tagNovels and NovellasSaving Caitlin Ch. 02

Saving Caitlin Ch. 02


Part II

The examination

"I want you to make sure she isn't pregnant. I don't want her to have to live with that. He was such a bastard to her."

"I've already had her give my nurse a urine sample and we should know the results in just a few minutes. I'm going in now to give her a complete exam."

"I'm going with you."

"Now, Jon, why don't you just relax here in the waiting room? She'll probably be more comfortable with you out here."

"No, I'm going in. I think she'll be more secure with me. You don't know everything that bastard did to her. She's beginning to trust me. She'll be more at ease with me than with your nurse."

Jon followed Doc Kerry into the examination room. He met the elderly doctor more than ten years ago and knew he could bring an injured slave here without anyone calling the police. Although he was not responsible for the cuts and bruises on Cate, there would be too many questions from another doctor that would be hard to explain. Jon walked to the table where Cate lay quietly. She smiled shyly and held her hand out to him. It was Monday morning and she had come a long way in just a few days.

The examination that followed was very complete and, at times, a bit painful. The doctor asked about the bruises and cuts.

"I'm going to give you penicillin and some ointment for these cuts," he said as he examined the cut under Caitlin's breast and the one on her leg.

"I got some over-the-counter antibiotic cream Saturday and put it on her several times."

"That's good, but this will be prescription strength. It'll be stronger and help her heal faster. Put it on three or four times a day. It'll promote healing, not only here," he added as he lifted the breast again, looking at Jon, "but also for all the little cuts and nicks. The penicillin will ward off infection while she's healing. How did this happen?" He looked at Caitlin while indicating the cut under her breast.

"I don't know."

"Don't know?"

"Sometimes he pressed on her windpipe until she passed out," Jon hissed.

"Good grief."

After shaking his head, the doctor continued to poke and prod. He was concerned about the bruise on her ribs and examined it thoroughly until he was satisfied nothing was broken. He inserted a speculum, took a swab from her vagina, and a scrape from her womb. The tissue scrape was painful and brought tears to Caitlin's eyes as she squeezed Jon's hand. The doctor promised to send Jon the results of all tests.

"Do you want her pierced while you're here?" the doctor said as he lightly touched her clitoris hood.

Caitlin's eyes went wide, but Jon smiled and rubbed his thumb over the inside of her wrist.

"No. I don't think we're ready for that."

"If you change your mind, bring her back. I'll be glad to do it." He ran his hand down her thigh. "You got a nice little bitch girl here, Jon," speaking to Jon as if she were a puppy.

Jon squeezed her hand and said, "I know."

The doctor told her to dress and motioned for Jon to follow him. He closed the door to his office and asked Jon to sit down.

"She's not pregnant, Jon. I'm not sure she'll ever be able to get pregnant. There's some scar tissue around her uterus, but it's okay to have sex if you're not too rough. It would probably be better to wait a couple more days to give the antibiotic time to start working. She's healing nicely, but give her another week or so to heal inside completely before you, er, stick anything inside her besides your penis."

"You mean a vibrator?"

"I was thinking of something bigger."

"What? You mean a baseball bat or something?"

"Well, that too. But I was thinking more of a fist."

"Oh." Jon wasn't into fisting so that wouldn't be a problem. He looked down at his hands. He had large hands. Lots of people were amazed that he could keyboard so fast with such large hands. He made one into a fist and it looked huge compared to her little opening. "I'm not into fisting. I can't imagine not tearing her apart if I tried so fisting will not be a problem."

"Well, just in case, I thought I'd caution you. Some of the damage is older than a few weeks. Oh, quite a bit of the bruising is new in the vaginal area, but my guess is the stepfather did more than rape her. He may have used something like a bottle on her or he was just very, very rough. If she was a virgin, well, it could have been bad.

"She has a rather small pelvic area, and if her stepfather was an exceptionally large man and didn't give her time to adjust, he could have hurt her. She may have gotten an infection, but something has caused some damage. It's cleared up, leaving only some scar tissue now, so nothing needs to be removed at least for now. I'm almost certain there's no STD either, but that will be confirmed by the end of the week with the blood test. She was quite scared of the needle and didn't like me taking blood."

"I know. I thought she would squeeze my fingers off."

The doctor chuckled. "She'll be quite pretty when the bruises heal. Several are just faint shadows already. I'll let you know as soon as I have the test results. The prescription for birth control will last for a year, then she'll need an annual check-up before getting a new supply. It'll take about a month for the pills to become effective. I'll give you some samples to get you started. While I don't think it's possible right now for her to become pregnant, she wouldn't be the first to surprise a doctor and do exactly what he didn't think she could do. Oh, and it would be nice to get a little more weight on her."

"I'm working on it. Thanks, Doc."

"If you take her ass, wait at least a month and lube her well. There's damage there, too...more recently...some tearing, but nothing that won't heal in time. Probably your friend Carl didn't take time to prepare her."

Jon collected the sample of birth control, a pack of antibiotic tablets, and a tube of antibiotic cream. He also left with $285.00 less in his bank account.

Caitlin was subdued when they left the doctor's office. Jon tried to reassure her that the checkup went well, soon her stepfather and Carl would be nothing but a bad memory, and he was very pleased with her behavior.


Five hours later, they were standing in another log cabin in the woods outside of another small town. This cabin was bigger, almost lodge size, and belonged to Jon's friend. He had been there several times before, but never with a sub. He pulled her to him in a hug, closed his eyes, and kissed the top of her head. She didn't have time to flinch.

"Catie, are you alright? You haven't said twenty words since your examination. The doctor said you were okay. Everything is healing."

She looked up at him and gave him a weak smile. "I'm okay, sir, maybe just a little tired."

Jon looked her over, then ran his hands up and down her arms.

"Okay. Let's have a light supper and go to bed early tonight. We were on the road a long time. There's probably some soup in the kitchen cabinet. Why don't you heat it up while I get our luggage out of the car?"

An hour later, he had her strip and get in to bed before he turned out the lights. Sliding in behind her, he pulled her into the crook of his body. They fit well together, he mused. This was the first night he had held her while going to sleep, but she was accepting his touch now with only the slightest tensing before calming.


When Caitlin woke, she was alone in bed. Except when he went to the store the first day, Jon had been no more than a few feet from her for three days. It seemed strange to be alone, then she smelled the coffee. Jon was making breakfast.

She got out of bed, made a trip to the bathroom, took a quick shower, and slipped on the sundress. She wasn't sure what he wanted her to wear, but he had her wear the other sundress almost all day yesterday, so she hoped she'd be safe in putting the other new one on. The material was soft and clingy.

When she came out of the bathroom, Jon was leaning against the bedroom doorjamb. He had taken her by surprise and her eyes widened, fear passing through them, before she quickly controlled herself and dropped to her knees in a graceful kneel.

"Good morning, sir. I didn't hear you. I'm sorry. If this isn't what you want me to wear, I'll change."

Jon walked over to her, held his hand down for her to take, and pulled her to her feet.

"There's nothing to be sorry for, Catie, and this dress is fine. It looks very nice on you, even though it's a bit too big. We still need to put some weight on you. I wonder how much weight you lost while you were with Carl."

"If the scales at the doctor's and the one at mom's are the same, I've lost about ten pounds."

"Jesus! Ten pounds in less than two weeks! Ten pounds you didn't have to lose. Have you always been thin, Catie?"

"I think I lost some weight while I worked at the diner, but Mom hated that I could eat almost anything when she had to work so hard not to gain. My dad, my real dad, was thin. I guess I inherited his genes. My brother is thin, too."

"Come on. I've started breakfast, then I want to work on the contract. It's a bit overcast and misty out so we'll stay inside until it clears up. I need to work on that program for ABC Contractors, too. There are books downstairs if you want to read something while I work."

For three days, they went over rules, positions, responses, and responsibilities. For three days, when he wasn't training her to be an obedient slave, they did what any other couple might do at a secluded cabin in the woods by an inviting lake...everything, that is, but have sex.

Jon allowed Cate to wear jeans while they explored the woods, but made her strip when they went swimming in the lake. He found out she was a fish in the water. They enjoyed the sunsets and late summer breezes. They cooked hamburgers on the grill and sunbathed on the dock. He took her out in the boat.

He taught her the 'Submit' position. In this position, she was curled on her knees with her head touching the floor between her arms which were extended straight out in front with her, palms up. From the back, her cunt was so open and ready for him that he had a hard time remembering his promise to himself not to take her until the contract was signed.

She slowly accepted his touch, but still flinched if she didn't see it coming. He had caressed her breasts and even cautiously suckled them the last two days. Her fear was still palpable, but nowhere to the degree of the first couple of days. This morning, he had her arms restrained while naked on the bed, and he shaved her pussy. He had not yet touched that area in a sexual way.

While he shaved her, he kept the conversation light, even teasing her about the pretty pink blush that blossomed on her entire body when he pulled her pussy lips out. He cautioned her to be as still as possible because he didn't want to cut her. When he was finished, leaving only a small strip of curls about an inch above her hood, he could see the relief in her eyes.

He praised her, told her how beautiful she was, and how much he would enjoy seeing her bare. In one week, her color was much improved and she had actually gained a pound or two. In time, he felt she would regain the weight she had lost. She had complained that he made her eat every time she turned around.

At the moment, he was reviewing one-word commands and the responses he expected. It was raining; it was the first day that wasn't absolutely gorgeous since the first morning after he had brought her here. That morning, the mist had cleared by noon, but this rain threatened to last all day.

All but the worst bruises were fading. The cuts had healed; even the cuts on her leg and under her breast were now a fine line. By the time he bound her breasts, if he ever did, it would be nothing but a scar and a memory. The rawness on her wrists was still a bit pink, but so much better that he could use the cuffs without padding under them. He would finish the contract today and she would sign it. Tonight he would have her.

They had finished lunch. She was kneeling with her bottom on her heels and her hands, palms up, were on her thighs. Since he would probably have her in the kneeling position for a while, he let her put her hands on her thighs rather than behind her back. It would be the 'Relaxed Kneel' position, he said. Her head was lowered, as were her pretty eyes.

She had been in this position for about twenty minutes. Jon was working at his laptop, and asking her questions or telling her rules...again. Some of them were the same rules he had told her the first day as they drove away from Carl's; most of them were rules they had talked about these last seven days, but others were new.

"Catie, our relationship will be 24/7. Do you understand what that means?"

"It means all the time."

"That's right. All the time. You'll be mine all the time, my slave, my submissive for one year. We won't be in a scene all the time, but you'll always treat me with respect. Unless we are in a particular scene, our relationship will be as normal as any vanilla couple. Do you know what vanilla means in the D/s world?"

He could tell by her slight body movement that she wasn't sure so he answered for her.

"In the D/s world, an individual or couple who doesn't practice our lifestyle or believes it's wrong for one person to dominate another is often called 'vanilla'. Most of the time to the outside world, our relationship will be no different from theirs...like this week when we were boating, swimming, or hiking. And, Caitlin, this is important; if we entertain or we're at the mall or a movie or wherever, with only few deviations, we will be just like them. That's why, when we're in public, you will call me Jon instead of sir or master. But under no circumstances will you be allowed to show me any disrespect. Is that understood?"

"Yes, master."

"Good. Now back to the 24/7 relationship. As I said, to the casual observer, our life will be no different from theirs, but in our house, if at any time I say the word 'Silence' that will signify the beginning of some scene, situation, and/or action.

"Your response to that word will be to immediately remove any clothing, if you are wearing any, except for your collar, fold them neatly and lay them on the nearest table or chair, and without hesitation, stand in front of me in your 'Attend' position. From the moment I say 'Silence', silence is what I expect. You will say nothing; you will have no response except to obey anything I tell you to do. Is that clear?"

"Yes, master."

"When I say no response that means to anything I do to you. You will not move, speak...even moan, unless or until I give you permission." He typed for a few minutes while watching her out of the corner of his eye. He could see she was nervous, but trying valiantly to remain calm in the position he had her in.

"Caitlin, we will never have a scene, situation, and/or an action which involves water sports or scat. You remember we talked about that earlier. That's not my thing. We will never involve ourselves with that aspect of BDSM.

"If we are home or even in public, if we are in the same room, you will ask to be excused if you wish to leave the room. You will tell me why you are asking. I may or may not allow you to leave, but for your benefit right now, I cannot foresee a time I will not allow you to perform basic bodily functions. If we are in public, you will indicate in a non-intrusive method, such as whispering in my ear that you request to be excused to use the restroom.

"Another given is that I will never break any of your bones or mark you in any way that will leave permanent scars or marks. Even though these, water sports, scat, and no broken bones are a given, they will be included in the contract to ease your mind.

"Now that you have healed sufficiently, I will take you shopping. You have almost no clothes, and while I'll have you naked quite often, you will need clothes when we go out and at other times. I'll have the final say in anything we buy, but you will have considerable leeway to wear what you want when I am not at home. While I like dresses for the obvious reason, I also like snug fitting jeans. I think they're sexy.

"Most of the time, you will wear no underwear and little make-up. You're young, you have very nice skin, and now that the bruises and cuts are healing, your pretty face needs little enhancement; maybe just a little until the bruise on your cheek fades completely. I will advise you how to wear your hair when we are together, but, as with clothes, you can wear it in any way you want when I'm at work unless I've specifically told you to wear in some manner. At no time will you cut or alter the length without my permission."

He told her that it would be his responsibility to see to her well-being and happiness. He said he would print off a draft copy of the contract, which he felt was probably as near complete as possible. He wanted her to read it and mark anything she had questions about.

"As Master, it will ultimately be my decision about what is or isn't included in this contract, but I will consider your thoughts. Is there anything you want to discuss? Any limitations you wish me to consider?"

She was silent for a minute, then timidly spoke. "I don't want to be blindfolded."

She was still in the kneeling position so she was unable to see the grin spread across his face. Then his face turned grim as he realized she was remembering the full-face hood and that Carl had forced her to wear it for more than sixteen hours. He put a blank expression on his face and spoke.

"Caitlin, come here."

She rose gracefully and stood in front of him. He took her hand and pulled her gently into his lap.

"A blindfold can be a very sensuous tool, Cate. It doesn't have to be an implement of torture. No master would ever consider not using one, if only occasionally. It will give me great pleasure to see you blindfolded and it will enhance your response to me if you're deprived of other distractions.

"I will, however, refrain from using a blindfold for one month, but that month will start retroactively from the day I first saw you. At the end of the month, we will discuss the use of a blindfold again.

"Now why don't you go clean up from lunch and I'll finish with these last few additions to the contract. Then I want you to find a quiet place and read through it. Once it is finalized, both of us will sign two copies, one for you and one for me. I will expect you to read your copy at least once a day until you are totally familiar with every aspect of it. The year you've agreed to will start from the day I got you out of Carl's, so the contract will start retroactively. You agreed to a year so I won't make you stay a year and a week. Now, go and clean up the kitchen."

When she came back into the den, he said, "When I first mentioned a contract, I was only going to include the basics and make it one page or so. It would say you agreed to stay with me one year and do whatever I wanted. Since then, I decided to be a more specific. I checked the Internet, looked up some samples, and went through my files. This contract is a composite of several others and includes everything I think should be in a comprehensive contract. It includes everything we've talked about this week. It's much longer than I first expected it to be.

"I want you to find a quiet place, in the bedroom, living room, or on the porch, I don't care where, but a quiet place with no distractions so you can read it. Read it twice. Mark anything you have a question about or don't understand. We'll discuss it. I would like to have a signed contract by this evening."

He handed her four sheets of paper and she went into the living room. Curling up in one of the chairs, she pulled an afghan throw around her and started to read while Jon walked out to the porch.

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