Say Cheese


You are a young housewife named Mindy. You are 5"2, with long blonde hair, baby blue eyes, and a rock hard body from working out and years of professional cheerleading, you have been married for a year to a professional athlete and have a 3 month old baby boy. You come home from shopping and laying out at the exclusive neighborhood pool and find an envelope in the mail with some photos in it that bring back some memories you'd like to forget.

Imagine you could go back in time to your wedding. As a young, beautiful bride you decided to get a series of photos taken of you in your wedding dress at a small local studio.

I'm your photographer. You've never seen me before and decided on using my tiny shop on a whim when you were out running errands. You stop in. We talk, I make you an unbeatable price and you agree to return that evening with your wedding dress for the photos.

What you don't know is that I'm a convicted rapist who has a failing studio in foreclosure I was about to abandon anyway and disappear. After having such a prize winning beauty like yourself walk in (all innocent, sweet, and excited in your prebridal mood) I can't wait to take you to use for my personal toy.

You show up as we agreed wearing sweats with your dress bag over your shoulder. I politely point you to the back of the studio where you can change and pretty up for the shoot. As soon as you turn the corner I flip the sign to closed, lock and bolt the door and shut off the lights in the front office and head to the back to begin.

Eventually you exit from the changing room looking radiant in your white dress, white stockings and matching heels, your make up perfect, your golden hair piled high on your head with curls coming down the sides, and a small veil over your head.

I give you a fake bouquet as a prop and we begin. The first part is the standard bride pictures and all is normal as we joke and laugh and I snap away as you tell me all about how happy you are. I occasionally step up and position you for photos getting you comfortable with my hands on you.

Then the pictures begin to get more daring as I can sense you are enjoying the attention and obviously know how attractive you are. I have you take off your veil and lower the shoulder straps on your dress. I insist how much your husband will enjoy some provocative shots so you reluctantly agree. I sit you in a chair and have you pull up your dress enough to show your sexy legs and have you cross them teasingly in a shot. Then have you leaned over a chair showing a great cleavage shot even with your tasteful yet sexy gown.

My cock is now rock hard and I can barely control this facade much longer. I make you put your leg on a chair and shoot a picture of your garter. I make a joke about the garter and you get a case of the giggles. Your innocent little laugh, your sweet little girl voice and your very grown up body are driving me mad with desire.

Finally, I have you sit on a chair and tell you to spread your legs wide and lick your lips. You hesitate and then say you aren't comfortable with that. This is it... the moment your life changes forever and I unleash my power which will bend you to my will.

I casually put down the camera and tell you to hold still so I can pose you again. When I step behind you and position your hands gracefully behind you I pull a pair of steel handcuffs from my photo vest pocket and slap them on you before you know what happened.

"What the hell?" you shriek in surprise "take these off of me! This isn't funny!"

I step in front of you, grab you by the shoulders, and look at you nose to nose as I speak slowly and with a sinister grin, "This isn't a joke Mindy. I decided the moment you walked into my shop I wanted to tear off your clothes and violate your hard little body. I'm going to have you tonight and I'm going to do it to you while you wear your pretty little wedding dress. And you know what else my sweet angelic Blondie? If you don't want to get hurt there's not a damn thing you can do about it."

Your blue eyes immediately begin to swell with tears and fear and rage show equal amounts on your face as you begin to struggle and scream. I step behind you and wrap my arm around your neck and torso as I purr in your ear.

"Go ahead and scream. There's sound proofing on my studio walls. It used to be used for recording. And besides all the other shops in this strip mall closed already. It's just you and I baby."

With this my tongue invades your ear like a snake as my hand savagely plunges inside the cleavage of your dress and beneath your strapless white satin bra onto your small but perky tit. I squeeze and grab your boob roughly as I viciously rub your nipple between the knuckles of my fingers. You buck and struggle but your hands are bound behind you and I'm holding you to the chair.

"Please stop this!" you plead "Let me go and I won't tell anyone. Just stop now and we'll forget all about this."

It's so cute that in your feeble and defenseless position you want to negotiate with me.

"Tell you what darling" I whisper as I continue to mall and paw your breast "Maybe I'll let you go after I've felt the inside of your bottom and you've tasted my cock. How would that be?" I begin to chuckle

You now begin to cry as you realize this is really going to happen.

I take my both hands from my position behind you and tear the front of your dress open revealing your tattered satin bra but that is quickly snatched off as well leaving your chest, intended only for your future husband's eyes, fully exposed. I grab a light chord and tie you into the chair before stepping back in front of you. The hot lights are still on you so I snap a few more pictures after spraying your tits with ice cold water to make your nipples rise.

I kneel before you and take your entire right breast into my mouth as my hand slides up your dress and to your panty hose covered vagina.

You still have fight in you and you try to kick and struggle actually wounding me in the shoulder with your spiked heel. My painful response to you is a sharp slap on the face. Then I tie your legs to each leg on the chair at the ankle and knee so your struggles mean nothing.

"You've lost all control now Mindy. You may as well give up. Until I decide otherwise I OWN you." With this I greedily suck a huge hickey on your neck.

I can tell that despite your fear and shock there is a part of your body that is beginning to enjoy being possessed. Your heart is pounding and your nipples stay hard as we continue but your spirit is still resisting.

As I suck on your neck you begin to moan in pleasure despite your tears. By the time I've finished I've left a large red spot that will be obvious to everyone for days.

I take out shears and slice up your dress making it shorter and shorter as you beg me to stop until it's little more than a miniskirt in front and long in the back like an 1800's saloon whore. I savagely tear open your white pantyhose at the crotch and remove your white satin thong with one snip of the shears. I greedily bury my head between your legs and chew and lick on your clit. Your screams of "God no!!! Stop!!!! Please, Please, Please" thru your tears slowly give way to moans then screams of pleasure as the orgasm builds inside you and explodes.

Ashamed and disheartened by your own body betraying you, you struggle less and less and give into the savage lust growing inside. Plus you figure that as long as I don't cum inside you, you'll survive the ordeal.

I un-strap your legs and cut the chord and yank you from the chair face down onto a photo platform. Your hands are still cuffed behind you and you're weak and dazed from your orgasm so before you can move I tie you down with your ass pointed towards the camera and your legs spread and tied to the corners.

I take several more photos and then step out of my clothes as you continue to cry yet still feel oddly turned on.

You feel me squeeze something greasy on your asshole and realize what's happening but you are so bound that you can barely move. First I lick your star shaped asshole before sliding my finger inside. This has never happened to you before so you scream in pain at invasion. But those screams are nothing compared to the ones that come when I ram my rock hard cock inside your tiny rectum. I pump in and out as your poop-shoot stretches trying to hold my throbbing penis. I shoot my wad into your ass and pull out with a pop.

Your body is now limp and the fight is all out of you as you are deeply in shock. I remove the binds and lay you on your back on the carpeted floor. Your blue eyes seem glassy and lost now like you're trying to remove yourself and be somewhere else and also try very hard not to enjoy the feeling of being controlled and violated.

"Mindy?" I say as I straddle my naked body over you "I'm going to put my cock in your mouth now and you're going to suck me off until I cum. You WILL swallow every drop. If you bite me in any way I will shave your head. Do you understand me my little bride to be?"

Meekly you nod and do as you are told. You suck greedily on my cock like a little baby girl taking her bottle. You gag and swallow my sperm as it shoots hot and salty down your virgin throat; all the while with that faraway look in your eyes.

I then go back to snapping photos of you as you lay there. I now freely pose you and you do as I say.

"At least he didn't cum inside me" you think knowing you went off the pill recently. "Thank God for that. But why did it all feel so good?" Your eyes remain closed during the photos.

As you ponder this I lower myself on top of you for the final assault. I plunge my cock inside your tight pussy and pound you. The mix of fear, surprise, and ecstasy fill you and you give in and wrap your legs around me and move in time until I shoot my final wad of sperm deep inside your unprotected vagina.

I then handcuff you naked and spread eagle on the floor to be found the next morning by the neighboring shop owner who answers your cries.

You go on with the wedding never telling anyone about what happened. You cover the hickey with make up and tell your husband the baby you bare nine months later is his.

But every now and again, you receive a photo in the mail... just as a reminder that someday we'll meet again.

Sitting in your living room you look at the enclosed photos and your finger automatically slips inside your wet pussy as dreams of another photo shoot overtake you.

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