tagRomanceSavory, Sweet Sex

Savory, Sweet Sex


Sweet. Blissful. Rich. Smooth. Tantalizing. These are all words that describe a woman's best friend.


I had the best combination of things. My boyfriend was wonderful; a tall drink of water, if you will. Jason stood 6 feet 6 inches tall and had amethyst purple eyes. His short, brush cut carmel brown hair felt great to run my fingers over. His broad chest had slight hair on it. His biceps were my favorite part about him; very sculpted. However, I wouldn't describe him as totally sculpted; not fat, either; just big and strong.

Jason had the best career in the world. He was a Master Chocolatier, and owned a huge, elegant store. He had perfected the art of creating some of the most mouth watering, decadent chocolate masterpieces I have ever tasted. That came in handy at least one week a month. HE came in handy the other three. This was one of those weeks.

His house smelled wonderful when I got there. My mouth watered at the chocolate scents that kissed at my nose. It instantly melted the stress of the day as I smiled. My tummy rumbled.

Walking into the bedroom, I stripped out of my clothes. I was about to get into the shower when something caught my eye on the freshly made bed. It was one of Jason's chocolate boxes. A black silk ribbon wrapped around a shimmering gold, oval box. In black, elegant script font, it said:

~ Jason Assett & Co. ~ Master Chocolatiers ~ 13 Pieces of Bliss ~

Thirteen pieces, huh? I thought to myself. This has to be for me. I opened the box carefully and saw, in fact, 13 pieces of chocolate in varying shapes and sizes. They were slightly warm to the touch. I smiled and quietly said, "You must've just made these."

I was just about to take one when I heard, "No pinching the bottoms. That drives me crazy." I spun around and smiled.

"Jason, hi!" I smiled, not caring I was naked. HE certainly didn't seem to mind. I put my bedroom eyes on and smiled, "Yours is the only bottom I'd like to pinch." He muffled a laugh. I set the lid down. That line always made him smile and blush. His dimples were so cute! His stonewashed Carhartt carpenter jeans hung nicely on his hips. He had on my favorite black button up shirt. His biceps barely fit into it. "I stopped by the store to surprise you, but they said you took the day off."

Jason nodded. "I wanted to experiment with some things for the shop," he said as he ran his fingers through my hair. "Would you like to be my litter tester?"

I sarcastically rolled my eyes and faked annoyance, "Oh, I guess! I'll try and choke them down." I winked. He left the bedroom. I called to him, "I'm just going to take a quick shower, okay?"

He yelled back from the kitchen, "No, don't! Trust me." He returned carrying a silver tray with a few covered silver dishes on them. He invited me to sit on the Queen size bed. As I fell back, he fluffed the pillows around me.

"So," I asked, "You're going to feed me home made chocolates?" He nodded as he pulled the silver dome off one of the dishes. Different shaped pieces of milk chocolate sat on the silver dish. Delicate colored swirls adorned tops of some. My mouth watered. He put one to my lips, but I stopped him. "Jason, if I'm going to have a sexy man feed me chocolate, let's do this right. Take your shirt off."

"Yes, ma'am!" he smiled as he did what he was instructed. Slowly, button by button, his delicious chest was exposed. At that point, I would've licked him instead of the candy. Finally, he was shirtless. I patted the bed next to me. He joined me there, and put the candy to my lips.

I bit half of it off and closed my eyes with a smile. "Mmmm!" Raspberry! My favorite! Jason," I swooned, "This is delicious. How do you it? You're perfect at this."

Jason but his bottom lip. "Actually ..." he began to confess. "I had issues with this one."

I popped the other half into my mouth. With my mouth slightly full, I countered, "Jason, you have a 'Grand Diplome' in Classic Pastry Arts. You've spent I don't know how many hours under an apprenticeship for this. You're a MASTER!"

Jason sheepishly admitted, "I burned the raspberries twice today trying to make these pieces. I haven't done raspberries in so long."

I smiled and hugged him. His chest felt so good against my bare breasts. He reached over and picked up another piece. This square had an orange star burst on top of it. Jason put this one in his mouth. I kissed him, trying to get a taste of it. To my surprise, he French kissed half of it into my mouth; creamy, tingling, sweet, orange cream filled! My mouth watered even more. I loved this man. I gently sucked on the piece, savoring the taste.

Jason delicately ran his fingers over my naked body. My nipples began to stiffen slightly at his smooth touch. He smiled, "Mmm," as he caught sight of my breasts. He took my hand and guided it to his jeans. He was getting a great erection. Encouraging him, I smiled and unzipped his jeans, then released his button. Wasting no time, he slid out of them.

"Is my little princess of chocolate enjoying her treats?" he asked in a husky voice close to my ear. I shuddered and nodded with a smile. "Then you'll love this next experiment I came up with."

Jason sat up, deliciously naked, and grabbed another silver bowl off the tray ... and a spoon. My curiosity was piqued. He smiled and rolled me flat on my back. He dipped the spoon in and brought it back up revealing a tan cream. Jason smiled as he held the spoon upright, allowing the cream to drizzle over my breasts. It smelled orgasmic. "Home made peanut butter sauce," he winked. It was wonderfully warm and smooth. "Your favorite filling."

He lowered his head and began to lick it off my breasts. The added warmth of his breath made me wet. His tongue worked circles around my nipples. A slight gasp escaped my lips as I watched him drizzle more of the peanut butter sauce on to my tummy ... and then a little farther down. (Thank goodness I kept my love spot well trimmed!) The warmth of the sauce made me drip wet even more. Immediately, Jason began to lick up the slight trail on my tummy, running a few circles around my belly button piercing. I couldn't help but giggle.

I laid back against the lush pillows and closed my eyes. His tongue felt like satin as he licked up the creamy sauce. Oral sex was his best move with me. He found the perfect spot and lingered there. Slowly, he slid one of his fingers deep inside me; my favorite part about his oral sex style. I arched my hips upward with a smile. "Jason," I sighed, "that feels incredible." I could feel the corners of his mouth turn upward in a smile. He looked up at me.

"I have something else," he whispered. Removing the lid from the bowl, my mouth watered again.

"Home made hot fudge!" I exclaimed before he could. Jason smiled. I took the bowl from him and smirked, "I think I need to taste this one. You know, make sure its not poisoned," I gently dipped his index finger into the warm mixture. Slowly, I began to suck. He loved when I would do this. The hot fudge coated my tongue and tasted so rich and filling. I circled my tongue around his finger. Jason's erection grew in size. His breathing became a little heavier.

I winked at him. I asked, "Does that feel good?" All he could do was nod. I dipped my fingers into the bowl. I knew exactly what he wanted. I allowed the hot fudge to drizzle over his erection.

"Hey!" he smiled. "You can't use my work against me."

"Why not?" I asked, innocently.

Jason countered, "Because! I'm ... I'm ... I'm the Master Chocolatier, that's why."

I "ppsshh"-ed him. "And I'm your girlfriend. You're putting up a 'fight' about having your cock sucked?"

Jason smirked, "Not anymore." I laid him back against the pillows and slipped my mouth around his erection. He sighed and placed his hand gently on my head. The hot fudge gave him such a wonderful taste. He felt so hard in my mouth. Gently, I began to stroke him as I sucked. I worked circles with my tongue around the tip of his erection. He gripped the sheets with his other hand.

"I know something that would help," Jason sighed. Strands of my honey blond hair fell across my bedroom eyes.

"And what would that be?" I asked. Jason reached over to the night stand. He handed me a chocolate flavored condom! Yum! I squealed with delight as I unrolled it onto his perfect erection, now sucked free of the hot fudge. With the condom unrolled onto him, I began to pleasure him orally again. Jason moaned my name and sighed. He was close to coming, I could tell. Maybe I wanted to be just a little greedy. I stopped my oral pleasure with a vixen smile.

Jason sighed, a bit frustrated, although he smiled. I gently unrolled the condom off of him. I laid back next to him on the bed. "Close your eyes," he whispered. I obeyed and felt his fingers gliding over my tummy. Suddenly, I felt his fingers between my legs. Jason half way inserted a piece of chocolate inside me. I just couldn't help but laugh! It certainly brought new meaning to the term, "eating me out."

He wiped his lips then kissed me; sweet, flaky coconut. Mmm! I handed him a regular condom. He unrolled it quickly onto himself as I watched. Ladies, he looked so hot doing it! I was dripping wet for him. His amethyst purple eyes sparkled mischievously. Jason slowly entered me, filling me up completely. His cock was so hard.

I rocked my hips encouragingly forward. With each thrust, he hit my G-spot perfectly. I had such a full feeling between my legs. He quickened his pace. I smiled at him as I traced my fingers downward. Jason let out an excited groan. I wanted to come so hard on his cock. I could feel him get a little harder. He enjoyed the sight of me rubbing myself. It certainly added to the pleasurable feel.

Jason twirled my nipples lightly between his fingers. Then, he dropped his warm mouth around my left nipple. Having my nipples sucked and him pounding into me drove me wild! My rubbing intensified. Finally, I could feel my inner muscles tighten around his erection. I came in a mind-blowing orgasm. Jason was soon to follow. He pounded his way through it, groaning my name loudly, filling the condom.

It took us several moments to regain our bearings. I nuzzled his chest as he carefully pulled out from me. Kissing me the forehead, he said, "I have one more treat for you." I laid there, pretty much unable to speak. His step was a little off kilter as he walked to the nightstand. Gently, he covered me with the sheet. Putting on a pair of boxers, I saw his hands were shaking.

He steadied them as he pulled the dome off the plate. There stood a three inch, hollow tower of white chocolate. Next to it, was a white chocolate rose. He never ceased to amaze me with his talent! He set it on my lap. I noticed the tower had an elegant chocolate top on it. "Go 'head," he encouraged.

Puzzled, I removed it. "Jason," I said, "this is so ..." I stopped. Gazing into the tower, I saw a velvet box, open. Displayed in it was a princess cut diamond ring, gleaming at half of a carat. I was speechless and shocked. All I could do was cry happily.

Taking the ring out, Jason asked, "Well? Will you marry me?" His eyes sparkled.

I nodded my head vigorously with a smile and tears. He slipped the ring onto my finger. It was a perfect fit! I'm not sure how many times I said, "I love you," to him, but we both lost count. That night, Jason melted my heart like ... well ... chocolate.

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