tagIncest/TabooSaving My Mom

Saving My Mom


I could hear the screaming halfway down the block. My parents fighting again. Not much of a homecoming, but it would have to do. Walking into the house I realized immediately that something was really wrong this time. There were suitcases in the hallway, broken dishes on the floor, and my mother was still screaming from the kitchen. I hadn’t taken three steps into the house when my dog Goober came leaping at me. He looked frightened, and seeing as how it takes a lot to frighten a ninety-pound Doberman I thought I’d better intervene. Boy, was that a bad idea.

Ducking a flying plate, I edged my way into the kitchen. My mother was standing next to the open dishwasher, flinging plates and screaming hysterically. My father was at the other end of the room, half hiding behind the fridge and trying to remain calm. As soon as my mother saw me she stopped, burst into tears, and sat down on the floor. My father ducked into the living room, and I was left to sort out the mess. Typical day in the Sound household, well almost.

After sweeping up the glass shards, and making my mother a cup of black tea with milk and sugar, I was finally able to get the whole story. My father was leaving, for good. He had met another woman, and was moving in with her. Good riddance as far as I was concerned, but my mother really loved the idiot. He had been in and out during my childhood. He wasn’t faithful, couldn’t keep a job, and insisted on spending as much as he could get from my mother on useless junk. Still, she kept taking him back. This time she swore she wouldn’t. Yeah, I’d heard that before. Four years ago when he decided that he wanted to relive his youth by driving across the country in a van… with a girl named Bubbles.

By the time I had gotten everything sorted out, he was gone. Goober was sitting on the couch trying to look helpful, and mom had retired to her room to “process” things. Flopping down on the couch next to Goober, I lit a smoke and turned on music videos. Time to relax, and figure out how to keep mom from taking him in when he crawls back. As I watched the top twenty, an idea began to form. I looked over at Goober. “What do you think buddy? Worth a shot?” Goober answered with a snort and a lick on the face. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

The alarm went off at ten till eight, rolling out of bed I stumbled to the shower and turned on the hot water. “Show Time!” I whispered. I left the door to the hallway cracked and climbed into the shower. Mom’s alarm went off at eight, and as usual she got up and made her way down the hall. I could hear her footfalls coming closer to the bathroom. They stopped just outside the door. Perfect! I poured some body wash into my hand and began to stroke my morning erection, letting out a deep moan just loud enough for my mother to hear me. The door cracked open a bit more, and I pretended not to notice. Still stroking myself, I let out another moan louder this time. I heard a gasp come from the direction of the doorway, and footsteps treading down the stairs. Finishing up, I wrapped a towel around my waist and went down to see what mischief I could cause at breakfast.

As I walked into the kitchen, my mother turned as if startled. “Ryan!” she gasped. “Honey, you startled me. And why aren’t you dressed? This isn’t the dorm. You can’t just run around here in a towel.”

I muttered an apology, adding “come on, can’t I just get dressed after breakfast? I’m starving.”

She nodded and turned back to the stove where she was making scrambled eggs. Looking over her shoulder she pointed to the table, and as I sat down she handed me a plate full of eggs and a fork. I jumped up and went to the fridge for the ketchup. Seemingly forgetting that I was wearing only a towel, I bent over and looked behind a few things before locating the bottle. As I turned I noticed my mother looking my way. I shrugged and sat back down to breakfast.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. And sure, she’s my mother. But if you saw her you would want her too. My mother’s name is Anne, she’s just turned forty, and she still makes most college girls jealous. Besides, she needs someone who will treat her with respect, and love her back. I don’t think she can take another round with my father. So there you go.

Finishing my eggs, I ran upstairs and got dressed. Time for phase two…

To be continued…..

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