tagGay MaleSaving My Job

Saving My Job


The bust had just been announce officially and notices had gone out notifying the staff that layoffs would be in affect. The five senior engineering designers were informed that only one would be remaining with the firm. As the youngest I naturally assumed that my tenure with the firm was at an end. With a young child, a new house and a stay at home wife and no prospect of picking up another job I had no idea what I was going to do.

Keith had requested that we met with him, one at a time, to discuss our futures with the firm and I anxiously awaited my turn. Bill was the first designer interviewed and as he exited Keith’s office we all gathered around hoping to glean some information before we went in. He told us that Keith had asked him if there was any thing that would set him apart from the rest of us so that he would remain. Bill could think of nothing special and was informed that he would be laid off.

As the interview with Bob commenced I sat and tried to think of my own answer to that question and realized that there was no good response. Free overtime, there wouldn’t be enough work to warrant overtime. No bonus, without work bonuses would be cancelled. Longer hours, we would be lucky to work a regular week and receive a reducing in our salary. As Bob came out he informed us that he was asked the same question and was being laid off. His only other comment was that Keith was acting a little strange. With that and a great deal of trepidation I entered Keith’s office and closed the door.

Keith was about 45 years old, tall, good looking and known for his relaxed nature and sense of humour. Keith began by going over my years with the firm and the work I had carried out. As he spoke he slowly moved around his office finally setting on his desk not more than two feet in front of me. As he sat down and opened his legs slightly I could not help but notice the bulge in his crotch. Once settled he asked me what I could offer that would set me apart from the others. Oddly he moved his hands down his thighs as he spoke, pulling the fabric of his pants tighter and making it quite obvious that he was erect.

I was stunned as I watched his hands moving on his thighs. My mind sifted through possible answers only to discard them. At the same time images of my family and the possibility of ruin dominated my thinking. What was I going to do? As my mind raced I could not help but stare at Keith’s crotch and his hard cock. It must be obvious to him that I could see it. Or was that his plan? If so why? Then it hit me that he may be looking for what I could offer him and not the company. I had to admit that I had thought about other men now and then but nothing seriously. Did I really need this job that badly and what if I was wrong? If I was he would fire me anyway.

Not knowing quiet how to answer I reached out and placed my hand on his and asked if he had anything he wanted me to do, anything he wanted me to do above my regular duties. I could feel my pulse pounding and was surprised to feel my own cock hardening in my pants as I waited for his reply. Without a word Keith pulled his hand out from under mine then asked me what I was willing to do. His thigh felt hot under my hand and grew hotter still as I slowly moved up his leg until I felt his hard cock under my hand. Squeezing his cock through his trousers I told him I would do anything to keep my job. Keith opened his legs wider giving me complete access to his cock. My heart raced as I continued to stroke him, feeling a short but fat cock beneath my fingers.

Dropping to his feet Keith stood before me as I felt him. Show me was all he said. I let go of his cock to undo his belt and open his pants. Reaching in with one hand I wrapped my fingers around his bare cock as I pulled at his pants and underwear with the other. The skin was as soft as velvet as I stroked him, so much different than the feel of my own cock in my hand. Keith’s cock was only about 5” long but a good 6” in diameter with a very large mushroom head. Reaching up with my other hand I cupped his balls and set in to give him the best hand job I could.

After a few minutes Keith placed his hands on my head and told me to show him how much I wanted this job. The pressure of his hands told me what he wanted and although nervous I bent in to run my tongue up his shaft and over the head of his cock. At first taste all my apprehension disappeared and was replaced with an overwhelming desire to suck a cock, his cock, any cock. Opening my mouth I closed my lips around the head of his cock as I stroked him. The feel of his spongy cock head on my tongue was electric. My whole body shook with desire as I tongued the cock in my mouth. I no longer cared if I was keeping my job or not, I loved the feel of this mans cock in my mouth.

With a groan Keith pushed his cock into my mouth until I had swallowed him to his balls. Holding my head in his hands he started pumping his cock in and out of my mouth, using me, fucking my face. The feel of that large head moving along my tongue, the hard shaft and pulsing vein on my lips was the most exciting feeling I had ever experienced. With a steady rhythm Keith kept stoking his cock in and out of my mouth as I tried my best to give him a good blowjob. With a groan he told me he was about to give me my bonus and his cock pulsed against my lips. A sudden change of taste told me he was starting to cum. I closed my lips tight around his cock as the first big blast of thick cum exploded in my mouth. Trying not to choke I started swallowing my bosses cum as he continued to fuck my mouth.

When he finally finished cumming and his cock softened in my mouth Keith stepped back and fastening his pants returned to his seat. I think we have a deal he told me and asked how I felt about it. I thanked him for my job and the bonus and let him know that whenever he felt the need that I was willing. I remained with Keith another year before moving on and enjoyed many hours on my knees sucking his cock.

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