Kimberly came back to her apartment just after midnight still dressed in her snug-fitting nurse's uniform, her dark blonde hair pulled back under her stiff cap. She was used to working late, her position at the hospital was only part-time and the rest of the week she worked nights as a topless waitress in a nearby town to help pay her way through nursing school.

Her attractive, blue-eyed face and very curvaceous body had always earned her plenty of tips but even after five months she still felt embarrassed being half-naked in front of total strangers.

To make it worse her body did not seem to mind the attention much, sometimes her nipples would stiffen involuntarily when a whole tableful of men stared openly at her naked breasts, which only embarrassed Kimberly all the more and made her want to quit. But the money was too good for her to give it up.

Kimberly was worried her waitressing might be discovered and get her in trouble. It was bad enough that she was already struggling with her class, she did not need to earn a formal reprimand for her moonlighting. All Kimberly really wanted was to learn how to help others, maybe even have the chance to save some lives. Not that she had done anything more interesting than pushing around paperwork and taking inventory so far at the hospital.

She sighed as she unlocked the door and went into her apartment. Closing and bolting the door behind her, she kicked off her shoes and flicked on the light switch, but the apartment remained dark.

Frowning, Kimberly realized she could see something in the dark, silent apartment once her eyes adjusted to the dimness. In the center of the carpet sat the misshapen bulk of sizable, glowing meteor.

"What on Earth?" Unable to believe what she was seeing, Kimberly stepped closer to the cracked boulder which was radiating a faint, reddish light from within. In spite of the glow, it did not radiate any heat, but rather seemed to absorb the warmth from the air, making the whole room feel chilled.

The meteor was too large for her to put her arms around and she would have thought something that big would have obliterated her whole apartment when it hit. Yet, the splintered wooden floor underneath the meteor was the only damage she could see. There was no hole or damage in her ceiling at all. Kimberly had no idea how the meteor gotten into her apartment in the first place unless it had passed right through the solid ceiling.

The glow from the meteor was pulsing with a slow, steady rhythm and Kimberly felt herself mesmerized by the strange, throbbing radiance, drawing her nearer to it. She stepped right up to the meteor and bent down, reaching out with her hand to touch the otherworldly object.

The instant her fingertips brushed the smooth but jagged edges of the surface, a chunk of the meteor broke away and a thick, fleshy tendril the same brownish-gray as the meteor whipped out to grab Kimberly's wrist and wrap tightly around her arm. Frozen in shock, Kimberly's mouth opened but she could not scream or pull away as the alien tendril sampled her genetic structure and adapted itself to her.

Kimberly could only stare in astonishment and fright as the tendril changed shape before her eyes, forming into a large, clawed hand at the end of a massive arm. The meteor split in half and from within the extraterrestrial boulder stood up a huge, towering figure with dark, greenish-brown skin and glowing red eyes.

"AAAAAA!!!!!!" Kimberly was able to scream then but her body was still paralyzed in terror as she stared up at the monstrous giant that loomed ominously over her.

It had a human shape with vastly broad shoulders but its powerful-looking body was covered in twisted, alien muscles that looked like a human being's distended to grotesque proportions.

There was no resisting the creature's incredible strength as it lifted Kimberly up by her arm, dangling her in the air like she weighed nothing as the glowing red eyes stared into her terrified, trembling face. Beaded droplets of sweat started to run down her forehead from fear and from the heat radiating from the alien's massive, naked body.

The ailen's head was like its body, smooth and hairless with rugged, almost human features except for a set of mandibles sprouting from its cheeks. Those fearsome, glowing eyes drained away Kimberly's screams in her throat along with all her nerve to attempt to struggle free.

The creature lowered her back down to the floor and she would have collapsed to her knees if it had not continued to grip her arm. Like a slowly moving mountain, the alien was the one that dropped down onto its knees before Kimberly, still holding her arm up while it lowered its head down past her waist and slid its other massive hand up her leg.

Before Kimberly realized what it was doing, the creature had pushed up her skirt and suddenly buried its massive face between her thighs.

"AH!" Kimberly cried out as she felt hot breath wash over the bare, sensitive skin of her inner thighs and a wet, searing tongue emerged from the alien's grinning, fang-filled mouth to push and rub over the front of her pale yellow panties.

Horrified and frightened, Kimberly could not tell if the creature was just savoring her taste for its own pleasure or deliberately trying to arose her or, but to her terrified dismay, she felt herself becoming stimulated by the intense warmth of the thick, probing tongue no matter what the alien's intentions were.

Repulsive pleasure shuddered Kimberly's body as the alien eagerly licked at her womanhood through her underwear, pulling her torso closer with one hand reaching behind her and holding her by her buttocks.

Kimberly struggled to resist the revolting sensations and even as she was about to lose her control, the alien suddenly pulled away and rose back up. To her numb fright Kimberly saw the creature had also become aroused during its ministrations between her legs and a massively huge erection now rose nearly halfway up its torso.

The alien grabbed the top of Kimberly's head, crushing her nurse's cap as it forced her down to her knees. She tried to resist against the push, but it was too strong. It forced Kimberly's face down until she was right in front of its rearing organ. She stared despairingly at the alien's gargantuan shaft and the set of huge, spherical balls below that seemed to swell and fill with expectation, both of them knowing what was Kimberly was going to be made to do next.

With a rough push, the alien lowered Kimberly's face down and pressed the thick, bulbous tip of its organ against her soft, red lips until the unyielding shaft forced its way into her mouth.

Kimberly could only let out muffled, choking gasps as the thick, impossibly hard pillar of alien flesh slid over her helpless tongue and down her throat until her jaw ached, throbbing within her mouth and pulsing with a ghastly, inhuman power.

Kimberly could barely breathe, but the alien did not keep her sucking its organ for long. It promptly pulled her away just as its organ started spurting into her mouth, as though the alien meant to conserve itself. Thick, sticky globs still made Kimberly cough and gag when the enormous column was pulled free of her mouth, her cheeks and lips spattered with the alien's hot, monstrous seed.

Kneeling before the alien's dripping erection, she had barely caught her breath when the alien grabbed her other arm and roughly yanked her back up to her feet.

Kimberly could only whimper as it slammed her back against the wall of her apartment, holding her arms above her head with one hand. With unexpected gentleness, the alien leaned down and nuzzled the side of her neck. Kimberly closed her eyes, trying not to think about the sweltering breath running over her skin.

The memory of the alien's shaft still tingled her lips and the taste of its inhuman ejaculation had filled her with a horrible, sensual fever, causing her to feel dizzy and flushed. Kimberly did not know how much she had swallowed but the repulsive, gluey seed was making every nerve in her body start to buzz.

The alien bought up its other hand and grasped her breast through the nurse's uniform. Kimberly braced herself expecting the powerful hand to painfully squeeze her, but instead it merely tested the feel of her breast with its fingers, clearly noticing that she was not wearing a bra underneath.

With a single smooth motion, the alien used the same hand to tear down the front of her uniform and catching her panties as well, shredding the fabric away like it was tissue.

Her body completely exposed to the alien, Kimberly could only quiver in its grip as its glowing red eyes regarded her enticing, naked body. A slow, toothy grin spread across its sinister face and it took hold of her breast again, this time its smooth, burning skin in direct contact with her supple breast, while it lowered its head down and took her other breast into its fanged mouth.

"No. No, please no," Kimberly whimpered as the alien lifted up her breast in its hand, massaging her firm globe with its clawed fingers while its wide mouth sucked at her other breast, causing her nipple to become involuntarily stiff and hard and even more sensitive.

When its tongue started to flick at her aroused nipple and agilely wrap its tip around her aureole, Kimberly could not hold back a gasp of combined dismay and pleasure as she reacted to the alien's erotic and surprisingly delicate fondling even as her horror and fear increased.

She could perceive the thick globs of alien seed she had swallowed doing strange things to her body. The inhuman seed had trickled down to her belly and spread out from there, causing an unsettling stirring even deeper within her body and a sultry wetness began to soak her blonde pubic hairs.

Although the alien had not hurt her yet, Kimberly could still feel the long, sharp claws on the fingers that the alien dexterously used to massage her breasts and the tips of its pointed fangs caressed the skin of her breast as it sucked at her. The menace of what the alien could do with those claws and fangs and its terrible strength never left Kimberly's mind even as her body became flushed and warm.

As though hearing her thoughts, all pretexts of gentleness suddenly vanished as the giant alien roughly slammed Kimberly back against the wall, causing her to yelp in surprise. The alien drove her hands into the solid surface like it was water, passing her flesh through the material the same way the alien's meteor had entered her apartment. The alien released her wrists and Kimberly was left hanging with her hands up above her head, her wrists trapped in the wall.

A diabolical, fanged grin filled the alien's glowing-eyed visage as it reached down and took hold of Kimberly's thighs with its huge hands and pulled her legs apart. Without any further delay it pushed its massive erection into her wet, moist vagina.

"AH! NO!! STOP!! NO!!" Kimberly shrieked in pain and shock as she was penetrated by the huge organ which promptly began to pump and push itself at her with slow deliberate movements. The alien held her around the waist with her bare legs lifted up around its torso, her feet jumping up with each of the steady and merciless thrusts of the alien's mighty body.

"PLEASE STOP!" Kimberly sobbed, futilely trying to twist her naked body away from the monstrous assault, her breasts heaving while straining droplets of sweat broke over her face joining the tears streaming from her eyes. And even in the midst of her pain, Kimberly felt herself reacting with unbridled, helpless arousal at the sheer power and potency of the monstrous invasion as the alien relentlessly plowed into her, tilling her body in preparation for the rich, fertile seed contained within its massive, inflated balls.

Kimberly felt the enormous, implacable shaft buried within her start to glow with a terrible power in response to the soft, warm embrace of her body. Radiance shone out, lighting the whole apartment, from between her thighs where she was dripping a cascade of wetness down onto the floor.

Trapped and helpless, Kimberly tried to keep from arousing the giant alien raping her but there was nothing she could do, her vagina was flooded and clenched around her ravisher's thick, rigid pillar of flesh, stretched wide to accommodate its monstrous girth and providing exactly the stimulation it desired.

"NO! NOOOO!" Kimberly wailed, her body lifted upward and arched back so her breasts heave toward the sky as the alien shaft within her swelled up and doubled in size, growing and enlarging until it attaining its true, unfettered dimensions which made its previous massive erection seem paltry.

With her head dangling down and her face locked in anguish, Kimberly screamed as the alien relentlessly continued moving her nubile body in its grip until its surging, now impossibly tremendous organ finally unleashed its load inside of her.

"AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Kimberly screamed as blazing power exploded from her eyes, mouth and ears as the monstrous shaft erupted into her womb. All her conscious thought was obliterated by incomprehensible terror and pleasure as her mind and body was flooded by the orgasmic energy released along with the great wad of potent seed from the alien penis which she had unwillingly brought to its climax.

Kimberly would never remember if she lost consciousness from the pain or the ecstacy ravaging her but her body, but the last sensation she would never forget, the profound, exhilarating and disturbing feeling as the alien's seed surged into the most intimate parts of her womb, concentrating into a focused, triumphant goal that made her shudder in ecstatic fulfillment as the potent, glowing sperm successfully impregnated her.

Kimberly did not know how long it had passed when she regained consciousness. It was still dark outside so it could not have been that long. The gargantuan alien had taken her down from the wall and now had her laid out on the couch, standing above her. It was still between her open legs with its erection, now only back to its original, inhumanly monstrous size still lodged deep inside her.

It had not been moving as though waiting for her, but when Kimberly weakly opened her eyes, the alien immediately began to pump at her once again, making her gasp outloud.

The sensation still made her feel strained but this time there was only a slight pain at first which could not compare with the thrusting feeling of pleasure. Either the power in the alien's organ had been infused into her, or Kimberly's body was adapting, perhaps the result of her monstrous impregnation.

Kimberly could feel the new life stirring deep inside of her even as the alien pushed its immense shaft almost as far into her belly. The nearness of its sire's pumping organ made the new life growing inside of Kimberly awaken further and she gasped blending of the sensations of the stirring hybrid joined to her deep inside of her womb with the pumping alien that was joined with her in a completely different manner.

The gigantic alien seemed to sense its flourishing spawn growing inside of Kimberly as well and it grinned at her, its fanged smile frightening. Images flooded into Kimberly's mind

She saw a strange world with a boiling red sky and amorphous beings that could change shape and assume different forms roaming through vast cities. As the images came to her, she perceived the impetus driving the alien's hunger and desire to breed with her.

Its race was doomed, a great cataclysm has left its species unable to breed. The strongest had been sent out into space to find suitable species for creating hybrids that would be able to reproduce with the original members of its race.

"Is that why you're raping me? Is that why you've impregnated me?" Kimberly moaned to the alien looming above her. The creature did not respond, instead it began to move its hips with more strength and Kimberly gasped.

"Wait! No!" she cried out, but the alien did not stop. "I'm already pregnant! You've already impregnated me from before! Why are you still raping me??" she cried out.

The alien grinned and Kimberly could sense its lustful intentions. She would breed far more than a single spawn from her coupling with the unearthly creature. To her shock she realized she could also sense the tiny consciousness of the hybrid flourishing within her womb, feeling it wordless thoughts of how lonely it felt with no others for comfort and company, how it eagerly awaited the seed of its sire to produce more of its alien brethren.

"No! NOO!!" Kimberly screamed but somewhere within her, deep instinctive urges responded before her could stop them. She reflexively opened her legs to let the alien push its way into her, her eyes growing huge with the sensations of delight that came with her unwilling cooperation.

The alien had shifted closer, standing over her so her hips were lifted up from the couch, its claws tearing away the last remnants of her nurse's uniform while her legs were braced against its body, her toes pointing upward.

"AH!! Oooo!!" Kimberly was unable to stop herself from responding to the alien's renewed ravishment. Her body had become used to its huge girth and now she found herself leaning back on the couch, gasping in exhilaration as the alien squeezed and massaged her breast with one hand, its powerful hips continuing their relentless cycle of constant, steady thrusting.

Once she was stripped of her clothes, the alien changed positions and turned Kimberly over, holding her up in the air by her hips like she was a sack of feathers. Kimberly's hands were braced on the edge of the couch and her legs were wrapped around the alien behind her as it drove itself forward with clenching muscles, Kimberly's whole body moving under its strong, slow motions. The alien was being forceful, clearly intent on taking its time and enjoying itself with her.

But Kimberly could feel her alien ravisher swiftly becoming more aroused by her tight, warm body, and to her surprise and horror she felt herself becoming stimulated by its growing alien lust. Against her will, her body was trying to make the alien lose its self-control, to unleash all of its virile fervor and hold nothing back as the pleasure continued to wear away the last dregs of Kimberly's resistance.

The alien's desires were now joined with her own, and the alien heaved Kimberly over to the window of her living room. She grabbed at the blinds, tugging them down to expose them to the outside but not caring in the least. Her eyes were closed and her breath came in panting gasps as she helplessly savored the potent thrusting coming at her from behind.

The alien's pace quickly increased in speed making Kimberly gasp louder as it kept its grip on her hips, vigorously yanking her back to meet the fierce forward stabbings of its hips. Kimberly's shapely legs were pressed back against the standing alien's muscular thighs, her feet dangling a foot off the floor as it held her up and eagerly pumped away at her.

"Ahhhhh!!!!!" Kimberly cried out as she was climaxed, no longer horrified that her ravisher was not human, too lost in the intensity of the unearthly sex to care anymore. Her hand tore down the blinds and ripped them away, but she was too overwhelmed with her pleasure to notice.

It was still night outside, but if anyone passed by the window they would have seen Kimberly's pale, naked and sweating body suspended in the clutches of the dark, towering alien behind her, its red eyes burning and its large, clawed hands gripping her by the breasts as it pounded aggressively at her, making her whole body jump up and down. Kimberly had reach back and use her hands to push back at the alien behind her, bracing herself as she desperately struggled to keep up with its steadily escalating pummeling.

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