.

"Can you see Becca and Steve??" I screamed.

"No, and we need to get out and quick!" Jim yelled back.

He forced the door open and a rush of salty warm water pushed in at us. The force threw us back and the plane sank even faster. We couldn't swim through it and were forced to wait until the water stopped rushing in to make it to the exit. Jim pushed me out first. I began to swim up to the surface. As I popped up, I looked around for him but he didn't appear. I panicked and screamed, letting go of my cushion. There was wreckage in the water everywhere. I dove back under to find him. The plane was slowly sinking deeper now and I searched the dark doorway for Jim.

The front of the plane was smashed in. I knew the pilots hadn't survived, and I didn't think Steve or Becca had either, being out of their seats at the time. Finally, out of the hatch, I saw Jim and he was pulling someone with him. From the long brown hair I knew it was Becca. He struggled with her to reach the surface. Jim was a good swimmer so he must have gone back to see if he could save them.

"Take her!" he screamed at me as he came up.

I did my best to hold Becca and the cushion. Jim disappeared back into the water. He was gone a long time and after a few minutes I began to worry again. He must be able to hold his breath for several minutes, because he finally surfaced with Steve in his arms. Once he was surface, we looked around among the debris and found more seats to use. We also finally noticed land, an island in the distance.

"Looks like the pilots were trying to get close to that," Jim said.

We checked the couple for life and had to get Steve to breath again, but Becca was already breathing. Neither of them were conscious. Steve still had his pants off, and I didn't think Becca had replaced her panties either. We began to make our way to the island. I was glad we were both in shape, because it took over two hours to finally make it to the beach.

Chapter 2

We pulled Becca and Steve up to the tree line out of the hot sun. They were a mess, cuts and bruises all over them. Steve's left arm look broken and bent the wrong way.

"Stay with them. I'm going to look around and find some help," Jim said.

We just assumed the island was civilized and inhabited with modern people, but we were so wrong. Jim wasn't gone more than 15 minutes when he came back out of breath and with a frightened look.

"We need to move, hide! Now!" Jim said forcefully but quietly.

I tried to ask questions but he grabbed my arm and pulled me away from Steve and Becca. We didn't get very far when Jim tackled me. We hid under some thick brush and palms. I finally got to see what he was so worried about. Coming out of the jungle was a group of men, naked and frightening. They were all large, with long hair and beards and a thin strip of cloth around their waists with some sort of knife connected. They were walking directly towards Becca and Steve but didn't see them yet.

In horror I saw Becca begin to stir and wake up. She sat up and found Steve lying next to her. She cried out to him. The men heard her and began running towards her voice. She saw them running towards her and screamed in fright, trying to wake up Steve. He never woke up. The group of men surrounded them and grabbed Becca. One held her and the others looked over Steve. Steve never moved. He just lay there half naked as one of the men took out his knife, cut some chord and bound Steve's hands and feet. Becca screamed in horror as the man turned to her.

Jim grabbed me and kept me from screaming. We watched in shock as the man that bound Steve approached Becca. He pulled her shirt away from her body and cut it right off of her, same with her bra. All around, the men's penises began to grow as they viewed her naked breasts. Her skirt was next. She was left with just her shoes and socks, in the grip of the one man. All the men began to smile and grunt and talk in some odd language. The man that had cut her clothing reached out and grabbed her left breast and squeezed it, causing her to scream anew and the men to laugh. He ran his dirty hands down her body, over her shaved womanhood. She began to struggle harder as he put his hand between her legs and moved upwards. He was spreading her open with his fingers and she couldn't stop him.

He removed his fingers, put them to his mouth and licked off the secretion. Then he called out in an animalistic yell. Some of the men were stroking their penises. I counted seven total. I looked at Jim. He shrugged his shoulders, knowing he couldn't do anything about it. He also knew if they found him they would kill him and do what they were doing to Becca, to me.

Two more men approached Becca, took hold of each leg and spread them apart. The leader got on his knees, started licking Becca's pussy and even her asshole. She struggled against the three men holding her, but it was no use. We were so close that I could see every penis was oozing and rock hard. Some continued to stroke and watch, others came closer and began touching her breasts and body while the leader continued to lick and suck on Becca's sacred orifice.

When he had his fill of eating her, he stood up. The men holding her legs lifted her off the ground and the one holding her arms laid her back. The leader, the biggest of them all, grabbed his hard penis and walked towards Becca. She screamed and struggled, knowing what was coming next. She barley moved in the arms of the three large men. The leader rubbed his head up and down her spit-covered lips. Then pressed his head into her and further down his shaft disappeared. Becca screamed in horror, rage and fear. The big man moaned and called out his pleasure as his penis rushed into her depths.

Men surrounded her and groped and fondled her breasts. They even played with her clitoris and pussy as the big man fucked her and began to get harder and faster. They bent over her with their mouths and sucked and nibbled on her breasts with their hairy faces. All of them were making a very loud racket as they worked over Becca's body. Then one of the men opened a bladder-like container, made from an animal, and poured what looked like water all over Becca's face and forced her to drink.

"We need to get as far away from here as possible," Jim whispered to me, thinking it safe with all the noise.

I just nodded and was scared out of my mind. Jim began to back out of the bushes away from the group. Just as I was about to as well, I heard the leader scream his orgasmic yell. I saw his semen dripping out of Becca's body as he released his load deep inside of her and continued his thrusts. I lost sight of them and followed Jim, on hands and knees further into the jungle. From behind, I heard a new man call out in pleasure and knew that another one had violated Becca. She had stopped screaming. I thought I heard a female moan of pleasure, but it couldn't have been her.

Once we were out of range to hear them, Jim stood up and began to run with me holding his hand. We ran and ran until we were both out of breath and had to stop.

"Holy shit Jim! Where are we? Did you see what they did to him and her?" I stammered.

"We've got to get off of this island somehow. They are savages they will probably kill Steve without a thought," he said.

"And what they are doing to Becca is unbelievable. Oh my hell this can't be happening!" I cried.

"It's happening and if we don't find a way off, we're next."

Jim looked down, saw our footprints in the soft ground and looked up at me worried. I knew what he was thinking. We tried to cover our tracks from then on the best we could. It was going to be dark soon. We had no shelter or protection from the men and didn't know if there were more of them or where we were at all. We walked until we found a decent place to hide out for the night. Both of us were exhausted from swimming and running. Jim told me to try and sleep. He would keep a lookout, in case they followed us.

He woke me up in the middle of the night. I switched with him and stayed awake to watch. It was a full moon and a little light passed through the tall jungle where I could see. I looked at my watch. It was 2am and quiet other than an occasional creature in the brush. It was hard to stay awake, but I managed until morning.

The men must have seen our tracks after they finished with Becca because it wasn't long before they found us. We obviously don't know how to cover tracks well. I was starving and thirsty, as was Jim, but we had to run anyway. Jim pushed me on ahead and said he'd protect me and not to look back, just run. As I was running, I heard him grunt and then something hit the ground. I feared he was dead. They caught up to me quickly, even with my head start. I froze and waited for the inevitable.

They surrounded me, five I think, all naked with looks of lust on their faces and all with erections. I had no places to hide, no more energy to run. Their bodies were well muscled and dirty, long hair and beards covered their faces. They were the epitome of savages and I knew exactly what they wanted to do to me. As they closed in, I kicked and punched furiously and began to scream as they easily overpowered me pulling me down onto my back in the dirt. They were so strong, I had no chance in hell to escape. The big leader stood over me, his penis swung back and forth as he pulled his knife from his belt. He made quick work of my clothing and I was soon naked except for my shoes.

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