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Saving My Secretary


I have a secretary who works in my office. She's in her mid 50's, I guess, unmarried and lives with her elderly mother. A bit of an old spinster, I think. About a month ago, she asked to talk to me in private about a personal matter.

She was in a terrible state. Once she started to tell me about it, she couldn't stop. She told me everything, about how she had got into debt with this loan shark and how she was struggling to pay off that debt and how the interest was just piling up and everything.

The last time she was unable to pay the full amount and he had got his thing out and made her suck it. She'd never done anything like that before and the whole act disgusted her, but she was scared of what might happen if she didn't, so she'd taken it in her mouth and just sucked on it, not really knowing what to do. He'd held her head and forced himself hard down her throat. She didn't exactly tell me this, but I inferred it from what she did say. I guessed that he had finally come in her mouth, from the single word 'then . . .' and a facial expression of revulsion. 'It was disgusting!' she said.

He'd had a lad with him, not even twenty she reckoned, and she'd had to do him as well. He was of the sort of age to have been her grandson, not that she'd ever married. That seemed to have deeply humiliated her. She was not very forthcoming with the details, but I suppose that was to be expected. I had my imagination to help and I imagined her on her knees, the lad holding her head as he thrust his cock deep inside her mouth, making her taste his semen as it pumped out over her tongue and down her throat. I imagined the loan shark looking on, slowly stroking his own cock as he watched his apprentice taking advantage of one of the 'perks of the job'.

I felt sorry for her and wanted to help, but the idea of her having to suck off the loan shark and his assistant against her will also excited me. I could feel my cock stiffening as I thought about it. If she could do it for him, then why couldn't she do it for me - and I wasn't going to charge her an exorbitant interest on the loan - I was going to be the guy helping her out, putting everything right.

I knew how unwilling she was to do it and that really turned me on. I told her I could pay off the loan shark for her and arrange a simple payment scheme for her - something easy and affordable. She visibly relaxed and became calmer and more settled. But I couldn't help thinking about her sucking off this guy and then the apprentice - she was the last person you would imagine doing something like that.

I just couldn't help myself - I told her that I wanted her to show me what she had to do and I undid my trousers and got my cock out, showing her how stiff it had got just thinking about it. I know it shocked her seeing it like that and the fact that I had brazenly exposed myself to her. She must have realized that I enjoyed her discomfort having to look at it fully erect. I expect she didn't think that I would be like that and, to be honest, I was surprised myself, but once I had started it came so naturally to me and she realised that she didn't really have a choice.

In any case, I was offering her a much better deal than she'd had before and she knew it. She took a bit more persuading - finally, with the swollen head of my cock pressed against her closed lips which were moistened by my precum leaking from the tip, she opened her mouth and took it inside. She sucked inexpertly, but this was apparently only her third time. It was good enough for me and, shortly afterwards, I was holding her head and pumping my spunk into her mouth and down her throat. She was not exactly unwilling, but I knew that I was taking advantage of the situation and, if she had a real choice, she wouldn't have taken that option. I felt delightfully wicked, but I was helping her out and being the good guy.

Yes, I felt kind of bad about it, but I can't deny that I really enjoyed doing it too. It was such a massive turn-on using her like that. So a bit of a mixture of guilt and excitement, which all added spice to the experience.

A week or so later, I gave her a real good hard fucking, but that is another story.

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